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  • “Asians and Asian Americans have been targets of discrimination and abuse because of claims that COVID-19 originated in China.”

    The Australian Prime Minister has said that China is lying when they issued a warning to their citizens about travelling to Australia as a result of the increase in attacks on people who look Chinese and thus being the ’cause’ of the COVID pandemic. It’s been strange, one minute the media is showing our Politicians in Chinese restaurants saying “Australia, stop being racists” and then when China says “your racists” they respond with “No we’re not, that’s a lie” lol.

    Combine that with the fact that a Nation which has arbitrary detention and the ability to torture citizens under the Mental Health Act and call it medicine (need a lesson, ask me how), is complaining about the possibility of China passing laws allowing arbitrary detention. I also note the attempt to link the Uhiger population with religious persecution of Muslims. These people are being ‘reeducated’ on cultural, not religious grounds. They are not being stopped from practicing their religion. But it’s a good way to get other countries to make noise.

    There are of course lessons being learned during these ‘shutdowns’ we are experiencing. Lesson that may be valuable (including the easing of ‘anxiety’ etc) when the bombs start dropping. Though I wonder if the saber rattling of our Prime Minster towards China might result on a fairly quick exchange, and the three hours we get to ‘shutdown’ the population before we are defeated in the shortest war in history might not be worth the cost (270 billion for weapons, and we can’t afford to provide healthcare to our indigenous population because ‘remote’. Oh sorry, 16 bed psychiatric unit to go with the new prison that was supposed to replace the old prison they were going to close, but have now decided is necessary despite it being unfit for purpose. I guess the ability to drug anyone who complains will resolve any problems regarding their ‘mental health’. Our Minister for Health standard line, any complaints refer to mental health for treatment. We will not be held accountable, and will silence any complaints with drugs and incarceration [and the odd unintended negative outcome if needed]).

  • Yes, we’re fairly good at managing our public image internationally. You’d be appalled if you knew what is being done to the indigenous population of this country. Luckily the only person getting the word out is John Pilger, and not a lot listening to him.

    “Australia dropped two spots last year to rank 21st out of 177 nations in the World Press Freedom Index, which noted that the nation’s investigative journalism in recent years been reduced due to “draconian legislation”.

    “[Australia’s] laws on terrorism and national security make covering these issues almost impossible,” says the index.”

    And given the ability to do arbitrary detentions (called welfare checks) and force them to take brain damaging drugs and torture them (called ‘care’) it’s no wonder the world isn’t hearing about these things. National Security does not trump Convention against the use of Torture, but I can show you how to use it to conceal the fact it is being done. It’s actually fairly easy, call it medicine, and the victim “patient”. And that is achieved in my State by a doctor calling police to ask for a welfare check of someone he/she doesn’t even know.

    They are even discussing making any criticism of Australia a crime, and then pointing fingers at China for laws less restrictive.

    And we even have the cheek to point fingers at other countries while we know we are possibly one of the worst human rights abusers in the world at present.

    Black Lives Matter? They haven’t in this country since Captain James Cook parked his butt on the land of other people and said “terra nullius”. Black lives only became lives in 1968, and even then it appears it was only as a way of making us appear to be ‘progressive’ in the eyes of the world.

    The latest raids related to government whistle blowers who can be snuffed at the E.D. by some doctor who is looking to advance his career. I’m sure the reason that police couldn’t find their copy of the Criminal Code when I turned up in their station with documented proof of the torture and kidnapping was to provide the window of opportunity for a doctor to see that the matter was resolved in their favor. Without the documents proving the motive to murder, there was no crime. And the State ensured they distributed fraudulent documents to ensure no one was aware there was motive to have me killed so……. they’re pretty good at this. And I can prove what the authorities do when they found out. Take a look at the letter I have from the Chief Psychiatrist. Despite his claim that he doesn’t understand the law he is charged with enforcing, he looks the other way if anyone complains about human rights abuses. “You did a cover up Operations Manger? Good, I’ll run with that then. Lawyers have fraudulent set of documents and the victim is dea….. he’s what? Turning up with the documented proof of the torture in police stations, and a politicians office? It’s every man for himself” lol Like rattus rattus on a sinking sloop.

    I went to a friend who is a Community Nurse and suggested we did to the Premier what was done to me (I did after all have it in writing from the Chief Psychiatrist and Minister that it was lawful). ‘Spike’ his meal, when he collapsed he was in possession of a knife from the lunch, have police make referral to my Community Nurse friend and we could have him dribbling in a cell in an hour. Imagine if we gave him a haircut on the way to the locked ward and dressed him in his pajamas his claim to be the Premier might even be used as proof of his mental illness. (Yeah Yeah, and my granny used to be the President of the USA nutjob lol)

    Of course it might be that the authorities have figured out that what I was saying was the truth, but they couldn’t possibly admit to their wrongdoing now. And someone went to all the trouble of ‘fuking destroying’ my life, committing acts of fraud and pervert the course of justice etc. Why not just keep running with that and hey, who is going to step up and help Boans? And take on the vicious bastards that fuking destroyed me? They have families too, and so all these good people would prefer to stand and watch, despite knowing the truth.

    I make no claim to be anywhere near the person that Jesus was, but I can say that they will stand and watch while they nail up a good person rather than risk the comfort of their pathetic miserable crawling lives. On your knees to the gods you stand before, and a long time in Hell for breaching the first commandment.

  • “I was trying to say is that because the State and psychiatry are so powerful, and they have done such a good job of demonizing their “mentally ill” patients, they spin any effort to defend yourself as an act of predatory violence by the less than human “mentally ill.” Whereas, when they commit genuinely horrific acts, they face no consequences whatsoever. ”

    I’ve heard this called Alinsky (after Saul Alinsky) tactics, where you make your victim play by the rules and exclude yourself from them. Which fits with exactly what is being done in my State. And consider when you look at the situation, it is like the State is at war with the people who vote for them. Have they gone totally insane?

    I note our Attorney General who spoke up for a man tortured by our police noted the “disgraceful conduct” of police in releasing the mans criminal history to the media in order to slander him for complaining. Funny but he doesn’t seem to have a problem with medical records being released unlawfully for the very same reasons. Documents not requested provided to slander, and documents critical (and showing State sanctioned torture and arbitrary detention) removed, and then handed over to lawyers who had been told not to act in the interest of their client by the State.

    Bizarre really. But things have changed now it is the “Party of the downtrodden” with their boots on the neck of the downtrodden. They’re worse than the people they replaced.

    Fix the game and there are no problems. And you think a P.R. campaign might help? Not in my State which has the media completely under their control, and publication of stories not approved by the State, your going to receive a visit from the Federal Police and find yourself on charges. And in a place where the planting of evidence, the torture and unintended negative outcoming of witnesses is all accepted practice, I don’t think i’d risk it.

    But these are all old stories (see your Book), and the outcome is known. They seem to look at the National Socialists and think they know why they failed, and that they can do it better this time. Totalitarianism is always doomed to failure.

    I laugh about the War of the Worlds remake showing on tv at present. My government (like aliens) on the verge of total control of the population, only to be foiled by a virus lol

  • “Looking out of windows, smiling or laughing at the wrong time, sitting awkwardly, etc, were also written down on my chart as inappropriate.”

    I was thinking about this ‘inappropriate laughing’ and realised it’s the paranoia of the document-er being documented, if that’s good England.

    My point being that they say something really dumb like “we’re here to help” and you respond by laughing. They take offence because they were being serious, and therefore put down that you laugh inappropriately. It’s a rigged game, and we all know that. Complaining about it is evidence there is something wrong with you.

    Problem being where I live they have the power to torture and arbitrarily detain, and thus force you into a rigged game. Something not available to the regular street hustler pulling a con. I understand we now as a result of the new Mental Health Act call it welfare check rather than arbitrary detention, and treatment rather than torture, but changing the names doesn’t change the animal.

    We weren’t arbitrarily detaining you, police came to get you, you refused to go so they beat you senseless with night sticks, pepper sprayed you while asking “Do you like that?” and then delivered you to someone to have your welfare checked.

    It was found that you still refused to talk and were ‘laughing inappropriately’ so we treated you until you did talk, we twisted your words and that then justified our torture, I mean treatment of you.

    It really is the insanity of the Inquisition isn’t it? Killing people to find out if they are witches. Torturing them till they confess to mind crimes.

    That’s right, we can’t simply snatch you from your bed, but with the new laws we can check on anyone’s welfare. Write those same laws in Chinese and they become human rights abuses lol. Same goes the other direction, we took the Euthanasia laws of the National Socialists, translated it from German, and called it “assisted dying legislation” I call it plagiarism personally. Something being taught at our educational institutions? Coz they sure as Hell aren’t teaching critical thinking or history.

  • Thanks madmother13.

    “it’s a shame there is no mad in Australia site”.

    And have people ‘flagged’ by our security services? Maybe best we don’t for now.

    Australia announces 500 new cyber spies to protect us from ourselves. Bit like their “added protections”, we all want cyber spies, as long as they don’t tell us they are to spy on us ‘voters’ lol.

    “You privacy is protected”, and the last time charges were brought against anyone for breaching the Privacy Act was ……. There has been the odd one, usually related to office politics. But the amount of breaches of privacy and the lack of policing of that data is astounding. Saying you take it seriously, and taking it seriously two entirely different matters.

    Like the Surveillance Devices Act. They may as well have written a Jarlsberg Cheese Act it is so full of holes. The only person who can’t seem to get access to your data is YOU. There’s some guy in a village in North Korea knows more about my medical history than me.

  • “I have to share my new favorite song boans… (and Sam too.)”

    Very clever O.O. I like it too.

    I sent the following clip to some of my friends to explain to them the complaints process in this State.

    It’s a very effective means of ensuring the public are viciously humiliated for daring to question authority, and results in your god like status being maintained, despite the known wrongdoing. Hence the reason for a lack of remedy for acts of torture and kidnapping. No need, when you simply make life impossible for the victims.

    Luke did of course commit a crime, my only crime was that I dared to complain about being drugged without my knowledge and snatched from my bed by police for no reason (unless you consider the fraudulent statutory declaration as being “reasonable”) How dare I complain that my State is doing such things, when there are people in China who are being threatened with laws that allow this to happen? Funny but they simply can not see themselves as being human rights abusers, until of course they are committing acts of fraud and gaslighting people to suicide to conceal their criminal conduct. That’s the point you KNOW they know they are abusers.

    I do like the song “Ain’t no grave gunna hold me down”

  • “The headlines wouldn’t have been, “Boans Defended Himself Against an Unjust Person,” but, “Schizophrenic Violently Murders Kind Psychiatrist Who was Helping Him.” I have no idea what mental illness labels they actually gave you, but murder is usually blamed on “schizophrenia.” Acts like that, when they’re blamed on “mental illness” usually further enshrine the public’s and politician’s views about the “mentally ill.” Mental illness is commonly used by politicians on both sides as the root cause of violence. This allows them to shirk their duties to take meaningful action that would genuinely benefit everyone.”

    And what would the headlines be if they actually allowed the abuses occurring in the hospitals be? Schizophrenic doctor assists patients in their journey to the other side? Or is that style of killing somehow different to the regular type of schizophrenic killings?

    And as far as labels go, that seems to change as often as required, today bi polar, tomorrow terrorist, then the next day your cured depending on how they would like the statistics to play out.

    So if mental illness is the root cause of violence, and the police are simply the most violent people in our community……

    Seriously though Caroline, I get what your saying. My point relates to the notion of people having the power to do violence to others, and have that violence sanctioned by the State. I’ve heard it called ‘silent violence’, and putting the type of spin on it that is done by politicians does not change the fact it is violence.

    They know this, they know what they are endorsing. It was the reason our State Treasurer needed to get out of the State in a hurry to receive ‘treatment’ for his bi polar disorder, knowing the consequences of falling into the hands (and falling outside the law) of a psychiatrist as a result of a police referral in THIS State. I think the ‘diagnosis’ he received might possibly have been the same (slanderous hate speech has trends, but tends to be the same words), but his ‘outcomes’ would have been very different as a result of making an enemy of the Minister for Mental Health. Not that it would ever be admitted. And of course these types of rifts (along with the exposure of people being tortured by police, not just me but some made public as a result of the opposition, who now do what they accused the government of doing, covering up that is) have decimated the Party.

    I did actually sit next to one of our Politicians in a psychiatrists office as he was being dealt with for Misconduct by the Corruption and Crime Commission. I wonder how he went, given the way I was dealt with as a result of needing a report written for my employer. Snatched from his bed, tortured, kidnapped and unintentionally negatively outcomed perhaps lol.

    So if we were to look for a root cause for the conduct of this doctor doing a few snuffs in the ED for organised criminals, the answer lies in labeling him a schizophrenic? I mean I saw the craziness in his eyes, seen that before when men (mostly) have killing on their minds. But I get the feeling that despite him being promoted, all he deserves is the label murderer, which is after all not an illness, but an act (or in his case acts) that is deserving of punishment, not profit. Though I guess once again it’s a matter of who is being killed and who benefits from that killing. In my instance, a few people, including the State authorities who did not want anyone to notice they had kidnapped and tortured me. Seems fair. Saving the public a heap of money in the end, and we might even get to a point where our courts are simply not even needed anymore. Like the Police no longer even knowing where their copy of the Criminal Code is, why, when you can make it up as you go along based on …. oh I don’t know, the color of someones hair?

  • Imagine if you did to a citizen what you can do to a ‘patient’ sam.

    In fact there is a reference to such a story in the Christian Bible. Saul of Tarsus beaten for being a Christian, but also a Roman. And the magistrates? Oh dear, what have we done, ya can’t go around beating up on Roman citizens, they have rights you know, the same as us. And if we allow you to beat him up, were basically saying you can beat us up too. Bah, kill him and make it look like a suicide. we’ve got to find a better way…… I know, we can call it medicine, and make it exempt from the law. Doctor needs to be able to treat their patients, a few changes in the wording and …..

  • Good points people (Sam, Steve, and Bananas)

    We don’t have a Bill of Rights in Australia. Might explain why the systematic violation and large scale human rights abuses are going on without anyone even noticing. (I look forward to the response from China regarding the finger pointing [about arbitrary detentions] and saber rattling by our Prime Minister. Though they will no doubt conceal their strengths and bide their time)

    Mind you, I often wondered about the situation in WW2 and the fact that it took so long to liberate the camps. Or was that simply a side effect of the battle against German expansionism? No one seemed to notice what was happening there for quite some time is my point (or did they and simply didn’t care?).

    And of course complaining about human rights violations here is a dangerous thing to do, given the ‘protections’ provided by the State to these religious zealots in mental health.

  • “For instance, in California, some psychiatrists and doctors had developed a working relationship with the Black Panther movement. It had, for its part, began to push for health rights. This took the form of political support for Black Panther candidates running for office. It also took the form of medical and psychological support during demonstrations. The practical lesson to be drawn was that mental health providers should “make [themselves] available and open up contacts with these local groups.””

    And then you ask what can be learned?

    “One is that current protests and the Black Lives Movement, along with #MeToo and environmental activism, have the potential to be subsumed in the absence of political leadership.”

    Maybe the Black Panthers should never have developed “working relationships” with mental health ‘professionals’ and they may have been much more effective? Maybe the use of psychiatric abuse is the very reason we have no one capable of “political leadership”? Given how effective the use of psychiatric slander and the associated fraud is, and which I can attest to personally. A complaint regarding torture in my State receives a response from the Minister that the person requires ‘psychiatric treatment’ by the people who tortured them, despite having the documented proof. And of course with the status of ‘mental patient’ [something that can be achieved by a psychiatrist without even knowing the person in my State. Police appointed as their personal thug service.] police will look the other way while doctor has an unintended negative outcome with the problem.

    It used to be that procuring police as your personal thugs was a criminal offence, but we “added protections” to our Mental Health Act. And who doesn’t want “added protections”? There was a whole bunch of teenage girls wanting ECTs but couldn’t get their parents to consent, so we changed the laws to protect doctors from being sued if they ‘treated’ 14 year olds. Before this change they were concerned about being sued, but now we have “added protections”. I’m so glad my government is giving me all these “added protections”, and for free. Well, not exactly for free, but I don’t have time to list out all the benefits being provided by taxpayers for these “free added protections”.

    Combine these with the 100 plus protections in the Euthanasia Act and I’m so protected that it take a month for a letter to get from my front door to my hand.

    But wait, how come I can be drugged without my knowledge and snatched from my bed for no reason? And the fact that the hospital sent fraudulent documents to the Mental Health Law Centre concealing the torture and kidnapping? What if I had been euthanized ‘accidentally’? Can they send fraudulent sets of documents then too? To ‘protect’ me? I assume so, because none on our politicians wants to answer the question, and it was done, and I have asked. So we (citizens)have zero protections, and they are adding to them? No, they are providing protections for abusive doctors who have them in their pockets.

    Removal of reporting who is prescribing amphetamines? ‘Wild’ (decentralised) euthanasia laws.

  • Funny but I found myself actually caring in a situation where I thought I wouldn’t.

    This psychologist who I have spoken about who ‘assisted’ my wife with her ‘referral’ and getting me to ‘talk’ when I felt I had said enough, …..

    She (and her psychiatrist shock doc husband) have as I have said elsewhere, been ‘hijacking’ patients for profit. Vulnerable people with money being mislead into a ‘treatment’ that has been advertised via our media, and the laws changed (added protections) to protect docs who wish to ‘treat’ 14 year old girls without parental consent.

    Now normally I would have said who cares what happens to rich people, they don’t seem too worried about me (and this continues to be true given the lack of action regarding my torture and kidnapping). And this psychologist obviously positioned herself well to ‘hijack’ these people and profit from the ‘treatments’, an exclusive private clinic, and the counselling service of the most prestigious University in the State. (My freak situation of ending up in the clinic, son of a bricklayer pure coincidence). And so the people who were likely harmed by this pair of ‘medical professionals’ (because I really can’t say what they were doing was illegal, simply unethical) probably were the children of wealthy people.

    But I did care, they were people. Not their fault they were born into money. And well, the psychologist was also aware of the money I had received and i’ve no doubt was disappointed at my response to the suggested ECT treatments (ie shove a car battery up yer own …..did someone say KFC? Serious though, my response was not what she expected).

    So now, two well resourced organisations (with political connections) ensuring that the use of their fine establishments for such unethical purposes needs to be concealed. And the State is more than happy to assist in that regard, their human rights abuses and the subsequent use of fraud by the hospital to conceal torture a problem that disappears also. They all have skin in the game, and a whole lot of people were harmed as a result of the dereliction of duty by those charged with the protection of the public.

    So Boans is a nut that even his own family has been warned to not speak to, because we don’t like the truth of what he is saying. In fact i’m surprised i’ve even been allowed to voice my concerns here at MiA. But, land of the free, and home of the brave, maybe it’s true, maybe you do have so much more than we do here in this National Socialist State. Or maybe these people are secure in the fact that no one can possibly hold them to account, and given the fact that a doctor can ring police and have anyone delivered to a hospital for an unintended negative outcome that will be ‘overlooked’ by authorities………

    I don’t know, should I care if what is going on over the barbed wire fence seems a little strange? Should I have jumped the fence and taken a look, only to be shocked at what I saw? And heaven forbid that I try and inform the public, only to be reported and taken to meet Dr Mengele? I just wasn’t convinced by the sign in his office saying “Happiness, we’re all in it together” [one for the Brazil fans :)]

    I find myself wondering about ‘Chop Square’ in Jedda and the way we do the same thing but in locked wards (okay they remove them, we damage them if you wish to quibble over technicalities). Maybe given the way that the public is being given what they want (Euthanasia Laws) we can start having public executions again? Rather than hiding them from the public in these places disguised as hospitals we can do it in the village square? I can see no reason there would be any complaint from the public if we were to throw them a mental patient or two once a week, given what we are allowing to be done to them in these psychiatric prisons. Of course physical distancing would need to be observed, so please consider televising if the public does express a large interest.

    Only people who have been subjected to these psychiatric interventions would truly understand the brutal truth of the depraved nature of these people once they get into a lynch mob. Our Minister for Health should seriously consider this. There are votes in it from people who are living in fear of the mental patients they are forced to share their public space with.

    P.S. for anyone interested in the way psychiatry can be used as a political tool, see the case of Malker Leifer currently in the Courts in Israel. The law a farce when psychiatry becomes involved. She’s nuts, she’s not, she’s nuts, she’s not…….. they will need to settle it, because they can not afford to have psychiatry put on trial, the fraud cases would go on forever lol

  • I really am laughing at present as a result of the debate about the passing of laws in China regarding Hong Kong.

    Arbitrary detention laws that have been passed and may be used by the Chinese government to arbitrarily detain people and have them transported to mainland China to face charges have been passed. And the good human rights violating Australian government has provided 10 000 visas for people to avoid these laws. Hey hang on a second……..

    Anybody wish to look at the Mental Health Laws in this country? Certainly not the Chief Psychiatrist who writes that a person can be detained by police and force drugged based on nothing more than a “suspicion” (he removed the “reasonable grounds” section and hey presto like magic we have arbitrary detention and torture available to mental health workers and police). How is it possible he can protect our human rights when he doesn’t know what the protections are?

    The ‘trick cycle’. Mental health worker says ‘patient’ to police, who then ‘suspect on reasonable grounds’ the person is suffering from a mental illness [s. 195 of MHA]. Police refer to mental health worker who authorities ‘spiking’ of ‘patient’ [neglect duty of care whilst person is in custody]. Hands back to police for interrogation whilst being ‘transported’. Police then torture, and hand back to mental health worker, who then hands on his ‘police referral’ to a psychiatrist for examination, with a ‘verballed up’ statutory declaration [not unlike providing the Courts with fabricated evidence, which will never under any circumstances be prosecuted]. Psychiatrist receives a citizen who has been subjected to torture, thinks its a mental illness and starts the wheels in motion. Left to the Judge to figure it out, and if your real lucky they may notice the evidence was planted.

    And I get it, that the Community Nurse may at times need to have police assist with a “patient”, much the same way if a prisoner escaped from prison. But that doesn’t mean police get to call anyone they want to torture an ‘escaped prisoner’ and lock them up and rape them until they tell them what they want to hear. Or does it? I might be speaking too soon on that one, i’ll get back to y’all lol

    Now if I, the ‘mental patient’ have enough grey matter to understand why one might need more than a “suspicion” to detain someone and force drugs into them against their will, in a place they have been transported to against their will, surely a lawyer (principle of the Mental Health Law Centre) or the cabinet Minister of the Upper House would understand why it makes arbitrary detentions available to public officers?

    And whilst the threat of it occurring may be real in Hong Kong, I can bear witness to the fact that it is being done here in Australia. And not a soul saying a word about it, mainly because they are being subjected to ‘treatments’ that make Chinese water torture look like an afternoon of watching Sesame Street.

    What a disgrace that we are offering a hand to people to enter a place that is DOING what they claim CAN AND MIGHT BE DONE in another.

    I’m sure the Chinese government is aware of the large scale human rights abuses that are occurring in Australia (i’ve certainly spoken to one, and am certain given the ease with which this can be done, there are others), and it may be a good move to stop their citizens from coming to this place. Of course this might also make it possible to empty the prisons in Hong Kong, and reduce the tax burden to their Nation.

    “Suspect on reasonable grounds” an objective test under law that provides the protection to citizens, and can be used to resolve issues of misconduct by public officers, becomes “suspect on grounds they [mental health workers and police] BELIEVE to be reasonable” (criteria of s. 26 literally removed, and without Parliamentary approval, imagine) The rewritten version by the Chief Psychiatrist, and approved by the Minister for Mental Health, that is subjective, no test, and provides zero protection from detention because the Community Nurse wants police to drag you from your bed, kidnap you, and force drugs into your system to deliberately damage your brain and call it medicine. And the people enabling this say China is a human rights violator?

    And given there is no avenue for complaint regarding acts of torture, (hence the reason we have such a good record, that and the refoulments) these people might want to consider the ‘treatment’ they are going to get if they DO seek refuge here. Because surely some of them would be spies right? And we can torture here, ask me, i’ve been training public officers for a few years now 🙂

  • It must be realised that these people were conspiring to murder me to conceal their criminal conduct. And whilst they failed in that task, it has generally been accepted that it is just what one would expect given the circumstances. I mean, we give these doctors the power to snuff a few every once in a while, and well, the guy found himself in a position where his wife had conspired to have someone tortured and kidnapped, and there was a citizen walking around with the proof of that going into police stations.

    Quick, call the police and procure their assistance to ensure they don’t take the proof from the victim, and then arrange a killing in the Emergency Dept. I wish I could be honorable and say it’s not what I would do but ….. unfortunately if I had the power to call police and have them assist me with killing people I disagreed with, i’m afraid i’d be a little weak, and they would be a little busy. I don’t think I truly understand the insanity behind that reasoning by police (ie that its okay to kill because what choice did he really have?) but it’s what gets used by them to neglect their duty and allow these types of convenience killings. And the evidence is there, documented and well….. concealed from the public for their own good.

    I don’t have the power to murder people while police turn a blind eye, and these people do. And they were obviously taking advantage of that situation to enrich themselves.

    I wouldn’t worry though, because the people who have a duty to do something about it refuse to act, mainly because of their negligence in the first instance.

    And no one knows better than me how narratives are being manufactured by the State, via fraud and slander. In fact, there are people here who have made a lot of money from having people labelled ‘mentally ill’ commit offences for them after a little gaslighting. Almost the perfect crime having the nut do the deed for you, and then use the mechanism of the State to conceal your involvement. Mental patient batters mother to death [and sister gets the house].

    I really have no problem with the State killing people, I just find it offensive that they would do it for complaining about their criminal conduct. That sort of cancer needs to be dealt with and I apologize to the police for bringing them the message. Sure its so much easier if your planting the evidence and then dropping complaints off at the ED for slaughter. I mean we aren’t openly killing people in prisons, and yet its an open secret that the State is slaughtering any complainants regarding State misconduct.

    And believe me, they really don’t care who knows. In fact, i get the impression they want the word put around to generate fear in the community. Live with the corruption because we have no intention of doing anything about it.

    Advocates? I think that may be an auto correct error and should read sycophants.

    I watched a video of our Attorney General speaking 9 years ago when I was being tortured, speaking about another man who had been subjected to some viscous torture captured on video by police. He spoke about our Premier being the Premier of cover ups, and how his party was for the ‘downtrodden’ and only they would stand up for this man. He also spoke about the Aust. Human Right Commission acting on his complaint regarding torture. And yet now in power, the story changes. He can’t even inform me of who I should forward my complaint regarding the 7 hours of torture I was subjected to, and refers people to an authority our Prime Minister has stated is a “kangaroo court” that is being used for State cover ups.

    They will use whatever comes to hand to advance their careers, and simply don’t give a damn about who gets hurt. In fact at that public rally concerning this man being tortured, and the demand for the full video to be released, was the now Minister for Health, who was in support of the victim. These days he simply slanders anyone complaining regarding torture as being mentally ill and considers that the end of the matter.

    And I wouldn’t worry so much about anyone in the community doing anything about it. These are the same people who pointed fingers at Jews in the 1940s and watched as they were also dragged from their homes and ‘treated’.

    How simple has it been for these ‘good’ people, who, when the truth doesn’t suit simply refuse to accept the documented proof and ignore the complaint. Though one does need to consider these organised criminals forming networks in our public service are new to the place and need to be given a bit of time to acclimatize and get the lay of the land before moving up the criminal ladder. And our politicians know this and are concealing their misconduct until they do, with such bizarre claims as ‘the law isn’t the law, and we are enabling arbitrary detentions’. Any complaints we will treat you.

    I care zero anymore. The people who haven’t been ‘fuking destroyed’ ask me why I am still upset about the effects of being tortured, and then go play in the park with their families. What I have found most bizarre is that there is a verse in Qur’an regarding people who ask ‘why should I help when with a click of His fingers God could feed these people?’. Even my own brothers may be able to recite the words, but they seem to fail to understand what they actually mean.

  • “I realized that the next logical and right step was to report the crime to police. I told my father, who contacted the inspector in charge of retrospective abuse cases. My uncle was prosecuted, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to three years in prison.”

    I knew there were places in the world where you could go to the police with proof of crimes and they wouldn’t arrest you and hand you back to your abusers for having the proof of the crimes. This is the major problem with police being so under resourced in my community that they don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code, and complaining about being ‘spiked’ with benzos when you have the documented proof is a “hallucination” that you need treated for because police want to be able to interrogate people whilst they have been stupefied/intoxicated without their knowledge. And then they slander you as a paranoid delusional for claiming you were drugged without your knowledge, even when they know your speaking the truth.

    Glad your speaking out about you experiences Sinead. And even better that you have police who will actually do something for the victims of crimes. Not where I live, the whole justice system has been perverted beyond recognition, and the recent marriage between mental health services and police is going to make matters a whole lot worse for some people. Being able to conceal torture and kidnappings for doctors by the acquiescence of police is in my opinion not going to work out well. Add to that the unintended negative outcomes they are turning a blind eye to and Houston we got a problem. Not one anyone is going to hear a lot about though, given that lawyers are acting as early warning systems for complaints of torture by the State, who are then responding by refoulment of the victims.

    I even saw this documentary about a person in the UK who had the very same thing done to them as me, but very different outcome.

    Imagine if police had made the victim here into a “mental patient” so they could conceal the crimes for the criminals, and then ensured the hospital ‘fuking destroyed’ her for complaining about being handed back to the people who drugged and kidnapped her?

    I guess I was just unlucky to live in a country that enables such vile conduct. And has a Minister for Health who says complaining about such conduct is an illness.

  • I don’t mean to be rude, but I do prefer the video of the cat chasing it’s tail on youtube.

    There’s just no nice way of violating human rights. they have tried all sorts of ways to make it sound nice. Instead of the vans going around doing orbital lobotomy, they use the ‘chemical ice pick’ these days. Sure they ‘sedate’ before ECT these days, but the damage is the same. Your not going to find easy ways to do that, sitting down with the people you want to damage and singing Kumbayah just isn’t going to work.

    Do it the way it was done to me. Put on your Jack Boots and kick your way into their homes, drag them out and beat them into submission. Anything else is a waste of time, and tax payers dollars. Stop spreading lies about human rights, you don’t mean it. In 9 years I haven’t found what authority I should provide the proof of me being tortured to, because there is no point having an authority, because anyone who complains gets ‘unintentionally negatively outcomed’. We have rights on paper, but no mechanism for remedy. The people who torture you, are the people who take the evidence/proof and then ‘fuking destroy’ you. Deny you right to legal representation (a human right we also don’t have, though it is supposed to be one) And we take our seat at the UN as good global citizens.

    Cut the crap, mental health IS a euphemism for human rights abuses, and there is no amount of spin doctoring going to conceal that from it’s victims.

    My government is now in a position where making a complaint about being tortured is proof that you need to be tortured. Disagreeing with those in power proof that you have a mental illness and are in need of ‘treatment’. A Chief Psychiatrist whio has, in writing, confirmed arbitrary detentions for Community Nurses (and anyone above that rank), while we warn people not to travel to China as a result of the possibility of arbitrary detentions.

    Not unlike the Community Nurse who arranged to have me thrown into a police van in front of my In Laws and neighbours writing on his fraudulent statutory declaration that I had “potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships”. I agree that this is every person on the planet, and if that’s enough for police to be dispatched to drag someone from their home, so be it. I had “potential”, he did ACTUAL damage. They claim concern for my welfare? And that requires the total destruction of a persons life to ensure they don’t harm themselves.

  • “Deterrence is the art of producing in the mind of the enemy… the FEAR to attack.” Dr Strangelove.

    When I was physically assaulted by the doctor in the hospital, I had a choice. He had no right to touch me, I had pointed out that he had no right, and he decided that I was at a disadvantage and he would ignore my right to physical integrity. He was close enough for me to snap his neck quite easily, though I chose not to. I let him believe that because he had a nurse about 10 feet away that he had all the power, I knew different.

    How was he to exercise his power of legal force or breach of trust in the morgue? (His funeral, my trial) Let him run, lets see where he goes with this. If God so chooses, they have no power at all. There is nothing they can do without Him allowing it to be.

    God has all the power. Whilst it can be painful to be subjected to torture, as was shown in the case of Bilal ibn Rabah, there are those who will not allow this to be done to others for their beliefs. Unfortunately they are not the people who are in government in my State at present. Despite their ‘big talk’ regarding their ‘Parties’ rejection of the use of torture before they were elected. It is they who are now the Masters of the ‘cover up’. Oh how power corrupts.

  • No I can’t say I have contacted the Justice Action org here Rosalee, but thanks for the information. I may contact them but a few things to consider. I have contacted an awful lot of people who have told me some very strange things.

    Shine Lawyers – “your doctor authorised the ‘spiking’ with benzos” to which I asked “which doctor would that be because its plain on those documents you have I didn’t have a doctor?”. “We can’t tell you who your doctor is”.

    Australia today issued a warning to travelers regarding the possibility of arbitrary detentions on China.

    I have a letter here from the Chief Psychiatrist enabling the arbitrary detention of any citizen in this State. He writes that the Community Nurse (who has completed the 2 days course at a community college) can have police detain anyone he wishes if he “suspects” that the person requires incarceration and forced drugging. This ‘model’ was confirmed in writing by a Cabinet Minister (Leader of the Upper House) as “not being a misrepresentation”. Now my point is this, that the law states that the Community Nurse must “suspect on reasonable grounds” that a person needs to be locked up an drugged, and that there is a whole section of the law (s.26) which sets out the “criteria” which must be met for a person to be detained and loose their right to liberty. Otherwise what we have are arbitrary detentions (‘suss laws’ with the ability to drug without consent). Now why is the Australian government on the one hand complaining about the possibility of arbitrary detentions in China, and yet a Cabinet Minister is authorizing them State wide where I live? The new Mental Health Act of course allows people to be concerned about your “welfare” and makes the arbitrary detentions that enables, appear to be something other than what they are. I’d be seriously concerned about anyone who was wanted by the State for a ‘welfare check’ because their welfare is in serious jeopardy.

    The lawyers at the Mental Health Law Centre do not agree with my interpretation of the way the Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the law and enabled arbitrary detentions and claim that one needs to understand “the spirit of the Act”, which is to enable citizens to be drugged without their knowledge until police can snatch them from their beds and deliver them to a hospital where a doctor can treat them against their will.

    Police do not have a copy of the Criminal Code in a large Metropolitan Police Station, and therefore the documented proof that I was ‘spiked’ with an intoxicating drug without my knowledge is not a crime.

    see for example s. 305A Intoxication by Deception, or

    s. 336 Procuring the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness, or


    It’s a real shame police can’t find their copy, because if the actually looked they would find that two people got together and conspired to stupefy and commit an indictable offence, namely kidnapping. But they have made the choice not to look, while the ‘good medical people’ fuking destroyed me, retrieved the documents and then had me killed in an Emergency Dept. Of course they are going to claim they were ‘on to it’ all along, and were there when they interrupted the process. Rubbish, they were actively engaged in assisting the criminals way after that happened.

    Police tell me that turning up in a police station with documented proof of the above is reason to refer the victim for “hallucinating” despite having what a lawyer said was “proof” (her words not mine). When the people at mental health services said it wasn’t an illness to have proof you had been ‘spiked’, they threatened them until they said it never happened and then simply ignored the fact that they had been stooged into torturing and kidnapping a citizen, and were neglecting their duty to conceal their involvement ion further serious offences.

    The Human Right Commission doesn’t take complaints regarding allegations of Torture. They will however help me if I can’t get a baker to make me a cake for my marriage to my husband. I assume the full force of the law would apply in that situation, but torture, not our department.
    I’ve written to Amnesty Int. , Aust. Lawyers for Human Rights, and a host of others including our Attorney General asking who is it that I put these allegations to, as I have the documented proof, and no one can tell me.

    I’ve asked here, and not a peep about who it is.

    Why would it be that Aust is pointing fingers at other Nations regarding their use of torture, and yet we don’t have an authority to deal with allegations of it here? Certainly not because it isn’t being done, it just that under normal conditions the victims are silenced using the ‘medical system’ (aka mental health). Our current Minister for Health has a clever way of dealing with complaints, he says your a nut job and need help from mental health services if you don’t agree with him. And given we have arbitrary detentions, cause too many problems and a team will be dispatched to check on your welfare.

    Aust Health Practitioners Regulation Agency, the licencing authority who give rights to who can and can’t prescribe dangerous drugs. Tell me that the Community Nurse, who they would know has NO prescribing rights, has been given the right to ‘spike’ citizens without their knowledge? In fact their response to my detailed complaint exposes a level of incompetence that should be of concern to the whole community.

    Now I get it, you guys are aware of how much I struggle to explain myself clearly, but these are people who I have sat across the table from, and who I know have clearly understood what I have said.

    My government is involved in large scale human rights abuses, and they do their best to conceal them firstly through fraud and slander, and if necessary they are killing a few in the Emergency Dept. Sure it’s embarrassing for them that I slipped through the net, and well, they have managed to drag matters out for so long now that they can now claim it was so long ago……and well, we have so many people wanting to come here we can afford to ‘waste’ a few good ones with the odd killing in the ED. Plenty more where they came from.

    I don’t know, I’ll have a look and maybe speak to these people Rosalee. I mean it when I say thank you for your kind thought, it’s just that ….. like I have explained to my brothers, I have been left for dead by my community, and I should be spending my time digging my own grave. “I got my head right Boss” as Cool Hand Luke said.

    I really just want my stuff and the right to leave this vile place. I get it that many here don’t get to see the ugly hearts of these people, and I hope they never do. Like the arbitrary detentions being enabled by our Chief Psychiatrist though his dereliction of duty, and playing lets pretend I don’t know what a burden of proof is to the nutjob, they may live their lives never being snatched from their homes and tortured like I was. But I get the feeling that these people are not creating these loopholes in our laws to ensure the protection of the community. Consider, until the ‘outside’ world started to speak up, they would have passed laws allowing the forced strerilisation of children without parental consent. And they have actually passed a ‘wild’ euthanasia law, and consider the government is allowing hospitals to distribute fraudulent documents to conceal kidnapping and torture (I can, and have, proved this to a number of people including a Member of Parliament), so what else are they allowing?

    We will never know in a place where any questions are ignored and you get ‘flagged’ for ‘fuking destruction’ by the State for even asking.

  • Nothing like a Law Centre acting as ‘advocates’ who receive funding from the State and act against the interests of the people they are supposed to be representing, and protecting from human rights abuses. Don’t bite the hand that feeds, and if that means looking the other way while people are being tortured and killed, ask for a raise. Oh you did, nice new offices you got Councellor.

    In fact the Principle of said Law Centre made it clear that the law did not require the vacant position of Chief Psychiatrist be filled by a psychiatrist, it could be a ‘human rights lawyer’ (not unlike herself). You scratch my back Minister, and she will stab the citizens if allowed to corrupt that office. Torture, kidnapping and convenience killings all in the “spirit of the Act” eh?

    Funny that she could understand the complexities of the Mental Health Act in this regard, and yet could not understand how the protection of “suspect on reasonable grounds” operated to protect their clients when it was put to her? The Principle of a Law Centre who doesn’t understand a burden of proof?

    The funding should be removed and the ‘advocacy service’ scrapped. Better no service than one which is aiding and abetting in misconduct by public officers.

    How someone could sit across a table from a person asking for your help after being tortured and kidnapped knowing that you were going to assist the torturers/kidnappers to conceal their conduct, ……. I look back and feel sick. Especially knowing that there are so many others who sought help, and have quite likely been subjected to the same unethical conduct by these same lawyers. The problem being that they simply say to you “there may be things I can’t tell you” and don’t mention it is that they are going to assist the criminals to conceal their wrongdoing.

    It would however explain that many of the complaints and anger labelled as being ‘illness’ may actually be as a result of the misconduct of these people who are actively engaging in ‘gaslighting’ of victims, and claiming the moral high ground as ‘advocates’ when what they are is organised criminals receiving funding from the State. Maybe that’s why they sacked the lot of them, who knows. The sin being getting caught, not that you did it.

    Gee I wish I could get an ethical person to examine the evidence I have, rather than someone with a conflict of interest or who runs away when police threaten their families.

  • One of the most poisonous comments ever used against me by a psychiatrist was that I explained that the Community Nurse had fabricated evidence regarding domestic violence against me to slander me. He wrote on the statutory declaration “wife fearful for safety” (communicated matters), and then in his follow up notes “wife fears being assaulted”.

    I of course asked my wife about why she had said such things about me when she knew they were not true, and she said, and I quote verbatim, “I said no such thing”. Of course at that time I had great difficulty believing anything, and it basically destroyed our marriage. (and of course my wife quite prepared to use that false statement to her advantage, the evidence to slander me being fabricated by the Community Nurse and then uttered by others despite knowing it was false. Meh, I should expect as much)

    Point being that I told a psychiatrist this, that my wife was not afraid of me and that the Community Nurse made that up to create the risk he required to create the illusion of lawfulness. Risk being one of the elements he requires to detain and refer.

    The psychiatrist responded with, “your wife was too afraid to tell you she was afraid of you”. Think about that poisonous comment. All the years I lived with my wife who I loved dearly, she was totally living in fear of me, but was too afraid to say so. Everything that she ever said to me was a lie, and she only said it because she was afraid of me.

    It is possibly the most poisonous statement I’ve ever heard from someone. Even when my wife speaks the truth and says “I’m not afraid of you”, her statement is rejected because she is so afraid to speak the truth that she is afraid?

    They even find ways of speaking for others in these situations. Not only is what I’m saying invalidated, but the words of others are invalidated when they don’t suit the narrative they prefer.

    The Community Nurse wanted it to be that she was afraid, he fabricated that evidence to create what he needed, and then it is used to poison should you complain.

    I’ve no idea if the psychiatrist who did this was using it to check my ability to reason or not. But that comment still angers me to this very day. Further evidence of the slanderous nature of psychiatric assessments. Let me say, these people need to be very careful when they start poking snakes, though with the ability to manufacture narratives to conceal misconduct, their involvement in, and escalation of domestic violence will remain unnoticed.

    Allow me to draw your attention to the ‘redacted’ documents I was provided with from the hospital as a means to explain. They “edited” that set to lay the blame for what was done to me entirely on my wife, concealing the misconduct of the Community Nurse, provoking my anger and directing it towards her. Clever, and particularly vicious, though they are after all people just doing their jobs. How many women and their children are dead as a result of this type of conduct? None, because “it never happened” as a result of them being able to commit acts of fraud and slander their victims.

    Divide and Rule.

    What God has put together, let no person put asunder (corrected to be politically correct lol).

    Easy to point the finger at my wife, as sure she bears some responsibility. But the Community Nurse has a duty and consider what he knew.

    I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos.

    I was no ones “patient”

    He spoke to me about a knife he THOUGHT the police had found, and thus knew it was planted for them to find.

    He then completed what he knew were fraudulent statutory declarations knowing he would receive support in those serious criminal offences as a result of his ‘history’ of committing those offences.

    No one other than him had the power to incarcerate me, and he did so despite being fully aware that what he was doing was criminal. Sure, she pointed the finger, but he was the one that arranged the ‘lynch mob’.

    Of course the State would have preferred me to have returned home and beaten my wife to death, then they could have said “see, we told you so” and called for more resources to deal with ‘undiagnosed’ mental illness in the community.

    The damage they do should not result in them being able to profit from it. That needs to change to a negative reinforcement model to stop further deliberate damage being done to people.

  • “I learned first-hand the whole assessment thing is totally clueless, biased and harmful.”

    I think it is important to understand the way this loophole to enable human rights abuses has slipped under the radar of our communities.

    When the UN stated that Australias laws were a violation of human rights and that the treatments may constitute torture (proving motive if Doc kept their mouth shut the means of ensuring the statement could not be ARE acts of torture) our respective State governments rewrote their Mental Health Acts to invalidate that statement.

    The standard party line was “there are added protections”, but they never openly stated what those protections were. They were protections from law suit for giving ECTs to teenage girls, the forced sterilization of children without parental consent, CTOs, and to ensure that the torture and kidnappings they have been arranging (like mine) were not capable of being prosecuted. They were now to be concealed under the guise of ‘welfare checks’ to remove your right to “reasonable grounds” for detention, and replace that with a good faith defense for kidnappings and torture. Doctor was to be given legal protections from prosecution for acts that were once considered criminal.

    Of course we all want “added protections” right? So our politicians giving themselves pay rises for allowing their doctor friends to kidnap and torture with impunity was a success, given that the public were happy with their new added protections, not realising who it was that was being ‘protected’. It’s clever, and my government are as a result of the laws they are passing becoming nervous about being labelled “nazis”. In fact when they started with the propaganda about the Euthanasia Bill,m they told the newspapers (and media) to not use the term Euthanasia because of the similarity to the laws passed by the National Socialists in Germany. They preferred the term “assisted dying” as a euphamism.

    My problem is that given when I was tortured and kidnapped, and the hospital found out that was what occurred, they then “edited” the documents they provided to my legal representatives to conceal the truth. Authorised by the Clinical Director. So the ‘protections’ offered under the Euthanasia Act work how? A doctor slips one under the nose of the Coroner, and if the families lawyers question the matter the State authorises the distribution of “edited” documents? I mean I get it that this “edited” means fraudulent, which is precisely what I consider removing the documents that prove a person was ‘spiked’ with benzos and wasn’t a “patient”, to a set that shows a “mental patient” of 10 years was taken from their home and delivered by police to a locked ward for ‘treatment’ by their doctor MIGHT be considered “editing”, but I really do prefer the correct term of fraud. Two lawyers provided with the two sets of documents would come to very different conclusions, that’s fraud if it is done with the intention of deceiving them. And well, I was told they would fuking destroy me.

    But rather than have to go through and kill complainants, it was much easier to change the law to enable these acts of kidnapping for doctors and police to deal with their corruption using the slander of mental health, and provide them with protections from people like me turning up in police stations with the proof. What a knee jerk reaction that caused, as a result of police knowing about the cover up (i was ‘flagged’ as “patient” to allow uttering and commit offences against me. Can’t have torture victims being listened to could they?), they call mental health and request a transport to a hospital for some dribble therapy to silence one of their victims.

    I don’t know that citizens are aware of how dangerous it is to speak to anyone associated with mental health. I cringe when I see the ‘Venus fly traps’ being advertised on television these days as a result of COVID.

    Slightly sad looking actor looks to screen while on phone to services, next scene is happy playing with grandchildren and smiling while on beach.

    Disabled pensioner with back problems dragged form home by 6 police, beaten with night sticks and pepper sprayed in eyes while being asked “You like that?”, and filmed by one officer on his phone like the inmates of Abu Ghraib.

    I just can’t see the links.

    Too late anyway, they got the laws through, and the public is blissfully unaware their rights have been seriously eroded. They feel ‘protected’ as a result of our politicians not speaking openly and honestly about the consequences of the changes. They speak in euphemisms of ‘treatment’ and ‘care’ and ….. go take a look in one of these places. Best they don’t I guess, and like the National Socialists they will restrict access to the initiated, those who have the stomach for it.

  • ‘Te psychiatrist has all the power’

    mmmm not really. I’m sure that the Vietnamese could have said the Americans have all the power and left it at that but …… it’s matter of how you fight the powers that be.

    “We are not going to fight in the American way, we are going to fight in the Vietnamese way” Col. Giap to the people who armed the Viet Cong. The small can destroy the big, it’s a matter of picking your time, and being sure that those who have done you harm do not wish to bring about peace by making good on their wrong.

    I think about my situation where I understand the State concealing their use of known torture methods. What is not acceptable to me is that they are doing that for people who were NOT public officers, and are assisting people who have committed serious criminal offences to conceal their involvement in those offences. My wife and the psychologist were not public officers and therefore should not receive the protection of the State for their crimes (conspire to stupefy and commit an indictable offence, namely kidnapping 40 years prison, lets start there). And just because they managed to procure the services of corrupt public officers to do their bidding (torture and kidnap me) should not exempt them from punishment. And further, a doctor signing prescriptions post hoc for police to conceal ‘spikings’? And my community isn’t concerned about that? Is he doing it for rapists too? Because I have some concerns about a Catholic priest who is also a doctor engaging in that type of conduct for some fairly obvious reasons. Didn’t know of my existence and is signing a prescription for drugs administered without my knowledge 12 hours after it was done? Surely a duty of care would have required a toxicology report and to inform the victim of the offence? No, lets put him in the locked ward for the first time in his life and see what happens to his mental state if we don’t tell him, and fuking destroy him (and his family) if he complains.

    But as stated they are working closely to ensure the torture program (and subsequent killing of victims) is concealed from the public in the interest of the State. They are thus in breach of the agreement they signed with the UN in regards the Convention against the use of Torture. And have no respect for the rights of citizens, and are only interested in maintaining their positions of power and privilege.

    If it is a matter of public officers getting citizens to commit offences which they then refuse to prosecute then we are in big trouble in little China. I understand the method of offering drugs or alcohol to persons they wish to interrogate whilst under the influence of intoxicating substances. Caveat emptor if your chose to leave yourself vulnerable. Police often time their arrests to coincide with hangovers. But the ‘spiking’ of persons by citizens who are then assisted in concealment of that offence because of the benefit to public officers in being able to torture (via the acquiescence of duty) is a clear breach of the Convention.

    However, as I have stated my State finds it fairly easy to drop people off at the Emergency Dept (you did after all fall asleep and the “reasonable grounds” for police referral are met), and with “No National Standards as to what constitutes a chemical restraint” a person may be easily injected with enough chemicals to result in an “unintended negative outcome” and the problems associated with them being capable of bearing witness to the offences disappears. Like a magic show, and police simply arrest anyone who turn up in the police station with proof (or threaten their family as has been shown to occur).

    “It’s as if a rapist has the right to demand that his victim be nice, in order to better engage with him, and hope to change his mind about whether or not to rape people.”

    This is precisely the model used where I live. Once you set the wheels in motion with the procurement by planting evidence on an individual, they will simply keep ‘raping’ until the victim accepts their ‘illness’ and complies. Stop complaining or they will ‘fuking destroy’ you. And they have police resources available to do that, even when it is known that they are committing serious acts of misconduct (ie enabling acts of torture and kidnapping). And they will continue to slander you even when the proof has been presented to them. Further acts if uttering by public officers not concerned at all about their further misconduct.

    Orwell said it all in 1984, that real power was the ability of the State to take something and make it that “it never happened”. I have the documented proof, but they have the right to commit acts of fraud and slander to conceal the truth and manufacture a narrative that suits their purpose.

    What is really sickening is the perverted way police actually enjoy exercising their power over victims and ensuring the obstruct the path to justice. I guess the sickness comes from time in the job, and the false belief that they are unaccountable. Which if they can use the services of organised criminals in our hospitals to conceal their misconduct, I guess they are.

    Oft quoted but worth remembering

    All it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing.

    And I have watched for 9 years as evil has reigned supreme, and our politicians (and authorities) refuse to even inform me of where I can make a complaint about the use of known torture methods by police and mental health services. I would like to have my property returned and leave this vile country. 2 generations of my family and these corrupt public officers come here and within 2 years are bringing their vileness with them and destroying the work of good people. Whats even sadder is that they are being enabled in that behaviour.

  • “It is pretty common there that family members would obtain psychiatric medications and mix it into the food of a person without that person knowing. That’s not ethically defensible, but I think you can see it as a consequence of a society that has failed to develop other ways of addressing these situations.

    In the US, to obtain the majority of psychiatric prescriptions, you have to go to a doctor, and they have to prescribe the medication to you.”

    So Australia has failed to develop ways of addressing these situations?

    In Australia you go to a doctor, have them prescribe you benzodiazepines, put them in other peoples food or drink, and then when they collapse you plant a knife on them and call mental health services. Then, once the police have thrown them into the back of a police van and delivered them to a locked ward, a doctor can then prescribe the drugs that were administered without their knowledge 12 hours before they even knew of the existence of the person, and after they were administered to conceal the criminal offence (an offence in and of itself, compound or conceal evidence of a criminal offence). They can even use the effects of the ‘spiking’ as being symptoms of an illness the person doesn’t have to justify further drugging without consent.

    We do of course have laws that make this unethical behaviour illegal. Intoxication by deception, and stupefying to commit an indictable offence, but because police are so under resourced here in Australia, they can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code and will therefore arrest you for having the proof that you were ‘spiked’. The dilemma being that they like being able to have citizens ‘spiked’ with stupefying/intoxicating drugs without their knowledge before interrogations, can then acquiesce their duty, and have an effective method of torturing citizens not available to the personnel at Guantanamo Bay.

    I did however see a documentary regarding the use of this method in England called “Kidnapped and Drugged for Family Honor”. In that situtation the person who was ‘spiked’ in the same manner as I was, and was then kidnapped had a team of 16 detectives working on the case, and people went to prison. It was bizarre when I saw that and looked at the letter I have from a Police Superintendent saying they sent me an email, and I didn’t respond in 14 days (because I never received it) so they have closed the matter without even looking at the documented proof I have of the crimes. And here was me thinking that as a result of being a Commonwealth country our laws were very similar.

    Same drugs, administered without knowledge or by deception to enable items to be planted on me and have me transported against my will to the locked ward of a psychiatric institution where they were going to make me very sick. Of course the people doing the kidnapping were under a false impression, that what they were doing was medicine, and not aware of the fact that it was being arranged by organised criminals in our system but ….. and so they do cover ups by ‘fuking destroying’ the person who complains about their conduct. I really would like a framed copy of their “Code of Conduct and Ethics” on my wall. I get more laughs reading that than I do from watching Marx Brothers movies.

    So you lost me fairly early in your interview Aftab.

    So what was the “situation’ that my society has failed to find ways of dealing with? My ‘illness’? No, nothing of the sort. I disagreed with my wife, and she sought ‘help’ from a psychologist who had a distinct dislike for me for not wishing to be ‘sidetracked’ from a private clinic into the wallet extraction service of her husband (a psychiatrist ‘shock doc’). Do you know what happens to someone who if you have them taken away by police in front of their family and neighbours to be locked in a mental institution to save them from having potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships? You just literally destroyed their very being, effectively killed them. In fact I have been pushing for police to be allowed to simply execute people in this situation at their homes as it seems a waste of resources transporting them for ‘treatment’. Execute them in their homes and save the time and effort of trying to heal them from the damage you have incurred to find out if they need your ‘help’. And it seems that recently police have been given that power where I live, the right to shoot those deemed mental patients.

    Consider the person who cracks all the eggs in the carton to ensure they all have yokes. That’s pretty much what our mental health services do where I live. They break people to find out if they will break and call it medicine.

    And how did I become “mental patient”? Someone called the hospital, said they had drugged me with benzos and that I had spoken to a psychologist. I was then listed as “Outpatient” before the Community Nurse and police were dispatched to kidnap and torture me. All fairly clever and with zero accountability due to the negligence of the Chief Psychiatrist and Minister who both claim to not understand that their is a burden (suspect on reasonable grounds = police saw man collapsed from ‘spiking’ = mental health referral = kidnapping service for doctors = corruption runs rampant and torture and convenience killings now available) placed on the Community Nurse before detaining citizens ….. I have a letter that I will share if your interested. Though the fraudulent documents used to cover up what was done seem to be the preferred narrative by people who have the power to intimidate and threaten witnesses (they certainly did my family). Though they did fail to retrieve the documented proof I have, and now simply ignore me because imagine kicking the victim of torture and kidnapping while he was down (Operations Manager says “we’ll fuking destroy you” for complaining about this conduct) to ensure your criminal conduct was concealed? difficult to maintain your ‘good’ reputation with that sort of behaviour.

    I doubt you will read my response to your comments though I write them to inform you that you speak of Pakistan as being somehow less of a place than ‘first world’ practice. We simply conceal our misconduct with ‘unintended negative outcomes’ in the Emergency Dept a bit better, and point fingers at others for the very things we are doing ourselves.

    I will read the rest of your interview and wish you well. As Salaamu Alaykum

    “My generation is also much more mindful of social justice issues and takes them very seriously.”

    woops, I stop there i’m afraid. You all turned your backs on me, while one of your colleagues tried to murder me in the ED. Take them seriously? If it wasn’t for a cardiologist noticing what was to be done about their little problem i’d be a dead man. Because he hasn’t got the stomach for it he tells me.

    Kidnapped and Drugged for Family Honor
    “Documentary telling the shocking story of how a 23-year-old British girl was drugged and kidnapped by members of her family after refusing to go through with a .”

    Funny but thats where the quote on youtube ends…… should it read “mental health assessment” at the end? lol Of course not, they would have been given assistance by police to retrieve the proof if it did. And they would have ‘fuking destroyed’ her for complaining.

  • “See the whole thing is, you can have your issues without the labels. Why do you think the very system that labels is the one who mistreats? Does this make any sense?”

    In a nut shell. Which is about all that is left of me (and many others) when they are done, a shell.

    “It’s a joke to give someone a tag and then tell them not to identify with it. It is like me telling someone that they are an idiot but not to take my words to heart.”

    I agree Sam. I had an experience recently with someone who made the claim that they knew people who could help me. What really hurt was that I believed them. It seems the idea was to have me sit on my hands, and if anything good happened they could lay claim to the good, but if nothing happened I would sit and wait while they did nothing. To me they are as bad as those who did the original harm by creating false hope. In fact, isn’t that what the ‘mental health industry’ does? Create false hope and lay claim to any good that manages to emerge from their negligence, fraud and slander?

  • “not understanding what a vile bunch of people they really are [something they rely on as many here now know] …… I wonder what she thinks now, though care very little tbh.”

    She did obviously finally ‘smell a rat’ because she went to someone else who was waiting to interrupt the psychologist and her husbands plans for me. Something which no doubt ensures her silence now given she knows what the State will do to her if she does speak the truth. An unintended negative outcome, arranged by someone not unlike her who can be allowed to commit offences (spikings/kidnappings and …. anything really when police are looking the other way and refusing to perform their duty).

    Funny how people assume it’s my illness because what i’m saying couldn’t possibly be the truth. I don’t see the truth as being linked in any way to my illness which I deny emphatically, I was subjected to some extreme abuse by people in positions to threaten and intimidate witnesses while they did it, the State. If I have an illness by their definitions okay, but hiw does that effect what I’m saying happened. And my community is prepared to accept this being done to someone with the status of “patient”? That says it all in the end. The bitch was asking for it is the equivalent.

  • Good point dfk.

    I note that when the people at the hospital said they would ‘fuking destroy’ me, these were the very things they went after in my life. They had my wife destroy all of my family and social relationships*, they ensured I did not get access to my documentation, they ensured I was cut off from my home, and access to my money. They did a mock execution on me and deliberately baited me with lies and deceit, sent out fraudulent documents to lawyers to ensure I didn’t receive the help I was entitled to ….. and then I walked into a Mosque and got down on my knees. (funny but it was at that point that the police simply disappeared and I felt a peace I hadn’t for months. The really did push hard to have me commit suicide though) And I now know there is a God because everything He promised is coming to pass, though it’s sad that what is said regarding hypocrites is true. Yes they are all against the use of torture and convenience killings, well, when it is having an effect on their families. Otherwise, the State must have their reasons, and those reasons consist of the State not being exposed as torturers, kidnappers and refoulers.

    It confirms that they know these things you speak of, and it’s no accident when they deny the real reasons and exchange it for a preferred model that sees them profit from the sale of drugs. Judge them by what they DO, not what they say.

    * two points about why my wife did these evil things to me (and let me say it hurts coming from someone that close) [a] she had ‘set the scene’ to enable them to conceal torture and kidnapping as ‘medicine’ by dropping me with the ‘spiking’ and planting items for police to refer, and [b] they were her drug pushers (in the Steppenwolf sense), good medical people who had the power to cut off her supply of drugs. The idea that they were ‘experienced’ in ‘helping’ people no doubt a major reason she went along with them, not understanding what a vile bunch of people they really are [something they rely on as many here now know] …… I wonder what she thinks now, though care very little tbh. I understand but will never forget.

  • I couldn’t help but think of the rod of Asclepius disguised as a ladder, leading one downwards at all points in the game.

    And this
    “The young adults in the program appeared to all be in a state of identity diffusion, where they appeared to be without a formed identity and without actively exploring possibilities.”

    I was reading a little about the psychiatrist Robert Lifton and his work on Chinese brain washing. Funny how you can take something ‘we’ are doing and make it exotic by making it something ‘they’ are doing.

    It was at the point where the target was worn down and apologised that he describes the inner process that results. Before that apology their identity remained, but once they began apologising it was then eroded, they were now in a state of high dissonance where the only way out was to accept a new negative identity. This new identity was not based on them being bad, it was that their essence was bad. At this point the person loses all integrity, self worth, and a sense of true identity. And by disallowing any questioning of the new identity because that merely reinforces the fact your ill …….?

    So given that this process is exactly what we are doing in places disguised as hospitals, why is it attributed to the Chinese? I think it would be fairer to call it Psychiatric brain washing. And why brain and not mind washing?

    I wonder about the saber rattling by our Prime Minister towards the Chinese yesterday ($270 billion on new weapons, 500 cyber spies to go on the offensive). At what point will we as a Nation be brought to our knees and forced to apologise? And will we as a Nation at that point realise we are inherently evil, our new negative identity. The National Socialists who have taken over for now would need to look at themselves, and the systems they have put in place that have been so harmful to our community.

    I think that the dissonance in our Nation can be seen with our constant to and fro between China and the US. Whose our daddy? And we are constantly pointing fingers at China for doing things that we have been doing for some time. They actually have a right to protest, which is more than can be said about the ‘democracy’ I live in. We are torturing (and other vile acts) in places called hospitals and disguising it as medicine. The Convention easily overcome by changing the status of “citizen” to “patient”, and then refouling anyone who complains.

    And I don’t know why we have this fear of the Chinese taking over, didn’t they notice they bought the place some time back. Our politicians sold us out, and are now trying to get us to turn on the landlord. The 270 Billion will buy us a 38 special and three bullets, and were going to take on the LAPD lol. Still, this is the same guy that said Australians value a Rule of Law. He obviously hasn’t been into a police station lately, they tell me they don’t even have a copy of the Criminal Code, and are simply making up crimes to prosecute people for (eg they were going to arrest me for having my medical records that proved I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos before interrogation. Imagine the insanity of arresting the victims of crimes for having the documented proof? I’m assuming it was because it exposed their use of known torture methods that they are acting in this manner)

    Anyway, good article Jill, got me thinking about the identity they have tried to impose on me. I’m still not at the point where I am going to apologise for who I am. Better to die on my feet than live on my knees I say.

  • What I find most bizarre about all this?

    As police were running around trying to find out who had the documents etc, threatening people and … a whole bunch of slippery and corrupt actions, I went and showed the two sets of documents to a Member of Parliament. He sat and listened to me for an hour and a half, and I explained to him what had happened and why the documents were fraudulent and how only someone who new what crimes had occurred would know how to tamper with the evidence. he was very concerned about his relationship with police. However, he thanked me and shook my hand and said “I will open some doors for you”.

    It was at that point that some things happened really fast. Point being that at that point I only had redacted documents that concealed the involvement of police. I wrote to the hospital and told them that I had been denied the documents I had a right to and they were then provided, no arguing this time, no obstruction …… just like that. they handed them over, underacted, showing all of the offences.

    So now I have everything I need to sue the pants off these people, the doors have been opened, and as a result of the threats and intimidation I can’t get anyone to help me lol. They have been forced into stopping their vicious and nasty conduct as a result of ‘word from above’, and I can’t get anyone to help me waaahahahahaha. the door is open and no one will step through. It’s like Kafka, or Dr Strangelove. The obstruction would allow an exemption to bring action due to the delay in the provision of the documents.

    To be honest I just want my stuff back so I can leave. I kind of agree with the use of torture now. I think there are grounds for a number of these people to be subjected to waterboarding in conjunction with ECTs to obtain a confession. I’m now as bad as them 🙂 Of course i’m kidding, I could never do what was done to me. I’ve had friends who were ‘spiked’ and I saw the damage it did to their lives.

    So there ya go eh? Even when I get given a break, I can’t take it. I mean i’d like to have got my documents back so I could have worked somewhere else, coz i’ll never pay tax in this State again. I know what they are using it for, the fuking destruction of citizens by slag public officers. For police to engage in criminal conduct with organised criminals operating in our hospitals, and perverting and obstructing justice to conceal their conduct.

    Absolutely bizarre. Anyway, I thank the M.P. for being a man of honor and integrity, despite him being in a position where he could have done the wrong thing and probably got away with it, he chose to do the right thing. He is a rare one indeed, and no doubt will be rewarded for that. Shame it went that far before he became involved, and opened that door. Truth be out and let the cards fall where they may.

    “Deterrence is the art of producing in the mind of the enemy… the FEAR to attack.” (Dr Strangelove) This fear has been produced in legal representatives and thus I can not bring action against these people despite having everything I need to demonstrate their negligence in court (though I doubt they would ever want that to occur). The Q.C. obviously wanted the big ‘scalps’, and has them hanging in his office now. I just want my stuff, and let me leave. These people disgust me.

    The lawyers I had approached had rang the Mental Health Law Centre and thus had been given the slander they had set up with the hospital. One lawyer who said to me “but I thought you were mad, but you’ve got the documents” obviously figured out that they were slandering because I had the proof of the spiking and was not delusional. Still, they went along with what they were told to do rather than represent their client (nothing like paying to be stabbed in the back huh?). Problem now is that these people are embarrassed about being lied to and assisting in kicking me while I was down. Come on, a divorce lawyer charging someone she calls a nut $3500 for telling him how expensive her time is? It was so cold here the other morning I saw her with her hands in her own pockets.

    I’d really like a lawyer who would actually represent MY interests. Sell the house and the money is there. Win, lose or draw, they would get paid. But I want a pit bull, not one of these sniveling cowards I have met to date. And I have kept very good records of matters, stuff that even the police find it better that they don’t know lol

    I guess you guys will never get the opportunity to put proof of torture and kidnapping in front of a Senior Constable, and then explain to him that as a result of the conspiracy to kidap that the psychologists husband ( a psychiatrist) had attempted to kill you. They of course would have a record of events, though were of the belief I was “patient”. Must admit that the last thing I would hear from a copper having an attempted murder put in front of him were the words “It might be best I don’t know about that”. [bad enough being threatened with arrest for having the proof of the ‘spiking’] Your right Senior Constable, it might be best you don’t, because your exit interview from the force is going to involve an ‘assessment’ by a psychiatrist, and let me say the memory wipe can be a little brutal. Lets hope you don’t end up being one of those people you call window lickers.

  • True Steve.

    My whole point behind suggesting the hospital be rename the Ariel Castro Memorial Hospital. To acknowledge what it actually is they behave like there, rather than mislead people into thinking there are doctors and nurses working in the place, and that healing is the goal lol

    I know most if not all of the patients I spoke to during my sentence think of rights as a joke. They live in a place where they are more likely to be visited by the tooth fairy than someone who would defend their rights. As I have shown (and can prove) lawyers are part of the reason that human and civil rights are being abused. They’re in on the game, not unlike the Catholic ‘confessional’ and the use of eavesdroppers. (Would you spy on your brother? Would you eat your dead brothers flesh? Nay, yeah would abhor it. Al Hujurat 12 ).

    Once the lawyers had identified that I had been tortured and kidnapped, they ensured they were not provided with the proof of those offences, and thus they didn’t need to provide any assistance to their ‘client’, they merely became ‘gaslighters’ by handing on false and misleading information to any and all interested parties. The hospital then free to have police retrieve the documents I had and then negative outcome me. I’m sure that if you watch the documentary about the young 12 year old boy who hung himself after being abused by one of the priests in Newcastle, and whose mother then received a visit from three of the staff at the church asking if there had been any note left, the path to concealment becomes fairly obvious. [three part doco on ABC. I can dig that section out if required]. Oh how that sent shivers down my spine after hearing the psychologist asking “who else has got the documents?” for police who obviously were concerned about who knew about their use of known torture methods. People are so disgusting when they are doing cover ups of such vile acts.

    The beige cardigan wearing psychologist would assist police in the concealment of torture lol. Still, he did provide me with two valuable pieces of information that will not be traced back to him. One being that he was subjected to threats to his family to assist police and breach his code of ethics to use therapy to gather information for them …… the other much more valuable. Boans sings along to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC. So I guess I owe him in that sense. Always good to know where the traps are laid, and by whom.

  • “We ALL need weaning from the medical model! It in itself invites dangerous doctor behaviors, both in psychiatry and in regular medicine.”

    Nitpicking but is there an “irregular medicine”. I assume you mean REAL medicine. Psychiatrists are the Hells Angels of medicine, they f$%^ everything they touch. lol

    [adapted from graffiti I saw in a band room that said “roadies are the Hells Angels of Rock and Roll…….. ” author unknown]

  • Apologies for the broken messages.

    I guess that what I have is a glimpse behind the curtain of what happens when someone is subjected to torture and kidnapped by my State. That has come about as a result of forces beyond my control. Why I have been left to live eludes me, because it is patently apparent that anyone who is subjected to human rights abuses by our mental health system will be “fuking destroyed” with the full support of the State. Not like I can refuse to pay taxes for that viciousness, and whats the point of having the power to do that if your not going to exercise your right?

    But, here’s my main point. It says in my Book that people who would conceal the truth with falsehoods are evil people. And these acts of negligence, fraud and slander are not ‘isolated incidents’, as stated above these people are organised. And yes, they will get away with their abusing of human rights for some time due to the hypocrisy of those claiming to be advocates who turn and run at the first sign of trouble. One sees this in basic military training, take the money, wear the uniform and then turn and run when it’s time to fight.

    Now what I would suggest is that 9 years is enough time to sort this out. I was tortured and kidnapped, and when I complained about that public officers did certain things to try and conceal those facts. They sent fraudulent documents to my legal representatives and then attempted to overdose me in the Emergency Dept. Funny, but that is actually lawful due to the need to ‘dispatch’ certain ‘cases’, and thus nothing can be done if doctor decides he wishes to get rid of a few, police will need to look the other way while he does. But, they failed to retrieve the documented proof of the kidnapping and torture, and as a result of the interference of someone failed to overdose me.

    And what was a bit of mischief by a Community Nurse doing a favor for a couple of little ladies turned to shit, and they have been trying to cover the stink ever since. Sure, i’m the one that’s been ‘bronzed’ with their shit, and I get it why you all have left me for dead.

    Like the psychologist who spent the time finding out the facts from me, only later to have to tell me “it never happened” due to threats by police to remain silent and find out “who else has the documents”…….. he would have known what they were trying to do, a further covering up of their torturing and kidnapping of citizens for organised criminals, and he ended up with a pants load. Not cut out for work in the locked wards ….. yet. But Zimbardo explained how to create the environment where that can occur fairly quickly, the Lucifer Effect. It needs to be a gradual introduction, a slow leading astray.

    It’s all there. My State government is simply ignoring the truth now, despite them being fully aware that they have been enabling torture and kidnapping. Living in the hope that no one looks and that threats, intimidation and coercive methods employed by police will see time pass and the old excuse of “oh it was so long ago now, what are you still upset about”. I’m sure it was all an accident blah blah blah. Funny how people make up excuses for these people. I even heard a psychiatrist of all people (who I would expect to be open to possibilities) say “they wouldn’t do that”. My response was, “they did that, but you just chose not to look”.

    In some ways I’m glad my time over the past 9 years has been totally wasted. I’d hate to think I had contributed anything to a community that would torture, kidnap, maim and kill people and disguise it as medicine. I realise that I would have enjoyed the company of Hermann Goerring (such great taste in art) but I didn’t agree much with his political beliefs, and would not have assisted him is the promotion of them. Glad I haven’t assisted my government in the promotion of theirs. I can live with my conscience without the needs for drugs, can they?

    Just another day firing the ovens, and just doing their jobs I suppose. And as long as they keep it as whispers in dark places and deny the right to respond to slander, they will continue with their vile conduct unchecked. They must know something you don’t right? People who would commit acts of fraud the likes of which was done with me are not to be trusted when they say “trust us”. Trust in haste regret at Leisure lol Fortunate that advocates can be bought off, threatened, and have fraud provided to them by the State to conceal their human rights abuses. In fact police tell me you can be arrested for having the proof of the State committing acts of torture, what the offence is even our Attorney General can’t say (nor can he say who accepts complaints regarding torture because no one gets past the refoulment stage apparently) but, i’m sure they can ‘plant’ something and make some stuff up. As they have done on so m any occasions here, though it’s usually after the person has served 12 years that we find out, our justice system totally perverted by corruption

  • Yes Linda, but what is worse is that I am not alone. Though most people who have been tortured, kidnapped and unintentionally negatively outcomed didn’t have the documented proof. So they may have survived as a result but would find their lives fuking destroyed for no other reason than to conceal the truth. I have spoken to people here at MiA who fit that profile. It’s a bit like we know who the others are as a result of shared experiences.

    Personally I have made a decision as a result of being ‘left for dead’ to focus on digging my own grave. I get why no one is prepared to stand up and do anything about what these people are doing, well…… until it is their daughter or grandchildren, home, career, sanity that is being fuking destroyed. Then they will look and find they too are left on their own, and being subjected to the same abuses. the people doing this actually have a model, it’s the same one exposed by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and these people concealed child rapists for 40 years, so when they do decide it can’t go on any longer, and the Minister is seen for what he is, someone who slanders anyone whose truth doesn’t fit his preferred reality, then maybe we will get somewhere. Until then I guess the can live in denial with their hypocrisy providing psychological protection from their dissonance. Our last Minister stating about women who were complaining about being sexually assaulted in the hospitals “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients” (documented in the Hansards). Its a standard method of silencing complaints where I live, ask our current Minister. Dog whistle slandering.

    What I can say is that I believe the information I have is vital to this community. Many people are being harmed, and the people charged with providing protection from that harm are being derelict in their duty. And not in some random manner, they are organised. The Operations Manager who fuking destroyed me knew exactly what she was doing, and it was done with malice, and the authority provided from the Ministers office.

    I do hope someone has figured out what I am saying and that they can warn others. I get it that the trauma of being tortured and kidnapped has resulted in what may appear to be an ‘illness’. I don’t know, and to be perfectly honest I don’t care. Call being sad for a couple of days an illness if you like, just don’t use that as a justification for some rape therapy. Sure, now the claim is I am “kicking against the pricks”. No, the pain this animal is feeling in his foot, and which I am kicking against is being inflicted deliberately to conceal the harm being done, also deliberately.

    Okay, I accept the slander if you will. But please check what I am saying. Some have, and have found it necessary to assist in further concealment of their negligence, and on it goes. Those deaths that occurred after they were warned are not the sole responsibility of the people who outcomed them. Though there are people who now can not do anything about those doing that evil because of their, at first, altruistic evil. There were nurses who were acquitted in Nuerenburg as a result of not understanding what they were doing was wrong. There are those here who were fully aware that what they were doing was wrong, but they scheme to make it appear that they have a right to do it. Not unlike a night club rapist looking for a way around consent, though they don’t view themselves in such a manner. They are ‘healing’ people who are desired by the whole community, heroes who are rightly above the law as a result of the neglect of those with a duty to do something about their misconduct.

    I’d write a book too. Even offered to pay someone to write up what I have, but they had me talk to a Q.C. and then threw me under a bus due to the truth being so ugly, and the fact that important people can not be held to account. The conflict of interest not exposed until after they had the information they required.

    Anyhow, good luck with informing people of what can happen as a result of being ‘snared’ by these people. can’t say I blame them, if someone were to offer me a heap of dough for harming people and calling it medicine I might say from where I stand now I wouldn’t do it, but I don’t know how I would react if I were made an offer I couldn’t refuse. Not unlike the people who helped me till the police started threatening them, then the ran away afraid for their families. Meh, we know who they are, history tells us.

    “That one looks Jewish, and that ones a Coon. Who let all this Riff Raff into the room. There’s one smoking a joint, and another with spots. If I had my way, i’d have all of you shot” Note the labelling by the delusional? Sounds like a DSM writing workshop lol

  • Interesting twist in my situation. Lets just say it was lawful for police to refer me to the Community Nurse and I am delivered to the hospital as “referred person”.

    Referred person has lost their right to liberty, but has not seen a psychiatrist yet and therefore is not a “patient”. And as such has not lost their right to consent.

    So what happens when a doctor (senior medical officer) wishes to do a physical examination without the consent of the referred person who they have locked in their cage? Just assault them and if they give you any problems stick them with a needle full of anti psychotics is the method used here. Claim later it was an emergency if they manage to get beyond the dribble therapy and make a complaint. Hey, get the Minister to call the complaint an illness.

    Absolutely disgusting how depraved some peoples behavior becomes when they are exposed to an environment where they are unaccountable. We saw the results of that at Abu Ghraib. And I mean this guy was also an Ordained Minister, so while he was shaking when he did the examination (which is a euphemism for the assault), he really knew he would not be held to account and had someone in a position where he could have them restrained while he removed their clothes and inserted objects into their mouth or anus without consent. Sounds bad but …….. i’m sure he knew God was watching, and asked forgiveness for his trespass, and then gave himself that forgiveness.

    The question remains, did he know what he was doing was wrong but did it anyway? The fumbling and shaking when I said “you do not have my consent to conduct this examination, and if you do it will constitute an assault” answers that question.

  • “We were trying to save your marriage”

    Talk about having a hammer and the whole world becomes a nail. Because as I have pointed out elsewhere this Community Nurse knew I wasn’t a “patient” but obviously thinks that if someone calls the hospital and has drugged someone into unconsciousness, that someone needs to be locked in a cage and force drugged.

    Now let me say this that there is a reason for the existence of the Mental Health Act, and I have been through it a few times and I can’t find the bit where it says that the powers afforded Authorized Mental Health Practitioners is to be used to “save marriages”. There are some “exclusions” and yes, I get it your can’t write down your locking someone up and force drugging them because they’re black, you have to make it sound like it’s because they have an illness. But that’s easily achieved, and the documents I have are a great example of how to achieve that through he corrupt practice of ‘verballing’.

    And I suppose I have to cut him some slack as it may have been a Folie a duex, though his role is not to give diagnosis, but to deal mainly with the hospital “outpatients” and do the odd police referral assessment. So why did police refer? I was asleep. That’s it, that’s considered “reasonable grounds to suspect that a person is suffering from a mental illness”. That’s your protection from being snatched out of your bed and delivered to a hospital for an examination by a psychiatrist. Police found you in your bed asleep. Now of course in my instance they didn’t find the knife that had been planted on me, though they have said they did. Odd lie here and there, no harm comes of it right? Well, few people have done life sentences for it but …. not the liar 🙂

    And dispatching police resources because they have a Community Nurse on the line requesting their assistance in “saving a marriage” has them responding like the heroes they are. I mean at first the documents show that Boans “tried to sort it out with the family but the family took nephews side” and started threatening me. Risk? well, not really so on the next document we read under personal observations “thoughts of harming others”. Now as I explained o this Community Nurse yes I had a disagreement with the nephew, and it did get heated, but I said “your three weeks too late, that was weeks back and I have no intention of harming the nephew”. So how did he observe my thoughts by travelling back in time? And why did other become others?

    Because he was desperate to save my marriage by showing me that if I dared say to my wife that I was leaving, she could then call him and he would have police come round and take me to the hospital and drug fuk me till I changed my mind. I can see how that might work. Use the resources of police and mental health services as your own personal thugs to have your will imposed on your partner, and save your marriage. And of course if I were to complain about domestic abuse? The assaults? Drugged, tried to stab me in the chest with a large carving knife. Well, in the process of saving my marriage the Community Nurse tends to make those matters disappear. the drugging well that sort of lasted until he made me into the perpetrator with his changing of narrative. And the confirmed attempt to plunge a knife into my chest when I said I was leaving? Not even worthy of a mention, though it did get quite a reaction form those present when it was confirmed by my wife.

    Funny how easily words can change narrative and justify any action you wish to take. Lucky this guy can’t just knock on anyone’s door and snatch them, oh wait, if he tells police your a “patient” they then flag you and now you are.

    Save my marriage, what a crock. That became the justification for concealing the ‘spiking’ from me, which of course is also a serious criminal offence, conspire to pervert the course of justice, conceal evidence of a criminal offence. In for a penny, get the proof back and kill him, quick coz police aren’t going to be able to neglect their duty forever, and for now they still think he is a “patient”, so we can do whatever we want to bait him and hopefully they will shoot him for us.

    These people disgust me, but it’s those who have looked the other way, and then the likes of the current Minister who is actively slandering me that make me feel sick to the stomach. Complaining about this conduct is an illness according to him. That in a ‘democracy’? He is after all infallible, omnipotent, and never wrong. He simply ignores the truth and replaces it with his preferred version of it. Hopefully he will be replaced with a version of someone who has honor and integrity at the next election, because they are traits he is obviously lacking.

  • Consider, the person who ensures that abuses by psychiatrists are identified and acted upon is the Chief Psychiatrist.

    The Mental Health Law Centre sends a complaint to him regarding my ‘detention’ and ‘referral’. The file/documents show that a number of serious offences have occurred including the torture and kidnapping of a citizen, which has been concealed using what can be termed ‘trick cycling’. Get police to do your dirty work (procure and kidnap for you) and anyone complains use them as a foil to conceal your criminal conduct. The Community Nurse created the appearance for his colleagues that he had received a referral from police, when what he had done was lie to police and claim he needed assistance with a “patient” knowing i had been ‘spiked’ and would have items planted on me when he called and said they were on their way to jump me in my bed. s. 68 (e) – s. 195 – = lawful police referral. ‘Verbal’ the target up (Form 1) and have police do the kidnapping on a Form 3 transport order.

    The hospital investigates because they have lawyers requesting the documents, and they can’t send them a letter with the documents asking they engage in a criminal conspiracy to conceal the torture and kidnapping, so they send a fraudulent set, and have police retrieve the ones I have.

    The lawyers send a complaint based on the “edited” set of documents they have been provided and complain about not being given access to unredacted documents (that is the method of ensuring that human rights are not being abused).

    The Chief Psychiatrist then sends a reply with the belief that the documents have been retrieved and that he has examined the file and finds nothing to see. In fact he doesn’t even know what a burden of proof is and is enabling arbitrary detentions and the use of the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ on statutory declarations. Asked about why the lawyers were provided with “edited” documents he says the documents were requested under FOI Act and thus could be “edited”. This despite the three letters included in the complaint which were headed APPLICATION FOR DOCUMENTS UNDER THE MHA, and the first line of the application stating THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION UNDER THE FOI ACT. Bizarre? And I wouldn’t want someone who examines such letters and then makes the statement that he was “under the impression the documents were requested under the FOI Act” dealing with such important matters when such obvious evidence can be overlooked.

    Of course with the documents retrieved he was free to write such rubbish, because no one was ever going to know that I was tortured and kidnapped apart from him and the people who concealed that from my legal representatives. Unless …….. I turn up 2 years later in a police station with the documented proof of torture and kidnapping.

    Now consider, he has acted as if no one was ever going to know that he has viewed the documents and that the crimes he has seen would ever be known about. Lets just keep slandering Boans and fuking destroy him. But now I have police threatening to arrest me for having my own medical records that show what the Chief Psychiatrist had access to when he wrote his response to the Law Centre (ignored by them and handed on to me, a poison pen letter aimed to do psychological harm and have me commit suicide).

    So what happens now we have the documents the Chief Psychiatrist had access to showing the torture and kidnapping? And the response that was made with the belief that the documents had been retrieved by police, and that the cover up had been semi successful (the killing obviously a failure). It shows exactly how the authorities respond to legitimate complaints, and there are some serious concerns for the whole community, because they don’t like being caught out kidnapping and torturing, though they are doing it.

    Its an interesting set of documents that show how these abuses are rampant, but also how nothing ever gets done about the abuses. I say nothing, these people had to work very hard to conceal the torture and kidnapping, and it involved a lot of ‘hands off’ stuff by police (you take out a VRO, and we can then detain him while you get the documents back form his property, and then cancel the VRO before he gets the chance to respond to it in court). Getting my wife and others to commit offences that they would then ensure were not prosecuted. Just doing their job I suppose snatching a citizen from their bed and delivering them to a hospital for ‘treatment’ for an illness I didn’t have with drugs that would have made me very ill I am told by someone qualified to speak about such matters.

    So what do they do now the game is up? Ignore me, and threaten anyone who offers me any assistance. as you would when you can not be held to account for serious criminal conduct. Police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code they tell me so ….. off they go.

    Personally I got the impression from the Convention against the use of Torture that there were “no emergency provisions” and “no superior authority” meaning that the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t get to cover up known acts of torture. However, given he can rewrite our law (see the letter of response) and his argument from authority is accepted by the Corruption and Crime Commission (yes they were informed of these actions and went along assuming the cover up had been sucessful) I suppose the Convention and any Human Rights agreements mean nothing. Just conceal the evidence and fuking destroy the victims.

    And now? The Minister continues to slander me for attempting to bring this to his attention, because police simply refuse to take the documented proof of the fact that they were witnesses to my torture and kidnapping. Whether they were active participants or passive stooges only they know. And like the hospital I am certain that any documents they would provide under FOI would be “edited” so whats the point of making application. The law is an Ass where these people are concerned. Our Prime Minister stating that Australians are a people who value a Rule of Law? He should take a look at these people and eat those words.

    With a mechanism like this to conceal human rights abuses? And I have the proof of how it is being done. Negligence, fraud and slander. And the person charged with the protection of “consumers, carers and the community” simply ensures that the evidence of wrongdoing has been concealed (even if that requires misconduct) and then ensures the victim is fuking destroyed.

    I guess at the end of the day when the people who are supposed to be protecting us from criminals, get together with the criminals and start working together we shouldn’t be surprised by any of the horror stories we hear coming out of these places of torture. The assumption being that the people being subjected to the abuses deserve it (they must have done something right?) Well, yes I did say I was going to leave my wife as a result of her family threatening me. And the hospital Operations Manager who did the cover up told me that “we were trying to save your marriage”. Such a noble cause how could I dare to complain about them torturing and kidnapping me to find out if I was insane or if I was of sound mind and therefore permitted to leave my wife. I had no idea they got involved in such matters, I do now, though a little late as I had to be fuking destroyed as a result of their noble cause. Personally I think it was an excuse made up after the event to try and conceal their conduct. Such good people and he is making all that noise about being snatched out of his bed and locked in a cage and interrogated whilst stupefied without his knowledge. Can I put this ‘treatment’ on my credit card, or does Medicare cover it?

    They provide such a service in the US? A marriage councelling service if you drug your partner and plant items for police to find? Locked in a cage and tortured for 7 hours because someone wants it done? They do here. And the protections of the law are actually pretty good, its the people responsible for enforcing them that are the problem.

  • Keep in mind that (a) the Mental Health Law Centre was provided with a set of documents that removed both the proof of the ‘spiking’ with benzos, and the involvement of the police to obtain a referral under s. 195 of the MHA.

    Procuring being a crime, and calling police for assistance with a “patient” you knew wasn’t a “patient” is a serious offence. I had a job once where I got free pizzas, why shouldn’t a Community Nurse get to do a few kidnappings as a benefit of the psotion?

    Also keep in mind when I speak about the doctor being promoted, that was up until I showed the two sets of documents to a politician. Not sure what happened to him after that, though I am guessing that as a result of the “Targeted Review of Emergency Dept Admissions” and the number of unintended negative outcomes that exposed, that he (along with the psychologist who conspired with my wife, and her psychiatrist husband) all left the State. Who tipped them off is another question i’d like answered, though given the way police have been assisting these criminals I don’t think i’ll ever get the facts of that matter either.

    Whats a few killings between friends anyway. I mean get a stomach Doc. It’s tough at the top.

    I am of course not discounting the possibility of my governments policy of killing the people they torture being ‘worlds best practice’. As someone who has been subjected to their torture, it may actually have been better that they snuffed me, rather than subject me to a slow painful death and fuking destruction for complaining. And thus the destruction of all my personal family ties and friendships would at least save the people who loved and cared about me from watching while they are doing it. There’s perhaps a glimpse of their humanity. Cost benefits? Much more to be made from a corrupt psychiatrist and his psychologist wife who are sidetracking people into a ‘medical snare’ (of ECTs) Check the numbers folk. Get rich quick scheme. 7 weeks full time of ‘therapy’ or a few sessions with the wall socket (6 hours as opposed to 7 weeks?). Kill Boans and tell his family it was the chemicals that got imbalanced that made him think he was tortured. they’ll believe it, what choice do they have, they’ll do them too. And not a soul prepared to even look at the documents. Why would that be I wonder?

  • I’d encourage you to keep writing too Eric.

    Its difficult to know what to say when I don’t hear voices. Other than the voices of past conversations brought up again and again, “your useless, your stupid, you’ll never amount to anything…….”. Okay, so I crawled out of the place I was raised (how fascinating that it was nicknamed “suicide towers” as a result of there being people coming from miles around to jump off the building).

    Depressed might be a fair term for what I have suffered over the years, but I look back to those years living in fear in a ghetto and wonder about the chemicals that were getting unbalanced by that place (the sickness was in the environment I believe). I remember nearly being hit by a man I went up in the elevator with who then jumped from the 7th floor. I always wanted to ask him why the 7th when their were 9 floors. For good luck?

    The pen truly is mightier than the sword.

  • Thanks Sleep in the Stars.

    you write

    “for the crime of being overwhelmed and trusting that a “help line” clinical social worker would actually be helpful, I was met by police at my place of employment, put in handcuffs and taken to a facility for “assessment”.”

    I see you had “potential for damage to reputation and meaningful relationships” that required you to be taken into custody in front of your significant others too. Imagine having to do damage to reputation and meaningful relationships to avoid the potential. (my potential was avoided by dragging me out of my bed, and having me “assessed” out the front of my home with car loads of public officers and police who had parked on my in laws garden. I asked for a ‘receipt’ from the person having me detained by police and was given a “with compliments” slip from my kidnapper given that he couldn’t provide me with a copy of his fraudulent statutory declaration used to justify his criminal actions. I might have noticed he had traveled through time and space to make his observations. Imagine that people are being incarcerated and force drugged based on hearsay. Wouldn’t police love to be able to do that, all the problems with gathering evidence solved.

    Still it really matters very little anymore. My State is torturing and then killing anyone who complains. And who am I to change that.The silent majority that voted for Euthanasia (though they never showed us the data, just stated a 85% of people want it) obviously want the State to be allowed to torture too.

    What confuses me is that someone spotted what they were going to do to me, and interupted the process before I was killed. Why? I will never understand why they stopped them before they killed me, and not after. To be cruel and subject me to further torture? I haven’t seen my family for 9 years, not a chance I will ever work again, not a speck of my property I have access to (not even my documents such as birth certificate or passport, family photos etc). I was told by a public officer they would fuking destroy me, but why not let them just kill me? I mean they were responsible for a number of deaths AFTER my unintended negative outcome was interrupted, so they didn’t interrupt to stop the killers. They went on to do more……. and maybe I will never know why our police and politicians refuse to take my witness statement regarding how they are doing these killings. What they don’t know can’t hurt them I suppose. Or would their negligence hurt them? The fact that they were warned about the torture and killings and did nothing until the proof was dropped on a Member of Parliaments desk. It was fascinating to watch them scatter at that point.

    So I think about those killed after me and wonder if it was them who got the best part of the deal. Because the people who have a duty to act on these crimes don’t wish to do anything other than continue to utter with the fraud set up by the hospital after their “formal investigation” (that produced one document, a letter to me rewriting my complaint to a question they wished to answer. I allege I was tortured and they say, donuts for lunch).

    Still, as long as they are prepared to ‘all be in it together’ what is the public going to be able to do? Doctors using the Emergency Dept as their own personal slaughterhouse? Who wouldn’t want that option available to them for all that hard work done by ghost writers for their University degrees? Mummy didn’t pay to get me into a good college for nothing.

    What Boans knows. The doctor who came at me with the needle on the 2nd of Jan 2012 who I believe was going to ‘hotshot’ me, and was snatched away at the very last minute……. was promoted to head of the doctors union. I was evicted from my home in the clothes I stood in and pursued to retrieve the documents I took with me. I managed to hide them before police could check on my “welfare”. Fraudulent documents were then sent to the Mental Health Law Centre that concealed the methods used to obtain a referral (ie conspire to stupefy and commit an indictable offence, namely kidnapping). Lawyers did eventually send a complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist who responded with a letter the lawyers didn’t have time to read, but were prepared to hand over to me. This letter contains some of the most bizarre claims I have witnessed in all my years working as a public officer (though I believe it is what is known a s a poison pen letter designed to gaslight the victim of public sector corruption and have them kill themselves)

    I wonder if in the event of my death MiA might consider publishing that letter (and the complaint from the Law Centre) to give others an understanding of the standard of psychiatric care in my State and the “protections” afforded the public by the person charged with that duty. It is positively offensive, and basically says ‘I don’t know, not going to ask and fuk off we’ll do what we want despite it being criminal’. I have of course distributed it to many others though they have their families safety to think about. I feel sure that American citizens would not fear repercussions by the Australian government against their own citizens. While my own government seems happy to allow the Australian government to torture their citizens, I know Canada (and I assume the US) do seem to have an interest in what is done to their people, and would no doubt ACT on proven acts of torture.

    Definitely the baby is dead, has been for some time now, and the pea soup that is in the bath stinks and should be removed immediately. Or if we must look at reform, maybe we can put what is left into a jar and store it with Walt Disneys head in the cryogenics tank? Ay least the stink will eventually dissipate, and some future generation can take it out and thaw it?

  • “It is like eating pork and not being privy to the animal’s internal experience, nor it’s actual physical abuses that continue over a long period.”

    I often wondered about the selling of pork without informing people the swine had been given human growth hormone. Is this cannibalism? It certainly seems to be getting close to the edge.

    Speaking of cannibals, Jeffrey Dahmer was assessed as being perfectly sane, but the people he was killing and eating were by definition of the DSM mentally ill. Is this cannibalism to eat the mentally ill who are not considered human by our law? It certainly seems to be getting close to the edge. lol

  • “And no one gets to “prep” the official “assessor” with any lead-ins, like ……” I’ve ‘spiked’ him with benzos and planted a knife and some cannabis for police to find and provide you with a referral, and conceal the crimes your about to commit (torture and kidnapping). If you keep the ‘spiking’ between you and me you can do your ‘assessment’ while he is suffering an acute stress reaction and is spiked with benzos without his knowledge Mr Community Nurse. You now have a bright future in the use of known torture methods, and can use police to assist you in that process.

    One might think that the law would protect citizens, and on the surface they do appear to do that. However, given that acts of fraud and perjury are seen as being “noble corruption” by the state when committed by public officers in the performance of their duties, they can literally do whatever they wish and it will be concealed by the State authorities.

    Miranda rights are as easy to get around for mental health professionals as they are for police. They stamped my documents saying I had been informed of my rights which consisted of me telling the nurse to shove it where the sun don’t shine. I already knew that where filthy ‘verballing’ public officers are concerned, you have no rights. And any legitimate complaint will result ion you being ‘fuking destroyed’.

    In a State where police make comments to one another about 8 year old boys like “If the little black bastard gives you any trouble, shoot him” you think you will be treated fairly?

  • “At one time, harsh restraints (shackles) and intense, lengthy periods of isolation were pretty much the norm in the public institutions known as “insane asylums.””

    Nothing like a ‘chemical restraint’ when there is no National Standard to shackle and isolate for long periods of time. So now were in a time when it’s just like “a little bit of abuse”?

    Consider the words carefully. I walked out on my abuser only to be ‘spiked’ and have items planted on me to have me returned to them for more abuse. After assaulting me for 7 hours I was then thrown out on the street and police assisted the criminals to conceal what they had done to me (tortured and kidnapped).

    I really liked this comment by Pacific Dawn

    “so long as you believe that you need Recovery, then you will never be able to strike back. You will always be believing that you have to wait, wait for what I do not know.

    Recovery is just another way of turning the onus for the problem back onto the survivor.

    Recovery is based on the idea that there is still something deficient in you, and that that has to prevent you from striking back, from reclaiming your social and civil standing.

    Asking for pity will never get you anything other than more abuse. But scoring a victory of violators will give you a validated social identity. People respect those who fight back, but not those who ask for pity.

    Someone who believes in Recovery is actually hurting other survivors because they directly reject the idea of fighting back. Its like they have become their own internalized Psychotherapist.”


    “The Recovery Movement is based on a presumption of moral defect.”

    Throw the baby out with the bathwater and END PSYCHIATRIC ABUSE

  • “The “mental health” system is a child abuse covering up system, by design.”

    It certainly makes me wonder SomeoneElse about all the victims who had survived long enough to testify at the Royal Commission, and who had no doubt told their stories (given their testimony) to ‘mental health professionals’ only to be turned away, slandered, drugged and ‘gaslighted’ for speaking truth to power and then one day those who had survived were finally heard.

    I can’t help but think after my experience that it is the result of the negligence of these people that they feel the need to continue to enable these abusers rather than deal with them head on. For example, my torturer and kidnapper. they do a cover up for him and ‘fuking destroy’ me, and then 2 years down the track the truth raises it’s ugly head again, and there have been another dozen people harmed as a result of his misconduct? (he laughed when I said I would have something done about his criminal conduct, fully aware that he would be supported with further criminal conduct [fraudulent documents to the Law Centre, and whilst many would assume that they were going to brain damage me to silence me, why bother when one can use the Emergency Dept to slaughter, no one is looking after all. And it is THEY who are deciding what is “reasonable” and not the Law] by his colleagues I assume) They can’t now admit they did a cover up and as a result more people were harmed, they would be seen as being responsible. So they bury it deeper this time (as they have done in my instance, and while they seem to have stopped attempting to have me murdered, I’ve no doubt from the slanderous conduct of the Minister, they do wish I would ‘go away’. Suicide leaves a lot less blood on their hands, and he is after all kicking someone who he knows is already ‘down’. He didn’t get to the top by not having the stomach for these sorts of things).

    And then there are those ‘advocates’ who won’t look due to being hypocrites and doing what they are told. Look the other way while we deal with this little problem or we will do your family too. And I get it police can be intimidating when they are threatening your family.

    The excuse given for enabling these child rapists was that it was not seen as being a criminal offence, but a “character flaw” and the perpetrators had ‘repented’ and were to be given another chance, and another chance, and another chance …. and you get the picture I’m sure. Personally I would have thought they may have stopped giving chances before there were more than 300 victims, but it seems their ability to forgive some people (those like themselves) is endless. This does not seem to apply to others unlike themselves and unfortunate enough to find themselves in the care of these abusers.

    I have seen how police even when presented with documented proof of serious crimes will do the bidding of the criminals and ensure the space is created for these ‘cover ups’. They are complicit by their omission and dereliction of duty. And they should be ashamed enough to use their position to conceal their misconduct. They are not exactly going to stand up and admit to aiding and abetting someone who has abused so many children proudly. Of course they wish to conceal that fact. They were taking them back to their abusers when they ran away in some cases, after hearing of why the child had run away. Just doing their job.

    There is one who they can’t conceal it from. “So I will pour out my wrath on them and consume them with my fiery anger, bringing down on their own heads all they have done, declares the Sovereign Lord” (Ezekiel 22;31).

    Good news is my Lord has been with me the whole time, through all of my trials. I shed tears for these people who deny the truth and ‘fuking destroy’ people for no other reason than to conceal the truth. And how sad that these people are elected representatives sitting in our Parliament writing laws they ignore when the truth no longer suits them. “suspect on reasonable grounds”? I think not, and hence the rewriting of the law to remove the protection afforded the public from rogue doctors and organised criminals to “suspect on grounds we believe to be reasonable”. That works for the criminals, not so much for a defenseless public your Highness Chief Psychiatrist. It is a direct enabling of arbitrary detentions for his collegues, though would be unlawful if we could find “someone to build up the wall” (Ezekiel), but no one can be found to enforce the protections when the person charged with that duty is derelict in it.

  • “to defend the 5,000 others in the same situation”

    You mean they were wrong when they passed these laws through Parliament and said it would only effect about 80 people who were ‘slipping through the cracks in the system’? Oh 80, 5000 its a small difference.

    “Kerry had been unquestionably deprived of her right to give “free and informed consent””

    They get around the need for ‘free and informed consent’ in my State (Western Australia) by slipping you a ‘mickey’. They then conceal the evidence/proof by providing people like Justice Action with fraudulent documents that removes the proof of the spiking, and then slander the person as being delusional from claiming they were spiked. Quite clever when you think about it making the truth a poison swallowed by the victim . Every time they tell someone about it, the slander kills them a little more.

    “She lives at home, and therefore legally isn’t defined as a patient.”

    I’d check that. Not sure about the MHA in NSW but if she is on a CTO and has a treating psychiatrist and is being ‘treated’ then she is considered a “patient” (outpatient). How else could she be coerced and forced? In fact this is how our police are torturing people here in WA, by having their status changed post hoc and thus being able to deny them any human and civil rights. Torture citizens, hand them over to mental health services to make them into “patient” post hoc (s. 195 Police Powers) and the torture sessions can be concealed using the methods you describe, with the added benefit of being able to distribute fraudulent documents to legal representatives.

    There is an Operational Directive in place here to protect human rights that allows legal representatives, on provision of a confidentiality agreement, to view unredacted documents. Though the problem being that they are not provided with them when the documents prove the use of known torture methods being used. (the mechanism ensures the use of torture is brought to the attention of authorities first and thus allows for cover ups via fraud) In fact, police can be dispatched by hospital staff to retrieve any proof of torture, and then they send out the fraud. That way when lawyers make complaints on behalf of their ‘clients’, the authorities can respond with a poison pen letter that the lawyers are told not to read, and to hand on to their’clients’ who will hopefully not recognise the way the protections of the law have been misrepresented.

    Our Chief Psychiatrist writes that the protection of “suspect on reasonable grounds” (with a set of criteria in s. 26 of the MHA to be met to make referral lawful) is now “suspect on grounds they believe to be reasonable” (which means that the s. 26 criteria no longer matter) and we now have arbitrary detentions available as a result of his dereliction of duty, and the “expert legal advice” he provides to the Minister.

    I’m sure there are law students at you organisation that know more about the law in regard this first year concept than the person charged with protecting “consumers, carers and the community”.

    A quote from a journalist asking a controversial Muslim preacher about his views.

    “implying that anybody who disagrees with you is not basing their views , or their facts, on reality because you are right and they are wrong. Isn’t that the very definition of extremism?”

    One can’t even have our Chief Psychiatrist recognise the very laws he is charged with administering. Does this not demonstrate we are trying to deal with extremists?

    Anyhow, I wish you luck in your attempt to ‘advocate’ for Ms O’Malley. Though I think you will find your up against an opponent who does not have to play by the same rules as you. In my instance they have conspired to pervert the course of justice, committed acts of fraud, tortured and kidnapped, police can’t seem to find their copy of the Criminal Code while a doctor sorts out his ‘little problem’ in the Emergency dept, and the idea of getting an ‘advocate’ to assist in exposing the misconduct of the Minister well (see Corruption and Crime Commission Act s. 28 Mandatory reporting of suspected misconduct with penalty of more than 2 years prison. See Hansards re question to Minister regarding number of reports to CCC, ummmm none. Why would you report misconduct when you believe you have done an effective cover up? Failure to report being an act of misconduct 🙂 [“who else has got the documents?” and is thus aware of the cover up? and thus the fact the Minister has been “derelict in her duty” to quote her shadow outside Parliamentary privilege])……… good luck with that. All those unintended negative outcomes they exposed as a result of their negligence will ensure that nothing is ever done. You’ll just have to trust us, despite their ‘history’.

  • I say above they can lie to the public. The courts have identified this lying as being a ‘massaging of the truth’.

    The targets appear to be the ‘disabled’ (genetically inferior?) who are particularly vulnerable. I like the question raised by the now ex nurse regarding where does one turn when the person abusing you is the person your supposed to turn to when your being abused. I can appreciate her problem now I know that there is no avenue for complaint regarding the use of known torture methods by our police. Not even the Attorney General can direct me to the appropriate authority due to the fact that they deal with complaints via refoulment and fraud with the assistance of legal representatives. It’s not that we never torture, we just ensure that no complaint is ever heard with a ‘massaging of the truth’, and the slandering (or ‘fuking destruction’) of the victims.

  • I agree with what you say mik.

    “But through this period, their characters apparently will remain unblemished.”

    Oh no, their contact with ‘mental health services’ has been recorded and like a cancer may sit there for years before being activated should there be a need on the part of some doctor to ‘bring them in for questioning’. Then , like me, they might find themselves being dragged out of their bed by police for no other reason than they were asleep (reasonable grounds for a mental health referral in Western Australia), that they can be ‘spiked’ with stupefying/intoxicating drugs, injected with a “chemical restraint” that may take them within an inch of their life, and any complaint might result in an ‘unintended negative outcome’ in an Emergency Dept if they continue to insist on the fact they have human and civil right (a known delusion in the area of mental health as a result of the lack of protections of the law which have been removed via the negligence of those charged with a duty to ensure their enforcement ie the Chief Psychiatrist and Minister).

    [“an idiosyncratic belief or impression maintained despite being contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder”. If you have no rights as a result of the dereliction of duty then surely it is delusional to believe you can sleep in your bed when a doctor wishes you to be delivered to a hospital by police for treatment of an illness you don’t have, with drugs you don’t want, and your complaint is proof of this delusion. “You live in a democracy? Nut job; billing code 12bfu’ed”]. I couldn’t help but be effected by images of Jewish people being dragged from their homes in the 1930s, and the similarity to the way Mental Health Services simply call police to have people dragged from their homes here.

    Combined with our introduction of a “wild” (or decentralised Euthanasia program I have concerns about where my community is heading. There are laws to protect the public, but one can not have them enforced as a result of the negligence of authorities who are enabling this National Socialist environment, and denying a right to access remedy in the courts via fraud and threats to legal representatives (all lawful as a result of HCA 47 [2010] ACC v Stoddart). They can lie to the public who have no right to access the truth (fraud), and they can threaten and ‘coerce’ to deny access to legal rep. Even down to retrieving documents (my own personal medical records) and then replacing them with fraud (to lawyers) to conceal acts of torture by police and mental health services. Got to be a dollar in this for me knowing how to do this, and the good news is it’s so easy. Torture, kidnapping, maiming and killing and it can all be disguised as ‘medicine’ and not a damn thing the victims can do about it?

    So they are certainly not “unblemished”, it’s just that for now we need to control the flow of victims through the system to not overwhelm the hospital with new clients. Aren’t they in for a surprise when they are introduced to the ‘new normal’? Because I simply can’t imagine doctors letting such a great opportunity to change the status of so many people to “patients” and profit from that to pass without at least grabbing as many as they can. Like snake whacking day on the Simpsons lol

  • In Australia it isn’t. But then again it also isn’t the case that if you retain the services of a lawyer that they will represent YOUR interests. And what better way to torture people than to be able to deny them access to a lawyer who represents YOUR interests.

    In my State they will assist in identifying where the crimes occurred and then aid in the distribution of fraudulent and slanderous documents, and get you to pay for it. FACT. So I don’t know that it is of any benefit in having access to legal representation. The priest will maintain confidentiality in the confessional, but not so much the eavesdropper. Same system is at work in our legal fraternity here (see Nicola Gobbo for example)

    It does seem a very important question though to not be sure of the answer. Do you have a legal right to representation before being subjected to kidnapping and torture (disguised as medicine)? And can that representation be subjected to coercion to have them provide consent to what are called ‘treatments’ (though minus the change of status consist of acts of torture).

    I can’t even be told by my government what drugs I can be spiked with, or who has the power to do that to me. I know I can, because the Community Nurse who has no prescribing rights allowed it to be done to enable the planting of items for police but ……. who else?

    Sure brings into sharp relief what Dr Gotzsche and others are saying about the drugs causing the illness. This is obviously known about by the Community Nurse who allows ‘spikings’ and then writes down the effect as being an illness that needs treating with the drugs they spiked with.

    I would ask a lawyer about the issue of the right to representation but I can’t find one in my State that even understands the protection of a burden of proof in law. Either that or they are assisting in the gaslighting of a person who was tortured and kidnapped by the State as is now being slandered while they turn their backs and assist. I think the latter is more likely.

    Maybe someone with a knowledge of the law in the US might know if this right exists?

    And my right to access my medical records (in an ‘unedited’ form)? Sure I understand why there may be situations where I can’t have access, but even with legal protections a hospital can send fraudulent documents to lawyers when they contain proof of serious criminal offences? There is an Operational Directive ensuring the right of legal reps to access unredacted documents to ensure the protection of human rights, on signing a confidentiality agreement. The exception being where the hospital has kidnapped and tortured a citizen, then they seek instruction on how to conceal those crimes from the legal reps, and police will assist in retrieving any documents that may demonstrate the fraud. Can’t have citizens running around with documents showing they were tortured by police and mental health. What next, people knowing how they are doing ‘hot shots’ in the ED to dispose of witnesses?

    Its a tough job being in power let me say that in their defense. Tampering with evidence with impunity makes it a little easier but …. I guess the worry would be that in 40 years someone might say “this was wrong” like they did with these priests who were spreading the love of Jesus, though that euphemism seems to have been dropped for the more common term of child rapist.

  • “You have the right to have an attorney present during this ‘assessment.’””

    Is this true in the US?

    I consider my situation where I specifically asked to be allowed to speak to a lawyer and was denied that right. Of course had I been provided with that right, then they would have had to tell them that I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos to assist in torturing me, because they knew I would under no circumstances speak to a filthy ‘verballing’ public officer, hence the need to torture.

    I had been detained by police because of the knife and cannabis that had been planted on me after I collapsed (s. 68 [e] Criminal Code) but police did nothing more than jump me in my bed and before even speaking to me made referral under s. 195 of the Mental Health Act (Police Powers) to the waiting Community Nurse. How did they form the suspicion on reasonable grounds that a man asleep in his bed was suffering from a mental illness (other than hearsay which is not considered “reasonable”)?

    My legal status was thus I was under arrest, and was referred to mental health services for ‘assessment’, though the reality was I was being subjected to a conspiracy to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping. Just because police were present and being used as a tool to torture doesn’t mean it was lawful.

    However, if they were actually doing this lawfully, would I have the right to legal representation in the US? Not here, I was denied the right to speak to legal rep, and to speak to the person who they were claiming was my Doctor (to sort the matter out) The Community Nurse was fully aware that I was not by definition of the Mental Health Act a “patient” and that what he was doing was criminal. This matters nought to people who are using the Emergency dept as their own personal slaughterhouse though.

    And of course what we find in that the people at the Mental Health Law Centre are prepared to accept fraudulent documents from the hospital to conceal the use of known torture methods, and are not actually acting in their clients best interests. Their funding would be at risk if they didn’t assist in the concealment of the use of torture. And they would be fully aware of the need for the citizen to be a “patient” by definition before engaging in acts of what would be torture if the person did not have said status. Money well spent by the government to fund a Law Centre that is used as a tool to conceal torture. Not that they care, their on the side that wins every time, and they can then accept fraudulent documents regarding the unintended negative outcome and spread the word “nothing to see here” to anyone else who might look.

    Human rights advocates? I wrote to them and openly declared they were part of the human rights abuses they were enabling. Along with the politicians who remain silent on these known abuses. This method of enabling torture needs to be understood by victims of these people. They are not representing YOUR interests at all. And they have no respect for a rule of law, preferring to pervert the course of justice via fraud and the bearing of false witness.

    Just noticed Johns comment below. In my case the process involves the Community Nurse having police ask the question and then answering for you to make the ‘referral’ to him appear lawful. There are protections in our laws from this being done (under the crimes against a persons liberty) but they don’t have any respect for the law so ……. just abuse it and any problems fuking destroy the person complaining. Simple when you have a slaughterhouse available. Though some don’t have the stomach for what they are doing, but guess why we have a perfect human rights record and zero breaches of the Convention against the use of Torture? Even the Human Rights Commission and our Attorney General can’t say where a person makes a complaint about the use of torture. Because dead men tell no tales.

    So can mental health workers call police and ask them to snatch anyone off the street in the US? I get it that what is now being done under our new Mental Health Act are labelled ‘welfare checks’, but where is the protection from a doctor who calls police and says deliver this person who I have never met before to a hospital because I wish to treat them for an illness I will make up when I examine them?

    Or are these welfare checks simply a kidnapping service provided by police for doctors? They want someone dropped at a hospital to be unintentionally negatively outcomed and call police who suddenly without reasonable grounds have concerns for your welfare.* Reading the torture methods used by our police in the Kennedy Royal Commission and the Black Deaths in Custody i’d have concerns for the welfare of anyone who came into contact with our police.

    * without personal examination it is unlawful for a doctor to diagnose and then treat without consent. Problem being that they would need to gain access to you to do that. Calling police and expressing concerns about someones welfare if you are their doctor is one thing (though still hearsay), but when you don’t even know the person?? And of course if police have received hearsay evidence and then go and check, how many people are NOT taken into custody and ‘referred’ to the doctor who wants the person kidnapped? Still with police with no respect for the law it, and who simply do what they’re told it matters nought.

  • Simazine, I was always taught to not use the word “poison”, we will treat your garden with “chemicals”.

    Rather than poison each individual weed though, why not treat the ground they are growing in and get rid of the lot in one hit? Something like a mass drugging program. Hey, did I mention that drug addictions are now, under our new Mental Health Act being directed away from police and criminal justice, to mental health services?

    “They wouldn’t do that?” Right? You bet your life they would, and a nice little earner it will be to use the words of ‘entrepreneur’ Arfur Daily lol

    While on the subject of plants and poetry, one of my favorite poems by William Blake

    O Rose thou art sick.
    The invisible worm,
    That flies in the night
    In the howling storm:

    Has found out thy bed
    Of crimson joy:
    And his dark secret love
    Does thy life destroy.

  • “One of the points I make in my book is that the psychiatric evaluation that led to my commitment seems to have been performed while I was unconscious.”

    And imagine how I feel having written confirmation from both the Chief Psychiatrist and the Minister for Mental Health that a Community Nurse (who has no prescribing powers at all) can arrange to ‘spike’ citizens with stupefying/intoxicating drugs to enable the planting of items for police to create the appearance of lawfulness (ie provide him with a ‘referral’).

    Of course this is my insanity at work here, because the law says no such thing. Its just that once a person has been slandered with the mental health system finger point, it is so easy to destroy them in so many ways. So despite me writing and pointing out these serious criminal offences to the ‘authorities’ they continue to deny access to remedy or human and civil rights. They simply continue to utter with what they know to be a fraudulent narrative, that I was a “patient”, when they know this to be totally untrue, false, a known LIE. But they’re the ones in a position to pervert the course of justice and then conceal the truth.

    I get it, they are torturing and kidnapping, and using the Mental Health Act to conceal their vile conduct. Our Minister then claims anyone who has the proof of these human and civil rights abuses is in need of ‘treatment’. That ‘treatment’ can include what has been euphemistically called an ‘unintended negative outcome’ mainly because their is no National Standard as to what constitutes a “chemical restraint”, and without a confession that the intent was to kill, one can not prove that the person was ‘snuffed’ for convenience.

    But why am I being denied the right to take my property and leave this place? Go right ahead and kill as many as they deem necessary, but count me out. It is my firm belief that by denying me that right, they create the appearance that they have done no wrong, and ‘manage’ their problems and open up the opportunity for ‘refoulment’.

    I ask anyone who doubts what I am saying to tell me where it is I make complaint regarding the use of known torture methods, and the subsequent fraudulent documents sent to my legal representatives to ‘cover up’ that use of torture? I get it, its ugly, really ugly that the State is denying access to effective legal representation in regards people slandered as “patient” and creating a ‘dark place’ where human rights are being abused. But my State is the one who signed an agreement with the UN in regards to the use of torture. Can we then trust any agreement they sign? For example, are they going to distribute fraudulent documents to families legal representatives if a doctor wishes to side step the protections in the Euthanasia Act? Because the Minister writes that he is okay with that being done, given it is being enabled in regards to ‘mental patients’. Simply change their status post hoc as was done to me to create the appearance of lawfulness.

    Anyhow, I thank you for informing people of whta is occurring in these environments Ms Comac. I wish I had the assistance I require to documents and publish exactly what has been done to me, or had the ability to write through the trauma that has been deliberately inflicted on me to ensure my silence. But I don’t, and when I did seem to find someone who was going to help, they threw me under a bus as a result I believe of threats from the State. Police actively engaging with organised criminals, and we can’t have the community becoming aware that doctors are using police as a torture and kidnapping service by ‘spiking’ and then planting the required items to have citizens kidnapped and delivered for ‘treatments’ against their will.

    They disgust me, and I am forced to live among them, these ‘good people’ who turn a blind eye to torture, kidnapping and convenience killings disguised as medicine. Not all of them obviously, there was one doctor among them who “didn’t have the stomach for it” (speaking of what they were going to do to me for complaining about being tortured and kidnapped). And imagine the fact they can claim money from ‘Medicare’ for doing this to people? We’ll fix up the paperwork later if anyone notices he wasn’t actually a “patient”. Police will provide assistance with that by retrieving any inconvenient evidence/ documented proof.

    Though that doesn’t help the negative outcomes that were done before they noticed what they were going to do to me. Possibly best their families are not made aware of the real reason they were burying their loved ones. That is that the Operations Manager and the Law Centre covering up these crimes created the opportunity for further criminal acts. Still what can one do when their is no possibility to make complaint regarding the conduct of a State Minister to the Ombudsman (nice little loophole that one). The ‘watchdogs’ are toothless despite the “no emergency” and “no superior authority” provisions in the Convention against the use of Torture. The Minister can, and IS authorising the use of known torture methods with anyone with the status of “patient”. And well, I can show you how to achieve that change of status in three easy steps. Drop em (with benzos), drop a knife in their pocket and drop a dime in the phone to mental health services (and they can then call police for assistance with their soon to be “patient”).

    So their behaviour might be considered “reprehensible”, but not a soul prepared to do anything about it, despite the claims they are ‘advocates’ and are believers in human rights. They soon turn and run when police are threatening their families, as I’m sure most Jewish people can attest to. Quick to turn their backs on you as long as it isn’t them being ‘treated’.

    I must admit their is a certain level of understanding when these people actually speak the truth. The threat by the Operations Manager to “fuking destroy” me for complaining was a relief. At least we now knew what this was about, and not pretending it was about ‘medicine’ anymore. This was just people being vicious to get their own way (threatening my grandchildren, slandering me to all my social contacts, etc …. i could write a book but it was already written by Victor Santoro), and knowing they had access to the means to destroy people, provided by the tax I and others pay.

  • “Given those comparisons and connections, it might be advisable not to bring in federal active-duty troops right now, but rather to bring in the psychiatrists. We very well might have a better understanding of how to deal with our inborn tendencies”

    What about situations where psychiatrists bring in the active duty-troops, like Radovan Karadzic? Quoted as saying to “create an unbearable situation of total insecurity with no hope of further survival of life”. Sound familiar? I quote the Operations Manager who dealt with my complaint regarding the use of known torture methods and kidnapping. “We’ll fuking destroy you”. Perhaps they’re related? Or is it an ‘industry standard’?

    I must say I just can’t see the Taliban being frightened by a squad of psychiatrists armed with needles and a copy of the DSM under their arm, though they should be.

  • Watch as I jump out of the frying pan and …… do people not understand that police with guns AND drugs are more of a problem that police with guns?

    In my instance the Community Nurse used the police to induce an acute stress reaction to assist him in subjecting a citizen to an act of torture. Okay, so we expect our police here to torture, they’ve been doing that for years (see the Kennedy Royal Commission report into police conduct which sets out the fact we were doing what they do in Guantanamo Bay in the 1980s, and then some). And these people who are literally unaccountable (because police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code when one has the proof of torture and kidnapping, as they commit acts of fraud to make a citizen a “patient” to deny human and civil rights) want to take money from police and fund their viciousness? Lets hope the public are as aware of the negligence, fraud and slander that is called ‘mental health’ as a result of years of these human rights abuses being whispered about behind their backs.

    Lets take the opportunity to defund the police AND psychiatry

  • “It adds confusion and makes it easy for the psychiatric industry to continue to convince people that they need to see a DOCTOR, rather than a friend or spiritual guide or wise elder or another person who understands what it’s like to be in your circumstances.”

    Trouble is that the friend, spiritual guide or wise elder then refers you to a doctor these days, for the very reasons that Bob W pointed out in his book. They have lied to these people and made false claims regarding the effectiveness of their drugs. Lets not mention the oppositional tolerance problem. You guys know the story …… and of course what also isn’t mentioned is how much money one can make by ‘directing’ people who can be made into “patients” into certain types of “treatments”, if they can be jammed like a square peg into a round hole.

    Here’s a guy who gets it. A 23 year old claiming to have 10 years experience in the mental health field (which means he has been in practice since the age of 13). Seems police have found their copy of the Criminal Code, though I guess the complaint was made by a ‘professional’ and not a ‘walk in’ with documented proof of torture and kidnapping police wanted the ‘professionals’ to deal with in that…. cough cough, we’ll look the other way while you outcome him kind of way. If only he actually had the qualifications he would then have police assisting him with the scam.

    “as the profession contains some of the most mentally ill people I have ever run into.”

    I prefer the term morally ill, as the ‘disease’ seems to reside in the heart not the mind in many cases. They are of the opinion that what they can hide from the eyes, can not be seen. Like a visual cliff. Oh how wrong that was shown to be, if you had seen his face lmao. Right in the middle of a convenience killing lmfao. We now see what was in his heart 🙂

  • << imagines the day when children watch the 1034th rerun of Frazier and ask "daddy, what's a psychiatrist?" and the reply is "son, there was a time when people thought it was a good idea to empower a privileged white male with the ability to select people based mainly on the color of their skin for what they called 'treatment'. They made lots of money but in the end the people we call taxpayers decided that loading their pockets with money for damaging perfectly functional human beings in what were experiments that went very wrong at a certain point was a bad use of their dollars. So we sacked the lot of them, threw most of them into prison and fed the rest to cane toads and made a reality tv show out of it. You remember Steve Irwin and his saying 'Croaky'? Well that's where that saying came from."

    We must have hopes, wishes, dreams 🙂

  • “Psychiatry only makes sense when you look at it from the perspective of eugenics.”

    It’s a powerful statement streetphotobeing. I guess when you look at it the line really has to be drawn somewhere, and unfortunate that ‘life not worthy of living’ in my community seems to be directly correlated with how much financial gain can be extracted from individuals called ‘patients’.

    I once said to a psychiatrist that I saw her as a gardener, going through and removing the ‘weeds’ in the same way I applied glyphosate to the unwanted ‘plants’ in my garden. weeds being a definition matter in as much as a person can become a ‘patient’ to justify taking action against them that would otherwise be considered unethical. (both plants, one desired and wanted, the other unwanted and difficult to remove before it reproduces)

    In that sense I feel like Chance the Gardener in Being There, “I understand” 🙂

    What they don’t seem to understand is, it’s not their garden, and they, like a noxious weed seem to have taken a hold. Did someone say Plague (KFC)?

  • “There is an element of psychosis in the action of restraining and drugging the “psychotic!””

    Certainly what I observed from Dr “i’m the Boss around here” just before he found out he wasn’t the Boss around there and had to leave his little task assigned to him by one of his Bosses. He really needs to learn to disguise the psychosis which shows in his eyes while he murd …. I mean unintentionally negatively outcomes people in the Emergency Dept.

    “But most of us are not trained to maintain control in such situations in a professional manner.”

    So true. Nurse, could you give this to patient X? I guess they get a little eager, and ‘hands on’, when they’re young.

  • “Apparently the hospital was falsifying records indicating that physical activity was being provided. In truth, the only physical activity was an occasional, supervised group walk on the hospital grounds. ”

    Aww that old fraud. I think people would be shocked (not ECT’ed) to find out how the successes of mental health services are manipulated through fraud. Not that they care really because all the money being thrown at mental health is going to a good cause. I’ll give you a clue, it isn’t healing patients.

    “They had been prescribed by the psychiatrist without any discussion or explanation. This dishonest practice violates New York State Office of Mental Health regulations, which require that the purpose, possible side effects, and alternatives to the drugs offered be explained. No one had even discussed the side effects of the one antidepressant drug I’d agreed to take.”

    Do those “regulations” require that the purpose, possible side effects and alternatives to the drugs be explained to someone who is unconscious? Because I think you will find that once you have achieved the status of “patient” they don’t have to do jack *&^% for you, as seems to be borne out by your article. It’s like the invocation of “emergency provisions” which at times consist of a person using the term “no”. Check the last line of those regulations, I think you will find it’s the ‘flush button’ that throws the whole set of regulations out. I know in the ones that apply where I live it basically says, “if there is a conflict in the above, doctor wins”. So if as a doctor I don’t inform you of something, and you think it was important, tough.

    In my instance I made a complaint about being snatched from my bed after being ‘spiked’ with benzos and having a knife planted on me to obtain a police referral (and create the appearance of lawfulness). This was investigated and I was informed that should I continue with my complaint I would be ‘fuking destroyed’. So in my instance the year I lost everything, psychiatry offered negligence, fraud and slander to ensure that my complaint about their use of known torture methods and kidnapping were covered up. They literally took everything i had ever worked for because of the need to conceal their criminal conduct, and my community has turned their back on me because ‘medicine’. Amazing what they will do to get people the ‘help’ they need, and how much of an effort their colleagues will make to ensure they don’t see what they are looking directly at.

    Mind you, I can’t say I actually had a problem with the psychiatrist, it was the filthy scab lackies who operate on a lynch mob mentality that were the problem. They seem to think that it’s about doing their best to mislead the psychiatrist into their way of thinking, which is to do what it is THEY think is best for you. Which is in general directly correlated with what is best for them funnily enough.

    Anyone know what drugs this young man who has been arrested in Britain on ‘terrorist charges’ was prescribed for his “mental health issues”? Any use of ‘enticements’ (gaslighting) to check his willingness to engage in terrorist acts before ‘closing the file’?

  • “Days after the incident, I filed a complaint. My complaint disappeared into the ether of the healthcare system, where all things that enter dissipate, never to be seen again.”

    I filled out a formal complaint regarding my ‘treatment”, noting the section of the relevant Act regarding “misconduct” and then had the nurse provide me with a copy, before it was handed to the doctor the complaint was about, and was disposed of in File 13 (more commonly referred to as the trash bin).

    I guess he wasn’t informed that I had been given a copy as the complaint referred to an act of misconduct under s. 4 of the Corruption and Crimes Commission Act, and the disposal of that document might constitute …..

    171 . Destroying evidence
    A person who, knowing that a document or other thing is or may be required by the Commission or Parliamentary Inspector, wilfully destroys it or renders it illegible or undecipherable or incapable of identification, with the intention of preventing it from being effectively used in evidence, is guilty of an offence.

    Penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years and a fine of $60 000.

    If a complaint is made regarding misconduct, and anyone were to destroy that document (even if the act were to not actually constitute misconduct) then …….. good chance the inspector might require a formal written complaint regarding an accusation of misconduct?

    Big problem when I asked them to investigate what had occurred regarding my complaint, and they responded in writing. I won’t go into details but …… It was patently apparent that they LIED regarding their investigation, and what had actually occurred with the formal complaint. They did request a copy of my copy to enable them to go back and insert the copy to conceal the offence (the fact that I had a copy and they didn’t the proof of the pudding), though I declined the opportunity to provide them the opportunity.

    Anyway, my point being is that when making complaints ensure that you keep a paper trail. Whilst the person who committed this offence will no doubt be forgiven his misconduct, we do have something to hold over his head now and ‘coerce’ him into signing off on acts of torture for us. Quite happy to sign prescriptions post hoc for spikings before interrogations by police 🙂 Probably scared to go to prison.

    “Throughout the essay, I put certain words in quotation marks. They indicate words I once used compulsively as a psychiatric provider.”

    and now use compulsively with “quotation marks”?

    Anyhow, glad you seem to have woken up to the bs.

  • You know Sam, one of the things that shocked me when I was trying to make a legitimate complaint to police regarding the conspiracy to torture and kidnap (and that IS what it was) was that a doctor could simply call police and request that they not take the evidence/proof from me because “patient”. Nothing more, I don’t want you to take the evidence from this person Sargent because they are my “patient” and I will deal with them during ‘office hours’.

    Now I get it that if we start holding people accountable then doctors and police are going to get involved in conspiracies to murder on a much larger scale than present but …..really? It’s as simple as calling police and asking them to commit offences for you? Because a failure to perform your duty is a criminal offence.

    Can I prove what i’m saying? With access to witnesses who have been threatened and to the call that police received and then ‘flagged’ me as a result of yes, definitely. But what does this mean even if I do? That I expose that police are working with organised criminals operating in our hospitals? We know that anyway. That’s how these types of things happen and no action results from them. A telephone call to police and they will ensure NO ACTION IS TAKEN.

    All criminal of course but who are you going to complain to? A ‘watchdog’ that our Prime Minister has labelled a “kangaroo court”? That simply justifies their position and results in further corrupt links being formed.

    Boans leaves home for the police station with daughter and documented proof of drink spiking. Wife calls psychologist who has psychiatrist husband call police and tell them not to take evidence of spiking. I haven’t even met the guy, but that’s some power to be able to call police and tell them to turn a blind eye to crimes, while you arrange to kill the person in the ED. Lucky the police don’t believe me, because it would make a whole bunch of work for them if they found out how many unintended negative outcomes they were actually doing in the ED. I’d like to say life is cheap, but in certain circumstances that isn’t necessarily true lol. Someones got to pay for the Porsche.

  • Yes, I do realise that. In fact, if you look carefully at the actual function of the various Mental Health Acts, there raison detre is precisely that, to provide “lawful sanction” to perform what would otherwise be called torture against people who now have the status of “patient”.

    The methods used at Guantanamo Bay were ‘enhanced coercive’ and did not constitute torture. This is crucial in understanding what is and isn’t being permitted by our respective governments. Mock executions and threats of pack rape are coercive, or may constitute ‘soft torture’ at best.
    If Tyrannies torture by making it legal, then I live in a tyranny. Our Mental Health Act, combined with ‘police welfare checks’ enables the use of known ‘hard torture’ methods, as I believe I have shown for some time now.

    Look away though, blowing the whistle in a tyranny usually has some negative outcomes that are without the ability to prove intent dealt with in ways that are considered unintentional.

    If one makes torture legal, is it then torture? The loophole is in the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”. In my State all that needs to be done is to provide police with the lawful sanction (eg plant a knife and cannabis and the target is now in breach of s 68 e of the Criminal Code, and lawful sanction applies). They can now place their knee on your neck and apply pressure to stop you resisting arrest, and when you become unconscious can apply pressure to stop you from passively resisting arrest.

    Combine this with the ability of a Community Nurse to administer drugs without the knowledge of the target, and then hand their ‘patient’ back to police for interrogation? Who then hand them back once they have the information/confession they require so that the target gets treated for the mental illness they are about to get diagnosed with by a real doctor, who will also write a prescription for the ‘spiking’.

    And all this can be concealed with fraudulent documents sent to the lawyer of the target. (though I’m certain they never thought I was going to figure out that they did that. The concealment of such serious offences for the time being being overlooked by our police who find dereliction of duty highly effective).

    What has interested me has been that my government has been open in criticizing other third world governments for the exact same conduct they are engaging in here. By ensuring no right to remedy and that the authorities do cover ups while doctor has an unintended negative outcome we van appear to be meeting our obligations we ratified under International Law. Dead men tell no tales, and even our Attorney General can’t tell me how I make a complaint regarding torture (that is a right under the Convention). I believe this is because no one ever makes it to that point, police simply drop them at the Emergency Dept and make them “patients” and the problem literally disappears for the reasons set out above.

    Anyhow Will, I’m with you in the defund police thing. They aren’t policing by consent anymore (but by force and terror) and like making torture legal, they are no longer police, but a 1% Security Company. We need to recognise that just because they have the badge, doesn’t mean they are what they say they are. We here recognise that calling drugs medicine is a trick of the light.

    “They will take their oaths as a cover”

    If you have difficulty understanding what i’m saying, feel free to contact me. I understand that me publishing (and educataing) public officers in the use of torture methods may be a problem. And as is known I have been traumatised by what I have been subjected to, and I am not a good communicator. Public interest? Not according to the people who are torturing citizens. But I’d call that a conflict of interest.

  • “Why is it, then, that we as a society treat people’s life difficulties with psychiatric drugs and other mental health treatments rather than lending a helping hand?”

    I thought when I read this that actually we don’t ‘treat’ anything with psych drugs. We simply change the shape of it and call it treatment. If I put my foot on a baloon it changes shape, but it’s still a baloon. And with enough force applied in the right way look, I can make it burst.

    The other thing I noticed was mention of trickle down economics. The only thing I have seen trickling down has been what looks like a ‘protein spill’. I guess that form of recycling by the elite is seen as their contribution to the welfare of the planet lol

    “Australia, A land of corporate gains” (a land of sweeping plains), where ‘branch stacking’ isn’t the weight of the fruit crops. lol

  • “Her officials within her are like wolves tearing their prey; they shed blood and kill people to make unjust gain. Her prophets white wash these deeds for them by false visions and lying divinations. They say ‘This is what the Soverign Lord says’ – when the Lord has not spoken. The people of the land practice extortion and commit robbery; they oppress the poor and needy and mistreat the foreigner, denying them justice. “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one. So I will pour out my wrath on them and consume them with my fiery anger, bringing down on their heads all they have done, declares the Sovereign Lord”

    Who would have thought that the prophet Ezekiel would have seen what would occur with psychiatry all those years ago? And yet I thnen read the letter to the Thessalonians from Saul and realise he too saw ‘the Man of Lawlessness”.

    “It is the people who haven’t lost enough that I am beginning to feel sorry for. They seems so afraid. So paralyzed. Or even delusional.”

    “And God sends upon them a Great Delusion, that they might believe the Lie”.

    This is not medicine. It does not heal. It merely allows people to commit acts of robbery, extortion, and oppression and to deny justice etc… read the quote It is literally all there. And you have every reason to feel the way you do.

    I too ‘looked for someone among them’ and you know what, there really isn’t anyone. That despite Gods law. I understand how the Chief Psychiatrist has in his letter perverted the law of the land but ….. Gods law? We no longer like ‘thou shalt not kill’ and ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’, as this gets in the way of providing people with the health care they need. So we have made killing people a medical procedure, and forced drugging possible based on nothing more than fraudulent and slanderous statements regading peoples behaviours we haven’t even witnessed personally. We literally make it up, and then swear before God it was what we saw. And by ensuring that we are in a position to neglect our duty to hold those who would commit such offences against God to account for their evil deeds, and claiming that this is what the Soverign Lord says, we can watch as our communities fall apart. Good news in that is that this is precisely what is meant to happen.

    “Her priests do violence to my law and profane my holy things”. I can think of no better example than a Minister for Mental Health who does not recognise the burden of proof for incarceration and forced drugging by rewriting that burden from “suspect on reasonable grounds” to “suspect on grounds we believe to be reasonable”. The removal of that protection for the community allowing doctors the right to deliberately harm anyone they wish for any reason they wish. Of course if their moral standards were high then we could possibly trust them with such power, but look at what has become of them. They wander through the wards looking to attach themselves like leeches to anyone who has insurance, and will make people deliberately sick to extract wealth from them.

    “and I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall ….. but found no one”

    Thiose with a duty to act refuse to do that duty. The consequences of that are made plain. Let their fraud, slander and negligence be the end of them.

  • “No one did anything, because why?”

    I’m sure you know the answer to this Sam but……. because ‘mental patient’. Nothing, and I mean nothing, takes you to the ‘we don’t care what happens to you’ faster. That’s valuable information to have, but its a fools errand to think that these people want that to change. The label is like a knife, useful as a tool to achieve a beneficial end, but also highly likely to be plunged into your back when you least expect it by people who you made the mistake of trusting. Make sure your backs to the wall when you hear the words “got insurance?” lol

    In fact there’s good news in this for me. I wondered why no one did anything when I pointed out I had been tortured and kidnapped, other than distributing fraudulent documents and trying to ….well I like the euphemism unintentionally negatively outcome me.

    The good news is a psychiatrist told me that “they wouldn’t do that” and therefore it must be true, and my illness can therefore be treated. I’m certain these people have checked what i’m saying ( there was after all a “Targeted Review of Emergency Dept Admissions” by the Chief Psychiatrist and any mischief would have been dealt with if there had been any. Coincidence that the psychologist and her psychiatrist husband left the State in a hurry and …. my illness getting away from me because “they wouldn’t do that”. But what if they did do that? And we kept believing that they wouldn’t do that? And nobody did anything other than send out fraudulent documents? And I get it that no one seems to want to check those documents because if they did it might just be that they did do that, and we want they didn’t do that because we didn’t do what we were supposed to and thus the did thats become our responsibility.

    Okay, they did do that but it doesn’t look good that they did it while we were looking the other way. I’m sure I heard this in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. They say those who fail to learn from history are destined to repeat it, i’m glad the people at mental health were learning how to do effective cover ups from the Commission. It will save time and money dealing with their abuses at some later date.

  • Certainly they (mental health services) are quite open about their threats where I live.

    When I pointed out to the Operations Manager that she had a duty to report the criminal conduct of her fellow officers to the Corruption and Crime Commission (under s. 28, mandatory reporting of suspected offences carrying a prison term of more than 2 years), she openly stated they would “fucking destroy” me. I guess she doesn’t like the laws that protect the public from organised criminals operating in her staff. Double down and commit further offences and drag his family in to assist with that process.

    What isn’t being addressed here is that they include your family in that fucking destruction. And she meant it, take a look at what occurred as a result of her failure to report the torture and kidnapping.

    Oh wait, you can’t. Problem is that I went ahead making complaint after complaint, and the State thought they had retrieved the documents and done an effective cover up and fuking destroyed me. And as time passed more people were unintentionaly negatively outcomed as a result of the neligence of the Operations Manager (and others she informed about her actions, ie the Minister). And those unintended negative outcomes could be directly linked to the people who neglected their duty thinking that the documents had been retrieved, and that the slandering of me and subsequent fuking destruction had covered up the matter. Exposing it now would mean that negligence and the resulting deaths would also be exposed, and they were acting in good faith thinking that the criminals had done a good job and ……. it’s awfully ugly. We thought they had got away with it so went along with destroying the victim, now we want it to be that we didn’t know about these criminals until later when we realised they hadn’t done a good job with the cover up.

    It’s a problem for the State when they go along with criminals and then later it’s found that they (State) knew about that criminal conduct but failed to act, assuming that the criminals were burying the witnesses with hot shots.

    Of course these are all good people and i’ve been told by a psychiatrist that “they wouldn’t do that” so it must be true, and my illness and the documented proof of what i’m saying must be an alternate reality, that seems to cause pei=ople to panic at the point when they figure out what i’m saying is true.

    Police arresting people for haiving the proof of torture and kidnapping? And the Attorney Genreral can’t tell me what the chages are, or how I go about making a complaint about the torture?

    Recognise that what your asking will put not only the complainant at risk, but their families. I haven’t been able to see my daughter or grand children for 9 years now as a result of complaining about these people who openly threatened to ‘fuking destroy’ me. And they have my communities support in that because they went to the trouble of committing acts of fraud to make me into a mental patient post hoc.

    Its difficult to describe the effect of that slandering on your life. And of course that alone stops people from wishing to publish under their own names. Like the ten year old documents that were ‘switched’ in the fraudulent set for the lawyers, you just never know when the slander is going to re emerge, or from where. And who will help you then? Certainly not any of the ‘advocates’ who boast about their work assisting people who have these made up illnesses. They do what they’re told by the authorities, and if that means turning their back on torture victims, they do it.

    As one psychologist who listened to me and explained to police that having documented proof of being ‘spiked’ was not a “hallucination”, he became “afraid for his family” when he was told by police that the attempted referral back to mental health “never happened” and could he find out “who else has the documents?”. The cover up exposed, and the ensuing panic to pile more dirt on the victim almost comical. They unintentionally negatively outcomed how many? While the people I was complaining to ignored my complaint because they were told it was an illness? Too late to turn back now, the Chief Psychiatrist fully aware as a result of responding to the Law Centre who were provided with fraudulent documents. And of course if they had the real set then they would have known that he knew certain things like, torture and kidnapped. And whilst it may take a little while to explain the protections of the Mental Health Act to him, he would surely see the criminal nature of the conduct? I mean if he is giving “expert legal advice to the Minister” then he would figure out what a burden of proof is eventually, rather than his preferred arbitrary detentions and authority for nurses to prescribe the ‘spiking’ of citizens.

    That failure to act when we know he had seen the documents relating to my kidnap and torture more than a problem for the State. Oh well, with the power to simply kill anyone who complains, no worries. And i’m sure there’s no need for even requesting documents when they can be “edited” to any legal narrative the State requires. If the Mental Health Law Centre doesn’t do what they’re told, then they won’t get any funding at all and will cease to exist. Where is the State going to use to find out who has the proof of their torture and kidnappings then? And what if people started being represented by legal advocates rather than thrown under a bus by them? No, much better to lure with bait, and then strike with chaos. Once the lawyers have looked and provided information as to what evidence/proof needs to be tampered with, we can then go ahead with ‘fuking destroying’ the victims of State sanctioned torture.

    And consider if the witnesses threatened by police were approached now and asked to speak the truth? They would think it was a test, be afraid for their families, and would remain silent on the criminal conspiracy. Beautiful huh?

  • “Under the doctrine of qualified immunity, government officials performing discretionary functions are immune from suit unless the plaintiff shows the official violated “clearly established statutory or constitutional rights of which a reasonable person would have known.””

    And with the ability to have police assist in retrieving documented proof of such violations and then turn a blind eye while mental health services have a ‘qualified immunity’ unintended negative outcome?

    I mean tell me that the Community Nurse didn’t know that ‘spiking’ someone with benzodiazepines was a criminal offence? That the training he received in not “procuring the apprehension or detenition of a person not suffering from a mental illness, penalty 3 years prison” didn’t apply to him?

    I have clearly demonstrated the violations, and what do police do? Fail to perform their duty while the hospital ‘fuking destroys’ the victim. And of course when the Minister ‘intervenes’ and has legal representatives assist in concealment of the use of torture and kidnapping, and is derelict in her duty to report under mandatory legislation, can we ignore the MISCONDUCT?

    We can do anything with fraud and uttering, especially when the legal fraternity is so corrupted that they side with the criminals rather than their ‘clients’.

    This issue of taking what one knows to be false and using it for defence is as vile as the original criminal conduct. Police refuse to act despite the proof that I was not anyones “patient”, though they continue to utter that falsehood to maintain their concealment of the use of known torture methods. They take qualified immunity to mean total immunity, and in some repects they’re right to. Who does one turn to when the State is the criminals? When they are killing anyone who makes a valid complaint regarding the use of torture? Certainly not police who simply make referral to mental health services for ‘treatment’ with a strong correlation to negative outcomes.

  • This reminded me of a comic strip I once read Sam

    It was the King in the Wizard of Id being told that “the peasants are revolting”. He looked out of his window down on the condition they were living in and stated “Yes, they are revolting”.

    Lets hope they misunderstand the groundswell that is growing right under the shadow of their big noses at present.

    As far as ECT goes, the process of investigation into the harmful effects is about as effective as the investigations our police do into unlawful killings. Any evidence that doesn’t suit is ignored, and legal protections are overcome via the ‘planting’ of evidence to deceive the courts into wrongful convictions. In the meantime the money is bleeding from the taxpayer funded insurance system into the Headbanging Docs bank account.

  • “Replacing Guns With Prescription Pads Is Not the Answer”

    This suggests an either/or situation.

    I realise that my situation didn’t invlove the prescription pad until 12 hours after I was ‘spiked’ with benzos, and after I was tortured and kidnapped and delivered to a doctor to actually write a prescription for the ‘spiking’ of someone he had never met but ….

    Lets consider combining guns and the prescription pad?

    So for example in order to ‘plant’ a weapon on me for police to find (and provide a referral to mental health services) the people who wanted me transported against my will (kidnapped) to a locked ward needed me to speak to a Community Nurse. They also knew I would not do that.

    However, by combining the use of an ‘acute stress reaction’ with a ‘spiking’ with benzos they managed to have me open my mouth long enough to be ‘verballed’ on a statutory declaration. So the combining of the gun to cause the acute stress reaction with the two DO NOTS of acute stress reaction allow one to take what a person has said, twist their words to suit your purpose and incarcerate and force drug them against their will. The administration of a ‘chemical restraint’ before they are even examined by a psychiatrist will leave them dribbling and it is highly likely they will be labelled and kept for ‘observation’ for some time.

    It is the case that the ‘spiking’ of citizens with benzodiazepines is a criminal assault however, when police are requested to assist in a “home visit” (or provide the lawful sanction required to conceal the use of known torture methods) they can then neglect their duty and assist with the kidnapping by transporting the victim to the desired location (forget the protections of being delivered to your doctor, I didn’t have one, so they delivered me to somewhere they wanted rather than do what the law required of them)

    So this combining of the prescription pad and the use of guns is highly effective in

    “obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him
    or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind”

    and if you can make the person into a “menatl patient” post hoc, then police can ensure that no action is taken against these people who are actually criminals, but are concealing their crimes as being medicine.

    Because while the

    “pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity.”

    by planting a knife on the target and obtaining a referral from police (and their subsequent assistance in your crimes) the

    “pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.” loophole can be exploited because police will not act against their own acts of torture. Of course there is a case to answer for the conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping, but who is going to assist someone who is now dribbling in a cell from the ‘chemical restraint’ that was required to stop them complaining about being tortured and kidnapped? No one I know. In fact, most people I know would assist in restraining them.

    Two police stood and watched as I was tortured, and then took charge of me and interrogated me (documented), and then transported me on fraudulent documets to a hospital. And what do you think was the consequences of those offences? I wish I knew, but the need to conceal these offences to ensure they can be effected in future on a trusting public overrides my human and civil rights.

    There are great benefits from not making this an either/or and combining the prescription pad with the gun. Use the gun to induce an acute stress reaction and the drugs to enhace the discomfort felt by the target. I can give a referral to a dotor who will fill out a prescription post hoc to conceal the fact that the victim was ‘spiked’. And I know a hospital administrator who will distribute fraudulent documents to lawyers after police have retrieved the ones demonstrating the ‘spiking’, all in a hands off get his wife to do it and pretend we didn’t know kind of way.

    My argument has always been that there are reasons that this conduct is not permissible in Guantanamo Bay. Though our Minister for Health has a way with words that ensures that the use of known torture methods is called ‘medicine’ if you simply utter with fraudulent documents and change the status of ‘citizen’ to ‘patient’. It’s amazing what can be done to a person once that change of legal status is achieved.

    Oh, and I do think that yes it might be a white male world, but many a black man lynched at the point of a finger from a white woman. Something my wife knew all to well after drugging me and planting a knife on me for police to find (with some ‘councelling’ from a clinical psychologist as to how to avoid the protections of the law. Conspiring this is called if police could only find their copy of the Criminal Code) “Help me, help me, my wallet is going to walk out the door, and I need your help to ensure that doesn’t happen”. Not even her child or grand children but the knee jerk reaction of the State is to ‘fuking destroy’ my family. Make him into a “patient” and give me guardianship so I can speak for him and ensure he doesn’t leave with his property, quick.

    In fact, the worst part of the slanderous documents completed by the Community Nurse was the fabrication of the ‘wife beater’ information. Didn’t that cause some problems between me and my wife. Me wondering why she would lie about such things, and her denying she said it. Of course how effective was that in that all the people reading his slander then began ‘treating’ me as if it were true. The lynching analogy is just so appropriate if one is ever as unfortunate to end up being subjected to one of these ‘interventions’ that are to become more common given that they are considered lawful by my State authorities. I would highly recommend this type of slander to any filthy verballer operating in the system.

    On one hand they are passing laws to stop people tampering with food stuffs (needles in strawberries) and on the other they are encouraging the ‘spiking’ of citizens to make the planting of items for police easier and then allowing interrogations whilst under the influnece of stupefying/intoxicating drugs. Hypocrisy the greatest luxury.

  • O. O. writes “I asked local government to install audio/video recording to isolation rooms for everyone’s protection. Of course that was a violation of patients right to privacy.”

    Yes, I also asked the Operations Manager at the hospital about the instalation of cameras and was given the ‘right to privacy’ excuse. This from the same person who, when lawyers requested documents relating to a specific date and incident, went through my old files and inserted documents from 10 years before that were neither requested nor related in any way to what had been done to me.

    In fact personally I do not consider changing legal narrative to conceal serious criminal offences by public officers to be “editing”. But I do consider releasing personal and private information in a misleading and false manner to constitute slander. Unfortunately with police unable to locate theior copy of the Criminal Code they will not be able to take action on these matters, while the hospital staff arrange a little ‘tidy up’ of their offensive conduct. Off camera of course.

    Steve McCrea writes “The challenge would be getting the phone in.”

    No, the challenge would be in holding on to the evidence/proof when police attend your home to retrieve it. And when the State is ‘fuking destroying’ your family in front of your face, and your behviour is becoming exactly what they described it would with the pre attached label.

    They knew you were going to react to being gaslighted and tortured in this manner and pre empted that with the label, and are now free to drug you against your will.

    The challenge is staying alive and actually having someone not turn their back on you for having the proof. FACT. The State will intimidate, threaten , torture maim and kill anyne who dares question the authority of mental health services to ‘treat’ anyone they wish.

    Think anyone cares about video? The usual rumblings about change and … we need more money to treat people like humans.

    Cover ups using police to threaten witnesses and retrieve evidence/proof are much cheaper to do than actually prosecute organised criminals operating in hospitals. They are even using lawyers to assist in the concealment of human rights abuses. More than their licence and funding is worth to blow the whisltle. Ask the Mental Health Law Centre who accepted fraudulent documents before throwing me under a bus. Someone they knew had been subjected to torture and kidnapped. Unless of course there is some other euphemism for being spiked with stupefying/intoxicating drugs (by people with no prescribing rights) before interrogation by public officers (including police). So retrieve the documents, use the cmplaint regarding ‘spiking’ to slander as paranoid delusional, threaten and intimidate witnesses, and unintentionally negatively outcome the victim. That as a rule of thumb when the rule of law is not the preferred option.

    Many a young doctor would like the powers of a psychiatrist, but they are going to need to prove they have the stomach for it.

  • I approached someone to assist me in writing my testimony to be published. Someone with the ability to understand the medical and legal ramifications of what had been done to me. I also offered to pay for that to be done, with what few dollars I have left after being ‘stripped’ by lawyers who have assisted in the concealment of human rights abuses. I feel that strongly about the concealment of torture methods by the State

    The ‘authorities’ on the other hand see any complaints regarding their use of torture to be a criticism of them personally, and use their positions of trust to make further ‘referral’ for unintended negative outcomes.

    I’m certain that given the State has given the right for hospital management to distribute fraudulent documents to lawyers to conceal human rights abuses is going to be of great use with a “wild” (or decentralised) Euthaniasia program. Yes, they can extinguish your life and then send out fraudulent documents to conceal the fact you did not consent.

    And yes I am prepared to share these documents with anyone who is prepared to stand up and say “this is wrong”, but I’m sick of these ‘advocates’ who turn and run when they realise the State is acting in this manner.

    I see my life as a small sacrifice in this regard. I get it that they treid to kill me once already, and failed. But would I be wise to openly share my details on MiA for them to identify me and then come after me again? Or my family? Again

    As far as your right to privacy goes, you don’t have any. Not where I live. My medical records have been tampered with and distributed far and wide without my consent or authority. You think that given I have exposed the truth regadrrding these matters that my computer and emails are safe? I know they’re not, I can even name the person who ‘compromised’ my emails etc (Hi Bob J, I’d like those emails from the psychologist conforming the knowledge of the ‘spiking’ returned please. Never mind Ive got hard copies).

    I provided some personal and confidential information to a social worker many years ago, which she documented in good faith. That information was weaponised and released when I complained about my ‘treatment’. Sometimes people do things with every good intention, but others will take that information and do evil with it.

    You can guarantee the security of peoples information? I think not. I am not so much concerned about the Chinese spying on me, but my own government which is doing it with concealing their criminal conduct in mind.

    I get it that you guys find my truth hard to believe. But there are people within the system who think they have a God given right to kill anyone with a valid complaint, and conceal that as medicine. Before you slander me with ‘nutjob’, you might just want to check what i’m saying. Though the offer seems to be being rejected to maintain a false narrative that is preferred by some. My state of mental health is as a result of being tortured and kidnapped (and then an attempt to kill me to conceal those facts), and has been used to conceal the truth with police denying my human rights as a result of me being ‘flagged’ post hoc.

    Imagine a system that allows crimes to be concealed by a psychiatrist who simply tells police to send the victim to them for ‘treatment’.

    I’m more than happy to put my case in a court of law, and will provide my name in that place. Leaving myself exposed when police are knowingly tampering with evidence and threatening witneses? I’ve had enough of that already. Personally I’d rather leave this place, though I am even being denied access to legal representation and my passport, and not informed of why. How easy is it for police to get others to commit the offences and then fail to perform their duty? Accompanying my wife to retrive the documents while they ‘restrain’ me? Nice work people.

    And they point fingers at others? The ability to kill whistleblowers and silence journalists is a concern, but not one I would have in a democracy. But I don’t live in a democarcy, I live is something that gives the appearnance of one via acts of fraud, and a system designed to conceal human rights abuses.

    I think there is much to be said about organisations that protect victims of State sanctioned torture. They don’t provide lists of names to the State accused of the torture to protect the families they have left behind. Because that is exactly what mental health services do, they go after your family. Ask the Operations Manager, or better still, my wife.

    And that is what they would do to anyone with a valid complaint here, target families. The ends seem to justify the means.

  • “At first, folks may feel a person is acting strangely. When they then try to control that person’s behavior with force, is it not possible that they are causing the violence that ensues?

    Let’s leave that possibility aside ….”

    Lets not. Lets consider the situation where a ‘bait and switch’ is used. Where a person is not acting strangely but we want them to in order to justify our actions against them. We give the command to do to contradictory actions simultaneously. “Stand up, sit down” and the failure to comply is justification to place the person in handcuffs. Of course when we try to do that they ‘resist arrest’ and thus require the use of more force. So what happens when we beat them to unconciousness? Their ‘passive resistance’ requires the use of even more force, and there has been an unfortunate incident which will require medical intervention.

    And with the ability of hospital Operations Managers to distribute fraudulent documents to lawyers and other relevant bodies wishing to investigate the matters? The sky really is the limit.

    I think that as long as the data (and documents) are being tampered with, any story we wish to be true, will be. Personally I don’t consider being unconcious or dead as being “passive resistance” but there are others who are in positions of power who do. And with systems that follow the rules laid down by Machiavelli, that the ends always justify the means, nothing is going to change.

    And as long as we stay busy discussing fraud? Who benefits?

  • “I have been terrified by discussion by media people and politicians who think it’s a good solution to replace police with “mental health professionals,” given the oppressive and even violent ways that the latter have treated people who are suffering.”

    Don’t ever visit my State then Ms Caplan. When the UN stated that our Mental Health Laws were a violation of human rights and that the treatments may constitute torture, our politicians took the opportunity to invalidate that statement by rewriting our MH Laws and effectively ‘marrying’ mental health services and police. We now have a ‘mental health professional’ stationed at every single police station in the State. Which means that police can now subject citizens to acts of torture and then hand them over to mental health to be labelled, drugged and ‘processed’. And all of this can occur before you even get to speak to a psychiatrist, so we can’t even blame them.

    I can see why they were trying to shift the responsibility for drug issues to mental health (its what they do best, cause drug issues), though to do so they needed to ignore the fact that these abuses could occur. The presumtion of ‘good faith’ will, I have no doubt, result in some ‘they did WHAT?’ moments some time down the track.

    The ability to drug suspects without their knowedge before interrogations a definite advantage for the police to extract valuable information (chemical restraints all part of the service due to no National Standards). Combined with the ability to lie and the use of ‘coercive measures’ against suspects I do hope we will jnot be hearing that police are lacking the powers they need to resolve crime in our community any time soon.

    This and our “wild” (or decentralised) Euthanaisia Act should give all the powers required for cleaning up our streets, and create the illusion that it is medicine.

    I did write and ask our Minister for Health about how the ‘protections’ of his Act could possibly work given that hospitals are distributing frauduent documents to conceal their criminal conduct, and that the people who have a duty to protect the community are derelict in their duty, though he considers anyone who doesn’t suit his false narrative mentally ill and in need of treatment. Shame he doesn’t understand what due dilligence before making such slanderous statements is, he might check the proof of what im saying. How powerful he must feel signing off on acts of torture and unintended negative outcomes.

    What we now have is a system where police simply hand any and all evidence of their corruption over to mental health services for silencing (it really is very easy). I personally witnessed this when I presented them with the documented proof that I was ‘spiked’ with benzos and then tortured and kidnapped under the guise of the provisions of the Mental Health Act. Don’t like that truth so they call mental health services and request that I be picked up for ‘treatment’ for my “hallucinations”. Though are they really hallucinations when the documents prove I was ‘spiked’? Inconvenient truths handed off for forced drugging is not a good look. Though it is highly effective.

  • “There are also a good segment, by my observation, who go to NAMI to be absolved of responsibility for any contribution they may have made to their child’s distress, and these are the ones who really grab onto the “bioligical brain disorder” terminology and ideology.”

    I remember being in a very uncomfortable situation with a man and his wife, who were telling me about their daughter and her battles with bipolar disorder. As the conversation progressed it became incresingly obvious to me that this young woman had be subjected to abuse by the father, and that her disorder was likely a result of that abuse.

    Without going into to much detail I wonder if NAMI is an organisation that is being used as a means for paedophiles to silence their victims, and is beocming a place where they can congregate and further thier abuses once they realise they can slip through the net of law enforcement?

    For example it could be that people who gather learn how to get their ‘loved one’ admitted to hospital using the methods employed by my wife and the clinic pyshcologist? Couldn’t have the victim of child sexual abuse being given a voice, quick get the drugs into them and shut that mental illness up.

    I know that my wife had experience with a young woman who had been abused by her father, and who eventully went to prison for his crimes. (my wifes comment regarding “you just need to know what to tell them” when I asked her how it was possible she could just call mental health services and have me dragged out of my bed and locked in a cage for not agreeing with her). This of course did not ‘heal’ the resulting damage to the young woman who is a regular user of mental health services. It did however ensure that the father was not charged for a very long time.

    It may be worth while considering infiltrating this organisation as a means to indentify, investigate and incarcerate people who are using this organisation for purposes other than designed. As we know from history these ‘deviants’ tend to congregate in groups where they can enable one another.

    And rather than dismiss peoples claims that they have been abused with statements like that made by our Minister for Mental Health that you can’t listen to women who claim they have been sexually assaulted in a hospital setting “because they’re mental patients”, perhaps we could listen and actually test what it is they are claiming? I mean I have watched people turn their backs on me regarding my claim of torture and kidnapping for no other reason that I have been slandered with the label ‘mental paitent’, and even when I prove that this has been done via fraud they still refuse to perform their duty in spite of the law.

    It makes me sick to hear our Prime Minister talk about Australians valuing a rule of law when I know police are telling citizens who are the victims of organised criminals committing serious offences (and concealing it as ‘medicine’) that they don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code to ensure that the law is perverted. And I can imagine the ‘treatment’ anyone who has been slagged with one of these labels might have obtaining assistance form police if thay have been subjected to abuses. They literally get enjoyment from ‘baiting’ the nut jobs. I guess when one has a lust for violence they are in the right position. Armed to the teeth against a defensless citizen? Still, they do have to face their maker at some point.

  • “Historically, most people in any given societal upheaval will cling on to reformist tendencies right up to the last minute prior to when a revolutionary transformation occurs.”

    Why did I get an image of a guillotine coming down on the neck of a Marquis asking “Are you SURE we can’t come to some sort of agreement? Perhaps we can remove the tax on cakes?”

    Too little, too late?

  • “Fanon became responsible for treating the psychological distress of the French soldiers and officers who carried out torture in order to suppress anti-colonial resistance. Additionally, Fanon was also responsible for treating Algerian torture victims.” (from Wiki)

    It’s quite a history that was concealed for some time. see for example The Battle for Algiers which was banned for 40 years? I can’t help but wonder if the ‘treatments’ differed. As someone who has been subjected to State sanctioned torture and then ‘referred’ to the torturers to treat the trauma, I can’t see that he would have had much success. My government denies any use of torture and as such they could not possibly supply treatment for it as this would be an admission that they are torturing. Deny access to effective legal representation, and deny the ability to leave or seek asylum. They will only consider assisting people who have been tortured by certain governments, and provide money to NGOs who will turn away anyone who has been subjected to torture by our own government.

    “It never happened” is the standard line that comes from their mouths after police have threatened their families. I guess that was an effective means of the psychologist dealing with the truth [denial], but it really didn’t help the trauma I was suffering as a result of the torture I was subjected to. And they did make an effort to conceal it, and well, I guess one is going to slip through the net eventually. Luckily no one is prepared to stand up, police ensuring silence, so they’re back in business without interuption. Maybe if I wait 40 years and we can all look back and say, if only we had known, we would have said something?

    So was Fannon really treating victims of torture? In whose opinion?

    I guess they did admit it eventually.

    See for example the confession by General Aussaresses regarding the unintended negative outcomes that occurred during interrogations.

  • There are two inter related points I would like to make and then I will say no more.

    1. There has been marches in support of Mr Floyd and BLM here in my State. Many of those people have what is called a COVIDsafe app on their phones. They can and are being tracked with their consent. Could that information be used to charge them with offences under the Emergency Provisions currently in place?

    That would be a breach of the Privacy Act and agreement that was made when consent was given right? So you find yourself charged, what then? Get a lawyer? When they say your privacy is protected what they don’t tell you is that there has never been a sucessful conviction of ANYONE who breached your right to privacy. You only assume that because the protections are there that your protected, your not. The acquiescence in failing to bring action when a breach is known about and identified is used, and you only find out when it’s too late. Awww ya got me. And here was me thinking that my personal medical records couldn’t be distributed without my consent. Especially given that they were provided in such a way as to seriously mislead people into false beliefs about me. I call it fraud and slander, the Clinical Director in his authorisation of the documents to be sent to lawyers calls it “editing”. This despite legislation that lawyers are to be provided unredacted documents to protect the human rights of “patients”. Problem if they are given evidence/proof of torture and kidnappings by said mental health workers though right?

    2. There is an offence in our Criminal Code s.336 Procuring the Apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a Mental Illness, penalty three years prison. This crime was included in the code to stop mental health workers using police to do kidnappings and later claim they received a referral from police. So in my situtaion I can prove I did not have a mental illness, and was ‘procured’ by ‘spiking’ me and then planting items for police to create the appearance of lawfulness.

    Problem is that this section of the Criminal Code has NEVER been used. Why would that be? Because you have to ask the people who kidnapped you to enforce the law? Because the intention of passing the legislation was to deceive people into the false belief they were protected from rogue mental health professionals who may simply wish to snatch anyone from their home for no other reason that a doctor wants them delivered to a hospital for ‘treatment’? Which coincidentally can be done without their consent now they have been brought under the provisions of the Mental Health Act?

    The laws are fairly well constructed, it is providing the people who have a duty to ensure accountability with the means to be derelict in their duty that the problem lies. A Chief Psychiatrist who doesn’t know what a burden of proof is (suspect on reasonable grounds) can hardly provide “expert legal advice” to the Minister. Once you change suspect on reasonable grounds to suspect on grounds we believe to be reasonable then the mandatory reporting section of the watchdog legislation is useless, you simply never suspect and therefore never report suspected misconduct. If however the ‘criteria’ for reporting contained in the Act are met, then not reporting becomes misconduct and you go to prison. Once again though, it’s like reporting acts of torture by police to police, they simply drop you at an Emergency Dept for an unintended negative outcome (hotshot) round here.

    Sure, lets see that the ‘scapegoat’ officer is convicted and gets to share some time with people he was responsible for putting away (coz it’s all about breakin off sausage, don’t ya feel sorry for the poor little ……. See Cypress Hill, Pigs). But lets not forget that there are others further up the food chain enabling these abuses, and concealing their involvement in that vile conduct. I’ve personally witnessed them washing the ‘blood from their hands’.

    I can’t help but think about why the French revolution suceeded, open the cages and arm the inmates.

  • Oh there was a reason.

    1. For the purposes of this Convention, the term “torture” means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.

    The question is, did they have “lawful sanction” to do this, and if the answer is yes, then it does not constitute torture. Hence the reason to plant a knife on someone before you torture them as a police officer. Exploit the loophole, and tamper with the evidence. And of course in my country access to legal representation can be denied if the criminals are also public officers. The corruption watchdog is useful in this regard.

    As one would expect in a National Socialist totalitarian State there needs to be a mechanism to ensure that the interests of the State, and NOT the individual is served. We speak of valuing a rule of law, but need a method to subvert that rule of law. In some ways its the double think spoken of by Eric Blair. We watch as Mr Floyd is being choked, and yet would accept that his calls of “I can’t breathe” was as a result of COVID if the State wishes to impose that reality on us. Sure we might break a bit of crockery, but nothing is going to change. I say this from experience as someone who had fraudulent documents provided to my lawyers manufacturing a ‘preferred truth’, that everyone in my community has decided they will go along with. They look, realise the truth, and then wish they hadn’t looked. We are torturing citizens and unintentionally negatively outcoming them. Challenge the authorities? I think not.

    Deng once said “conceal your strengths, and bide your time”. This is what the authorities will do in this situation. Leaders will be identified and when the time is right……..they will be treated for their mental illness. The ‘strength’ being the ability to use the mechanism of the State to identify ‘dissenters’ and remove their human and civil rights, not necessarily beat them into submission and make martyrs of them. How many fingers do you see Winston?

  • What I can say is that the people who planned to obtain a police referral to mental health services in my instance (my ‘wife’ and a private clinic psychologist) discussed the possibility of police shooting me as a result of the need to plant a knife on me to make everything appear lawful. Due diligence I believe this is called. And of course as a result of the ‘prepared one earlier’ plan, police would have been within their rights given I was in posession of a knife. They weren’t aware it was a ‘plant’, or ‘throw down’. So maybe the deaths mentioned above have more to them than just police notching their guns? Were there ‘set ups’ among them too? Because I’ve been surprised by the number of people aware of the methods I speak of. Even websites dicussing how to ‘set up a loved one for mental health services’ appearing on the internet. And the $200 for the psychologists ‘councelling’ good value if your on the right side of the equation. Unfortunately that wasn’t me but ……. next time maybe.

    But could we blame the police if they had shot me? (and let me add, that this is possibly a preferred option when one considers the ‘career’ of mental patient) I mean these people plotting and scheming to obtain or procure their services when they didn’t actually have the right to (as a result of the ‘protections’ of the Mental Health Act, which are ignored for convenience by State authorities. Dereliction of duty by the Minister goes a long way to enabling these human rights abuses). Though i’m sure their intentions were good (much like the nite club rapist, in their mind it’s simply a matter of coercing until they realise how good it is for them. And well, with the ability to ‘spike’ yoir ‘clients’ then informed consent is neither here nor there). I did after all refuse to pay money to a psychologist I obviously didn’t need to speak to. The psychiatrist who interrogated me recognising that my decision to leave a situation where I was being repeatedly assaulted might not constitute a mental illness. See, told you I was right. Shame I, and my family, had to be fuking destroyed for it

    And what I did notice was the ‘just doing my job’ attitude of police. This was bread and butter for them. The Community Nurse needs someone bashed into talking, we can arrange that. Gives the young guys some practice at ‘take downs’ and obviously the person concerned is of little to no value, we know that because a doctor has taken the time to label them.

    And well, if I only had the time to explain how police reacted to me having the documented proof of the ‘set up’. I can only begin to imagine the problems faced by someone who has been wrongly convicted of aserious offence, when police actively engage with criminals to conceal evidence of those offences. Total disregard for the law, by refusing to take documented proof of serious offences, threats and intimidation of witnesses, and even a Member of Parliament putting his head in his hands and exclaiming “I have to work with police” (I assume even when he knows they are acting as criminals).

    When you hire thugs to do your dirty work, they usually figure out that the reason you hired them is because your afraid. They will of course then learn fairly quickly to exploit that fear, and increase their share of the ‘takings’. This is just human nature.

    I’ve also heard it said that the best predictor of future behvaious is the past (history). Theres a long list of black people who have been killed by police, and nothing has changed. And nothing is going to change this time either. Rinse, lather and then repeat. I say this as someone who has been tortured and kidnapped, and then had my community turn their backs on me even when I could prove that.

    Advocates? No, I think the term is Hypocrites.

    “Police in Minneapolis, Minnesota who knew they were being filmed tortured George Floyd, a Black man, to death for no reason while other officers stood around watching.”

  • This article shows a distinct lack of understanding of the way that these ‘welfare checks’ are used to enable human rights violations by mental health services.

    Neither police or mental health services are going to give ground with their loophole that enables the use of torture.

    I have explained what was done to me over a long period of time now. The documents I have show a use of euphemisms to conceal what is known to be methods of torture. Any competent mental health worker would recognise the ‘code’.

    “chemically restrain” = ‘spike’ with benzos”.

    Knife for self protection = plant items for police to lawfully detain. Any old knife will do.

    “welfare check by police” = induce “acute stress reaction” in target and obtain “lawful sanction” to conceal the use of known torture methods [see the two DO NOTS of acute stress reaction]. I assume the reason these methods can not be employed in Gunantanamo is precisely because it is known to constitute torture. The physical assault (‘spiking’) is what takes this method into the arena of ‘hard torture’. Though by concealing the evidence of this offence one can use any claim by the victim as evidence of their mental illness, claims that one has been ‘spked’ being the most common delusion treated by psychiatry. Clever when you think about it, drug someone for speaking the truth.

    Yes your correct about police aggriavating the situation, but thats the very reason a Community Nurse calls them to a scene, they are his personal thugs used to ‘rough up’ his potential meal ticket, I mean ‘client’. How else would a filthy ‘verballer’ get someone who would exercise their right to silence to speak? A few belts to the leg with a stick or pepper spray in the eyes from a few inches away, they usually talk.

    Ready to talk to Doctor now? “Do you like that?” Police filming on their own cameras the abuses, for what reason? Like the photos from Abu Ghraib?

    Conceal evidence of the ‘spiking’. ‘verbal’ anything the target says to create the ‘reasonable grounds’ for referral to a psychiatrist, and you can have them dribbling in a cell within the hour due to a need to ensure they don’t get angry and retaliate for being kidnapped. No National Standard as to what constitutes a “chemical restraint” so you can literally take them to within an inch of their life (or further if you have the stomach for it).

    And you want to take the money off these people who have found means to torture, maim and kill and with a little ‘trick cycling’ call it medicine?

    Good luck with that.

    Yes, police are liars, but they have nothing on the ‘verballing’ skills of most mental health workers. There are the Courts holding police lying in check. What stops a mental health worker from filling out fraudulent Forms? Certainly not our Chief Psychiatrist who writes that the Community Nurse has the ability to time travel to make “observations” and can read minds. This of course means he would never ‘suspect on reasonable grounds’ that a citizen was actually kidnapped rather than that eupemism he prefers of ‘referred’. Conspire to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping becomes referral and detention if you tamper with the documented proof you provide to the Mental Health Law Centre. And not a soul would dare stand up for the reasons given above, in a State where you can be snatched out of your bed by police and force drugged within the hour for complaining about their ‘service’,
    or speaking the truth.

  • “Does this suggest we should push people in front of cars as a form of “therapy?””

    Hey I just realised that there’s no need to waste the chemicals for the Euthanaisia of “patients”. More savings for the taxpayer. Imagine the insanity of making killing a form of treatment. Medicalise anything these days and you can avoid any problems with the law, and in fact can be provided with assitance in your criminality.

  • So how does one get around the problem of a citizen who does not have a mental illness being tortured and kidnapped by mental health services? Get police to assist in making it lawful by planting a knife on the target for police to find and they can then make referral to mental health services under the Police Powers section of the Mental Health Act.

    Of course a good police officer would recognise a conspiracy to torture and kidnap if they were watching. Unfortunately the police who snatched me from my bed and referred me for their “suspect on reasonable grounds that I required and assessment” for sleeping in my own bed? Not so clever, and possibly expecting a few favours from the Community Nurse who they assisted in a kidnapping and torture. Good to have friends in ‘the business’. Police free to torture and can then have him drop them at a hospital for further ‘treatments’ with a verballed Form 1.

    These people are criminals and my government doesn’t want them to be criminals, so they ignore the very laws they have enacted, and that they claim they have respect for when they really have no respect for the law at all. None. It’s merely an inconvienience to find methods of subverting. And fortunately the public are required to vote for these people and create the appearance that we want this crap.

    And by making a citizen into a “patient” any and all human rights agreements are thrown out the window. And by ensuring there is no accountability measures in place, they are free to use the medical system as their own personal problem solvig system.

    Ask our current Minister for Health who sees anyone who doesn’t agree with him as requiring mental health services. Something he learned at a very young age I am informed by a reliable source.

  • Once again Steve, i’m speaking about somewhere other than the US so…..

    The problem is not even with challenging the system. The system would actually work relatively well. It’s the corruption that is not being challenged. The ‘lawyers’ at the Law Centre KNEW what had been done, they were also fully aware that the documented proof of what I was saying existed. I even offered them copies which they declined, and I understand that given they were to be given access to unredacted copies to protect my human rights. But when they are made aware of the fact that I was tortured, and they know I haven’t been informed?? What should happen in that situation? Seriously, because that is exactly where I (and they) found myself.

    So what occurred? They didn’t inform me, accepted a set of fraudulent documents from the hospital (though they did complain about the “editing”), made a complaint to the authorities and then handed on a ‘response’ to that complaint that makes a farce of the process. They then claim they do not have time to read the response, and go find someone else to help you. And of course anyone else I approach now calls them and asks……. and is told, don’t touch it, they State is going to knock him.

    What I thought would occur would be that the lawyers would look, confirm the torture and kidnapping and report those matters to the appropriate authorities (Corruption and Crime Commisssion under s. 28 mandatory reporting of suspected [on reasonable grounds] serious criminal offences [2 or more years prison]). Though the way the Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the “suspect on reasonable grounds” protection of the Mental Health Act, it means all he needs to do is never suspect that an offence has occurred and he never has to report. Suspect on reasonable grounds becomes suspect on grounds he believes to be reasonable. And even with a pile of bodies down at the morgue his suspicion wasn’t piqued, ergo, no report. Big advantage on being able to remove legal protections without Parliamentary approval I think.

    That reporting definitely did not occur (see Parliamentary Hansards), and it is a serious act of Misconduct. Criminal in fact, to attempt to pervert the course of justice carries a Mandatory prison term. So the State does them all a favour by concealing their crimes (committed knowingly and with mens rea). And I, and my family, get to pay for their wrongdoing. Though I guess the $1.50 it costs to ‘hotshot’ me in the ED is much less of a cost than the money they would have to pay out if the torture was exposed in court. So they are saving taxpayers money with this psychiatric death squad. A matter of National Interest, and not in the Public Interest i’m told.

    Consider. I spent months writing to the Mental Health Law Centre pointing out that the letter of response from the Chief Psychiatrist did not recognise the legal protection of “suspect on reasonable grounds that the person should be an involuntary patient”. What are these reasonable grounds? They are set out in the criteria for involuntary patients in s. 26 of the Act “criteria for involuntary patients” .

    There are 4 criteria to be met in order to satisfy the “reasonable grounds”
    1. the person MUST have a mental ilness.
    2. the person must be a danger to self or other.
    3. the only way to get them the treatment they require is in a hospital setting
    4 the least coercive method to achieve that must be used.

    Fairly loiw bars but, problem being I did not have a mental l=illness by the very definition of the Act. So if the Chief Psychiatrist removes s. 26 of the Act, or the protections affforded the public by that Act, then no problems, Boans wasn’t tortured and kidnapped.

    You would think the Law Centre lawyers would have something to say about this right? Wrong, they were kore than happy to keep assaulting me psychologically and assisting in fuking destroying me. FACT.

    Can anyone other than me see a problem with the removal of these legal protections? Is it just me? Because I’ve letters from lawyers stating i’m wrong to assume that the protections have been removed. Suspect on reasonable grounds becomes suspect on grounds they believe to be reasonable is NOT a misrepresentation of the law, the MInister for Mental Health writes. Your a fuking idiot I write back. s. 26 criteria was put into the Act as a means to check if “reasonable grounds” was satisfied, and protect the public from arbitrary detentions.

    I then inform the Minister of what happened when they tried to ‘unintentionally negatively outcome’ me and she suggests I get a lawyer to defend myself. I point out I had a lawyer but they had fraudulent documents sent to them, and they could no longer assist me as a result. How can I be defended by lawyers who are provided with fraudulent and slanderous documents that has a false legal narrative? Citizen tortured and kidnapped become mental patient of hospital for more than 10 years. Seems a little unfair to me. Of course ow that police have threatened all the witnesses …. well, no point saying anymore. You either (a) don’t believe me 0r (b) don’t give a damn.

  • Only Tour I wish to go on oldhead is the PGA tour lol.

    My belief that I lived with for nearly 50 years that people are esentially good has been delliberately ‘fuking destroyed’ by mental health services. And my community stands aside while they ‘fuking destroy’ anyone they select via their negligence, fraud and slander.

    These people make a rod for their own backs by having one predetermined outcome that can only be achieved with that negligence, fraud and slander. They are right, and you are wrong. And if they need to torture or maim you, threaten your family and friends to achieve that outcome then thats why God gave police guns.

    I guess in some ways my truth needs to be denied for the sake of a larger movement. Associating with victims of crimes when what your trying to achive is reform in mental health services is counter productive. That would be an admission that not only does there need to be reform, but actual accountablility, and there is no way any of the people I have had dealngs with would even consider that. Not when you do whatever you want, and then conceal your wrongdoing with fraud and slander, and claim the persons response to your vicious assults has something wrong with them. They do once they’re finished with them. ‘We’ (reformists) only want to step in once they have fuking destroyed you and help. Me, I want to stop the damage before it occurs. Thus the paths diverge.

    I think there’s probably more to be had from discussing how to reform the National Socialist movement. Maybe we could introduce them to Kosher foods as a way of opening up cultural exchange? People do like food. Lets have a sausage sizzle with the ‘consumers’ (hope you remember the article lol).

    I know that as far as ‘advocates’ go, there is a need for it to be more than just making the claim that your an advocate. Turning your back when the going gets tough makes you a hypocrite, coward and a sychophant, not an advocate. And I know how hard it can be to stand up, in fact, i’m ready for a sit down after ten years of trying to have my human rights observed by sychophants and cowards.

    Show me the scars (and I know there are some here who have those scars). Dr Headbanger PhD M.A. BBC ABC and CNN isn’t a list of scars, but a line of privileges paid for not earned.

    And yeah, i’ve just about had enough of it all tbh. Talk talk talk while the smoke from the ovens billows. And the SS sits discussing the new art work in the lunch room.

  • “A serious project for the anti-psych movement and its allies to work on would be a psychiatric inmates’ defense project to raise $ for legal defense while at the same time exposing the inherent fraudulence and oppressiveness of psychiatry. Cases would be defended not to “get the best deal” but to demonstrate the underlying injustice of the whole setup.”

    The problem though, as I believe I have demonstrated, is that the legal protections afforded citizens in the law are not recognised by either those charged with the duty to enforce them, or the legal fraternity themselves.

    I have written proof of (a) the Chief Psychiatrist removing the protection of “suspect on reasonable grounds” from the referral process (and thus making lawful arbitrary detentions) and (b) letters from people claiming to be lawyers who also deny the existence of these legal protections. I would have thought a competent lawyer would know HOW a burden of proof operates in law, though I have proof that even the Priniciple of the Law Centre doesn’t even know that. Maybe they were just actively engaging in the gaslighting I was subjected to, to conceal the torture and kidnapping? That’s what it looks like, but with police providing cover for them, we would never know right? Get citizens to commit the offences and then fail to perform your duty is how it works around here. And with a toothless watchdog its carte blanche.

    A similar analogy would be that police don’t recognise your right to live, and will stand by while criminals stop your hearth with drugs and call it an “unintended negative outcome”. Nay, in fact will actively retrieve documented proof of the crimes committed by these people and then acting out the theatre of gaslighting the victims to death by suicide. Maintain the fraud of the status change from citizen to “patient” and its amazing what one can do to anyone in the community and call it medicine.

    I’m not sure the same system is in place in the US, in fact I struggle to believe it would be possible. But here in Australia they openly admit that the State can deny anyone access to legal represnetation under certain circumstances. And of course as I can show, achieving those circumstances can simply be a matter of drugging someone without their knowledge, planting items on them for police to find, and arranging to have them ‘treated’ aginst their will.

    No protections, no problems.

    The legal fraternity is obviously aware of the situation, and for whatever reason refuses to speak about it. And I know that if they have watched the ‘authorities’ do some of the ‘fuking destroying’ that they have subjected me to, they had better continue with their complicit silence. Or active participation which will no doubt provide benefits.

    As I have stated here and elsewhere the Mental Health Law Centre which claims to be an advocacy service, is nothing of the sort. They gather information regarding their ‘clients’, and then work with authorities behind their backs to conceal human rights abuses. All under the guise of “there might be things I can’t tell you”., .like were going to attempt to pervert the course of justice here by not reporting the torture to the appropriate authorities, accepting fraudulent documents and then providing you with a poison pen letter that we claim we don’t have time to read. Best we don’t look now we know the State is committing crimes against you to resolve their little problem of torture and kidnapping you. Dead Man Walking.

    Thus it would be a waste of money to try and fund such a defence, as I found out when I was charged $3500 to be told how expensive a lawyers time was. Obvioulsly quite happy to take my money knowing that after speaking to the Mental Health Law Centre lawyers that it was a case of empty his pockets before throwing him under the bus of State sanctioned corruption. Interesting the second lawyers comments when I still had the documented proof of the ‘spiking’, “I thought you were mad, but you’ve got the proof”. Phone call to the Law Centre and the word travels back throught he chain of command. But we already sent out the fraudulent set, and he has copies of the REAL set waaaaaaaa. Quick, treat him for that illness, have police make a referral so we can do one of theiose negative outcomes in the ED. So glad you guys don’t believe me, because people can be really ugly when you get to see whats in their hearts, rather than the smooth talk from their mouths.

    But at least I tried. And i’m sure the comment by one senior legal represenatative that he had ‘insurance’ was a key comment as to how they need to keep their own butts covered where the State is torturing citizens. Make sure it looks like you have done your duty, while ensuring you don’t.

    You provide a builder with a set of architectural plans, approved by the State and then he builds whatever he is told to by the authorities. That’s how the legal fraternity works around here, they take your money for doing the bidding of the authorites, and I can only assume its lawful when police can’t find their copy of the criminal code and therefore its legal to spike people and have then snatched from their bed by police for delivery to a locked ward because someone wants it done.

    Of course not a soul prepared to look now that witnesses have been threatend by police, and documents retrieved (well, sort of, had a bit of tidying up to do there but …… in a Police State no problems, kill anyone who complains). I mean where are they going to get a lawyer, when there is no law? lol

  • “Presently, ECT is promoted for treating depression when psychiatric drugs have previously been ineffective.”

    Thats the “stated aim”.

    And with ‘advertising’ like this is it any wonder people are accepting their children being exposed to this “safe and effective treatment”. I think we will begin to see a reduction in the mean age of the recipients of this treatment. Many I would suggest will still be female, though they will be young teenage girls whose parents have concerns about their eating behaviours.

    “Eat your greens Mary or we will have to plug you into the wall socket again”

  • One of the short surahs in Qur’an about those who reject faith (al Kafirun) says “to you be your Way, and to me be mine”.

    It says a lot without saying a lot lol. I’m not put here to shove anything down anyones throat and force them to think like me. And in return I expect the same.

    This raises the question of what it actually is that psychiatrists ‘treat’. The behaviours? Well, then consider I was referred by police for a mental health assessment because I was asleep, and was in possesion of a knife (lets assume they didn’t know it was a plant). So it can’t be the thoughts, unless they could see my dreams. And it can’t have been the behaviour because I complied with their requests to get up against the wall and spread em. So what was I actually referred to mental health services for and had my life destroyed because of????

    Hearsay. Rumours. Slander. Gossip. Backstabbing.

    These are signs of people who need to be treated according to my Book. And not harshly with beatings and beheadings, but with understanding. They need to be raised up to become good people. They really lack insight into their conduct, and the consequences of it. And should they fail, then they may require some coercion. But drugging them to damage their brains? It might work. So might a public flogging. But what is it that makes them act in this manner? To think that behaving like night club rapists could be disguised as ‘medicine’? Well, to be honest, the rest of my community seems prepared to do just that, accept it as ‘medicine’, because these vile people seem to have deceived the community, in one way or another. Is it the fear of having them snatch you out of your bed next for complaining? Or is it that you truly believe what they are doing works (despite ample evidence to the contrary)?

    I’m standing by the above though, no Scientologist ever called me “schizo”, and in fact they were one of the few who bothered to listen to and hear what I was saying. This of course before police realised I still had the documents. I can’t imagine that the truth went iunnoticed by people with a thorough understanding of the law. But, maybe they’re as ignorant as our Cheif Psychiatrist and don’t even know what a burden of proof is?

    Ever lifted a piece of tin in a shed and watched as the mice ran in all directions because they felt they had been exposed? The cat got his lunch that day.

  • “I think so many people who have been hurt, to expect them to go to the same system, even if “reformed” is nothing more than a continuation in new clothes.”

    I think looking at the current situation in the US, and looking back at Spike Lee’s classis movie Do The Right Thing I consider reform nothing more than a change in the choke holds we find ourselves being subjected to. That’s all ‘reform’ can offer.

    And I get what your saying Sam, none of us want to rock the boat. It’s just easier to be a passive witness and live in hope that the oppressor will take his foot (or knee) off the other guys neck. And those who stage manage these situations (and they are stage managed) know the pressure to go for the ‘reform’ option. In some ways its all they leave us with. The streets will be swept, the windows repaired, the stores stock refilled….. and we will be outraged next time, and the next, and the next …..Take a look at Lee’s film. If nothing changes, nothing changes.

    As far as posychiatry goes I am living proof that it isn’t needed to silence people who have been subjected to vile abuse. My State authorities have other means available, they simply ignore the laws, and do whatever they want. The need to kill me in the Emergency Dept was so unnecessary in a State where laws matter for nothing. Simply refuse to accept any documented proof of the crimes and gaslight the victim to suicide, simple. This should spell the absolute end of psychiatry, after all it is only a method of silencing victims of abuse, and those triuth speakers who our elite want silenced.

    Consider the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse. 40 yeasr of children being abused and not one person bothered to report that abuse to police. Not one. Or is there more to it than that? Were they actually taking the reports? What actions were they taking when a credible person went into a police station and complained?

    I think one of the most powerful comments I have seen here at MiA was about “rights without remedies”. This is the ‘old lie’. The law is a beautiful thing, though when it is being administered by people who abuse their positions of trust it can be the most vile thing too. Look at how the National Socialists used it to enable the murder of a lot of people. It was actually fairly simple changes to the law. Good news about that is that it shouldn’t be too difficult to make changes the other way?

    I find myself pondering how we would put integrity into our system, and it is with tests. Failure of those tests seems to be reason to promote and encourage people these days. Get them into positions where they can be exploited. And corruption reigns supreme, for a while at least.

    I get the feeling you are sick of the reform agenda. If so, there is an alternative available that is not promoting the use of violence as a means to achieve ends. Though I think sometimes it is necessary to be confrontational to ensure voices are heard. I don’t wish to stand alongside someone who wishes to include me in anything that they feel they need to because it validates to them they are ‘good people’. Good people don’t turn their backs on people who are being deliberately harmed because ‘medicine’.

  • “The chief said police received three 911 calls for an assault, with at least two of the calls saying a knife was involved.

    Weapons-related calls take the highest priority, Saunders said, adding front-line officers respond to them first.

    “There’s no way I would put a nurse in the middle of a knife fight,” Saunders said.”

    Like a checklist really. If you want to jump the line, plant a knife on your loved one. Any problems and someone gets shot, it’s okay the investigation is at ‘arms length’. My wife paid $200 for that information, you can get it for free.

    Problem, how do we plant the knife on someone when they’re awake? Make them asleep with benzos in their drink you prepare for them.

    Seriously makes me sick reading that article knowing what is being done to conceal the truth in these situations. Criminal conspiracies and cover ups, with no effective investigation other than a watchdog that ensures the evidence has been appropriately tampered with by police. You should see the action when that cover up is exposed though, the amount of people who need to be silenced and threatened to continue with the cover up.

    Credit where credit is due, despite the truth being exposed, the police in my instance have managed to continue concealing their use of torture, and assistance in my kidnapping. Thats some power to be able to shut down that many people, though with the ability to distribute fraudulent documents where ‘assisted dying’ is involved, the community has every right to be concerned.

    Trust them? Might be best you don’t look at the proof I have, because the last thing anyone would do is trust frauds and slanderers. I mean I get it, police torturing people and then dropping them off to be delierately harmed at a hospital to be able to call the cover up medicine is pretty disgusting. But it’s a tough job, and I don’t see those pinko namby pambies at the UN out dealing with these nut jobs on a daily basis. Not like theres a lot of people being harmed by it? We have the data to prove it, and if we don’t give us a week to make some up.

    I’d love a look at the ‘inside’ of how police are running these cover ups for the State. There are some things that are patently obvious to me now about their ‘flagging’ system. Useful information, and like all corrupt conduct will no doubt turn full circle. Imagine the uses you could put these new mental health professionals who have been placed in every station for? The Station politics just got a whole lot more interesting.

  • So you had Pot ential for damage to reputation or meaningful relationships?

    I’d pass on the drugs too Frank, but my State has authorised the ‘spiking’ of citizens in circumstances which they will not put forward, but will conceal using fraud and slander. So your ability to say No to drugs is limited because people who drive a bus have the right to ‘spike’ you if you disagree with them as a result of the need to have you assessed and see if you have a mental illness. And the ‘spiking’ can then be used as evidence you have a mental illness and more drugs can be prescribed to deal with that now exposed illness.

    This allows public officers to subject citizens to interrogations whilst they are intoxicated, and then later slander them as being paranoid should they complain about it. Documented proof of the facts will be retrieved by police and the target goes from being a victim of a known method of torture to a paranoid delusional who may be considered dangerous. I must admit it was clever to plant a knife on me after I collapsed for police to find which has resulted in me having what police call “history’ meaning I now get searched anytime I wish to speak to a police officer. It all adds to the theatre of the slanderous conduct, despite me doing nothing more than disagreeing with someone. From father and husband to dangerous mental patient as a result of one filthy slanderer, a Community Nurse who is prepared to sign statutory declarations he knows are false..

    It is however good to know that police and mental health workers have found a method to torture and kidnap citizens, because they must have a Hell of a time doing their job without these tools. I mean the reason they had to arraneg to ‘spike’ me and have police jump me with weapons ready was precisely because their reputation preceeded them and I wouldn’t under any circumstances speak to filthy verballers. Your likely to end up being charged and convicted of any unresolved matters on police books around here. Ask Andrew Mallard, Lloyd Rayney, Scott Austic ……..all victims of police ‘planting’ evidence (two of them doing more than ten years in prison as a result of this conduct being encouraged by our government, this “noble corruption”).

    Combine this with the ability to deny the victim access to legal representation and a Minister giving the green light for the conduct and you’d be surprised how well this place actually works. Most of the public blissfully unaware of the psychiatric torture program running right under their noses.

    Anyway, i’m with you one the drugs thing, i’ll pass too. If only a citizen in my State had the right to bodily integrity and couldn’t be ‘spiked’ with intoxicating drugs without their knowldge I might be able to uphold that right. Maybe even if I could get access to a lawyer who could overlook the torture and kidnapping I was subjected to while I got my share of the property back so I could get out of this place that allows such vile conduct. But, unfortunately what they do is put you in an untenable situation and actively encourage you to kill yourself, and deny thats what they’re doing, calling that type of thinking ‘delusional’. It’s clever, because we humans can’t actually see what’s in their hearts. And like the retrieval of the documented proof of the ‘spiking’ they can then claim “you can’t prove it”, despite all parties knowing the truth. Positively poisonous, and we’re paying taxes for this conduct.

    I do however wish you luck, though would give you warning that you are now ‘flagged’ forever. And don’t be surprised if this ‘history’ comes back to haunt you should you ever find yourself disagrreing with someone about a course of action. Your inablitity to see the world according to their interpretation of events is obviously a return of your ‘illness’.

    I think about when the systenm works, and when it doesn’t. Obviously it’s a difficult task for these mental health professionals. And given that situation our Minister has enabled them to conduct themselves like night club rapists and then conceal their conduct with fraud and slander of their victims. It does explain the increasing number of deaths from suicide, but won’t be noticed by the public for some time. We’re only just counting the victims of the child raping priests from the 1960s here, so these rampant abuses occuring in our ‘hospitals’ have some time to run yet. Best those of us ‘in the know’ do what we can to keep people away from the abusers until our respective governments do something to actually protect the community, other than ignore the legal protections already put in place by people wise enough to recognise that these abuses could occur.

    I had a psychiatrist who I explained what was done to me say “They wouldn’t do that”. Of course if I didn’t have the documented proof of what I’m saying, that would be a valid defence. All they have now that I have proved it is negligence (obstruct and pervert the course of justice), to maintain the fraud (see the documents provided to the Mental Health Law Centre that were “edited”. And consider that they were to be provided unredacted as a protection of my [and others] human rights), and continue with the slander (he has a history of mental illness and of carrying weapons. All manufactured to maintain a false narrative, and create the appearance of lawfullness regarding the torture and kidnapping of a citizen). Good news is there are others watching who know what has been done, and we wait.

  • I am reminded of the chapter “Empty and Full” in The Art of War by Sun Tzu Mr Gottstein. It would appear that their is a distinct advantage to be had when the ‘enemy’ is crossing the river, if you get my drift. One State to the other. Be first to the battlefield, and when they are half way across, attack.

    And I guess my comment would be in the form of a question, how vicious is psychiatry when it is weaponised?

    I look at the situation I found myself in where I obtained legal representation only to have my lawyers request the documents relating to my ‘detention’ (with all the necessary documentation regarding non disclosure agreements etc) and then have the documents provided in “edited” form. The hospital provided a set of documents that removed some significant facts (ie that I had been ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines without my knowledge, and that the Community Nurse had lied to police regarding my status claiming I was a “patient” of his hospital). Thus I have two sets of documents with two legal narratives. Police did try to retrieve the set I have, and failed, though the false narrative that was provided to the Mental Health Law Centre seems to be the preferred truth, and I have as a result of the State going to the trouble of distributing this false narrative been denied access to legal representation.

    My claim is that if I put two lawyers in two rooms with the two sets of documents and they come up with different opinions as to what occurred, then the documents have not been “edited” but are actually fraudulent.

    One set says “patient” of said hospital for 10 years was snatched out of his bed by police after a home visit by a Community Nurse, the other says conspire to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping. Problem being our police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code and therefore the fraudulent set stands, and the threats my family and I have been subjected to for my complaint regarding being tortured and kidnapped has been silenced.

    So in my State with this ability to “edit” documents that are provided to legal representatives and remove evidence and facts and then replace them with other documents that create a false legal narrative our public officers have little trouble with the methods they use to achieve outcomes. Arbitrary detentions, torture, kidnappings and any propblems with the “substantive” breaches of the law are dealt with by destroying the victim.

    And to me these days I get it why a lawyer wouldn’t touch anything to do with mental health services given they have this right to commit acts of fraud and leave the lawyers chasing their own tails trying to ensure the rights of their clients is observed. How could that possibly be achieved with such a rigged system? And most of the ‘victims’ (the actual victims being the community, as these are offences against them not the individual) of this State sanctioned fraud and slander would end up committing suicide as a result of the total destruction of their lives, of this I have little doubt. And it appears to be known as I was personally threatened by an Operations Manager who provided the fraudulent set of documents to the Law Centre.

    Jinxed? The idea of ‘bad luck’ or an ‘evil spell’ can be misleading when there are criminals at work behind the scenes. One might look at the last ten miserable years of my life and say the same, that I haven’t seen my family and my career has been destroyed and I have been unable to obtain legal rep to have my property returned was as a result of a ‘jinx’. But that’s simply not true, I have been viciously attacked by public officers who do not wish the truth to emerge, that I was tortured and kidnapped, and well, i’ll leave the rest for those who ‘have the stomach’ for what is being called ‘medicine’ by our Minister for Health. This was no ‘jinx’ but a systematic and evil assault on someone to conceal the truth.

    I must say I am in agreement with one of our politicians who stated that “the worst violence can be the violence of the mind”. And who better to inflict that violence than the people at mental health services, aided and abetted by the people at the Mental Health Law Centre who are prepared to assist in the concealment of human rights abuses whilst claiming to be advocates for those being abused?

    Oh for a Clarence Darrow, though why one would chose to live in a place where our ‘authorities’ have no respect for the law …. Police quite prepared to refuse to take the documented proof of serious criminal offences by ‘medical people’ and assist in retrieving those documents to conceal offences? Gee, I wonder how organised crime gets organised lol.

    I wish you luck with ‘coaching’ Evan. And I will thank you for the valuable information I have gleaned from your articles. Please keep us informed of the progress of these matters.

  • “Being slapped with a psychiatric label should not be countered by slapping ourselves with an equally offensive one.”

    No offense directed at anyone who identifies as a ‘sub’ or accepts the label of masochist. You can go right on slappin. lol

    Seriously though, I don’t have a lot to say about this ‘network’ of people who would say “we will encourage the participation of consumers from around the world.” I get the feeling it may be the case that these ‘consumers’ may need to be grateful they are being ‘encouraged’ to ‘participate’. I know i’m not looking for pats on the head, and a “well done” for getting through the ‘scrapbooking course’.

    When are we going to stop emptying the cutlery drawer and claim that putting the forks where the spoons used to be is change? I say we treat the whole kitchen as a gut job, and today is Demo Day.

  • Goffman had a big influence on my way of thinking about the system of abuse enabled by my government Sam.

    “politically neutered”

    This type of conduct has quite a history in my Book.

    “They say; “O thou to whom the Message is being revealed! Truly thou art mad (or possessed)” ( Al Hijr. 15:6).

    And when I think about what has been done to me to ensure the truth is not known, this makes perfect sense. The people who have taken part in fuking destroying me have benefited from their actions. Whilst i’m sure that there was a lot of hard work involved in the concealment of torture and kidnapping, they did maintain their positions of power and their huge wages for doing filthy work for the State (who I might add ARE responsible for the criminal actions of their public officers. Keep that in mind Mr Floyds family. See the decision in the International Criminal Court re Victoria police).

    Though I do have a promise that the truth will be exposed, because unlike God, the people concealing the truth need to rest, they get older and tired and all of their evil deeds seem to start gaining ground on them. This is something I don’t have to be concerned about. I have asked for forgiveness and it has been granted, not by the State who are delusing themselves with false narratives to conceal their evil deeds (torture, kidnappings, and unintentional negative outcomes).

    I’m sure many an innocent was slaughtered by the Pharoh. And our modern day equivalents are no different. The stick and the snake seemed to sort the frauds out from the real thing. And from what I have witnessed there sure are a lot of frauds in the employ of the State. “verballers” who take their oaths as a cover. But it’s the look in their eyes when they are thrown into the fire that stays with me. “just one more chance, I promise, this time I’ll be good”

    Boans plays Nirvanas Lake of Fire……. Loud 🙂

  • “Bottom line is, everyone uses psychiatry. Psychiatry is really our government”

    I think of it more like The Joker in the Dark Knight. All the organised criminals had a problem, and they turned to someone they really didn’t understand to solve it.

    Some men “can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned with, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

    The assumption being that if you just keep pushing, then eventually the community with give in. Once the size of the stick required to beat them into submission is figured out, we can put psychiatry back into the box.

    Though recent developments seem to have shown the community will keep pushing back, and so a bigger stick will be required. They will be allowed to ‘run’ for a while, community leaders will be identified and their mental illness treated. The burning vehicles all part of the theatre, and done as a means of providing the elite media something to report on other than the ‘facts’ and the ‘evidence’.

    The surveillance mechanisms will ensure that the status quo continues, and we will continue to see the police demonstrate the power they weild as a result of the fear of the 1%.

    ““Unfounded allegations that police officers pushed a woman to her death from a balcony, in the absence of evidence or fact, perpetuate a false narrative that the police are the enemy,” the Toronto Police Association said.”

    Seriouslt consider what is being said in that statement. Unfounded allegations as a result of them being in a position where they are actively encouraged to tamper with the facts and evidence? I can bear witness before God that in my instance these people have delibertaely attempted to retrieve the “evidence” and the “facts” to ensure that a false narrative was perpetuated, and that organised criminals continued to operate in our hospitals harming people. So who, besides me, is an “enemy”? Those who would commit serious criminal offences against the administration of Justice? Not according to our ‘authorities’ or the people who make the false claim that they are “protecting the community”. They continue to conceal the truth with falsehoods. Their denial that the spot on the skin is cancer providing ample opportunity for the problem to spread.
    Though I must admit there is a certain fascination for me watching good cells becoming cancerous. And putting psychiatry under the microscope, one can watch the process, though the progression of the disease seems to be difficult to slow. The ‘chemo’ offered by big pharma which held so much promise ends up being just another false hope.

    “perpetuate a false narrative that the police are the enemy,” I quote this again and then ask the reader to look at the video of Mr Floyd and tell me, no these people are your friends. And only a “domestic terrorist” would dare fight back against their friends.

  • “people should be free to decide for themselves how best to handle their own issues, whether that be by taking psychiatric drugs or through some other means.”

    Yes but in order to allow them to be free we need to kidnap and torture them first to be sure they will be responsible with that freedom.

    Consider, my refusal to speak to a psychologist regarding my decision to leave my wife resulted in me being ‘spiked’ with benzos, having items planted on me for police to find and create the appearance of lawfulness for what was a kidnapping, and then being interrogated for 7 hours whilst unknowingly under the influence of someone elses stupefying drugs.

    I don’t know about you Jon, but I really struggle to see the ‘medical care’ involved in that, though my inability to see my world from the perspective of said psychologist might have constituted an ‘illness’ I suppose. No harm done I guess, well, to the psychologist. My life has been deliberately fuking detroyed’ as a result of complaining but ……nobodys business say the police. Don’t look at what they are actually calling mental health services because you might not like what you see.

    Personally when I paid $200 to talk to someone about a workplace incident, I had no idea it meant they could do such things to take control of my life. And this type of conduct has the full support of my government who seem to be of the opinion that it is actually good for the community. Arbitrary detentions, ‘spikings’, kidnappings, interrogations whilst spiked,…… got a cheek to call the place a hospital. Bit like calling Guantanamo Bay a Mosque, or Ariel Castro a Community Nurse.

  • Yes ThereAreFourLights, it sure is.

    What I like about it is it highlights how psychiatric supporters and mental health professionals will use the Sceintologist claim against we who oppose them (anti psychiatrists), and we end up fighting against the Scientologists for them. It’s clever, and has not gone unnoticed.

    Notice the educated white boy trying to get Ali to go and kill yellow people for him, so that he doesn’t have to?

    Accusations of being a Scientologist work in exactly the same manner.

  • “Unfounded allegations that police officers pushed a woman to her death from a balcony, in the absence of evidence or fact, perpetuate a false narrative that the police are the enemy,” the Toronto Police Association said.

    And if, like me, someone were to come forward with “evidence” or “fact” that this was what was done? I can tell you exactly what would occur in my State, in fact I already have told you what occurs in my State. Fraud, slander, intimidation and threats etc……

    Your best bet is to get out while you can with the evidence and seek protection from a government that has a rule of law. Rather than one which is openly abusing human and civil rights, and denying access to legal representation to ensure that false narratives are maintained. Once police ARE the criminals all is lost.

    So based on “evidence” or “fact” police retrieve (or more correctly have a citizen retrieve) evidence in a hands off kind of way, and the ensure it is not considered in the investigation, then they can rightly claim that what is being perpetuated is a false narrative. (knowing that the “evidence” or “facts” has been retrieved and witnesses silenced, one can assert that police are not the enemy, despite police being the enemy of truth. Though being able to pervert the course of justice is a distinct advantage against the public enemy)

    Man I wish someone would objectively examine the proof I have. You have no idea what it is like to not only know you have been tortured and kidnapped, but that the ‘authorities’ are actively engaged in crimes to conceal those facts. Destroyed my family, home, career, mental state, ….everything. And then even with the proof, they prefer the fraud (false narrative) because …. ‘mental health’. Duh, you torture and kidnap someone ad expect it to NOT have an effect on someone? Who actually is the Nut here?

    This is in no way a comment on police in Canada by the way. I’ve got high hopes that the sort of vile corrupt conduct I can bear witnness to does not occur in other places. I suspect it does, because the people who did this to me seem to get moved around, rather than dealt with effectively. But it hasn’t stopped me from dreaming there’s a place that doesn’t allow citizens to be tortured and then killed for complaining. And as I have stated elsewhere after seeing a Canadian citizen being cared for by his government in one of our ‘hospitals’ I assume they might actually be concerned about their own people. Unlike my State which allows them to be ‘unintentionally negatively outcomed’ to maintain false narratives.

    Surely the mental health of these criminals requires treatment before moving them elsewhere to harm others? Did it work with the child raping priests? Then why on earth would it work with organised criminals in the health sector? Though doing so would be an admission that wrong was done, and we can’t do that no matter how many people are harmed.

  • The comments followed similar remarks Friday from Toronto’s police union …….”sensationalize this tragic event with blatant disregard for evidence or fact.”

    I note they are calling for witnesses to contact them. In my instance that would raise red flags. Anyone with facts and evidence not suited to the preferred narrative would be threatened, have the proof retrieved, and be referred to mental health services for treatment should they speak the truth. And reporters or lawyers would shut their mouths and do as they’re told. Otherwise they would be considered domestic terrorists.

    Wow, imagine if that were the police in my State, I would laugh till next week. Disregard for evidence or fact? I went to the trouble of obtaining my own medical records which show I was ‘spiked’ with benzos, had a Community Nurse call police and lie to them and say he required assistance with his “patient” so he could subject me to an interrogation whilst under the influence of the spiking, and at the point of a weapon. Do you think the police are interested in the “facts” or the “evidence”?

    I’ve been told by one police Sergent who wouldn’t even pick the documents up that he doesn’t have a copy of the criminal code in his station therefore “spiking’ someone with benzos (ie intoxication by deception s. 305A) is NOT a criminal offence. I have been told by another officer who stated that I shouldn’t have these documents that he would arrest me for having the proof that I was ‘spiked’ with benzos. I have letters from a Detective and a Police Superintendent who give the appearance that they do not have a basic understanding of the law (I believe this is called ‘baiting’ a victim, frustrate till they act then shoot to kill). And all this supported by our Politicians who HAVE examined the proof and have been provided with the facts relating to the fraudulent documents distributed by the hospital to the Mental Health Law Centre. Think they care about hospitals distributing fruadulent documents to conceal kidnapping and torture? Think again. They hand it back to police for cover ups, and stay silent with the claim they know what they are doing whilst organised criminals are enabled.

    So I hear what the Canadian Police are saying about disregarding the facts and evidence, and know that in my State, that is the preferred method of manipulating outcomes by our Police. Thuis they can enable the continued operation of organised criminals in our hospital system and keep throwing the victims of these criminals back to them via mental health referrals on the “reasonable grounds” that the person was asleep as a result of being spiked, or that someone went to the trouble of planting items on them to create the appearance of lawfulness when kidnapping citizens.

    Police in my State have a complete disregard for any facts and evidence that doesn’t suit their false narratives. I feel sure that many don’t believe me, and the few whom have bothered to look have had their families threatened. Ask the psychologist who went through my ‘trauma’ with me, and explained to police that it was not a “hallucination” to claim you have been spiked with benzos when you have the documented proof of that occurring. It does however mean police want to know who else has the documents when they thought they had retrieved them for the hospital before the fraudulent set were sent out to my legal representatives (in order to pervert the course of justice as we like to call it in the criminal code police can’t find). And they are lawfully allowed to threaten the said psychologist to gather that information for them during what he calls ‘therapy’. Fact, though once again I’m sure no one will bother checking due to it not being a preferred truth.

    When police are openly tampering with evidence and facts like this to conceal criminal conduct for organised criminals in our hopsitals, nothing, and I mean NOTHING they claim can be accepted as fact. And personally I’d be checking exactly HOW MUCH assistance they have provided for these criminals, because I wasn’t the first person they ‘fuking destroyed’ with their fraud and slander. And Iv’e no doubt not the last judging by the respones to me still having the proof of these serious criminal offences. Still, why would anyone dare speak up regading police criminal conduct and corruption? Especially when lawyers are quite prepared to use their positions of trust to assist them conceal their conduct. Human rights lawyers at the Mental Health Law Centre actively engaged in the concealment of known torutre methods? Fact.

    And how many others before they were exposed? Obviouly lots, hence the need to continue concealing the truth in preference for the false narrative and obstruction of justice by police.

    I propose we no longer call them police after seeing what is occurring in the news. They should rightly be called the 1% Security Company which is an accurate reflection of what they actually do in our communities. “facts and evidence” matter nought where I live, when you can be arrested for having the proof of crimes. Anyone care to hear the recording? It’s kind of bizarre when the police are acting in a manner one would call ‘paranoid’ and treating you as if there is something wrong with your mental health. I’ve no doubt I was ‘flagged’ to not have my complaint regarding the torture and kidnapping taken. Though having police make statments like “it might be best I don;t know about that” regarding attempts to kill are a little concerning. Though they were after all just doing their job (or more correctly neglecting to do their job to manipulate outcomes).

    Doctor rings police and says “don’t take the evidence/proof” and attempts to sort their problem out in the E.D. It’s all there if anyone ever cares to look. But for now they will threaten your family if you do so, tread carefully. And the silence form our politicians? Disgraceful when they know that cover ups are being done regarding torture and kidnappings by ‘health professionals’. Though I’m sure they have ‘insurance’ when fraudlent documents can be distrbuted by State representatives to conceal their criminal conduct. Imagine how flimsy the protections they claim with our Euthanasia Act are given that FACT. I get it that people may not want to believe me, but it would seem important to at least check what i’m saying. Oh that’s right, they did and found I was speaking the truth, and then doubled down to ensure that no one lese checks and finds out about their negligence in the first instance. So the threat to fuking destroy me for speaking the truth still stands I can only assume? Good people?

    One claim may be that the police are leaving it to other authorites to resolve. Who, the same authorities who have distributed fraudulent documents and then attempted to murder the victim? Then what actually IS the job of police? To assist these authorities in that process? Based on the “facts” and “evidence” I have the answer is YES. State sanctioned killings to conceal torture and kidnappings. Though the beaches and weather here are nice.

  • “4. ‘Antidepressants are not placebo’

    This isn’t a rebuttal. Also, placebos can be said to have ‘therapeutic value’.

    5. ‘idiosyncratic opinion’

    What? According to Dr Peter R. Breggin,……..”

    An argument from authority, followed by an accusation of an argument from authority? Yep, I can confirm that is a psychiatrist tweeting lmao.

    “7. ‘Why don’t we discuss the larger market and systemic forces which have made psychotherapy so hard to access?’”

    Do the maths on the income differential on ECTs, I think you would be shocked (not literally of course. 7 weeks of full time therapy compared to 6 hours plugging people into the wall socket according to my calculations. And they didn’t waste any time once my State government gave the ‘green light’ to ‘treat’ kiddies. Snouts well and truly in the trough as a result. Full front page advertising in the newspaper disguised as ‘reporting’.)

  • “People who run afoul of the “mental health system” in “developed countries” are more likely to be worse off than if they were left alone.”


    People who run afoul of the “morality police” in “undeveloped countries” are more likely to be worse off than if they were left alone.

    They are yet to remove homosexuality from the “DSM’ in Iran for example, though the ‘treatment’ according to statistics is actually effective.

  • Yes O.O.

    I stopped the online therapy when I realised it wasn’t really Sigmund Freud, but Sigmund Fraud wearing a Groucho Marx glasses and moustache. If i’m going to be paying that sort of money I want the real thing lol.

    I know i’ve had a lot to say about the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ by these mental health workers. The report by Commissioner Kennedy resulted in a change to our system whereby police who were making claims that the suspect had made a ‘confession’, needed that to be recorded on camera (only for major crimes, they could still perjure themselves for minor offences and do so to this day). This was in the old days when we had VHS, so I guess one benefit of being constantly under surveillance is that at least we can check who the verballers are? Problem I have noticed is when the criminals are the ones controlling the recordings, they find it easy to manipulate the outcomes (though their colleagues do have a tendency to turn the screws once they know they have a ‘bent’ one on their hands). And as a result of my experiences make sure you have copies of anything before police find out and start in on your family and friends to find out “who else has the documents?”. Not that it matters, they simply ignore any facts they don’t like anyway. Australians value a rule of law Prime Minister? Then what are doctors doing above it?

  • Have you met our Minister for Health Oldhead?

    “In other words those who reject the bullshit ………. are “mentally ill” and need to be contained”.

    Making a complaint that he doesn’t like means that the person making the complaint is ‘delusional’ and in need of assistance from mental health services. His dog whistle slandering of anyone who has a valid complaint (and documented proof) adding to the already dangerously corrupt system he is enabling.

    Shame someone hasn’t given him the skills to do what might even give the appearance of an independent investigation, rather than use his position to silence any critics via the medicalisation of complainants. I’m sure some of his ‘colleagues’ would speak up, but it can be difficult from a locked ward with one of his ‘referrals’ that can be achieved easily in a State that is enabling arbitrary detentions and human rights abuses disguised as ‘medicine’.

  • “Their jobs should be related to crime only.”

    Torture, kidnapping, maiming and killing are related to crime. Retrieving documented proof of those crimes is related to crime. Failing to perform your duty because you have a doctor on the phone telling you to commit that offence is related to crime.

    It’s almost the perfect symbiotic relationship between organised criminals and the State. Who better to corrupt that a psychiatrist? And what are the chances of anything being done about it even with the proof? Certainly wouldn’t be relying on the authorites such as AHPRA (where you are referred to make dead end complaints). They go way beyond incompetent. I get the feeling that this is where the people go when even the hospital doesn’t know what to do with them anymore, give them a job as ‘investigators’. First year involves investigating where the toilets are. I’m being cynical of course, I just assumed that the regulatory body governing medical professionals would know that a Community Nurse who has no prescribing rights (because they are the ones that licence them) would know he is not allowed to authorise the ‘spiking’ of people he wants to kidnap. Silly me thinking they would know that without me explaining it to them in detail, only to be ignored. A Federal body no less.

    We had a Police Commissioner here may years ago Sam who took the job with the opening line of “we’re moving into crime in a big way”. And boy did he mean it. lol

    This was a case that interested me at the time

    What isn’t mentioned in the wiki is that Ms Easton was a lawyer who was required to present to the court where she had obtained the documents she had tabled (I believe). Between a rock and a hard place, and doesn’t look like anyone bothered to ask if she was suicidal. She gassed herself in her car four days later. No mention of chemical imbalances I note. It was a political football for some time, with the family finally deciding to put it to rest.

  • Fiachra

    “Severe Mental Illness Register since 2002”

    Do you have any further information about this register? And am I correct in assuming they (Newton) have listed you without even informing you (or your representative) that this had been done?

    I know in my case that when I sought a report from a psychiatrist for my workplace incident the lawyers made it clear to me that I had NOT been listed. What seems to have been done is that people wanted it to be that I was listed, acted as if I was, and then tried to ‘patch’ the holes post hoc.

    I have a theory about what the psychologist at the private clinic was trying to do, shuffle me sideways to her husband for a diagnosis (ie put me on the register you speak of) that suited the treatments he would make some dollars from, knowing I had some money from the claim. Nothing like checking someones wallet before banging them over the head with ECTs and taking their money.

    Of course a big problem that I can prove I wasn’t a “patient” though they ‘treated’ me as one. Amazing that what does constitute torture becomes medicine with a change of status. And being able to change that status and list people without them being informed? No doubt that would be a clear breach of human rights, not that they ever act on any of them (talk, talk, talk while the showers are delousing). One can’t even get an acknowledgement of complaints, lest their negligence and dereliction of duty be noted.


  • Well done Sam Plover.

    My mum got Bells paulsy and half her face stopped working. I can still remember sitting with her on her birthday (Christmas Day) in the ED of our biggest hospital trying to answer questions while she was collapsing.
    It did cross my mnd and I live in hope that maybe but ….. then I think and look at it and nah, its a stroke.

    Funny but people on the internet care more than even my own family. Mind you they turned their backs on me while I was being tortured so I can’t see why they would be concerned now.

    I often think about why people do that. I mean in the scheme of things I’ve done absolutely nothing. There are people whohave done absolutely monsterous acts and we won’t allow them to be tortured, at least not without making them into “patients” first. Ask the people who run the prisons. If I have done something wrong then punish me for it. But not because you have fabricated some slander to justify your actions. Habius corpus.

    But of course what has occurred in my situation is that some tricksters managed to put one over the people at the hospital. The Community Nurse wanted to impress the ladies, and thought well, they’ve set this one up good and proper. He comes along and slanders me as a wife beater. Oh how I would like that truth tested, because it seems to me that this slander has been the basis of treating me badly, and it is simply untrue. The way that both police and the mental health workers reacted when my wife admitted attempting to plunge the knife into my chest while I was laying on the couch …. ask them. No, they don’t like the facts they were provided with, and made some other story up.

    Its even obvious on the documents as to how the story was twisted. I became my wifes nephew, my wife became me, and the nephew disappeared from the narrative.

    I went from being the ‘peacemaker’ (“Boans tried to resolve it with the family, but the family took nephews side” and then started threatening home invasion), to “has a knife for protection from an unknown source” (whatever that means and particularly interesting when one takes into consideration that the Community Nurse wasn’t informed that the police didn’t actually find the knife that had been planted. He was assuming it had and documented the fact that he knew it was planted in the first instance). Not that any of this matters, as long as someone goes to prison, and we ensure that if it’s a wrongful conviction, no one ever looks and sees what was done to obtain that conviction.

    Still, I get it.I mean these are serious criminal offences and they would get mandatory prison terms. And the crimes were committed in good faith assuming that they wouldn’t get caught, like the other times. So police assisting by perverting the course of justice to ensure they don’t get caught given all they were doing was a bit of torture and kidnapping because a psychologist got paid $200 for lying…. meh. Don’t pity me, have some pity for the people she shuffled sideways from the private clinic for ECTs. Did she ever enquire as to how they were doing, or was she more interested in when the money went into the bank? I guess we will never know, especially with police ensuring we will never know the truth as a result of their aid and abett organised criminals.

    I consider that sort of conduct absolutely predatory. Maybe its not, and I hope someone here tells me that it’s fine for a psychologist to be positioning herself where she can obtain ‘patients’ for her husband to bang over the head with electricity, and make a heap of money. She hunts and grooms the target, and once they sign on the dotted line…….bzzzzzzt, bzzzzzt. I can’t see why it would be illegal, and if her husband was a plastic surgeon maybe she could have found patients who thought themselves ugly and made referrals? So maybe they weren’t doing anything wrong by hunting in someone elses practice.

    I’m hoping my partner is released from hospital really soon. They have managed to stop the bleeding. I don’t want the cat chewing bits off me if I end up dead in here for days lol. I’ve gven it heaps of kibbles but it has this strange look on its face, like it’s sizing up my leg for a nibble.

    All of your prayers are greatfully accepted. I’m in the best of hands 🙂 Truly He knows what has been in my heart the whole time, and i’ve no doubt He is disappointed in some, and possibly angry at others. Where God is concerned I will not be punished for the wrongdoing of anyone else. Unlike here in my State who will ‘fuking destroy’ anyone who simply has the audacity to make a legitimate complaint about being assaulted (tortured and kidnapped) by thugs working for the State. Well done people, you do our Nation proud. And make Bashar al Assad look like Mahatma Ghandi.

  • Oh there will be justice, but not in this place.

    I have tried to remove myself from here but have been denied access to my property to do that. It’s clever, anyone who speaks the truth, don’t let them eave, particularly when they have the proof.

    I really don’t think I give a damn anymore. I tried in the flase belief that people actually cared when others were being tortured. I mean I see people who have actually committed serious offences get access to legal representation and complaints regarding torture. I disagreed with my wife, who sought advice from someone who wished to do me harm. And who had already done so.

    Anyhow, good news is they have passed a Euthanasia Law here and can ‘treat’ anyone they wish and as I have proven they can then distribute fraudulent documents to any lawyers wishing to make inquiroes about the unintended negative outcome. That is total control. I have shown how to have police snatch people from their beds and have them delivered to any hospital one wishes for this ‘treatment’.

    I have asked questions regarding these crimes only to be ignored by people with a duty to act on them, in fact in the case of the Chief Psychiatrist he has rewritten the law to ensure he removes the legal protections he is responsible for.

    Not a concern on the opart of anyone. I even wrote to the Mental Health law centre pointing out these facts, but they too don’t recognise the legal protection of “suspect on reasonable grounds” and seem to think that what was done to me was perfectly reasonable. I ask anyone who knows what O have claimed how they feel about that. And how they then feel about the protections THEY have as a result of agreeing with these authorities.

    I’m sure it was all a big mistake, and we can’t have torturers and kidnappers being punished. It would maen a loss of trust on the part of the public, and that is needed when your kidnappig and torturing and calling it medicine by a change of status post hoc.

    Come on guys, were all making lots of money. Whats with complaints about shoving a few into the showers. It’s not like its large scale, yet.

    I really do not care anymore. Who would want to live in a place where all is false. People talking about their ‘battles’ against the abuse, actually participating in concealing the abuse? Well done to the Mental Health Law Centre in the assistance you are providing the government in concealing these human rights abuses. I mean where else would people turn in a time when they were bieing subjected to abuse by mental health services? Your worth the money from the government to assist in concealing any demonstrable abuses. And what a shame the people who volunteer at your service go into it with the opposite intent, ie stopping human rights abuses. More than their careers are worth in the end I guess. I’m sure they will do weel as a result of being taught how to do the ‘nasty’ to victims of crimes, not unlike the people who concealed children being raped by priests. Though that should worry you because you can’t run and hide forever.

    My faith is strong ThereAreFourLights. If I am meant to go, then so be it. If not a real doctor who treates people, and is not interested in the political gains to be had from the organised crimes being enabled in our hopitals will step forward. Amd keep in mind what happened the last time a doctor tried to murder me lol. Had him doing all sorts of extra work running the doctors union, corrupting others, free hair cuts in the lunch room ……. lol

    Looking back I get the feeling that the biblical prophesies were fulfilled. My wife two broken arms, the Minister and principle of the Law Centre ‘flogged’ and not allowed to act in the name of Jesus, the Community Nurse running for his life calling on a God he didnt believe in when he was bearing false witness…… Allahu Akbar.

    My work here is done 🙂 I’ll leave those who continue to maintain the falsehoods to others. It is known who they are and they will be dealt with in His time.

    I like where you got your name. I see four too, funny that.

  • It’s meant to Steve.

    If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bulls*&t.

    Now imagine your being carted away for forced treatment trying to argue about the meaning of that statement?

    Like this letter I have from the Chief Psychiatrist about how the grounds used to detain me were reasonable because he wrote down things that sound reasonable so he had reasonable grounds. And he only need suspect on grounds he considers reasonable not on reasonable grounds that the person requires an assessment by a psychiatrist and not that they require being an involuntary patient because then there would be standards to meet and thats not reasonable. We want to lock up anyone we want to, and will do so because the Chief Psychiatrist is not doing his duty to protect the public by ignoring the law.

    Works every time. No one prepared to point out the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. I feel sorry for the good people who took the time to write and pass these laws with the best of intentions, only to have these people in authority ignore the intent and use it to manipulate preferred outcomes. Dig there own grave in the end I guess.

  • This comment from a man snatched from his bed by police after being ‘spiked’ with benzodiazepines to enable the planting of a knife to overcome the legal protections I am afforded by our laws. Police then hand one over to a Community Nurse who makes up a mental illness on the spot that requires assessment and despite a legal protection that he should refer to my doctor (a problem because I didn’t have one) he can then send me to whatever doctor has requested him to do the kidnapping.

    The combining of the “spiking” with benzos and the “acute stress reaction” being the act of torture.

    Two DO NOTS of “acute stress reaction”? DO NOT prescribe benzos, and DO NOT force the person to talk. Clever to conceal the drugging (via acquiescence) and then use the cover of “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” to enable torture methods for our police and mental health professionals don’t you think?

    7 hours of interrogation whilst spiked with intoxicating stupefying drugs, never informed and then released to drive a motor vehicle at high speeds. I fail to see how anyone would not consider this at least ‘offensive’. Unfortunately police can’t seem to find their copy of the Criminal Code so the crimes go undetected, which is fortunate because someone might have some questions about their part in the interrogation of me (documented by the Community Nurse).

    Yes, my government is working really hard to ensure the safety of it’s citizens. They are finding that committing acts of fraud are highly convenient in ensuring their evil conduct remains undetected and their good reputation is maintained despite the fact they find torture necessary. And ‘we’ point fingers at other Nations?

  • “You had to medicalize everything as much as possible to prove that social problems did not exist, but they did exist!”

    “What I realized later was that they were teaching me that if you take human rights out of psychiatry, then psychiatry becomes dangerous and toxic.”

    Deadly in fact.

    So from your first statement I quote there, it would seem that my government in Australia has learned something from the old Soviet system. Everything is being medicalized and then things that couldn’t be done to citizens, eg torture and kidnapping and we’ll to use the ‘softer term’ preferred by our Chief Psychiatrist, unintentional negative outcomes. The Mental Health Act has become a means to destroy any and all human and civil rights we had.

    And I do hope that in the end that the second statement is the reason that few people want to become psychiatrists these days precisely because they do not wish to be in a toxic and dangerous environment. Making people sick and then claiming to be the cure is hardly the pinnacle of medical care.

    I’d have liked to have asked a question which no one (and I mean no one) in my country can answer. How does one go about reporting the use of torture by public officers? (other than reporting the torture to the torturers only to be told you will be ‘fuking destroyed’ for having the proof) In an interesting twist the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights published an article saying the govenrnment is attempting to pass laws to make it unlawful to report torture to anyone BUT the torturers (anyone but me see a problem there?)

    I get it that my government has signed the Convention against the use of Torture (et al), but they have simply ensured there is no right to remedy, and instead label it a mental illness to complain and ‘treat’ you with negative outcoming. (see the reply from our Minister for Health. This despite me knowing he has been provided with the absolute proof of the torture)

    Silly me thinking that the citizens I share this space with were also offended by the use of torture by mental health professionals, they’re not. Or at least they’re too afraid to say so. Given that police will retrieve the proof of the use of known torture methods and then turn a blind eye while doctor sorts the little problem out.

    So, I’ve asked for 10 years people such as our lawmakers as to how this Convention works, and whilst they thought I didn’t have the proof they slandered me. Now they know I still have the proof (and the subsequent fraudulent documents dictributed to human roights lawyers who assisted in concealing human rights abuses) they simply ignore me. I understand this of course, what does one do when confronted with the truth when the lie is what you prefer?

    I’m sure that some day my young country will look back and consider these times of trouble, where we destroyed a whole culture deliberately and then eventually said “Sorry” with an empty heart. We can then use the latest technologies to ensure our children don’t know the truth about what we did, as our shame is poured over us in our graves. Heroes of our times? Sychophants and cowards more like it, taking oaths as a cover for the vicious human rights abuses we’re prepared to stand by and watch.

    The other thing I would mention is that the UN came out and stated that Australias Mental Health Laws WERE a violation of human rights and that the treaments MAY constitute torture back in 2010 (?). They took that opportunity to pass new Mental Health Acts and have made the situation much worse, depending on whether you are the abuser or the abused of course. Our politicians were well prepared for the changes and were parroting the line “There are added protections” but not mentioning who the beneficiaries of those protections were, and let me say they weren’t the “consumers”. It did provide legal protections for doctors giving ECTs to children so I guess our pollies weren’t actually lying about the protections.

    They still ARE a violation of human rights but at least the government took the time to invalidate your report. That’s got to be worth something. Anyone pointing to your work can now be told, ah yes but we updated the laws with added protections 🙂

    So in Australia making a valid complaint about the government is now medicalized and you are treated for it via the use of force. Sounds a lot like the old Soviet system to me. I live in a Delusional (not Constitutional) Democracy lol

  • With such a list surely the half life of knowledge in psychiatry has been reached and they have become redundant. It must be concerning to be watching the walls of truth moving in on the fraud and slander they have relied on to maintain their positions as ‘real doctors’. Which possibly explains the doubling down and reversion to becoming a mechanism of oppression, where hospital locked wards are places where human rights abuses can be hidden from public view and used to maintain power over those who would prefer the truth to be known.

    “They will take their oaths as a cover”

    “Do not conceal truth with falsehood when you know what it is”

    “Let the people of the Injil judge according to what Allah has revealed therein, those that fail to do so are no better than the kuffar”

    I’m sure there are other items that could be added to your list Jon, though I don’t know how much more time needs to be wasted on a waste of time like psychiatry.

    Note that psychology is also going through some changes in regard the half life of knowledge, the area becoming redundant quickest? Psychopharmacology. This ‘pattern’ would be expected given what you have written above. Talk therapy still holding ground. Though my collection of singing potatoes tell me that this is more about something we have shared for a long time anyway, social contact and community.

    I would pose the question, is knowledge really knowledge in a place where people are making sh*t up?

  • Yes Sam, I find all this talk about access to mental health sevices due to cornona virus and isolation concerning.

    I must admit that I was wondering about how many people would be effected by the isolation and have mental health concerns. I was worried about my own sanity and if it wasn’t for my collection of singing potatoes I think I may have gone mad (credit to writers of Red Dwarf lol).

  • Good news, bad news, who knows.

    What I can say is that as the days are passing it is becoming increasingly obvious I have had a stroke. My face is paralyzed, I can’t raise my eyebrow, close my eye and have less than half my mouth working.

    To the people who are saying “Go see a doctor” I submit this. I know for a fact police have me ‘flagged’ for referral to mental health services for having the proof of being tortured and kidnapped. That was exposed some time back (see my notes in the old forums , documented as it happened). I have been threatened by the Operations Manaer of a hospital that they are going to “fuking destroy” me, and have evidence that they attempted to do just that. Our system is an all roads lead to Rome system, where I I turn up anywhere on that system I will quite possibly be ‘referred’ back to the people who have evil intent. I say this knowing that the people with a duty to respond to what was done to me have failed to perform their duty, and have in fact openly and willingly coimmitted serious criminal offences to ensure the protection of those who tortured and kidnapped me.

    Go see a doctor? Yes, my paranoia is getting in the way of that. Or as reality would have it, I simply don’t wish to provide the opportunity to frauds and slanderers to do me harm and call it medicine. A dcotor would do what they could to help ME, not the criminals operating in their midst.

    Anyway, long story short, the hope is I fall asleep and Allah sees fit to take me. I thank you all for your friendship and support over the years, even those who dislike me, I have a love for you that you will never understand. I don’t want to be liked, I want to be treated fairly.

    I will keep postiong for as long as possible, who knows I may wake from a bad dream and be back in the plave I used to live in before being ‘spiked’, tortured and kidnapped. You know, the place where me and my family paid taxes for medical services should we get sick? Which I now find so corrupted I can’t even slur to a doctor about my face not working.

    Keep at em folk.

  • I love it ThereAreFourLights.

    Trouble is that this ‘right to silence’ in regards mental health professionals opens one up to the use of known torture methods here in Australia. They couch it in terms of “medication administered without knowledge” and induce an “acute stress reaction” rather than simply write, ‘won’t talk, torture required’. I feel a bit like someone who has been shown how to do the trick with the three cards, and I stand watching as people are being cheated out of their money by scammers. Only it isn’t their money they are loosing but their human and civil rights. Right under the shadow of their big noses (as the Finns say).

    And of course once mental health services are allowed to do it, police will be most enthusiastic about accessing their services, and tbh I can’t blame them. No one here wants to talk to them either given their reputation (that they don’t know about).

    All they need is one doctor prepared to sign off on ‘spikings’ (i’ve got a name, and a possible reason as to why this particular doctor might wish to commit such corrupt acts for police. A Quid Pro Quo, and I know he speaks Latin as I tested that when I spoke to him without the staff understanding what I said. Vulpes Pilum Mutat Non Mores. Forcing me to remove my clothes and inserting objects into my mouth or anus when I had denied consent? You’ve done this somewhere before Father.). That ‘assault’ then combined with psychological coercion resulting in the ability to conceal acts of torture, simples. But lets keep it between you and me huh? We’ve got people at the lowest levels of police and mental health services authorising the use of known torture methods, and their superiors then concealing these vile acts for them. Amazing the knee jerk reaction to ‘refoul’ victims of torture here, and leaves me wondering how much of it they are actually doing when they have a system set up to conceal it.

  • “Yup. Nothing says, “I care” like handcuffs, a squad car, and being forcibly injected with mind-altering and body-altering drugs. Cheers me up every time.”

    I used to think the one good thing psychiatry has given the world was the script for Frasier (Cheers …… me up every time). How ironic that in his workplace his signature line is “I’m listening” and he has headphones (earmuffs?) on lol

  • “That said, I’ve seen providers who have an agenda to get someone in to a hospital use statements like “I have a plan” and simply write those down in their notes and leave out the broader details that make the risk seem minimal or at least not current.”

    So you’ve met ‘verballers’ then? The line drawn by the law with regards sworn statements (not just notes) is that the statement should not be “false or wreckless as to the truth”. Deliberately remaining vague in your statements to mislead the reader IS an act of fraud, and should be dealt with as such. The ‘good faith’ defence does not apply. The intent was not good, but rather to decieve, ie bad, or should i suggest, evil.

    “The validity of an oath, affirmation or statutory declaration is not affected by the fact that the person taking or making it does not use the exact words required as long as the words actually used do not materially affect the substance of the exact words and are not likely to mislead.” (From Oaths, Affidavits and Statutory Declarations Act 2005.

    I always smile when I read the response of our Chief Psychiatrist to my complaint about the fact that my dentention was enabled by a ‘verbal’. He states that the Form 1 Stat. Dec. gives reasonable grounds for detention, which only proves that the ‘verbal’ is effective, and has actually misled him into a false belief that the detention was justified. Not likely to mislead? He has provided me with the proof that it misled.

    The Community Nurse who had a duty to use literal and not figurative language writes in his “observations” (a protection from being locked up on heresay) that he saw me having “thoughts of harming others”. Note “others” when what he was informed of was a disagreement I had with someone three weeks earlier, which had been resolved.. So he literally travelled back in time to make this observation and make it current, and just changed the singular to plural to generalise the threat. Quality work from a fraud and slanderer. I wonder sbout how many deaths this particular person has caused, and those who are protecting him in his acts of fraud.

    In my State unfortunately they encourage public officers in acts of ‘verballing’. I even went to a creative writing class with a police officer who was having difficulty doing it. Imagine him writing down the facts. The aim is to mislead the reader into thinking you had justifiction for your actions. Combine that with the planting of physical evidence and the world is your oyster. The ‘watchdog’ bodies have been ‘spiked’ and had their teeth removed by our politicians desperate to appear to be getting results with regards crime statistics (note I say statistics, they don’t give a damn about the organised criminals operating in our hospitals, and are in fact aiding and abetting them).

    There was a Royal Commission into Police Corruption here many years ago now and the Commissioner stated that the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ was having a damaging effect on our courts. Resulting in many wrongful convictions etc. I feel certain that this poison that runs rampant in mental health services has resulted in many deaths from suicide, though they tell me they don’t do body counts of the enemy. Must have been their illness huh? Maybe we need more money to try and stop this epidemic?

  • It’s a shame that Barak Obama didn’t stand by his word and release ALL the photos from Abu Ghraib.

    And while we can look at sketches of torture machines from the middle ages, just a quick look at what is invloved in waterboarding seems to make people reconsider what is meant by the line between coercion and torture. So imagine what it’s like when they do cross the line with what they’ve got. Waterboarding whilst ECTing someone considered medicine? We might get that past the public given what they already accept as not being torture. Makes it look more like a medical procedure?

    I believe the video of the coercion of Abu Zubaydah was available for a while but …… not the sort of thing you post on Youtube with an M rating.

  • I think thats a great idea i_e_cox. No result no pay.

    I think back over my experience and my wife went to a psychologist with her issue. She didn’t like the decision I had made and was of the opinion that I needed to speak to a mental health professional. I on the other hand, they knew, would refuse to speak to said mental health professional. So the mental health professional knowing how good her medicine was made a decision to use force (torture and kidnap) sure that eventually I would come around and realise that it was good for me, and that my wife was the sane one, and my decision was ‘delusional’, I mean imagine being threatened by people and thinking it was a good idea to remove oneself from the situation, absolutely insane.

    So they arranged to do a kidnapping and make it look like it was lawful,. Fairly easy really in a Stae that authorises arbitrary detentions (via negligence) and forced druggings based on fraud.

    Of course to me this is the same menatlity of pack rapists. They are of the belief that what they have is so good for the object of their desires, that any refusal on the part of that object is obviously symptoms of some sort of illness, and with increasing levels of coercion and force they will see the errors of their ways. So pin them down and show them what ya got. And if it doesn’t work first time, its because they need more of it until they do see how good it is for them. Now of course pack rapists sometimes end up in prison, but many remain unrepentant, usually as a result of believing their own lies surrounding consent. She said yes, and I don’t believe it had anything to do with the knife we held to her throat, she was after a;; under the influence of the drugs we put in her drink. (“You can’t listen to her, she’s a mental patient” huh Minister?)

    And they just don’t get it. And in many cases police and mental health workers are of the opinion that its best that the crimes are not prosecuted because of the damage that has been done to their ‘witnesses’. So it’s easier to give the victim a further kicking rather than bring the perpetrator to justice. Hence they can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code despite you having the proof that the assault took place. They’re just going to produce evidence that you consented and it’s a whole waste of time (well, depending on who you are obviously. One of their family members and they would plant evidence on the criminal but … your average joanne, forget it)

    So the no result, no pay? We’ll I guess the result was achieved. After spiking me and lying to police I was kidnapped and tortured for 7 hours to find out my decision to leave was not a mental illness, and that I could be released to drive a car at high speeds whilst intoxicated with drugs I had been spiked with. So I guess I owe the $200 for the advice given to my wife to assist her in obtaining her desire for me to talk to a mental health professional. I hope it was worth risking me being shot by police. Good news is it has exposed how the State is authorising the use of torture in these ‘hospitals’. Bad news is they’re ‘fuking destroying’ anyone who points it out. And their isn’t a soul with the courage to stand up and say this is wrong. I guess they agree that the rapist is rather good looking, and the victims should be thankful. Harvey Weinstien not so good looking without his wallet.

    Best $200 of my money my wife ever spent.

  • I got through Seth Farbers work you posted snowyowl. Interesting. Bit strange those flashing lights. I can think of a number of plausible explainations, though I guess thats the point your making.

    I know when I was being gaslighted by my employer I did speak to the head of the Council for Civil Liberties, who also used to be the Mayor of one of our major towns here. He had his home raided by police in relation to a series of killings of young women in his town, which has now been taken to trial. (He is not the person who was charged by the way). They had really gone to town on this guy for pointing out to the public that they did not have to provide DNA samples to police. The media were tipped off about the raid on his home, and the cameras were waiting for police to arrive to search his hime and take away his computers. He was also someone who had gathered a lot of information regading police corruption.

    I actually came across him as a result of a corrupt private investigator, who had a mention in his court case regarding his employer. He was a school psychologist and had been wrongly accused of sexual harassment, spent 9 years dragging it through the courts at a cost of about 1 million. This same private investigator (ex public officer) who the government uses to commit offences when they can’t do it themselves (it’s called contracting out) is paid for breaching procedural fairness and other bits of nasty. For example he has large vicious dog he has a habit of allowing to attack people in wheelchairs (while he videos) who have insurance claims. That sort of nice guy.

    Personally, I think much of it is just the way life is. We search for connections between objects, meanings where there are none. However, there are also those who will target individuals and then claim that the response to that targeting is paranoia. I’ve had that done to me, and I am not one to simply say “take my word for it”, the fraudulent documents and the threat to “fuking destroy” me was real. Yes they (my wife and her doctor friend) deliberately tried to push me to suicide. But get this; my wifes doctor friend had been subjected to being a targeted individual to the point that he ended up locked in a mental institution. He was good at driving me deliberately insane, knew all the moves. What he didn’t know as that he had been driven insane deliberately, and by whom. His ‘delusions’ were now confirmed as reality, he wasn’t paranoid at all. They were out to get him, and she got him real good. A sheep dip in the locked ward and he was back in business fairly quickly, getting involved in targeting others. I mean I like to think of myself as the centre of the univrse but…. to be honest I was just a bit of bait used for a stakeout. The real targeted individuals were the psychologist and her psychiatrist husband (and the doctor in the Emergency Dept as first assett obtained). I mean I can only dream of having the sort of power these people have, being able to calll police and have folk kidnapped, and then tell them to not accept documented proof of crimes while I murder someone in a hospital to cover up my wrongdoing? I can’t get away with stealing a packet of biscuits from the local supermarket, so that sort of power isn’t my field i’m afraid.

    So if they wish to drive someone insane, have them murder a whole bunch of people and then deny they had anything to do with it, poor fools in the community that let them get away with it. They really are a danger to self or others, by weaponising vulnerable individuals (who are sometimes closely watched by police and shot if they make the wrong turn). Trouble with setting people up is that it takes great skill to ensure the integrity of the test, and many of these ‘learners’ just don’t have the intelligence for it. they do have a tendency to go pear shaped.

    What I have gained in all of this is an appreciation for Gods work. The way that knife wasn’t found but yet these people went ahead with the kidnapping anyway (because they had planned it so well and weren’t going to let a mistake get in the way of that). That to me was Gid intervening and testing them. They honestly believe they weren’t being watched, and now it all works its way back around. The documents that police thought they had assisted in retrieving? If that wasn’t God at work I don’t know what was. “They will conceal truth with falsehood” and we now know who these people are.

    Insignificant that the police officer didn’t find the knife but said he did? Might be, unless he is questioned about it by someone who knows if he is lying. I, and others have no reason to lie about that, but is he a person of integrity? We could test that. And should he fail? Will we just say to him we got ya? Oh no, we will lead him well astray. Watch as his mind poisons his heart. And then we have someone to do all the dirty work none of the rest of us wants to do. And its working well, most of them are corrupt, or can be corrupted given the right circumstances. For example the psychologist (and her husband), the fear of being caught for conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping? Lead them to attempt to murder. Shame it was me who was ‘fuking destroyed’ in the process, but well worth it if some of you guys aren’t hurt by these people in the future. And you won’t be, we have our hooks well and truly into them now. And I guess the look in their eyes tells me they now know they are being watched, always. All that controlling behaviour gone to waste, they were really “kicking against the pricks”.

    Anyway, I digress lol. All is not as it seems. And I look forward to further revelations about the new technologies (not that i’m up on all that science stuff. I’m old school and use tried and true tools from the Book). But I’m ready. 🙂

  • We could start with not having doctors who are spending $40, 000 a night on cocaine and hookers operating on people.

    But how do we hold these people to account? I’ve found the ‘systems’ and laws to be well written, it’s the ‘good faith’ nature of the implementation of them that seems the point of failure. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has shown us how these ‘systems’ fail. Will we fail to learn from that? More than likely, too much money changing hands.

    It won’t be the sychophants and enablers who are remembered. Though I guess in a world that appears doomed who cares, grab everything you can and live for now.

  • “They choose to be barbaric, for some reason.”

    Let me give you one possible reason.

    Based on the data provided from other articles on this site I calculate that in order to make the same money for ‘talk therapy’ as a doctor does for doing 12 sessions of ECTs one would have to talk to clients for 288 hours. The 12 sessions of ECT would take about what ….. 6 hours including paperwork? I think I see why they consider the ‘treatments’ a success.

    And it’s no wonder they are talking about their new boats. Which I’ve no doubt they invite the people in the regulatory authorities and our politicians to use at their leisure on weekends etc. And they thus never have time to hear what O.O. and many others have to say about the ‘success’ of this ‘treatment’.

    This has also got me thinking about the psychologist who may well have been trying to hijack me from the private clinic for some of these ‘treatments’ by her husband. Nothing like product placement. And I assume the Doc who owned the clinic was aware of her conduct? When she raised the issue I gave her both barrells of my ‘opinion’ on the topic. Hence the reason she hated me, her husband being a big fan of ‘headbanging’. Not that these facts would be taken into consideration, doctors can basically do whatever they want with police who have an attitude of “it might be better I don’t know about that”. It might be Senior Constable, because your referral is waiting at the bottom of your in tray.

    We will see justice O.O. hang in there.

  • One of the reasons my ‘conspirators’ ensured I wasn’t given the opportunity to get showered and dressed. Much better chance of having me diagnosed and force drugged if I was left in my pyjamas, and under the influence of the drugs I was spiked with, for delivery to the locked ward. I like people who are thorough and do their due diligence. ‘Are you sure police won’t shoot him for the knife we’re going to plant on him?’. Does it matter?

  • Been a breakthrough in the Malka Leifer case.

    “In January this year, a panel of psychiatrists found that Ms Leifer was faking her mental illness to avoid extradition”

    66 court cases and then a panel of psychiatrits say she is faking a mental illness? What about all the reports written about her mental illness that have stopped the process before this?

    I must admit that I have problems with people brining court actions until they get the result they want but …… I think there is something to be said about the way psychiatric diagnosis can be used in the courts. May have done herself a disservice because its usually the victims of molesters that are slandered with labels.

    Psychiatrists saying people are faking something that is fake?

    I wonder how this diagnosisfest will play out if she is ever brought back to stand trial? Lawyers throwing psychiatrists at each other at 20 yards? I know in my instance it was shop around till they got the diagnosis they wanted from a ‘friendly’ doctor.

  • That was one of their major problems here ThereAreFourLights.

    I was not a “patient” of anyone. Otherwise they could have worked with my ‘carer’ and stabbed me in the back repeatedly. The FOI officer could have pretended to be nice to my face and got my wife to deny me access to my own medical records. Of course if I wasn’t a patient (and I wasn’t) then this is conspiring to conceal the ‘spiking’ with benzos and thus a criminal offence. The FOI officer had a meeting with my wife and told her to provide her with proof I was someone patinet, knowing that if she didn’t have that proof she was a criminal. And despite a couple of clever tricks (should see the three letters trick, that was a new one een to me a seasoned public officer who had contarctors trying to trick me every day. Learn something new every day they say lol) I would not provide them with what they required, ie the right to speak for me. Very similar to being raped, they don’t like your answer, they take what they want anyway and are prepared to lie about it later and even get assistance from police to ensure they are not prosecuted.

    So they tried really hard to have me sign stuff to make me into a “patient” so that I lost my right to speak for myself. I wasn’t having it after spending a whole bunch of time and money with lawyers who had explained my rights throughout the court process (as a result of a workplace incident)

    They were simply bluffing that I was a “patient” to use police for a referral and to do the kidnapping and cause the “acute stress reaction” for torture.

    I didn’t need support in my decision making, I was assessed by the hospital psychiatrist who released me because he could “find no evidence of a mental illlness”.

    Now consider, its a crime to procure the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness, and here I am 7 hours later being released beause I haven’t got a mental illness? What went wrong was my question, and so I moved forward by obtaining legal service (or so I thought, they were working with the hospital to conceal the torutre in the end but …) and made application for my documents which, after weeks of arguing with the FOI officer and proving to her she was breaching her duty under the FOI Acvt, were provided in redacted form (concealing the fact that the police were used to obtain a referral and give the appearance of lawfulness)

    Dunno if that makes sense but ….

    As far as the psychologist (and her psychiatrist husband) what do you think they would do if what I’m saying is true? Thats what my wifes best friends husband spotted, what they would do given their rather prickly situation. And he was waiting for them behind the curtain in the ED 🙂 I still laugh about that Docs face, and well, a change of underware may have been in order if you knew who it was saying “i’d like a word with you doctor A, NOW”. “But i’m a little bit busy just ….” Puts down the needle on a tray, which is whisked away immediately and 14 security and nurses and me are left looking at each other. (might I mention the fact that the psychologist was fully aware of my needle phobia, and that this rather large needle that was held up like a weapon by the Doc who was about to have me pinned down and then inject me? Is that how they do it? Deliberately try and induce fear in their ‘patients’ by holding up the needle like that? Certainly not hiow dentists do it, but they’re not looking to bait someone to justify their actions) Weird. Though us nut jobs tend to have weird tales to tell, its only with documented proof that …. well even then they don’t like the truth so ignore it.

  • You would have a fair idea of what is going on around here madmother13. The way our police are planting evidence on a massive scale to corrupt our court system. Scott Austic the latest in a line of people wrongly convicted.

    I was going through my documents again ready for a meeting and noticed the way the Community Nurse presented me as wishing to speak to police. He was obviously pre pairing a defence for their impending use of a known torture method. Shows his intent I believe, not that anyone will look at inconvenient truths.

    People wonder how I know these people tried to unintentionally negatively outcome me in the ED. You would have to have seen how desperate they were to have me made into a “patient” after the fact. And the Operations Manager threateneing to fuking destroy me after her ‘formal investigation’ and me explaining to her that if she did not report the matters to the CCC she was committing an offence. So they get police to assist in retrieving documents (so that the fraudulent ones making me into a “patient” could be distributed) and attempt to kill me, unfortunate for them my wifes doctor friend noticed and was waiting.

    You would think police would pick the matter up and follow through given the serious nature of the matters. Nope, double down because were so busy trying to conceal their use of torture and kidnapping that they will work with organised criminals to conceal it. Probably the reason they need to plant evidence in so many cases, because they simply don’t have time as a result of needing to conceal their own nastiness. It’s been a lot of work for them trying to find ways to arrest the victim of kidnapping and torture for having the documented proof. The amount of people who have had to be threatened quite large now as a result of them having two years to go their own ways and then not trusting each other when the matter was once again exposed. They weren’t sure who might have ‘turned’ not realising police were still working on obstructing and perverting justice. Paranoids lol

    Still, what I have noticed is the amount of people who will bow down to any god that they stand before. Police put a gun to their heads and they comply fairly easily. Everybody wants to go to heaven, but none of them wants to die lol. I’m a bit more like the Joker, a dog chasing cars who wouldn’t know what to do if he caught one.

  • I was watching the Simpsons last night Rachel777. Couldn’t help but laugh at the school bullies selling lunchtime and morning break packages. Nelson Muntz and friends discussing their chosen profession sounding a lot like a team meeting to discuss the latest admission to the ward.

    The kid Millhouse taking a drug called Represso to blunt the trauma of being bullied lol.

    Sometimes the truth can be a little hard to package in anything but comedy.

  • Glad your capable of at least discussing this taboo topic openly Sera.

    I read the second question, “Do you have a plan?” and wonder what would happen if the plan was so bizarre that it seems almost impossible to achieve? For example;

    Do you have a plan Boans?

    Yes, i’m going to get a degree from University, get a job and save up enough money to go to Africa and travel to the Zambezie river where I intend putting myself in the path of a herd of Hippos (are they a herd?) and get stomped to death.

    Not much of a plan but …… it’s a plan.

    I suppose in the current environment I would be locked up for being delusional, getting a job waaahahahaha your insane.

    Seriously though, good on ya for at least trying to speak openly about the topic. Thats at least heading in the right direction I feel. Though the way things are at present the questions can be weaponised to catch the unweary traveller who may find themselves wondering what it was they said to end up a dribbling mess in a locked ward.

    “A traveller journeys along a fine road. It has been strewn with traps. He falls into one. Do we say it is the fault of the traveller, or the scoundrel who laid the traps?”

    Good luck.

  • Even worse that my partner has ended up in the ICU unit. Internal bleeding can be a real issue apparently.

    In a State where people can put drugs and other toxins into your food and it isn’t a crime the possibilities are endless. Perhaps some day the police will find that copy of the Criminal Code. I mean it was a crime when it was putting needles into strawberries but ….. thats different to putting intoxicants into people drinks to incapacitate them for public officers.

    So no point doing anything about it, just have to go with the flow and pray. Wouldn’t want to end up having proof of something the authorities don’t want to be the truth round here, you can be arrested and treated for it.

  • Half my face isn’t working at present an the ONLY reason I won’t go to a doctor is that I am concerned about being ‘flagged’ for ‘treatment’ by the people who don’t like the truth that I carry. Once the State is the criminals it can be difficult to trust anyone who may act in the interests of these organised criminals without even being aware of it. For example the police have me flagged for referral no matter what I attend their station for as a result of my ‘history’, you know the one created by planting a knife on me after I was spiked and collapsed?). All roads lead to Rome. Police accept instructions from doctors despite a person having documented proof of their offences. And hence the doctor simply kills them while police stay at arms length and ensure their involvement gives the appearance of lawfulness. Theres a squad of police who were treated with thalidamide that deal with doctors, the long arm of the law not so long when it comes to organised criminals in our hospitals. And AHPRA may as well be a comedy show.

    All that tax money and I can’t even go speak to a doctor as a result of the totalitarian system they have set up with MyHealth.

    So a big middle finger to anyone who says that mental health service arent obstructing the path to health. Torturing people and concealing it as ‘medicine’ tends to make people want to avoid ‘medicine’.

  • Who would really want to live in a place where the truth can’t be spoken? Not me, and the people who interupted me being killed for speaking it? Of course what I have found since is that they were not good Samarians, they were simply taking the wallet from the people who beat me up and took my wallet. They have no concern for the person laying on the side of the road injured. And to find a good Samarian would require travelling because this is Australia. Look at how we care for those in our community, ask an Aboriginal. Oh wait, don’t. Ask our political leaders, they’re good at telling people how good they are, and ensuring the truth is concealed. And they then devalue the narrative of anyone who they wish to silence. Ask our ex Minister for Mental Health who stated regading the sexual assault of patients in ‘care’, “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”. ( I wonder how many if thise assualts the Mental Health Law Centre covered up for their ‘meal ticket’? Yes Minister my new Porsche takes a lot of fuel, can we reconsider our funding for the Centre?) Our current Minister uses the same type of slanderous remarks regarding any complants. Though I guess those that listen to them do so for their own gain and not because they actually believe them, the truth is funny like that. The knives will be out when the Minister no longer serves the purposes of those who have the dirt on him. Which shouldn’t be too long now, Euthanasia Act check, conceal prescriptions for ADHD drugs from public check, allow ECT of children check, allow forced sterilization of children without parental consent, on hold until the world isn’t looking. Pass as amendment to Mental Health Act pending.

    Write your truth O.O. I did ask someone with an ability to write to assist me, they looked at the documents I have, confirmed the human rights abuses, spoke to some ‘authorities’ and threw me under a bus again. Not even standing by agreements to return the fraudulent set of documents to me should I request them. They will win in the end, or at least that’s how it will appear to them. But your a long time dead my mother used to say. And a lot of places to hide a body in the bush police tell me.

  • Too true Sam

    “Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.”
    ― George Orwell

    I think that the line where people become insane is when they feel a need for a psychiatrist. I think that a society has gone collectively insane when they feel there is a need to pass a Mental Health Act (and the associated flipping the script of torture, maiming and killing becoming medicine by definition). History tells us as much but ….. we pass a Mental Health Act as a means to try and stop the progress of the collective insanity, which becomes self fulfilling. All it does is create the space for us as a Nation to go completely insane and fall into the trap of altruistic evil. (<< plays Short Memory by Midnight Oil …… LOUD) Is this short memory related to the Shock Doctrine of politics? A 'side effect' of the 'economic treatments'? If so, we have cause for concern regarding this COVID situation and the economy. I wonder which of our leaders has the stomach for the job? Any wonder the first step of emergency provisions was to shut the Gun Stores?

    "market movements call the shots, business deals in parking lots,……"

    Still, can't say I wasn't warned. Blessed are the Cheesemakers* (and manufaturers of all dairy products) lol

  • I mean I get it. People who are engaged in distributing fraudulent documents, snatching citizens from their home, forcing drugs down their throats, belting their heads with electricity, and all sorts of methods to ensure complainace aren’t really going to worry about someone complaining about them using torture right? Not like they are going to have a jab of conscience all of a sudden. Just keep doubling down until the victim commits suicide and then use that as a justification for more funding. I get more admiration for these people every time I begin to undertand how they are doing this. I may even consider converting to their religion at some point. I can live with the label hypocrite after what i’ve been slandered with lol.

    At least the ‘treatment’ for the illness of hypocrisy is better than the drugs for these other slanders. I could become like the slovenly Community Nurse and drink myself into a stupour every night to kill the pain I would feel for committing acts of fraud daily and lying to police to obtain their assistance in kidnapping and torture? My colleagues who are concealing my ‘character flaws’ could even join me for drinks, and we could laugh about our ‘exploits’, though needing to keep the matters just between us. These things can appear to be a little distasteful to the uninitiated.
    Make sure the police find the knife you plant. It could create all sorts of problems for the Operations Manager with her cover ups if police ever shoot one of your ‘set ups’ Mr Community Nurse. It also means that the “reasonable grounds” required by police to refer are met by “found person asleep as a result of drugging. Suspect a mental illness as a result of snoring. referred to mental Health nurse for assessment”. Imagine how silly they would look if citizens had a right to access the courts for such jkidnappings and torture? Luckily they simply obstruct justice and their corruption spreads like cancer.

    What if someone actually had a camera running that they didn’t know about? I guess that would explain the rather paranoid conduct of the police who are involved in obstructing and attempting to pervert the course of justice. Don’t speak to the victim, don’t even touch the documents, and get his family and other citizens to commit the offences and simply neglect your duty. Fairly simple really, but also criminal if anyone ever finds out. Wife spikes him, they torture and then don’t act on the offence of intoxication by deception. Can’t have police getting documents back, take out Violence Restraining Order, have police detain while wife gets documents back, and then cancel VRO. Bad news, they know. Good news, these guys have promising futures as career criminals. Especially with other public officers concealing their crimes for them. A Clinical Director of a hospital sending fraudulent documents to lawyers and calling it “editing”. Theres you confirmation of psychiatry being fraud, its like a golf shot that have been ‘grooved’ lol He’s a ‘natural’.

    It really is fascinating to watch police trying to stay one step off the crimes. Having people they threaten commit the offences and then denying any involvement. I realise you people would consider me insane, but ask my daughter about the Police Sgt who stated “we don’t have a copy of the criminal code in this station”, and then refused to accept documented proof of serious criminal offences whie doctor sorted his problem out in the Emergency Dept. Or is this ‘illness’ you slander me with running in my family? Glad God is watching while they do it, because the people charged with protecting us from this conduct are also involved, and are pretending not to see.

  • “The hospital, erected in 1966, is slated to be shut down and relocated in 2021, according to a government website.”

    They built a new 120 cell prison in one of our remote communities because of the delapidated state of the old ‘colonial’ prison used to house many of our indigenous population in the North of the State. They opened the new prison and the decided they weren’t going to close the old one. They can now imprison double what they were of a population that makes up 2% of the overall population, but 30% of the prison population. Post offices (to hand out welfare checks) Pubs (for the distribution of alcohol and the problems associated with that) and police stations and prisons. Looks to me like we set them up for a fall.

    I must say it’s nice to hear about places that talk about ‘advocates’ rather than the type of conspiratorial conduct of the Mental Health Law Centre here who take money from the government to assist in the concealment of human rights abuses. They throw their clients under a bus once they become informed of any criminal conduct engaged in by the State. They are actively engaged in human rights abuses with by their ommission and commission of offences. Not that the DState would ever bring action against the people assisting them with the concealment of torture maiming and killing.

    And whistleblower protections? You talk about strengthening them? Wow, we’d like to have some. My medical records were used as a weapon against me by distributing fraudulent and misleading legal narrative and slandering me as a ‘patient’ because I had a valid complaint about being tortured and kidnapped. “we’ll fuking destroy you” the open comment from the person who investigated my complaint knowing was correct in pointing out that her failure to report the matters was a criminal offence (and unfortunately I was right, but when the State is enabling criminal conduct to conceal their use of torture there’s a conflict of interest). Refoulment is much cheaper and maintains reputation, and the community with no protections can be silenced with threats from police. In fact, once the lawyers knew that the documented proof of the torture and kidnapping was available, rather than pursue the matter, they refused to accept documents (duty to report a problem) and police were despatched to retrieve the documents I had before the hospital sent out the fraudulent set. They should have been more thorough though, I guess the assumption was that (a) i didn’t have the documents, and (b) dead men tell no tales. Fail on both counts. yep, thats the State government I worked for lol

    I find myself wondering about the courage of your ‘advocates’ in the face of such ‘treatment’. Gotta love the land of the free in that regard. Doesn’t your States threaten your legal representatives if you speak the truth when they don’t want to hear it? Dont they release false and slanderous medical records to lawyers rather than the documents requested under FOI? They do in my State, and even with the proof no one has the courage to speak up. The things you can get away with once you have disarmed the public is amazing. Zero resistance, and no problems with any protections afforded by a rule of law.

    Even the Chief Psychiatrist has rewritten the Mental Health Act to remove the legal protection of “suspect on reasonable grounds” and enable arbitrary detentions by his colleagues (despite it being his duty under the Act to protect the community, negligence being the weapon). And the Mental Health Law Centre writes that these arbitrary detentions are “the spirit of the Act”. Advocates afraid to tell the Emperor he has no clothes? No reason required, just snatch them from the street with the assistance of police, slap a label on them with a ‘verbal’ and use a ‘chemical restraint’ to mimic a mental illness for anyone who may provide any assistance (ie make them sick and then claim to be treating that sickness with the very chemical causing the sickness). Oh how I envy you your democracy.

    In my country people take an oath to cover their exploitation of the trust placed in them. Take a look at what was done to me and you realise these people have no intention of standing by the agreement they made with citizens when they signed the Convention against the use of Torture. The Mental Health Act is being used as a loophole, and the Attorney General can’t even point me to the people to whom I should make complaint regarding my torture (and it is clear that these documents contain the proof of the use of a known torture method). Thats because they never allow anyone to make such a complaint, they unintentionally negatively outcome them. Good news is what I’m saying can be checked. And given my State has enabled torture, the witnesses who have been silenced by police can be tortured till they speak the truth right? Oh, that makes us as bad as the State grrrrr

  • Full Metal Jackets

    Funny but I got to thinking about the Geneva Convention and the use of full metal jackets. The solid lead tends to split on impact causing much more harm to the person receiving the treatment. So they said it was much more humane to use shells that put a hole into the target without splitting. This is a bit like the reforminst argument for psychiatry. We can sit and argue about the humane ways to kill people, or we can try and look at ways to put an end to the wars.

    From this discussion above, it looks like we are going with the full metal straight jackets.

    IEDs, nasty devices that are deliberately aimed to harm rather than kill. Not unlike the devices spoken about above. Like land mines, they tend to harm a lot of people who were not engaged in anything other than their daily lives. But those engaged in a war against mental illness (that unseen enemy they don’t even recognise in themselves) need these weapons to torture and disable their enemies. We should be thankful for their efforts in protecting us from this ‘enemy within’.

  • Speaking of false advertising, I read this about the Mental Health Law Centre.

    The Centre is an independent specialist community legal centre, which
    specialises in providing free legal advice and representation [2] to people
    with a mental illness when their legal issue is causally related to their
    mental illness, but it is always subject to available scarce resources.

    Accordingly, the Centre is uniquely placed to observe the impacts of the
    criminal justice system on people with a serious mental illness who are not
    culpable for the offences and crimes they commit.

    [2] 2 Articles 12,13 “The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” (CRPD) require that persons with a disability have support to exercise their legal capacity; Article37 of “The Convention on the Rights of the Child” (CROC) gives children the right to legal assistance if they are deprived of their liberty.

    Accordingly the Centre is uniquely placed to obtain information for authorities and then influence and pervert the course of justice to ensure that human rights abuses are not reported or acted upon. Fact. This is reflected in our system which could only be described as an absolute disgrace (and that from the people working in the system, never mind the victims of these abusers.). Cheap way of covering up your abuses, pay off the ‘advocates’ to assist in concealing them.

    I’m sure the authorities will do a fair and unbiased investigation oif the matters …… oh wait no they won’t. It’s their own colleagues and we are all in it together right? The law centre tips off the Minister, who then has police retrieve the evidence, threaten witnesses and ……problem solved. Of course doctor needs to ensure the victim is silenced with an unintended negative outcome.

  • “They are akin to Kapos.”

    Interesting though brief discussion regarding this analogy in the first comment.

    I know you were asking Sera her opinion but I do think theres a lot to be said for avoiding these people, though of course should they chose to attack you, then the rules of engagment change. I think reading through your comment it would be easy to see the similarity to witch hunts. So you don’t believe in witches? What made the woman drown her baby then? And how could the witch drown the baby when it’s made from wood? lol The world seems to be regressing into a collective form of insanity, taken there by people who are benefiting from that insanity.

    And I don’t know that MiA is the escape you suggest. It is most certainly a place to obtain an education and learn methods of defending yourself from these vicious human rights abusers (one among many functions the site serves). Though it is sometimes easy to fall into the trap of believing that this ‘system’ simply needs ‘tweaking’ and that the guards shoving people into the showers at the point of a bayonette are really good people at heart and are just doing their jobs. They would sell you out in a minute, of this I have no doubt. Details available on request.

    As someone who has been subjected to known torture methods I find it easy to understand why so many ‘advocates’ fold once the mere mention of ‘coercive methods’ is mentioned. Thanks Dr Pavlov. The words of a psychologist who knew what I was saying was the truth, but was threatened by the police into silence regarding his examination of the documents I have. “I’m afraid for my family”. And that’s his justification for using ‘therapy’ for obtaining information for police regarding “who else has the documents”. He should be delisted, unlicenced, struck off, though I dare say he really wasn’t aware that people were being tortured in the locked wards, and assumed that good people would step up. he knows different now lol. Oh, and threatening his family is only considered ‘coercive’ so they didn’t even need to torture him. Handy little resource when police have someone who won’t talk willingly, exploit their trust in a therapy session. Is that ethical?

    It certainly works with defence lawyers who are acting as police informers. All perfectly legal in Australia. See HCA decision 47 of 2010 ACC v Stoddart. No spousal privilege in common law in Australia. The dominoes fall and there are no privileged communications AT ALL where coercion can not be used against the person receiving the information eg priest, doctor lawyer etc. This is why our police can say Gobbo can not happen again with certainty, they have made that conduct legal. Your right to silence may be maintained (though difficult because they are using known torture methods), but they can threaten your lawyer, doctor, priest or family member (ie use coercive methods) to obtain information. Good thing bad thing? Who knows. My belief it will destroy any and all trust we share in our community. This place leaves Ceausescu Romania looking like a holiday resort. Just don’t scratch too hard and you won’t see it.

  • I assume you read this article on MiA by Mclaren?

    Follow the money. There’s an interesting little attachment there with some valuable information if you know what your looking at.

    It will of course be a valuable ‘treatment’ for dealing with ex public servants who might be considering using the information garnered as a public official in areas of private practice? Perhaps start with the police and nurses who in many cases find themselves traumatised and in need of treatments that deal with negative memories. Ambulance workers, theres a group that have a high suicide rate, lets give them preventative ECTs before they develop the symptoms of ‘depression’, and see what the results are? They’re medical people and should understand the benefits of ‘safe and effective treatments’?

    Good luck Laren, though if your country heads in the same direction as mine the huge profits from this treatment will ensure that doctor (and the device manufacturer) will get what they want.

    P.S. is there anywhere safe in the world from these people? Just one country that doesn’t see plugging their citizens into the wall socket as being beneficial medicine?

    I guess we make a rod for our own backs by opposing the forced treatment of people who are clearly insane, and who lead others down that path.

    “Bailey committed suicide in September 1985 in response to the ongoing media exposure of his practices as well as disquiet from among the ranks of other health professionals. He wrote in his suicide note: “Let it be known that the Scientologists and the forces of madness have won”. However, during his period of time being a Director of Chelmsford, there were serious allegations of cover up by colleagues and serious failings of the State to investigate.”

    They’re back.

    Certainly negligence of my State is one of the driving forces of the 194% rise in the use of ECT. Advertsing on the front page of the newspaper with a nurse touting the benefits of it, with absolutely no critique at all. Funny how they picked someone from a profession known to have the trust of the public. Which of course makes it even more difficult to believe they would be involved in corruption and wrongdoing. I’m sure their failure to deal with their corrupt colleagues will eventually see this change as it did for priests when their abuse of children in institutions was exposed. The good suffering for the evil.

  • Consider the difference between torture and kidnapping which are crimes against an individual, and then treatment and referral which are considered necessary to get the help a “patient” needs. The ONLY difference is one of status. One is done to a citizen and comes under the Crminal Code, the other done to a patient and comes under the Mental Health Act.

    So in my situation I was subjected to a conspiracy to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping, and that was concealed by planting items on me for police to find and then have them hand me over to a mental health worker (Community Nurse) who then made me into a patient because he wished to torture and kidnap me.

    And getting the documented proof of that means …… they get them back and kill you in an Emergency Dept with a ‘hot shot’ while you people sit and call me insane for complaining about the nice Community Nurse who is helping all those poor mentally ill patients.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I’m good with the State torturing and kidnapping. Theres a few police and public officials who I think we should have another word to now I know how to do this. Seriously though, it seems they are exempt from arbitrary detentions and the use of known torture methods disguised as medicine.

    It’s simply a legal loophole and it’s no wonder we hear of “patients” complaining about being tortured and kidnapped when the only difference is that the person doing the kidnapping knows they have that loophole of the law to slip through. The thingss you can do to a person if you call it medicine. As the amatuer gynocologist operating in our nite clubs who according to our police is free to spike their victims (I mean patients) with benzos because they can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code, and therefore criminals stupefying with intent to sexually assault are free to do as they wish. Anyone attending a police station to make a complaint regarding that could be arrested if they got a toxicology report to provide the proof to police. Of course this is nonsense and only being done to ensure their torturing and kidnapping of me is not acted upon. What happens whne the State IS the criminals?

    It’s very clever, any inconvenient truths or corruption by State actors being exposed gets referred to mental health and the whole community knows to keep their mouth shut. “I see they took away the Cohens today Dear, it’ll probably be the last we see of them. Nice people, oh we’ll, how was your day?”

    What has fascinated me is how they know to avoid looking at any documentation from the likes of our Chief Psychiatrist etc knowing that if they did they would then be aware of the crimes being committed. Police not even prepared to put their hands on them to ensure their fingerprints are not on them. Lest they be held to account for their dereliction of duty. I guess they become experts in tampering with evidence in the job. And of course knowing that the false narrative is the preferred narrative, looking at the truth may cause problems. So I understand why they become actively involved in the gaslighting, and well, in most cases that is effective. Unless of course the public officer is being tested, and then it’s a known offence to fail to perform your duty. Happy retirement Sgt. You were tested and failed along with others who shall remain nameless for now. Though they have been listed and He is working his way through that list. Your assitance is much appreciated Superintendent. Who better to test them than someone they think can be crushed like a gnat? Their mouths say one thing, but what is in their hearts is demonstrated when they think no one is looking.

    But oh it’s hard work throwing them into the fire. They put up so much resistance, lying, begging for mercy, just one more chance ….. honestly I’ll behave myself now. Heard it all before. Anybody got a match? If you could see their faces when they are thrown into the fire, but your protected from that horror, lest you start to enjoy seeing it. Best to not look into their eyes.

    “The horror, the horror”

  • “The political function of psychiatry is to trick people into seeing their reactions to oppression as something wrong with them, rather than a sign that they are humen.”

    See Seligmans Dogs as to how to induce learned helplessness. To see their reactions to oppression is going to have zero effect on the outcome of what is causing their pain? Some of the human experiments that have grown out of that research have produced some interesting results. (applying the electric shocks to the heads of humans rather than the feet of canines). Now that my government has paved the way for experiments on teenagers we might actually get somewhere with it. Unethical to do it to dogs these days, but ….. we have found ways past ethics committees in my State.

  • Salaam Fr. John.

    I’m not sure if you receive emails from your articles. However, I have been pondering some old stories and seek wisdom from a ‘man of understanding’.

    The stories relate to Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus, and the question asked of him “Why do you kick against the pricks?”. And the second story is that of Balaams donkey.

    The first question I was asked after I was tortured and kidnapped by my State authorities. They investigated my matter and found that I was correct, I had been kidnapped and tortured, and for my complaining I was to be subjected to slander and fraud and ‘unintentionally negatively outcomed’ in an Emergency Dept. Why did I kick against the pricks? I should have known when they openly stated that they would fuking destroy me that they meant it.

    However the Chief Psychiatrist Dr Balaam eventually realised that they had been beating the wrong Ass. It wasn’t the pricks I was kicking against, but trying to warn them of an imminent danger. I’m sure they were embarrassed about not noticing that there were psychiatric death squads operating in our Emergency Depts that they were unaware of. So, here I sit licking my wounds from the beatings ten years later, and as God would have it I find myself trying to take the advice offered in Acts 5: 38 – 40.

    “So in the present case, I say to you, stay away from these men and let them alone, for if this plan or action is of men, it will be overthrown; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them; or else you may even be found fighting against God.” They took his advice; and after calling the apostles in, they flogged them and ordered them not to speak in the name of Jesus, and then released them.” Acts 5:38-40

    I wonder though do they have justification for putting this donkey out of it’s misery as a result of the beating they handed out wrongly? I will be staying away from these men, as it has been made clear to me by police that if they wish to enable these death squads to operate with impunity, that is what they will do. Tough job being in power. Perhaps one day they will listen to the words of our Prime Minister and begin to value a rule of law. Police might even locate their copy of the Criminal Code rather than making referrals of inconvenient truths to mental health services for ‘treatment’.

    The outcome is fairly obvious. Despite me having the proof of what i’m saying it needs to be my illness that speaks, and the fraudulent narrative presented by the authorities to my ‘legal representatives’ (not that they were ever that, all they did was assist with the concealment of torture by the State) is the only truth that will be accepted.

    And God sends upon them a Great Delusion huh?

  • Boans sings “Man gave names to all the animals, in the beginning…….”

    Subtle sleight of hand with the sex offender reference there Doc. I’ve got no ‘skin in this game’ (not being in a democracy but a totalitarian State can be a benefit at times) so don’t really care what names your president gets called by slanderers and frauds. Because minus any “validity” thats all these labels are. A bunch of stuff people don’t like attached to a word, and then that word attached to people who you want to slander with the negative connotations.

  • “Activism is impossible to sustain if you don’t have a safe enough corner to fight from.”

    Then find that corner first O.O. I’ve no idea where that is for you, but I know mine came in knowing a few things. That there is a God, that I will die when He decides, not some doctor who thinks he is god in an Emergency Dept. That if I don’t let the poison that has been created in my head by others into my heart, i’m good. Don’t act out of anger, but out of justice.

    I’ve told this story before about a samurai who came home to find everything he had destroyed, his wife raped and murdered, kids dead, and his home burned to the ground. He found out who did it from the villagers and hunted the man down. They fought and he beat the man to the ground and as he went to cut his head off the man spat in his face. The samurai put his sword away and walked off. The people watching asked him “Why did you not kill him after what he did to you?” to which he replied “Because I was angry”.

    I really hope you find that place because you have something to offer the rest of us trying to bring about some justice in this unjust place.

    One other thing I heard that helped me. Don’t be asking your higher power to take you out of Hell, ask it to come into it with you. Those who witness the power of that are truly impressed.

  • “Funny how I’m the only one not allowed to kill me.”

    That got more than a chuckle from me O.O. lol. There was a woman who was shot by police on the beach in Victoria for holding a knife and threatening to harm herself, so police shot and killed her. I mean, cmon, we cant have people going around threatneing to harm themselves lol. “Here, let me help you with that” used to be something a boy scout said to an old lady waiting at the crosswalk with her shopping.

  • “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” Orwell

    Guy was a paranoid idiot but….. lets get on with making America Great Again. I would suggest that until Australia ‘treats’ all the mental illness in our Indigenous communities we are going to have a constant visual reminder of our history. That needs to be denied and obliterated. We said sorry, now get over it and stop being naughty and we’ll stop putting you in prison and driving you to suicide with the hopeless situation you find yourselves in. “it’s your own fault”.

    Some power? Yep, the button on the tv remote that says “off” however limited is something lol

  • I was interested to read last night that the UK government was upset about teenagers being subjected to ECTs.

    In my State their are huge profits for doctors using it (see the letter attached to article by Niall McLaren on this site regarding the rort), and the Mental Health Act was ‘clarified’ to ensure that teenagers (at 14) could consent to the ‘treatment’, and that doctors couldn’t be held to account for any damage caused. Might explain why this “safe and highly effective treatment” has increased by 194%. The only barrier being that you need to ‘hijack’ the victims in the first instance which isn’t so difficult with the power imbalance.

    Personally I think that the direction my government has gone on this and other measures to ensure the public are not made aware of how much AHDH ‘medication’ is being prescribed is the direct result of corrupting of our political representatives. Once in the pockets of the medical mafia they do as they’re told, or their personal medical records (you did what Minister?) are released to the hounds.

    Oh and did I mention the State has done aware with any and all legal protections from the medical fraternity by alllowing a Clinical Director to distribute fraudulent documents to legal representatives asking questions about ‘treatments’ and negative outcomes? FACT. I have the documented proof. And consider seriously the consequences of such a situation. Cover ups are much cheaper than having doctors held to account. (unfortunately such corruption is the reason we have a Federal body called AHPRA that is as effective as a chicken acting as a guard dog. Money to create the appearance of accountability. Their negligence worse than that of the criminals operating in our hospitals with impunity.)

  • “So the person cannot ever forget their sins, their failures. That hierarchy move simply cements the already self doubts. It’s perfect. Create a dependent person who feels bad, is sad, and pretend you’re helping them out.”

    I was reading last night and came across this footnote Sam.

    “People usually call anyone mad whose standards are different from their own. And madness is believed by superstitious people to be due to demoniacal possession, an idea distinctly in the minds of the New Testament writers; for Luke speaks of a man from who the “devils” were cast out, as then being “clothed, and in his right mind” (Luke 8:35)”

    This ‘one off deal’ simply wasn’t working out for the ‘priests’ of psychiatry, they needed the return business. So while we have had Jesus cast out the demons for you today, you will need to come back next week to have your maintenance treatments. And look at the problems thats caused with all these Churches popping up everywhere lol. I mean they nailed the guy up for raising the dead which was causing problems for people who had married their sisters wife. If only they would stick to “God heals, the doctor just collects the fees” but no. By harming people they can have an endless stream of ‘clients’ knocking at their door asking to see the ‘doctor’ who actually fixes people. And I guess he got sick of the work and retired and left these frauds to cast pearls to the swine (it would certainly explain the arrogance of psychiatrists). At least that’s the way I understand the story. It was your faith that healed you lady, not touching my cloak.

    {hang on if they think it’s the cloak, and I pretend to have the cloak ….. come get your little bits of cloak packed in these bits of plastic, for a few sheckles that is.]

  • “I am trying to track down the study that allegedly shows people avoid care for fear of involuntary commitment. I think it is one of those mental health propagated myths that has no basis in fact,”

    I’m trying to track down the study that shows that people avoid involuntary committment (and prefer to be shot, tazered, pepper sprayed etc in attempting to avoid it) for fear of ‘care’. I think it’s one of those facts that has no basis in the mental health propagated myths.

    Ensuring a study isn’t done does not mean there isn’t evidence available, just that denial is the preferred method of dealing with the truth. Like the ashes from the ovens at Auschwitz, it was everywhere but was not considered proof of the myth that surrounded what was going on over the fence.

  • Imagine coming up with a medical device that would save a lot of lives (the innovator).

    You find yourself food poisoned to the point where you end up in the E.D. and your ‘mental illness’ will require you to be treated (failing this drop the target with a benzo ‘spike’ (I mean a ‘covert administration’ of a stupefying drug that can be prescribed later once we have kidnapped the target) and plant items for a police referral and have police deliver them for you. Careful though we wouldn’t want the public realise were doing arbitrary detentions, yet). You spend four weeks in the locked ward being injected with chemicals that make your skin feel like it’s on fire, and the story is this is your forseeable future. But, a strange thing happens.

    You tell the staff about your invention and miraculously your mental illness begins to ease. Somethings changing, there doesn’t seem to be a need for the large amounts of drugs anymore, and your skin feels …..dare you say it? Normal.

    You are realeased from the locked ward though can be returned at the whim of a doctor who simply need call police and your being treated within the hour.

    Sadly you find that someone has taken out a patent on your medical device and your dreams of profiting from your invention has disappeared while you were being treated for your medical issues (that it might be best you remain silent about given the stigma associated with mental illness). Some entrepenuer doctor has beaten you to it.

    Who said psychiatry wasn’t good for the community? What’s good for our politicians is obviously good for the community right?

    It’s amazing the things people will reveal when you take them close to the edge. Ask the ‘plumbers’ at Guantanamo Bay. Most doctors don’t have the stomach for it, hence the need for the co-opt Sam.

  • Keep in mind the things you can ‘buy’ with a half packet of cigarettes if you stand outside the locked ward for an hour ThereAreFourLights. Took me no time to have someone I could lawfully visit and get access to the locked ward to read excerpts of the Marquis de Sade to the ‘inmates’ lol

    “My manner of thinking, so you say, can not be approved. Do you suppose I care? A poor fool indeed is one who adopts a manner of thinking for others….. ” from memory so don’t quote me on that lol

  • “Why would capitalists deliberately crash their own economy? Something sinister is going on here and we need to get to the bottom of it asap.”

    Is it their own economy they’re crashing? Looks to me like a radical diet to trim a bit of weight really quickly.

    Possible reason, there’s too many people on the planet and we need to justify removing many of them so that those who remain can live in relative bliss? They worked hard for it and it’s time to cash in their chips and retire to the pool area for some drinks. It’s been a hard slog at the card tables and now …… time to call security to escort us out of the building with the bags of cash. Suckers 🙂

    It’s about 3000 miles to Graceland.

  • I don’t think Asimov was talking scifi when he wrote this book. And from memory (it was 30 years ago I read it) he pointed to virus being the most likely in wiping out the population of the planet.

    “In A Choice of Catastrophes Asimov turns his encyclopaedic mind and his distinctive pen to all the potential disasters that threaten the existence of our civilisation.

    Mr. Asimov defines five classes of Catastrophes: (1) The entire universe might so change its properties as to become uninhabitable; (2) Something might happen to the sun that would spell our doom; (3) The Earth itself might undergo the kind of convulsion that would make life impossible on it; (4) Something (perhaps man-made) might destroy human life upon the Earth; and (5) Civilization as we know it might be destroyed, interrupting the advance of technology and condemning humanity to a primitive life.

    As only he can, Mr. Asimov makes remarkably clear such complicated concepts as black holes, quasars and supernovas; explains the properties of the sun; discusses the bombardment of the Earth by meteorites and other extra-terrestrial objects; deals with the more familiar threats from volcanoes, earthquakes, continental drift and climatic change; and focuses on the awesome impact of a nuclear war.

    The author ends on the reassuring — yet stern — note that those calamities that are most imminent are those we can control. In fact, says Mr. Asimov, ‘it may well be that there is not a catastrophe of the imminent sort that is not avoidable. And certainly the chances of avoiding one increase if we stare the catastrophe boldly in the face and estimate its dangers’.”

    I see one problem being that with a mechanism to silence any inconvenient truths why would their be a need to stare the catastrophe boldly in the face, when you can make whatever you want a reality with negligence, fraud and slander? Our leaders wandering around labelling our ‘prophets’ insane, and subjecting them to ‘treatments’. “Gee I didn’t see those Huns coming, and here’s us the greatest military power the world has ever seeen”

  • I am going through some tough times at the moment.

    I mean I realise that the State doesn’t want to torture people, but there are times when ……. so they need the loophole of the Mental Health Act. that means they can sign the Convention against the use of Torture (et al) AND can torture people if they can lawfully make them into “patients” before torturing them.

    I forget what the lawyers wrote about their being a “substantive” rather than “procedural” breach in my instance, but it seemed important in that high falutin kind of way. What I do know is that I was tortured and kidnapped, and they tried to legally change that narrative (and my status to “patient”) post hoc, and thought they had suceeded.

    Big bother is this police thing. I mean from where i’m looking it appears they are aware of the ‘death squads’ being used by the State and are actively participating in it. And I even get that too. I mean have a look at how Deterte is dong it in the Philipines (or that doco I recommend about Suharto). They don’t get public officers to do the nasty, they get criminals to do it and then turn a blind eye. exactly what we’re doing here.

    I’ve got no doubt the Premier (equivalent of your Governor) wasn’t aware that the Minister was enabling a death squad to operate in our hospitals. She obviously was though. It was when they did a body count via the Targeted Review of E. D. Admissions that the Premier started to look a little ill when facing the media. I guess given that I had slipped through the net with the proof he wasn’t sure who knew what, and if our media were going to catch him with his pants down with a question about these killings. They behaved themselves and rightly so when the State is slaughtering people to manage their corruption.

    As far as my brothers go they do tend to be a little conservative. Though there are time limits put on matters such as divorce, and severe punishments for defying those limits. Many of them have come from places where the State slaughters people for convenience and probably want a rest and they look and think these guys are amatuers anyway. 16 bodies in a year is not a lot when you think about how many were turning up on the streets in Iraq once they were ‘liberated’ and the Shia started executing Sunnis. Which of course left some people in a position where they either fought back or waited for their turn. The rest history.

    So all these people who are “in it together” probably aren’t aware that the State is doing this. Like I say the Premier didn’t seem to be aware from his reaction. But it happens and so when I turned up in the police station with the proof, they tipped them off and they got out of town. Couldn’t arrest them, but also couldn’t be seen to not be doing their job. Not that anyone would be surprised that the negligence of the police meant a murderer escaped to set up shop in another State. that’s how they came here after when things got a bit warm in their home State and doing a favor for some of our local crims.

    Like I say, small potatoes in many ways. Not huge death squads, just a team operating out of an emergency dept doing a few for the State authorties (mainly police I would imagine) A worry for me, but not so much anyone else. they’re not trying to do any more killings than necessary.

    Though I will say this. It does show what can be concealed as medicine by the State if they choose. And why it is so important for these people to be watched carefully. Glad we have all this spying technology in the end, though a bit like the Enigma Code it’s not a lot of use having the information that they are killing, if stopping the murders means you expose the fact you’ve broken the code.

    I still smile thinking about the reaction when the psychologist found out I was still alive lmao. Two weeks after they thought I was killed she is telling me her husband wasn’t even at the hospital when they tried to kill me, though I think she jumped the gun because I hadn’t told her when I was talking about. Must have been the shock of speaking to the dead lol. I would have thought she might have said I was insane for making such a claim, but she was ready with an alibi? My wife and her doctor friend sure gaslighted her a bit. And I don’t know how I feel about that really, having been the victim of some vicious gaslighting myself. Though I’m not providing victims for a State sanctioned death squad and don’t really have to worry about who knows what about me. The hospital has released all of my private and confidential information to the public via my documents anyway so in some ways i’m free as a result of the slander and fraud. They can literally make anything true with their “editing”. Killings become Unintended negative outcomes, torture is ‘treatment’, slander is labelling done in ‘good faith’, and fraud becomes ‘editing’. Enjoy your time here people, because your in for a treat in the next life. I’ll say a prayer for y’all but the Boss has a tendency to know what is in your hearts, and whiloe you have concealed that from the rest of the community, He knows what you’ve been up to (and a few others who have looked, vomited and then turned their backs).

  • “He thought of the telescreen with its never-sleeping ear. They could spy upon you night and day, but if you kept your head you could still outwit them. With all their cleverness they had never mastered the secret of finding out what another human being was thinking. . . . Facts, at any rate, could not be kept hidden. They could be tracked down by inquiry, they could be squeezed out of you by torture. But if the object was not to stay alive but to stay human, what difference did it ultimately make? They could not alter your feelings; for that matter you could not alter them yourself, even if you wanted to. They could lay bare in the utmost detail everything that you had done or said or thought; but the inner heart, whose workings were mysterious even to yourself, remained impregnable.”

    Turn over Eric.

  • “I still do not understand how in a world where people consider themselves to be a society based on “justice”, on “freedoms”, that same justice system treats ALL persons who have seen a shrink, as suspicious and not worth of the same rights, or standards of care as anyone else.”

    Consider how the German people saw themselves during the 1940s sam, and that in that “free” and “just” society the consequences of ticking the box marked “Juden” on your National identity record? All that justice and freedom just went out the window.

    I am not a fan of book burning so I don’t want to see it destroyed. I think some years down the track it will stand a bit like the book I read about how National Socialist administrators were struggling to get good seats made for their trucks as a result of the delousing program in the camps (many of the finest truck seats made by people of Jewish backgrounds). The matter of fact manner they spoke about their crimes against humanity seems obvious to us now, though at the time I’m sure it was written in ‘good faith’ as seeing that soldiers were comfortable in their work delivering free labour to those areas that required it.

    Actually theres a good documentary called “The Act of Killing” that covers the Suharto death squads (Hi to the doctor in the Emergency Dept assisting my State with whistleblowers) and how they come to a realisation of what they actually did. At first they sit bragging to one another about how vicious they were in their torturing and killing of communists, and then realised it was all being recorded and they saw themselves from ‘outside’. Like Michael Douglas in Falling Down, “you mean I’m the bad guy?” lol

  • The quote is actually from an old ‘movie’ called Babakiueria’. A look at what it would have been like if things had happened in reverse in Australia. The quote is from about 17:00 mins.

    I’ve just woken from a nightmare pondering things, and guess your comment eases some pain in a way. Consider;

    I get tortured and kidnapped and the hospital does a cover up and ‘fuking destroys’ me. They do a good job on me leaving me homeless and totally psychologically destroyed to the point of suicide. My family gone, everything I own stolen from me, and i’m living on the streets because I dared to complain and got the proof via the FOI process.

    Even my own legal representatives stabbed me in the back by accepting fraudulent documents knowing that if they looked at the real set they would be responsible for acting on the use of torture methods, so they conspire to pervert the course of justice with the Operations Manager at the hospital. Police are despatched to retrieve the documents I have and they arrange to have me killed in an Emergency Dept, someone interferes thinking why kill me, just gaslight me to suicide and it’s all fixed. Picked up a killer in the ED in the process.

    Fast forward a couple of years. I go through the process with someone qualified to understand the legal consequences of what happened. As I am going through the documents I notice that the documents I have, and the documents sent to my legal representatives are not the same. Put two lawyers in two rooms with either set, and they would come to very different conclusions. This of course is criminal fraud changing legal narrative and then providing that to lawyers (the attached memo authorising the changes by the Clinical Director calls it “editing”). It conceals the offences of torture and kidnapping (and others). This is also not a crime committed against me, but the whole community.

    So I get to speak to some lawyers who ………. well all I can really speak about is what I know to be true at this point (one senior lawyer ensuring I receive ineffective representation from someone who was involved in the original concealment. They obviously have motive to get out of what they did, and will throw me under the bus for the person looking and noticing the crimes. Then rinse lather repeat on the pervert the course of justice. It’s clever being able to deny someone who is the vicitm of torture access to legal represntation). I have exposed an act of criminal fraud that was done in order to conceal the torture and kidnapping of a citizen, and then some really disgusting conduct to fuking destroy the victim of that torture and kidnapping. This is not in contention, and anyone who says it is can look, the proof is there. So, given the vicious attack on me what would you think the State would do? I mean check the conditions of the Convention against the use of Torture as to what they SHOULD do, assist and not continue to threaten me or my family (witnesses). And yet what ARE they doing? I can point you to at least three witnesses that have been threatened by Police to remain silent. Though a Police Siperintendent tells me in writing that they have received no complaint about police threatening witnesses so nothing to see there. Imagine, your going to go to police and complain about them threatening when you have borne witness to someone being subjected to what I have? One of them (a psychologist) said he could no longer speak to me because he was afraid for his families safety.

    Also consider that thinking the documents have been retrieved and then acting as if the matter has been covered up meant that the letter from the Chief Psychitrist denying any knowledge of the torture and kidnapping would be accpeted. Exposing that he knew of the crimes and had chosen to go along wth the fraud committed by the hospital???? Anyone want to take a look at his letter of response to the Mental Health Law Centre? You would be shocked with knowledge of what is in the real set of documents. Knew about the crimes, thought the hospital had police retrieve the documents, and went along with the fraud. FACT (or at least I can say the author of the response to the complaint went along with the fraud knowingly. I have some doubts about someone with “expert legal knowledge” writing the poison pen letter given to me, though the lawyers claim they didn’t have time to read it. Which was really fortunate because the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t even understand the protections for “consumers, carers and the community” afforded by the very Act he is charged with administering. How bizarre. I did write to them and ask that they tell the Emperor that he had no clothes but they were busy assisting the criminals and were not interested in ensuring the person charged with protecting the public understood the law and did their duty. Best he be left to stray and leave us all exposed to torture and kidnappings.)

    The lawyers? All run away and left me to continue to be ‘fuking destroyed’. What they are obtaining for that viciousness I don’t know, but …. what I can say is that the Minister for Health is certainly doubling down on the States criminal conduct. He says my complaining is an illness despite me knowing he has access to the proof of what i’m saying. Though I’m certain he feels the need to conceal the criminal conduct to maintain the reputation of his mental health services who aren’t doing a lot of torturing, kidnapping and killing. Well, we would never really know given he is also authorising the distribution of fraudulent documents by hospitals to conceal criminality, and allowing unintended negative outcomes to do effective cover ups.

    I accept I may be insane, but why is it that when I exposed these fraudulent documents sent to the Mental Health Law Centre has everyone gone into a panic and then found it easier to fuking destroy me AGAIN for speaking the truth? (Police threatening to arrest me for having my own medical records showing I was ‘spiked’ with benzos which leads to questions as to why) I get it human rights lawyers and people with a duty to protect citizens from torture should’t be engaged in assisting in the concealment of torture but we need to understand their need for funding. If they don’t commit the crimes of perverting the course of justice and compound conceal evidence of criminal offences, their money will be cut off by the Minister.

    So me parting with my loved ones because Police and Mental Health Services don’t like the truth that they tortured and kidnapped me seems a small price for the Minister to pay. My career and home utterly destroyed and he still can’t bring himself to call a spade a spade and prefers the terms “referral” and “assessment” when he know that this is not right, unless one maintains the fraud (ie utters, further criminal conduct by the Minister). They destroy my family and even with the truth lawyers turn their backs and won’t even assist me to have my property returned so I can leave this vile country that is committing human rights abuses and concealing them with fraud, slander and convenience killings. Enjoy your free lunch Minister.

    Still, I digress, how’s the weather in your neck of the woods? lol

  • Makes sense as to why the guy (Senior Medical Officer) who coerced me to remove my clothes (you do it or we pin you down and do it) in a locked ward, knowing I had been spiked with benzos, and proceeded to insert objects into my mouth or anus when I had expressly denied my consent, was also an Ordained Minister.

    He did also sign a prescription for the benzos I had been spiked with 12 hours before he even knew of my existence, and after they had been administered. I wonder what other ‘concealments’ this person has been making in the locked ward of the mental institution he was working at? Imagine if any of the victims of childhood rape (by the likes of Fr. Gerald Ridsdale) ever turned up there, would he have declared a conflict of interest? Or would he have ensured they were never heard with a label and a fist full of drugs, like the list he wrote out to silence me with.

    Nice comment Sylvain, I’d like to hear more from you.

  • “Therapy is the best modality to address people’s self-hating thoughts, after being abused.”

    Even when the abuse is the result of an abusive therapist?

    Not going to bother you with what has been done to me but the last person I would trust in this world right now would be a therapist. $200 for telling my wife to drug me without my knowledge and plant a knife and some cannabis on me to obtain a police referral. Lessons in how to torture and kidnap and avoid any legal consequences?

    “Psychiatry can redeem itself by going back to the basics. It is breathtakingly simple.”

    Psychiatry is not redeemable. All we can hope is that these people who use the same tactics as Islamic State to enforce their moral code end up sharing the same space in Hell.

    Oh, and speaking of breathtakingly simple, want to know how to torture and kidnap citizens as a psychologist? Read some of my history. It really is breathtakingly simple, and not a soul will dare stand up and say it’s wrong. That’s the sort of power being weilded by these organised criminals who have hijacked our communities with their ‘medicine’.

    Good luck Doc

  • “Parting with a loved one is never easy. I said goodbye to my mother recently when she went on holiday. So I know how they (Aboriginal parents having their children stolen by the State to be raised as white people) feel”.

    It’s for their own good of course. Not that the people doing the stealing were affected by any of their policies. In fact in some cases they have profited from it. And the “Sorry” had to be wrenched from their clutches? I guess empathy must be considered a ‘disease’ in some circles.

    Good article Sarah.

  • Just digging around the site of the Association for the Prevention of Torture and I note that the list of “Partners in Prevention” is a list of all the people who have assisted in the concealment of the torture and kidnapping I was subjected to.

    It reminded me of the “exclusions” in the Mental Health Act being a list of things to not write down on the Forms when your drugging someone into oblivion. Don’t like gays? No probls, just don’t put that down as the reason your locking them up okay Community Nurse. Verbal it up a bit, did he admit to smoking a bit of pot 30 years ago? “History of heavy illicit drug use”, Does he believe in God? “Hearing voices and delusional beliefs expressed”. He refused to answer questions about his sex life? “Possible breaches of the Perversions Act of 1916” (No such Act exists but our Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t even know the provisions of the Mental Health Act so no chance of him knowing. According to him “reasonable grounds” are whatever the Community Nurse writes on the Form, despite them not actually relating to anything he was told. Refusing to answer a question is grounds for detention? Wow, if police knew that……..) “refused to answer re substance abuse” This from a man who knew I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos? he knew more about my substance abuse than I did, why didn’t he write that down on the Form? Maybe because he was engaging in conspiring to pervert the course of justice? Oh yeah, bit much expecting him to document his crimes, or the two police who stood and watched him commit these offences. Like they care, they were turning away children who had been repeatedly raped for 40 years.

    People being locked up and force drugged in my State for literally nothing more than a Community Nurse want to do it. And Police will provide him with a referral to overcome the protections afforded the community and enable arbitrary detention and torture.

    I’ll keep digging in the hope of finding someone who actually believes that torturing citizens is wrong. Though ten years of trying, and not a soul prepared to say why it wasn’t torture (because the fact they distributed fraudulent documents demonstrates they knew it was. Imgine human rights lawyers ensuring they don’t obtain the proof of torture so they don’t have to assist the victim of torture. Well done Mental Health Law Centre, your a disgrace to lawyers everywhere.) Just ignore him and hopefully we have gaslighted him enough so that he takes his own life, because the slaughter program for whistleblowers/torture victims in the Emergency Dept has been temporarily closed due to COVID 19 (and some people having to leave town rather quickly when they were tipped off (by whom? Police? Sorry we did our best but we can’t have victims of torture turning up in police stations with the proof. Making referrals and them turning up dead might raise some eyebrows at the Coroners office if there are too many)) Rotten to the core.

    It really is about making people think they are in on the secret. Just between you and me …….. and this type of conspiring is rampant in these ‘institutions’ of torture.

  • Canada? Hey I’ve managed to get a pair of Ice Skates, but they don’t have golf courses there right?

    I’d like to go where all the old Nazis went. at least there’s a chance they learned from their mistakes, rather than like this place where we rinse lather repeat.

    I note today another ‘victim’ of the lawyer Nicola Gobbo has been released on bail. Imagine police thinking there was nothing wrong with using a criminal lawyer as a paid police informer. Oh well, the guy who spent 12 years in jail for a murder he didn’t do is at least home for lockdown due to cornona. Which is more than Scott Austic has despite spending 13 years in prison for a number of items ‘planted’ at the scene of the murder of his girlfriend.

    I suppose that eventually someone will notice that our court system has been corrupted to this point? I mean I must admit I was shocked once I realised that the documents that the lawyers accepted were fraudulent. Even more shocked to find out they were involved in the concealment of torture and kidnapping by public officers. Human Rights Lawyers assisting in the concealment of torture, read that with care as it is a fact. With those sorts of breaches of trust and confidence occurring it really is best to get out of the place. Some people might find it pleasant to live in a sewer, and it appears no one seems to give a damn about police and mental health finding methods to torture and kidnap citizens, preferring to neglect their duty and ‘fuking destroy’ victims.

    All that honorable talk amounts to nothing. Even the hypocrites can’t say anything despite them going on record as being against the use of torture. Secretly they support it, but who would vote for them with that truth being known? The “oh well, sometimes a little bit may be necessary, and i’m sure the bitch was asking for it” excuse.

    I sent a letter to one of our Members of Parliament asking what cimes I was committing by having documents proving I was tortured and kidnapped? She is a lawyer and I would assume it would be an easy question to answer, but …… apparently she ignores anything that doesn’t involve pay rises for politicians due to the good job they are doing neglecting their duty to act over breaches of the Conventions signed by them. Human rights? What are they to we who don’t consider our slave class human until it’s time to vote.

    They really do disgust me, and I look forward to the day when just one person is prepared to assist me in getting my belongings back so I can leave. Even my own Muslim brothers…… they think that not eating a jellybean during daylight hours during Ramadan will get them into heaven, but turning their backs on their brothers being tortured by the State and murdered for complaining won’t even come into the equation. I wonder if they have even read the same Book as me at times. Because like the Police it only seems to be found at times when the narrative suits their purpose.

    How great is Allah to test them in this manner? What issues from their mouths does not seem to relate to what is in their hearts. Who am I to judge though? All I know is that I have been viciously attacked by the State, and not a soul prepared to say this is wrong. Can’t blame them, there’s plenty of room in the showers for them and their families too. We wait, because there will come a day when these people are held to account. Claiming that they did what they did because of the instructions of others (people who have demonstrated a willingness to lie and commit acts of fraud to conceal torture, are now treated as if their word can be trusted, and their non action for ten years and concealment of criminal conduct should be admired. Because they let me slip the net with the proof, and still managed to cover it up again with police threatening a psychologist to obtain information. And of course the assitance of another lawyer prepared to breach the trust of their ‘client’. Not unlike Gobbo. I think about “Shallow Grave” If you can’t trust your friends, what then? No one in this State can trust any doctor or State authority due to the fact they are breaking the law and breaching your rights to conceal their criminality)? They will be left in the lurch, and their companions in this vile conduct will be nowhere to be found.

    Consider the work involved in covering up these crimes? And my wife literally went on the internet and had another man ready to move in within weeks. Police assist in the retrieval of the documents and a Violence Restraining Order is applied for (this is a problem because the matters before the court means that the perversion of justice is a fact. Despite the cancellation of this once they thought that they had retrieved the documents form me. Police once again needing lawful reason to chase me all over the State to retrieve the proof of crimes by public officers. Police detain me while my wife goes through my documents and retrieves the ones the hospital wishes to conceal before committing an act of criminal fraud.)

    Still the truth doesn’t matter to a police Force that cares nothing about facts, and more about ensuring they plant the right evidence to deceive the court authorities.

    “What ya gunna do when your well runs dry? I’d like to know.”

    Trust is earned from doing the right thing, even when it is the most difficult to do.

  • “Do not give what is holy to the dogs; nor cast your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you in pieces.” Mathew 7:6

    If only the filthy slandering animal that attended my home didn’t have the right to enlist the assistance of police to torture and kidnap this might be a good verse. “Let there be no compulsion in religion” my Book tells me, and as a result of that I do believe this medical cult claiming to have the powers of fortune telling and mind reading is doomed. There is a joy that comes with that thought, and then I realise the true consequences of what will occur and i’m saddened.

    My hatred for the National Socialists and what they did to so many people is only tamed when I look at the pictures of them hanging at Nueremburg. Justice tends to be like that.

  • Couldn’t agree more Ria.

    “For the purposes of this Convention, the term “torture” means any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.”

    The “offical” definition.

    I note the recent discussions at the UN regarding the use of ‘soft’ tortures (the ‘psychological’ tortures that are much more difficult to prove, as opposed to hard tortures).

    In my instance I was assaulted via the ‘spiking’ with benzodiazepines (one element of the use of hard torture a physical assault like punching to the head), and then an “acute stress reaction” induced by jumping me in my bed by police (enlisted via a ‘lie’ by a Community Nurse to assist with his “patient”) The two DO NOTS of an acute stress reaction are (1) DO NOT prescribe benzos and (2) DO NOT force the person to talk (especially when thye have been ‘spiked’ and then had weapons used to force them to talk).

    So how is this not considered torture given that it was done by two people who did it knowing I would not talk to a Community Nurse (or any other mental health professional) willingly? And then the acquiescence of public officers to conceal the ‘spiking’ by kidnapping and having me delivered to a dcotor prepared to sign a prescription for drugs used to spike someone and enable torture? An Ordained Minister none the less.

    Because knowing they did not meet the criteria of the Mental Health Act for detention, they planted items to enable police to detain under s. 68 (e) of the Criminal Code. Once police had handed me over to these consprators then they had lawful sanction and could torture with impunity.

    Of course if police werre to do their duty they would have arrested these people for conspiring to torture, stupefy without knowledge to commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping but ……. I guess being able to set people up to exploit the loophole of the definition of torture (ie obtain lawful sanction to enable police to open up the right to torture for mental health professionals, who can then hand you back to police and it isn’t torture anymore) means that the Convention is useless. Totally useless when the people with a duty to ensure the rights given by it are ignored or covered up with convenience killings (refoulment).

    Of course me having the proof of this has been a slight inconvenience to my government. They have had to ensure the silence of a number of people who have become aware of their vile conduct, and how they have been concealing acts of torture (and a few knocks).

    This has been faily easy as I have a trusting nature and when people tell me they don’t agree with torture and will help, only to take documents from me and then breach agreements regarding that evidence/proof I am further refouled and find myself wanting to die. I just assumed that people had a revulsion for torture, not that they were considering it medical treatment. Even Machiavelli didn’t go that far. But I guess it’s important that the public don’t become aware that our police and mental health services have found a means to torture citizens and then conceal any proof of those offences via the distribution of fraudulent documents to lawyers (advocates who assist in concealing human rights abuses? Speak to the Mental Halth Law Centre about their role as a Venus Fly Trap for the State sanctioned torture program) and the unintended negative outcomes that are faily easily achived in an Emergency Dept which police tell me it’s best they don’t know about. Who is it they actually Protect and Serve? Organised criminals? Human rights abusers?

    The Convention suggests the appointmemnt of a Committee to investigate claims made up of ‘people of good standing’. Let me say that thse would be difficult to find in the State I live in, where access to legal representation is denied and your own representative prefers outcomes that suit the State and make what is torture a ‘medical procedure’.

    3 minutes. Is this torture? Or merely the use of a coercive method? Has Raymonds life been affirmed by this ‘treatment’? Because it’s a method being used and is not considered torture. And much more effective if you can ‘spike’ Ramond prior to the interrgation, as can be done in my State according to the Minister for Health and our Chief Psychiatrist. All you need is a doctor prepared to sign off on it post hoc. And I can make a referral to one.

    I’ve much more to say but find myself severly traumatised. Though I’m much better these days after ten years of living on the street without my family. And I must say I really should have appreciated the concern of these people over me losing some sleep and not eating properly for a couple of days. Mind you the cost to me of not sleeping properly as a result of being jumped in my bed and tortured, kidnapped and then nearly killed for complaining has probably escaped their notice. They had other victims to deal with.

    I would have assumed they would allow me to obtain my belongings and leave. Not so, my wife obviously aware of the States need to ‘fuking destroy’ me (she was after all conspiring with them to do precisely that) and ensure I can not get access to the courts means she gets to keep everything I ever worked for (including my family photos, passport, birth certificate, degrees, employment references …… and my daughter and grandchildren who have no blood tie to her. The Police knee jerk reaction is to destroy a persons family to ensure they become vulnerable. It makes retrieving documented proof of criminal conduct by public officers so much easier to deal with via a bullet and a label). And we’re paying taxes for this?

  • P.S. Dalel

    Make sure you use hard copies of letters etc. On paper. The electronic copies of records can be manipulated and changed. If you receive emails print them out, and put them away in an archive. And ensure that with important items even you don’t know where they are as police may decide to use ‘coercive’ measures on you to find out “who else has the documents”.

    Once the State becomes the criminals your in for a wild ride. Because they really don’t care who they hurt, and nor do the people who claim they are ‘advocates’ who will leave you in the lurch for a few sheckles.

    They hate the truth and will conceal it with falsehoods. What one needs to realise is that they hate the truth that what they are doing is torturing people, and thus they conceal it with the falsehood that what they are doing s medicine. Consider deeply what can be done to a citizen is limited, what can be done to a “patient” is not. And in my State a citizen can have their status changed post hoc. Torture by police can be concealed post hoc by a doctor prepared to sign fraudulent documents. Care to see the ‘prescription’ signed for the drugs I was spiked with post hoc?

    Spiked with benzos, detained against my will, tortured during interrogation and kidnapped and then delivered to a doctor to make me into a “patient”, and phew it’s all now lawful. That’s not what i’d call procedural fairness lol. Any wonder police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code?

  • I’m one of the lucky ones in many ways dalel.

    What to document? Literally everything. Any contact you have with these people at all, document when with who and what was said or agreed to. It may seem insignificant now but …..

    I’ll give you an example. I get spiked and kidnapped. I try and obtain the documents but am subjected to the ‘run around’ by the hospital FOI officer who is knowingly commiting criminal offences (conspiring to pervert the course of justice, coneal evidence of a criminal offence etc). She, with the assistance of my wife tries to have me sign a document that would release her from these offences with a little trick (its actually quite clever when you look at what she did to deceive. Three letters, one requiring a signature, remove the other two and you are off the hook should anyone ask any questions regarding your conduct) I refused to sign and eventually after 6 weeks I received my documents showing I had been drugged without my knowledge.

    At this point I wrote a letter to the FOI officer explaining my disgust at what she did and detailed that I had only just been informed of the spiking on this date. That letter at the time seemed insignificant and was in some ways just a fuk you to the FOI officer, but I now realise had I not written it and detailed events, they could have claimed I was informed earlier and therefore their conduct was not criminal. They are pathological liars who will say anything to manipulate outcomes, and thus all they would need to do was say I had been informed by them and I had forgotten.

    They had the opportunity to respond to my letter to correct any errors and failed to do so (as what I had said was true and correct). Any later claim would certainly be questionable, and the Courts would certainly have to accept what was written before any verbal statement made after the fact with motive to lie.

    So if someone makes a verbal agreement with you, confirm that agreement in writing with them.

    Keep good records despite the fact it is a lot of work because you simply can not trust these people. They have an outcome in mind and will do whatever is necessary to achieve that outcome, including criminal fraud. They will receive assistance in those offences from police. And believe me no one will believe you even when you put the proof in front of them, so document that as well. They are so used to manipulating situations that they openly stated to me that they would fuking destroy me for complaining about their misconduct, and they meant it. Torture and kidnapping and they are receiving assistance from police to retrieve documents? REALLY? Sounds insane, care to see the proof? I can give you the names of two people threatened by police who ran away wetting their pants.

    They will though, I believe, eventually be exposed. And if they’re unlucky and get the short straw, they might be the one who ends up in prison as a token to all the people who have been harmed over many years. It’s a raffle, but the more tickets you have in the draw, the more likely you are to be pulled out of the hat.

    Good luck and please keep us informed. Though also consider that what you say becomes public knowledge and can be used to ‘fuking destroy’ by the likes of the Operations Manager whose investigation was a cover for gathering information to do precisely that. Machiavelli would be proud of her.

    P.S. if you do make any noise don’t be surprised if your medical records become public knowledge. An ‘accident’ will possibly occur and they will be released, and with the ability to “edit” them you might be surprised at how they paint you in a bad light. People here who speak inconvenient truths tend to appear on cctv pics on tv being sought by police over sexual assaults that never occurred. Despite police knowing who it is in the cctv pictures, and that the person they caught with some meth is merely saying what they want to hear (and is not charged over their possession). Nasty, but effective. same method as having my wife ‘spike’ me and then forgiving her the crime, despite not having the discretionary power to do so. The ends justify the means they tell me.

    Our Courts have become places where false narratives are presented by police, and accepted without question by the courts.

    This case was really like a childrens story where a ‘trail’ of evidence was planted and an innocent man went to prison. I could list a load more that have been exposed, though it’s the ones that haven’t been shown that are the concern to our community. The police here do more planting than the State Forestry Dept.

  • It can’t be an easy job being a psychiatrist and doing assessments Doc.

    I think back to my situation where I had a number of people set me up to be locked up and force drugged for not agreeing with them (though unlike your ‘clients’ I did not disagree with a psychiatrist, just some amatuers who had diagnosed my disagreement with them as being a mental illness).

    Some things stand out for me now with the passage of time that weren’t so obvious at first when I was ‘referred’ (I prefer to think of what was done using the strict legal terms of torture and kidnapping but our Minister for Health prefers the terms ‘referred’ and ‘assessed’).

    My wife with the assistance of a psychologist plan to have me ‘referred’ against my will by obtaining a police referral, knowing they had no legal right to make the referral themselves. They did this by ‘spiking’ my drink with benzos to ‘drop’ me and make it easy to plant items (a knife and some cannabis) on my person for police to find, detain lawfully and make an immediate referral to a waiting Community Nurse (who had requested police assistance with a “patient” knowing it was a lie). Police jumped me in my bed causing an “acute stress reaction” and forced me into an interview with the Community Nurse who then ‘verballed’ a Statutory Declaration and had police kidnap me and deliver me to his hospital creating the appearance for his collegues that he had referred someone who police had requested he assess. (a ‘man in the middle’ con if you are aware of the hustle)

    Some things that wouldn’t have been obvious to the staff at the hospital. My wife and her psychologist assistant ensured the clothes I was wearing created the appearance that I was a tramp. I returned to the same hospital a few days later wearing my suit, and with the opportunity to shave and shower wasn’t recognised by a doctor who had assaulted me only days before. And as a doctor I wonder if you would consider that the Community Nurse would inform you that the person you received for assessment had been spiked with benzodiazepines without their knowledge, with someone elses drugs? I would have thought that information important when assessing someone. Especially when the Senior Medical Officer had written down the effects of the spiking and then used that as justification for forced drugging with the same drugs, and others which another doctor claims would have made me very ill.

    In fact when I look back at what was done with the documents showing what was occurring without my knowldege it was like the staff were trying to influence the actions of the assessing psychiatrist by misleading him/her with false information. I guess I was fortunate in that the psychiatrist armed with only the Form 1 (referral justification) went through the items with me and the flimsy straw man was knocked down and I was released without drugging (to drive a motor vehicle at high speeds whilst under the influence of a drug I wasn’t informed I had been given. Duty of Care?).

    Of course it did destroy my life that 7 hours of being interrogated without knowing I had been spiked and was effectively being tortured due to a knowledge by my wife (and assistant) that I would exercise my right to silence. Still, I have found out what can be concealed as medicine as a result, and am sharing that information with as many people as I possibly can before I get snatched from my bed again by police.

    Complaining about such conduct is, according to our Minister of Health a symptom of an illness, and despite the failure of police to retrieve the documented proof of what i’m saying, he insists in calling a conspiracy to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping, ‘referral’ and ‘assessment’. Imagine being so powerful that one could ignore the law? Would that be considered grounds for ‘assessment’ or committment?

    I ask because our Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t recognise what a burden of proof is, and has rewritten the protections of the Mental Health Act out of existence. Suspect on reasonable grounds that a person should be an involuntary patient (standards set out in s. 26 of the Act; criteria of who) he writes is now, suspect on grounds we believe to be reasonable that a person requires an assessment by a psychiatrist. These are two very different statements with very different outcomes.

    One requires standards to be met (which unfortunatley I didn’t meet, hence the need for a police referral) and the belief that I needed to be an “involuntary patient”. The second allows arbitrary detentions based on nothing more than whatever the Community Nurse would like to be reasonable, and the consequences a nice little chat with a psychiatrist (not being drugged without knowledge and assulted to loosen the lips for the ‘assessment’/ interrogation.).

    I realise you live in the US and therefore have a respect for the law, whereas here even when I pointed out the errors of the Cheif Psychiatrist they simply ignore any complaints and ensure I get no access to legal representation. In fact the Minister slanders you even further despite knowing what I am saying is the truth. And when one considers that there is “No superior authority” when it comes to acts of torture, these guys are breaching an International Convention signed and ratified by our Federal Government and do not care one bit. The ability to make torture victims “patients” post hoc will allow breaches of the Convention to go unnoticed I assume for many years to come.

    That’s psychiatry for you, carte blanche and zero accountability. The sending of fraudulent documents to the Mental Health Law Centre who were more than prepared to accept them and reject the documented proof of the ‘spiking’ I have, proof that the game is being fixed by the State. They torture and kidnap, and the lawyers assist in cover ups in return for favors/funding. The Principle even pushing for a job as the Cheif Psychiatrist. How effective would she have been assisting in covering up the torture and kidnapping of citizens in that role? Bad enough she was working as an ‘advocate’ doing it.

    When is the truth a reason to force drug someone? When the State finds the truth about the conduct of their public officers repulsive. Luckily we can unintentionally negatively outcome people in our Emergency Depts here. The dead tell no tales. And now we have a Euthanasia Act, and we know hospitals are distributing fraudulent documents to conceal their misconduct at the request of the State, convenience killings shouldn’t be a problem to assist in dealing with whistleblowers. Don’t believe me about the fraudulent documents? Due diligence would require they are checked before the type of slander issued from the office of the Minister. Of course I know they have checked and continue with the slander anyway, to protect their own interests rather than the community they have a duty to.

    Whether I claim I am not ill or not simply doesn’t matter. It doesn’t change the truth. And yet I watch my community turn their backs on a torture victim because of a slanderous labelling process issuing from organised criminals in our hospitals.

  • “Wow, I’m free! Now what am I going to do with my life?”

    Pick a prison? lol

    I’ve just been for a drive past one of my old high schools and said to my ‘navigator’ about how it was the worst place of my life. I couldn’t even name someone who I would have considered a friend in that place that I spent a year in. I think it had a lot to do with it being a place where there were a lot of what we called surfs and rockers (bogan aussie kids who grow up to be neo nazis basically lol), and I still had a remnant of an English accent from living in the UK for a while.

    I take it all back now I’ve seen the inside of the Ariel Castro Memorial Hospital. At least some of the teachers saw something good about me, unlike the slanderers at the hospital who think that anyone who walks through the door needs to be fuking destroyed.

  • Document and record everything. These people have a history of fraud and will use it to manipulate outcomes. They call this fraud “editing” though in my opinion changing legal narratives to mislead lawyers constitutes fraud. It’s been fortunate for the Clinical Director of the hospital concerned that the police haven’t been able to locate their copy of the Criminal Code for 10 years or he might have found himself living alongside some of the criminals put in prison for shoplifting to feed their families. Concealing evidence of criminal offences such as torture and kidnapping serious matters unless you have friends who can neglect their duty for you.

    Be particularly careful of anyone who offers to ‘assist’ you. Hospital staff will use their ‘investigations’ to identify what proof of matters you have, and will then work with your ‘advocates’ to fuking destroy you (it’s just how administrators of these facilities put it). They lure with bait, and strike with chaos. You will find that the ‘advocates’ and the ‘administrators’ have close working relationships that see them feeding off one another in a symbiotic fashion. Your not invited, or welcome unless your prepared to go along with anything they want.

    Mind you there is an advantage in knowing that they would use you to throw your brother under the bus. They have a tendency to use family members to gaslight their victims. The betrayal does so much more harm when it comes from someone the victim trusts. And it allows them to wash their hands of any responsibility should a negative outcome occur.

    Also keep in mind they will deliberately poison your relationship with your brother. They will lie to him about what you are doing etc. I know in my instance they had my wife running around slandering me to every one of my friends, despute knowing that I did not have an illness, or that I had been examined and released from their ‘care’. Can’t have people listening to the victim right? People simply accept that if your snatched from you home by police to be delivered to a mental institution that something is wrong with you (despite what the documents say). Using that to slander is a highly effective weapon to be used against anyone who has proof of wrongdoing. Ask our Minister for Health who uses this type of slander regularly.

  • You know it’s funny but I’ve never really been bothered by the ‘nuts’ label. My claim when I put the documents I have down in front of someone who has a high level eductaion was that I would assist these criminals in their slandering of me if they wished. But that it doesn’t change the truth.

    Many of my ‘heroes’ have been called ‘insane’, ‘mad’ and what not throughout history, but time has shown who were the mad ones, and where it hasn’t then we need to wait.

    Where are the voices of those who said Noah was mad for building a boat because it was going to rain? I can’t hear them, and if I did I certainly wouldn’t be admitting it.

    Whats that Moses, a burning bush spoke to you? Just wait there while I get the local constabulary to have you delivered to the Voodoo doctor for treatment.

    Psychiatry is God leading the mad astray, and their insanity is being projected onto others and they profit from that insanity. What happens when the lunatics take over the asylum? I’m afraid history provides an answer to that too.

    I guess where I hear slanderous labels I get the feeling that there is more going on that people want silenced. People being tested as to who is best in conduct, and it can be unfortunate when those who our community has trusted are corrupted by the trappings of this world and forget about where they are heading.

    I’ve found that it is not possible to make agreements with anyone as a result of it being the modus operandii these days to use trust to exploit the vulnerable. And watching that cancer spread throughout my community makes me want to leave, all the ‘organs’ now riddled.

    There seems no doubt to me that slander and fraud are serious matters. And what I have seen from the authorities in my State is that is all they have to defend their disgusting behaviour towards someone who did nothing more than not wish to be tortured and kidnapped. Fine, as long as they realise the consequences of taking that path. Because the Emperor really does have no clothes, and we’re all talking about it behind his back (and so he sets up a surveillance system the likes of which we have never seen). I get it that we’re all afraid of telling him because he would likely have us unintentionally negatively outcomed so…….keep right on calling me names. It’s not my nuts people are talking about behind my back lol

  • “And the mainstream doctors don’t want to get rid of that very profitable safety net.”

    That jumped off the page for me SomeoneElse. I’ve spent a lot of time wondering why a cardiologist might want to catch out a psychiatrist in the middle of an unintended negative outcome, and use their position to have police assist in putting that person ‘in his pocket’. How embarrassing for police when they found out the cardiologists cover up had failed and they then found out what he was up to with his ‘little bit of mischief’. Their “might be best I don’t know about thats” come back to haunt them?

    Very profitable indeed having a psychologist at your college councelling service who can make referrals to her husband psychiatrist at a hospital for ‘treatments’. Endless possibilities and with police assisting in the process by retrieving evidence/proof of any wrongdoing? And the psychologist quite prepared to have third parties plant weapons on persons after they have been spiked and use her position to lie and claim that the ‘target’ is a “patient” to public officers who will then do as they’re told. Drop this one at the hospital for my hubby would you officer? Thanks. Not that the politics at the medical faculty would necessitate such viciousness?

    Of course Boans is totally insane and the defence put forward of “they wouldn’t do that” is sound lol (as long as you don’t examine the proof. Ask our Police Superintendent whose negligence is putting our community at serious risk. Referral anyone?). Our elected representatives have taken oaths they have no intention of fulfilling, and are overseeing an organised criminal operation in our hospitals, with the full support of our police service. Still, who would dare try and hold them to account when they can simply snatch you from your bed and have you ….. uhheeemmm unintentionallly negatively outcomed while those with a duty to act neglect that duty.

  • Magnitsky sanctions.

    “You may not be able to solve every problem in the world or respond to every abuse, but you can make sure your country is not a safe haven for despots and war criminals,” she said, appearing via video link from Los Angeles.

    “You can send a message to those who engage in corruption and human rights abuses that Australia’s banks and schools and beaches are off limits.”

    Note she does not mention that our hospitals are off limits? That’s where most of the haven for despots and abusers exists. Surely this is known as a result of the use of Military hospitals by Bashar al Assad for human rights abuses? And that is exactly where they are concealing our human rights abuses, in our hospitals because it is easily concealed and cover ups are so easily implememented. Its standard operating procedure from what I witnessed regarding the distribution of fraud to conceal torture and kidnappings by the State. Call a citizen a “patient” and you can do whatever you like to them, and that is easily achieved via a ‘spiking’ and the planting of a weapon once they collapse. All perferctly lawful according to our Chief Psychiatrist and Minister. Arbitrary detentions and then lawful ‘treatments’ that would otherwise constitute torture if it weren’t for the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” loophole in the Convention (Article 1)

    Check it out, Russia is poisoning people who don’t agree with what they want? Imagine a government that would poison their own citizens. Of course i’m sure their are two sides to every story and the ‘treatment’ of dissidents who talk about human rights could be misinterpreted. Medications are not poisons Mr Murza, where on earth did you get that idea? And in Australia my government will allow those ‘medications’ to be administrered without your knowledge. Any complaints and we call you a paranoid delusional and we then ‘treat’ you for your illness, or as it was described to me by the Operations Manager of a hospital, we’ll fuking destroy you. This from a woman who makes Vladimir Putin look like Ghandi.

    “If you murder someone or if you torture someone or are involved in other gross human rights abuses, your punishment should not be a revoked visa or a closed bank account.

    “But it’s better than nothing.”

    And at present Australia has NOTHING lol. Nice evening had by all at the football while the Euthanasia Act was being debated Minister? I’d be careful who I was photographed with in public and then posted on Facebook if I were you, especially when your truanting from class. Put that one alongside your picture with Immelda Marcos and your shoe collection?

    I guess when you have a history of making agreements you have no intention of standing by, people know your word is worth nothing. My government ratified the Convention against the use of Torture and ignores it when they get caught torturing, nay in fact they will refoul. Why not sign this agreement too, it would provide further cover for the human rights abuses they are committing. Loopholes galore when you have a human rights absing instrument at you service, and that is exactly what our Mental Health Act does. It is it’s reason detre.

    “They will take their oaths as a cover” it says in my Book. Hypocrites.

  • “these yahoos are against suicide”

    Not in my State they’re not. We passed a Euthanasia Act because doctors wanted it. Make it elective and the exchange of a few Ben Franklins might ease the process of the non existent paper work.

    I mean I get it that they spoke in terms of there being legal ‘protections’ but let me say this. If anyone takes a look at the protections of the Mental Health Act and realises that the person responsible for those protections doesn’t know what they are, or give a damn about them when they are pointed out to him, then of what use are they?

    So people who have a history of ignoring the protections of the law make the claim that they will abide by the protections of the law seems a bit more than rich. Luckily they can simply ignore me and the proof I have of their negligence, fraud and slander, and continue to pass laws they know they will use to enable the killing of citizens and give the appearance of lawfulness.

    Imagine, if doctor happened to not like someone and killed them, and filled out fraudulent documents to conceal that killing, my government has made it possible for that doctor to use the resources of police to retrieve any evidence you have of that killing, and then threaten your family to ensure you shut your mouth about the good people at the hospital killing people for convenience. And they speak about your rights and the protections afforded by the law? Glad all these human rights activists are ensuring these people are held to account, NOT.

    I heard Amal Clooney speak regarding Australia being a ‘trendsetter’ regarding human rights and ensuring that governments like Russia don’t torture and kill bankers for whistleblowing. Why when Australia is torturing and killing people for little more than complaining about torture methods being used under the guise of medicine are being killed, whilst the authorities simply ignore their duty to ensure no action is taken and they can ensure their ‘reputation’ is maintained? Police simply can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code and drop you at an Emergency Dept with a referral for an unintended negative outcome.

    Get a real job lady rather than aiding and abetting in the maintenance of a false narrative for a Nation that is engaging in torture methods and killing anyone who complains and has the proof. Were as bad as them. In fact were worse because people actually trust us.

  • Nice one Harry. Probably your youth but this reminded me of a scene in the movie Full Metal Jacket where a group of soldiers are standing around the corpse of one of their brothers in arms called ‘handjob’ (he was masterbating 7 times a day and was attempting to get a Section 8). Anyway, the conversation went something like what did he die for and one of the new guys said “freedom” to which a more experienced soldier called ‘Mother’ replied that this war was nothing to do with freedom, it was a slaughter. If he was going to die for a word it would be “poontang”.

    I guess my point is that you seem to think that mental health services are about helping people, it’s not. It’s about ensuring the safety of the community (and providing the odd scapegoat when things go wrong), and all that talk about it being about helping people is to get them to enter the ‘showers’ willingly, and with as little resistance as possible. But you have time and will see.

    I do have a question for you though as someone diagnosed with anorexia. It is at present the Holy month of Ramadan and I have been having discussions with some people regarding fasting. Some of them believe in the ‘chemical imbalance’ hypothesis of addiction, and believe that addictions are caused by a reinforcement of ‘happy’ chemicals being released in the brain as a result of ‘pornography’ or ‘drugs’. If this is so then it might explain why some people who can find control of their eating the only thing they can exercise control over their environment reinforced? ie I don’t eat and it gives me a feeling of control, releases the chemicals and I feel good, therefore I dont eat it releases the chemicals ….. I assume you get the picture? So my question. Is asking someone who has this ‘disorder’ to fast for a month a bit like asking a heroin addict to take drugs for a month and then stop again?

    Anyway, good luck with your studies and don’t for a minute fool yourself that psychiatry is ‘medicine’. If you start believing that, see your Doctor lol.

  • Just a point that I got thinking about one day then my head started to hurt.

    Our Shadow Minister for Mental Health was the first openly gay man to marry in this country on the steps of Parliament House. I got to thinking that this guy was old enough to remember when he would have been ‘treated’ for his ‘illness’ by psychiatrists some years ago with a chemical castration and ECTs until his head hurt. There would probably have been gangs waiting outside Parliament for him to come out who would have beaten him senseless with baseball bats, and if he had reported that to police he probably would have received a second beating and a few tazer belts to the testicles.

    My how things have changed, and I was glad to see this man in the position he found himself. I don’t think he would have been as accommodating as the person who has taken over that role, and who is providing Docs with whatever they request (possibly as a result of them having a bit of inside dirt on him).

    I guess what i’m saying is that certainly gay people have managed in one generation to bring the system around and now have what might be considered human rights. They used to be treated as bad as our Aboriginal population, which I know wouldn’t mean a lot to you guys because we’re really good at concealing how badly we treat these people. (see John Pilger for an expose on how bad things still are) And they have made virtually no ground in the years they have been considered human (1967 – last week).

    I guess what i’d say is that while we might look to the gay pride movement and think ‘we could use that method’, I don’t feel that that is the way forward. Though it may create an alliance and allow others who have managed to rise above to positions of power to provide some assistance to us knowing who and what it is we’re fighting against. Or have they simply slowed the gravy train enough to get on as Desmond Tutu said of the ANC?

    Not unlike the young woman who ensured that the ‘paper trail’ back to the Clinical Director for the fraudulent documents sent to my lawyers did. She couldn’t stand up and say anything (she would end up being ‘treated’ rather than have a job), but she could ensure that should anyone look they would know who the fraudster was. The ‘Internal Memo’ points a finger directly at him, though i’m sure the way they set it up it was meant to look like the ‘black girl in the office mistake’. It’s a rich white male thing we use on occassion, knowing that people will jump from A to C and not consider B as an option lol Blame the rich white male Doctor when there’s a perfecly good young black female scapegoat in the office glad to have a job?

    Not that anyone gives a damn about a hospital Clinical Director sending fraudulent documents to a Law Centre to conceal human rights abuses. Anyone care to look? Calling all activists, and after ten years of calling to an uncaring community I find myself wondering. Is this sort of conduct really so common we don’t even give a damn anymore? How many people have documents proving this type of conduct on the part of a Clinical Director? Not rumours etc, but actual documented proof? If that’s the case then put it forward, please. Because I have put these documents in front of some people who have a duty to act, and have failed miserably in that duty. A Chief Psychiatrist who has no option but to neglect his duty under the Mental Health Act because he can’t manipulate the outcome (and conceal the offences) any other way? Happens all the time, and we have proof of those crimes coming out of our ears Boans.

  • Wow, that’s a long time in solitary while on remand. And whats with the three years wait for a trial?

    I know that mandatory sentencing laws here have resulted in people being sentenced to prison for such crimes as shoplifting a $5 packet of pencils etc. I always kind of laugh about my situation given that it seems obvious that drugging someone without knowledge with benzos is a crime (and once that crime is proven other crimes fall like dominoes) and yet I get told I will be arrested for being able to prove it. Meanwhile police have 16 detectives working on a ‘shoplifting team’ of (two) kids sitting in the park conspiring to steal some food from the local supermarket because they’re hungry as mum and dad have spent all their money on drugs from a police enabled drug house. They have phone taps, and a drone operating to listen in to their conspiring to ensure that the packet of biscuits they intend stealng is kept safe in the hands of shareholders, and they will do some hard prison time for their crimes.

    Meanwhile I’m being told by a Senior Constable who has in his hands proof of me being tortured and kidnapped, and what was attempted to resolve these matters by the doctor (ie an attempt to unintentionally negatively outcome me) that it ‘might be best he doesn’t know about that’. I have a letter from a Police Superintendent stating that police do not wish to be informed about how these killings in our Emergency Depts are being done. The harvesting of morphine from patients is actually quite easy in an emergency dept despite the claims that their is a system in place to ensure the drugs are all accounted for. Still, don’t look, they won’t see.

    Two possibilities, they either already know and are doing nothing about it, or their refusal to accept the documents I have and accept the fraudulent narrative preferred by the State has ensured they have been lead astray. Call me mental patient if you will, despite that being easily demonstrated as false, but that does not mean what i’m saying isnt true. Given that I have the documents proving that I was ‘spiked’ and kidnapped, you think the people who arranged that might wish to ensure police don’t find out?

    My guess is they know that these folk were killing, and they feel bad about the amount of deaths that could have been avoided if they had listened to the mental patient in the first instance, not two years down the track when their was a pile of bodies for the Coroner to bury with a cover up. And then they have to continue fuking destroying me to ensure they conceal their negligence. Meh, a good person will stand up……. eventually.

    And of course the timing of these folk leaving town in a hurry right after I dropped the documents on the table at the police station? And then I identify that the documents sent to the Law Centre didn’t match the ones I had (that police tried to retrieve) and were considered “edited” documents that removed the ‘spiking’ and labelled me a mental patient of more than ten years at a hospital that snatched me out of my bed and didn’t know me? Call me suspicious lol Call it fraud, not editing. Call it convenience killing not unintended negative outcoming. Call it criminal not medical. Though for now, police prefer to leave these sort of matters for doctor to sort out in the Emergency Dept, somewhere they too can send personal problems for ‘resolution’. Knowing of course what can be done under the ’emergency provisons’ (which funnily enough does not include torture Article 2 (2). But does include snuffing if you can slip it past the Coroner as being a death from morphine from an unknown source. Simples)

  • Thanks for the reply david.

    I hope that an announcement can be made here as to what changes are made, and how others can assist those who find themselves the subject of torture programs being enabled by ‘democracy’s’ under the guise of medicine. At least if the names of the doctors signing off on these torture programs are published we might start to build a picture of the areas where action can be taken.

  • “For now, I will point out that calling someone a name they do not want is labeling. Asking for a diagnosis from a pro you trust, willingly, ain’t labeling.”

    Actually that grabs my attention, and for reasons that might not be obvious to people who have willingly attended a psychiatrist/mental health professional.

    In my situation I really had no choice but to attend a psychiatrist for a report for my lawyers due to a workplace incident. That report was provided along with two others by my employers doctors (the first diagnosis didn’t suit their defence lawyers so they got a known ‘hatchet’ to do a report for them). The matter was resolved and we went on our merry ways, or so I thought. This rather expensive clinic that did the report for me decided to release the strictly confidential diagnosis done by my doctor to the public system despite the protections of the Privacy Act (what they call HIPPA in the US?).

    So at that point I am being snatched out of my bed because of some report done by a doctor for a very specific purpose, and which was legally bound. The conditions under which that information was released known to be criminal by the hospital staff receiving it, but they are regularly ‘fuking destroying’ anyone who they snatch from their beds and torture anyway. I went from a fine French restaurant to being locked in the cage with the cows at the slaughterhouse lol. All that while drugged without my knowledge and having police induce an “acute stress reaction” (read code for torture by police before interrogation by mental health)

    This private clinic releasing this information have some rather high profile clients who might be a little upset knowing their personal and private information is being dealt with in such a manner. Especially when the information being released was produced as a means to an end, and NOT an end in itself.

    Luckily the private clinic has ‘friends in high places’ who can use their position to ensure that the victims lawyers throw their client under the bus. I’m sure a you scratch my back approach is always best when such people are involved.

    So I didn’t know what this diagnosis was, or even that it existed until I got the public records showing where that ‘diagnosis’ came from, and that my Privacy had been breached by the clinic. I mean I get it that the psychologist who released that information did it on a ‘just between you and me’ basis, knowing it was criminal. But with a psychiatrist husband she doesn’t really have a lot of worries, they are ‘disposing’ of any problems in the ED. And let me say the particular Doc who owns the clinic isn’t someone you would want to make an enemy of in this town.

    Imagine a private clinic makes a telephone call to a public hospital and lays claim to a citizen as a “patient”, informs them they have arranged for the citizen to be ‘spiked’ with benzos and planted a knife on them when they collapsed to obtain a police referral and make detention appear lawful? I believe these are called “remotes”? Though strictly speaking a “remote” is done with a “patient” and not someone who has no doctor patient relationship with the person arranging the kidnapping.

    Still, my life destroyed as a result of me not getting what I paid for (my right to have these matters sorted out without having people slander me publically, or give me a ‘label’ I did not want), me ‘living on the edge’ daily, I guess it will all sort itself out in the end. Maybe the hot shot in the ED wasn’t a bad idea after all. Maybe this method of the State dealing with their victims of torture is actually ‘for the best’. Because let me say having your whole community turn their backs on you out of fear of being next is just disgusting to me. I hear people talking about being seperated from their families for a few weeks as a result of the COVID pandemic. I haven’t seen my daughter and grandchildren for 10 years as a result of the needs of the State and some private cilinic to conceal the fact they tortured me. I was impressed how quickly they could leave a man who lived in his home with his wife and family to a person left on the street by police in nothing but the clothes he stood in (and a few documents that for some reason I knew were important) because he complained about being tortured and kidnapped. And of course I need to be denied any of my human rights now as a result of pointing out that the State was about to put fraudulent documents into the Federal Courts knowingly. I should have considered my postition more carefully there, thinking they would do the right thing and not double down on the crimes. I can’t help but wonder how many dead were the victims of these corrupt public officials who you people trust with your loved ones.

    And not a soul who looks bothers to come back and say No Boans because …… as it’s true what i’m saying. They just maintain the fraud and slander put forward by these criminals, and continue to ‘gaslight’ me I assume in the hope that I will do what Dr “i’m the boss around here” failed to complete in the ED. I guess in this sense I understand why they are in need of more resources and money if they are spending their time concealing their criminality in this manner, that can’t be cheap (though I did get the impression that the doctor who was going to unintentionally negatively outcome me in the ED actually enjoyed a bit of thinking he was Dexter. Possibly the meth problem he seemed to be suffering from? You should get that checked Doc).

  • Thanks for the clarification vicj. I assume that recognition doesn’t extend to the people subjecting the person to it?.

    I know in my State torture is something that others do, what we do fits into the category of “coercive measures”, and if it doesn’t then with a little fraud it soon will. A quick change of status post hoc from citizen to “mental patient” by appointing a doctor to the victim and one can claim exemption under the “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” using the mental health Act as a shield against prosecution. Mock executions, threats of pack rape etc standards that do not meet the threshold of Article 1 of the Convention. Any complaints and your mental illness will require treatment by a mental health professional. And what disgusted me was the role of human rights advocates (Mental Health Law Centre) in the concealment of these acts of torture for the State government.

  • Of course me not being a “patient” and thus the Community Nurse being aware that he couldn’t just snatch me from my home because he wanted to presented a problem. Imagine the laws providing protection from him?

    So how does one get around those legal protections? By planting a knife and some cannabis on the victim, and thus the police can then lawfully detain and make referral to him, seeing he is such a nice fraud and slanderer. But, it’s difficult to plant a knife and cannabis on someone when they’re alert and awake. I know we can drug them without their knowldge by ‘spiking’ ther drink with benzos and when they collapse then we can plant the items for police and we have found a lawful way around the protections afforded by the law. Well not realy what they were doing was conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offence namely kidnapping but seeing how police think the guy collapsed in his bed with stuff planted on him is a ‘mental patient’ they can cause an “acute dstress reaction” and force him into opening his mouth to be ‘verballed, ie tortured. (see the DO NOTS associated with acute stress reaction, do not foprce to talk, do not prescribe benzos).

    The benzos being the assault and thus making this ‘hard torture’, though with the evidence being tampered with via “edited” legal narrative being provided to my legal representatives (if you could call back stabbers that), and the threatening of my family who witnessed the torture and kidnapping (in fact provided material support for it).

    Was I a “patient”? No, fact. I managed to bev=come a “referred person” but was examined by a psychiatrst who could find no mental illness. Now consider that statement along with the Procuring of a person not suffering from a mental illness? How do we know I wasn’t suffering from a mental illness, is is documented. Was the Form 1 “false or wreckless as to the truth”, oh yes. Though it wold seem my complaint about being tortured and kidnapped is considered an illness by the people who tortured and kidnapped me. Nothing to do with their conduct of course, and more to do with the chemical imbalance caused by their conduct that wasn’t their until they released me for not having a chemical imbalance.

    Activists? They have assisted in concealment of these methds of abuse, because the law gets in the way of getting drugs into inconvenient truths. Yes, the laws need to be scrapped because they don’t work anyway. These criminals do what they want and their enablers assist in further abuses until the victims commit suicide and they can use those deaths to ask for more money and resources.

    At least if the public were aware that arbitrary detentions and forced drugging for opinions not sanctioned by the State were occurring we would at least not be surprised when it is done, like I was. Totally shocked because of the people that died for the liberties I thought we enjoyed, written away by the Cheif Psychiatrist with negligence and a pen.

  • There is even a specific section of the Criminal Code that deals with the offence committed by the Community Nurse, and which is made clear in the Guidelines and training manual for that role.

    336. Procuring apprehension or detention of person not suffering from mental illness or impairment

    Any person who, by the production of a false certificate or other document, knowingly and wilfully, procures any person, not suffering from mental illness (as defined in the Mental Health Act 2014 section 4) or mental impairment, to be apprehended or detained, pursuant to that Act or any law relating to mental impairment, upon insufficient or unreasonable grounds, is guilty of a crime and is liable to imprisonment for 3 years.

    Did I have a mental illness? No, by defintion on the Mental Health Act definitely not. Was a false document produced to procure my person? Yes, fact.

    Though one of the problems is that the Police don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code which means they are ‘winging it’. They simply refuse to accept any evidence of wrongdoing by organised criminals operating in our hopsitals and leave them to ‘fuking destroy’ anyone who compains about being tortured and kidnapped. I mean its great if you are of the opinion that corruption is the grease that keeps the wheels turning, but not so good when your the victim of some serious criminal offences and the local Sargent is prepared to lie to your face and tell you that he doesn’t have a copy of the criminal code because he like baiting ‘mental patients’ so he can beat them into submission or put another notch on his pistol.

    And one thing that really makes me smile is how much work actually goes into making the crimes they were committing into looking like they were ‘accidents’. Not like any one in authority gives a damn, I mean they are basically dropping complainants to the ED for killing, period. Why bother hiding it? It’s a simpe fact of business when your in government, people going to need to be silenced when police and public officers are the criminals. No matter what they’re the good guys, even if they need to use our EDs as a slaughterhouse to maintain that truth.

    Then of course you have those leftie pinkos who haven’t got the stomach for it, who rudely interupt the ‘unintended negative outcoming’ of a whistleblower. Why? Should have let him go through with it first Prof. Save any worries about me actually slipping through the net and causing problems by still having the proof I was tortured and kidnapped. I’d prefer you let me know next time you want to use me without my consent for bait. Though my wife did explain why you did it that way. How clever that my speaking the truth sounds insane because as was explained to me by a psychiatrist “they wouldn’t do that”. Really? Such great insight into human nature when they live in fear of being imprisoned for torturing and kidnapping someone, and just happen to be married to a psychiatrist. Surely they just put their hands up and present themselves to police who can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code and send them on their way. Nay, in fact will actively commit serious offences by retrieving the documented proof of the crimes for the criminals. Which I think explains why they can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code, when they are assisting organised criminals operating in our hospitals. Having the documented proof of the crimes means the only defence they can put up is negligence of duty.

    173. Public officer refusing to perform duty
    Any person who, being employed in the Public Service, or as an officer of any court or tribunal, perversely and without lawful excuse omits or refuses to do any act which it is his duty to do by virtue of his employment, is guilty of a crime, and is liable to imprisonment for 2 years.

    Keep looking Sargent, i’m sure it’s there somewhere. And don’t forget the madatory reporting under s. 28 of the CCC Act.

  • “But certainly outlawing two individuals getting together, one who calls themselves a patient and one who calls themselves a therapist, would be absurd. Even voluntary bondage in sexual privacy is fine. So exactly what is the path to this “abolition”? Law?”

    In my case the “two individuals getting together” meant I needed to be drugged without my knowledge with benzos, have a knife and some cannabis planted on me to allow police to detain me against my will, and force me to speak with a filthy slanderer who completed a fraudulent statutory declaration to have me kidnapped.

    Basically the equivalent of a nite club rapist acting as a Community Nurse.

    And as far as abolishing these practices, the laws exist, it’s just that the people with a duty to act (the Chief Psychiatrist) simply deny they even know of the existence of the law and enable these human rights abuses and cover up their misconduct by arguments from authority rather than with facts and truth.

    I do not consider this a form of “voluntary bondage”, as I have been protesting it for 10 years now, and am still being slandered and have as was explained to me should I continue to complain about being subjected to this torture and kidnapping, been fuking destroyed along with evey relationship I had with my family. They won’t even allow me access to the courts to retrieve my belongings, including my own mothers remains which were thrown out on the street to create the appearance that someone else had ‘stolen’ the documents demonstrating the ‘spiking’ (make it look like the Aboriginals down the street did it). I’m kind of pleased i’m going to Hell, because at least i’ll get to see them punished. These ‘good medical people’ sure are ugly when you put them to the test.

    So laws are of little to no use when the people charged with enforcing them are the criminals. Australians do not respect a rule of law as our Prime Minister suggests, in fact negligence fraud and slander is the methods employed by our State governments to maintain their postions of priviledge.

  • “Kalief Browder, who died by suicide after he was unjustly imprisoned and tortured on Rikers’ Island as a juvenile”

    Tortured? I can’t see any mention of that in the article. Not saying it didn’t happen but I think that a lot of what is covered by “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” gets called torture and it’s not.
    Which brings me to the recent wedding between our police and the mental health nurses who have been placed in our police stations to enable what would be considered torture, except that it is “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction”. Any complaints and your off to the hospital for some further ‘treatment’ for your delusional belief that what you have just been subjected to was torture. The good guys don’t torture, they exploit loopholes as our public is going to become increasingly aware of when they realise that this ‘effective program’ introduced to assist police with the ‘mentally ill’ is really all about.

    Consider the use of ‘chemical restraints’ enhancing the effects of interrogations? Can’t be done? I can show you how 🙂 These were the “added protections” spoken about by our politicians when the new Act was released. They just failed to mention who was being protected. The misconduct (perverting the course of justice) to conceal torture was becoming a problem, and they needed protection from prosecution. Not that anyone is prepared to stand up now, though i’m sure they will all have been active in protest when history is written. Ask the Clinical Director about the “editing” of legal narrative to create whatever truth we want. It’s no longer torture if we change the status of “citizen” to “patient” post hoc I am told, it now becomes ‘medicine’.

  • “Shield is a campaign to support individuals who are expressing concerns about their involuntary psychiatric procedures, issuing human rights alerts that encourage action, similar to pressure campaigns by Amnesty International.”

    Can you say a little more about this David? I contacted Amnesty Int regarding the use of known torture methods by my government and all they could suggest was that they didn’t get involved at an individual level, and would I like to contribute a donation or collect money for them in shopping centres. Seemed a bit strange to me given I had provided them with the documented proof of the torture. In fact I have had quite a bit to say about people who claim to be ‘activists’ in this area who seem to capitulate to any authority who threatens them or their families. Police telling me that unless the people who have been threatened by police report the matter to police then their is nothing they can do. Same goes for the torture, they refuse to accept the documents, and show no respect for the law and they’re good to go. In the meantime their ‘friendlies’ at the hospital can sort the matter out via the abuses of psychiatry.

    In fact I think that the citizens of my State would be shocked at how whistleblowers are being dealt with in Emergency Depts. Lucky there isn’t anyone prepared to stand up and speak truth to power. Speaking the truth here is not only a revolutionary act, it can get you unintentionaly negatively outcomed.

  • Here’s one that was advised to get the F&^% outta Dodge before he fell into the hands of a psychiatrist in this State. I notice that our current Premier was all for the release of the police records relating to the events, and yet now he seems quite content in keeping matters concealed using the CCC for cover ups.—quits-cabinet-ng-169cfc425bb48365e766e9747cf45483

    Why on earth would he need to attend a clinic in another State to have his ‘mental illness’ dealt with? Something wrong with the doctors here? They wouldn’t know how to drug someone with ‘bipolar’? I think Mr Buswell knew what would happen to him if he fell into the hands of mental health services in this State, especially considering his ‘relationship’ with the then Minister for Mental Health.

    A politician who isn’t afraid of a psychiatrist is more than a fool, they lack insight lol

  • One word madmother13, betrayal.

    Those people who you sat with that were all nice and ‘there, there dear’ turned on you when you left the room. But keep in mind that those documents are proof of those who are guilty of the sin at the centre of the Inferno, and will be held to account, and suffer the contrapasso. Their slanders and fraud will see them advance quickly in their chosen career, and then they are going to get to meet ‘the boss’ who has some demands of them they are not going to enjoy fulfilling. You can recover from their conduct, they never will recover from their own conduct. Doing wrong to another is one thing, but when you wrong your own soul?

    I would pity the author of the fiction in the end, though believe me I understand how that doesn’t help the hurt you feel now.

  • They do seem to favor Ben Franklin as opposed to Abe Lincolns.

    As far as the fear goes, politicians are certainly afraid of psychiatrists. They know that the dog has rabies and has been let out of the cage, because they’re the ones who unlocked the cage in the first place to create the fear. Obviously thinking they could exploit the fear they created, and not thinking through the fact that the mad dog doesn’t care who it bites, just that it gets to bite. And now who is going to put it back into the cage? As an abolitionist I have a method not available to reformists. Put it down rather than try to pat it into submission lol.

  • “The medical doctors are in collusion with the psychiatrists in supporting their drugging regime.”

    I think of it more like a flea on a dog JanCarol. They leave the blood sucking parasite there and every once in a while feel a need to scratch at it. In the scheme of things they are hardly going to find themselves becoming victims of ‘the gang’. They have owners who can afford flea collars. It’s the rest of us that need to worry about the diseases spread by these parasites lol

  • Hi O.O.

    Our laws as they are written contain what is a standard in many laws callled a burden of proof. There are basically three, suspect on reasonable grounds, on the balance of probabilities, and beyond a reasonable doubt (from lowest to highest). In order for a Community Nurse to remove a persons right to liberty they must meet the burden of “suspect on reasonable grounds” which is set out in s. 26 of the MH Act, critera of who should be an involuntary patient. Four criteria MUST be met for the detention and referral to be lawful. I won’t list them here but what I can say is I DID NOT MEET THESE CRITERIA. But I was dragged away by police anyway, and released after being tortured for 7 hours..

    The Chief Psychiatrist has as his duty the protection of consumers, carers and the community (ie ensuring the law is followed). He provides “expert legal advice to the Minister” on matters relating to the Mental Health Act.

    I have a letter from him stating that the burden of proof written in s.29 “referring for examination by a psychiatrist” does NOT state that the referrer must “suspect on reasonable grounds that the person requires an examination by a psychiatrist”, but that the referrer need only suspect on grounds they believe to be reasonable that the person requires an examination by a psychiatrist. Think about that difference.

    If this were true then there is no need for s.26 Criteria because the referrer simply defines what is “reasonable” and that can not be questioned or tested by the law. Now let me say I would expect that any student of law who did not know what a burden of proof is, or how it operates in law, should receive a FAIL, and need to repeat the class. And yet here we have a Chief Psychiatrist expert in law stating that the law allows arbitrary detentions because he has removed the very protections of the law put in place by our politicians to protect the public. Referrers no longer need to suspect on reasonable grounds, the reasonable grounds are defined by them and they could literally knock on anyones door and refer them because they want to.

    Of course I can’t find a lawyer who understands what a burden of proof is to approach the Chief Psychiatrist and correct him on his negligence, and ignorance of the law which is allowiong arbitrary detentions (kidnappings) and the use of known torture methods. I guess these lawyers find themselves in fear for their families given they would know that the law is no protection at all when the person who is responsible for the protections doesn’t know or recognise what those protections are.

    So they remove “reasonable grounds” for detention (suspect on reasonable grounds become suspect), and what is a standard objective test under law, becomes a subjective opinion which can not be tested under law. Then they drug fuk anyone who complains because no one is holding them to account because they have rewritten the law to allow them carte blanche and zero accountability. Any problems send police out to snatch them from their homes (referral by telephone) and we can ‘treat’ them for illnesses we make up on the spot when they are delivered to the hospital. This is a fact when you think through what I am saying regarding the Chief Psychiatrists claim.

    Not a soul prepared to even look at this letter for the C.P.. I did debate the matter with the Law Centre but the just kept sending me more bizarre statements like arbitrary detentions of citizens are under the “spirit of the Act’. What??? from supposed Human Rights lawyers? They don’t recognose the protections of the law either? The ‘spirit of the Act’ is to allow anyone to be snatched of the street and force drugged because a Community Nurse wants it done?

    Madness. Lawlessness, Criminality?

    Certainly the ‘verballed’ Form 1 creating the appearance of lawfullness is criminal fraud (signing a statutory declaration known to be “false or misleading as to the truth”) ,but in my case I think the ‘spiking’ and planting of a knife reveals a lot more regarding conspiring to stupefy and commit an indictable offence, namely kidnapping. It also reveals that the Community Nurse knows more about the law than the Chief Psychiatrist, because he has devised ways to get around the legal protections and has his colleagues prepared to commit serious criminal offences for him. ie the fraudulent documents sent to the Mental Health Law Centre concealing his criminal conduct. Maybe the Chief Psychiatrist could get this Community Nurse to give talks on how to torture citizens and conceal the truth from the public? Because if someone like me (mental patient) can figure it out, surely these smarty pants’ can?

    Though would these incompetent lawyers even recognise his crimes? I guess the hospital was concerend they would. So they sent a set that concealed and released some other medical records that created a slander they could use against me. All fully supported by my State government who provides funding for the Mental Health Law Centre to operate (or throw victims of torture under the bus for the State should they seek legal representation) So you suggestion of providing legal assistance may not be such a good idea after all when they become part of the abuse system. For example, when I didn’t agree to something, they simply appointed someone who would agree as my ‘carer’ and then they no longer needed to discuss anything with me. This would normally be called conspiring, but change the status to ‘patient’ and you can gaslight the target to suicide easily.

    The laws are there to protect, but the people who have a duty to enforce them have been corrupted. Their negligence, fraud and slanders provide them with carte blanche and zero accountability, and not a soul prepared to stand up. Meh, it worked for the National Socilaists for a few years, so I assume these guys haven’t got long either.

  • Hi Paula,

    this caught my attention. “The fact is that, as longtime expert on dangerousness Dr. James Gilligan has said, the only good predictor of dangerous behavior is past commission of dangerous acts”

    The reason being that the justifcation for chemically koshing me by a psychiatrist was that I had “potential for violence, but no actual history or clear intent”. My response to our Chief Psychiatrist was that this constituted every person on the planet, and I consider it to be nothing more than the paranoid delusion of the author of the comment. In fact much of the writings of these delusionals seems to revolve around the use of certain terms such as “violent”, “substance abuse”, “dangerous”, and as a fan of Lost in Space “Warning Will Robinson”. They create fear and suspicion and then exploit that very fear.

    “For psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and other therapists to claim that they are essential for warning people that Trump is dangerous is to claim special expertise and insight to which they are not entitled, and it simultaneously demeans the judgment of nonprofessionals and helps strengthen the power of their guilds.”

    We nonprofessionals should be offended by this conduct of people who have in my case demonstrated the morals of sewer rats. negligence fraud and slander disguised as medicine, and it is only that they have managed to destroy any and all avenues of remedy that allows them to continue with their abuses.

    I appreciate your opinion on these important matters by the way.

  • I had a discussion with a psychiatrist at one point Rachel777 where I explained to her that in the classic Pavlovian conditioning the enabling of a method of covering up abuses using psychiatric diagnosis was not unlike shoplifting. The thief finds a way to enter the shop, locates a point where the cameras are not operating, and then conceals their actions from the staff and leaves the store without paying.

    That’s fine, but ……. they now start to realise that not only can they steal for themselves, but they can turn a dollar by stealing for others. Now the devils start to move in on them and blackmail them to steal much more than they originally intended.

    Not unlike the guy who was going to knock me in the ED. He thought he was just doing the odd one for a friend but ….. found himself really busy doing more than he had bargained for. And the people he was doing it for turned their backs on him and denied any wrongdoing when they finally took a look and realised he had been doing quite a bit of ‘knocking’. One of the problems when the State is distributing fraudulent documents to conceal torture is precisely that they create the ‘broken camera’ to conceal all sorts of wrongdoing, and are then shocked when they find how disgusting people behave when no one is looking. Ask the staff at Abu Ghraib.

  • “Example A: stay on you meds and die earlier than average due to poverty and side effects.”

    add, if you don’t stay on your meds we are going to send thugs to your home who will drag you out into the street in front of your neighbours and deliver you to a place where we will force the drugs into you for your own good, despite having no evidence for the efficacy of these drugs.

    “Example B: die earlier than example A on average through sucides due to coming off meds and becoming psychotic.”

    and exercising your right to consent, and free choice given that you may have weighed up all the evidence and come to a different conclusion than the doctor who has only the information provided by the drug company sales rep.

    Studies show that people who pray regularly live longer but I don’t have the right to put a gun to their heads and make them attend prayers for their own good. well, unless i’m acting like the people who my government tells me need to be bombed into oblivion for their extremist views. A “death cult” according to one of our Prime Ministers.

    Speaking of extremist views …….

  • Must have shocked a few folk when they did look, and now they can’t even speak the truth because they are so busy covering their negligence at not listening to the ‘mental patient’ making noise about being tortured and kidnapped when he was tortured and kidnapped and the Operations Manager did a ‘nasty’ with the Law Centre to conceal their human rights abuses.

    I once again draw attention to the fact I have the fraudulent set of documents sent to the Law Centre, and the real set showing the torture and kidnapping if anyone cares to look. Or do y’all prefer to ignore the truth because its one of those situations where …..,eheemm doctor knows best. Must have kidnapped and tortured him for some reason right? Yep, the reasons are sort of documented under the ‘verballing’. Fairly easy to understand in half an hour. I go from being the person who “tried to sort it out with the family” to psychotic drug abusing wife beater in two sheets of paper filled out by the same person who needed to justify his actions and kidnap me to conceal his crimes in his locked ward. A fraud and slanderer, in fact a serious criminal who has no doubt harmed a lot of other people due to being enabled by the State.

    I don’t know how many people are aware of the knee jerk reaction of these public officials in these situtaions, and the consequences of them. Police come across something they’re not sure of how to deal with it, make a referral to mental health for a chemical koshing and cover up. How many kids raped by priests found themselves referred to mental health services? And from that point on people like Gerald Ridsdale go about raping 300 plus more because police are making referrals to a ‘friendly’ doctor who thinks he can drug the pain of the rape away? Of course 40 years on that’s all forgotten about, most of the victims are dead, so I understand why it’s taken me 10 years of wasted time not seeing my family because these negligent public officers need to conceal their own misconduct, and not just the kidnapping and torture. I’m sure they can justify their conduct with a ‘verbal’ or some further “editing” of the documents. If nothing else they can up the ante with the slander as well, which I note is the preferred modus operandii of our current Minister for Health.

    And I listen to the calls for change within the system, and yet when the opportunity to hold these people to account for their vicious attack on a person, and make changes, they all mumble into their hands and turn away. “oh isn’t it just terrible what they are doing to those people at Belsen, but of course there’s nothing we can do apart from not vote for that guy with the funny moustache next election”. Shows how much of a ‘democracy’ we live in when people are afraid to stand up and even speak the truth. They all want to hide their actions in secret meetings with no other aim than avoiding doing the right thing. Why? No one is holding them to account anyway.

    I mean I get it, “these things tend to get out of hand” and I can’t blame the psyhiatrist not wanting his wife to go to prison. But killing people to conceal her criminal conduct? Yeah, it sure does tend to get out of hand. Still, at least it was only my family ‘fuking destroyed’. Or was it?

  • I guess in many ways this dehumanising explains the ease with which police brutalise ‘patients’. Their consciences eased by the fact the person is not actually human, and of course the ease with which they were going to ‘despatch’ me for nothing more than complaining about being tortured and kidnapped shocked me…… at first. Then I realised how much death is part of the business, and knocking a few inconvenient truths in the ED would simply be a matter of positioning oneself and corrupting specific people. And who better to corrupt than a psychiatrist? I wonder if the total lack of accountability was achieved easily or if they had to threaten peoples families to achieve it?

    On one hand we have a Prime Minister stating Australians are a people who value a rule of law, and then we have Police and the Chief Psychiatrist simply ignoring the protections afforded the public by the law with no means of holding them to account. The Chief Psychiatrist literally rewriting the law, and police authorising the use of torture methods by acquiescing their duty.

    Well, at least thats the way that it appears to be. Perhaps a spanking by Ms Lash on the taxpayers credit card on a Friday night is considered ‘discipline’ by the Minister? lol

    I have of course heard the term “fixed delusion’. Though as what I have suggested would seem to be rather important to check, dismissing my claims as being delusional would seem to be a dangerous path to take. What if they ARE killing people in the ED to conceal their serious criminal conduct? I mean I’m sure a lot of people make such claims and investigation of the matters proves to be false (ir is they are ‘patients’ it may feel like torture and kidnapping, but undet the cover of “inherent in or incidental to lawful sanction” they can be kidnapped and tortured and it isn’t kidnapping and torturing but medicine. However, as I have stated on numerous occassions I have the documened proof (which police failed to retreive for the hospital) proving the torture and kidnapping. Now would that be motive enough for someone who thought police might do their job to attempt to ‘dispose’ of the victim given their is no accountability mechanism other than cover ups available to the State? It does make me wonder given the fact that police in the first instance accept evidence planted on someone who was drugged with benzos without their knowledge, and in the second won’t even look because they know they won’t like what they see. And in the meantime criminals within the hospital arrange a killing.

  • Dehumanising the victim makes things simpler, it’s like breathing with a respirator.

    It eases the conscience of even the most conscious and calculating violator,

    words can reduce a person to an object, something more easy to hate than an animate entity, (Schizo, Borderline?)

    completely disposable, no problem to obliterate.

    The first day of school (prison) is always the hardest….

    The Language of Violence.

  • I know where I live that’s actually a good idea. It would save a heap of money on the farce we call elections where we are forced to vote for one of two parties, which isn’t really voting. It’s a game of toss the coin that you get no choice in participating in. And coming from the people who provide State sanction for psychiatry is it any wonder they like to ‘fix’ the game?

  • “What will Americans do. Nothing. They’ll just sit back twiddling their thumbs, navel gazing and talking endlessly about how this not what America is – and do nothing about it.” That’s Australia too, but with copious amounts of beer lol.

    Anyone remember when having National pride was related to what you actually did as a Nation? me neither.

  • “the oh-so-easy-and quick-entrapment; one day I was living the dream in my custom beach house, employed, bills current, great insurance, no DTS/DTO…the next day I was bipolar 1 for life and in a hospital, drugged to the floor (on a plastic sheet) and paralyzed…soon to be homeless and bankrupt, couch surfing at 54 years old…not pretty. I was in shock for years.”

    Why do I read this and imagine the staff at a hospital sitting discussing their success at the ‘treatment’ you were receiving and discussing the possible ‘tweaks’ and the effects that might have.

    Can I ask Krista is your 4 part article on the website? I suppose in a democaratic society it may be possible to obtain legal representation, whereas here in Australia it is a publically known fact that the State can deny access to any legal representation (and lie to you in the process, and in fact have a lawyer lie to you). They simply tie matters up in an authority that was brought into being as a watchdog for corruption in the public sector. I must say I admire the way that over the years the Corruption and Crime Commission has been corrupted and they have turned what was a fairly tame labrador into a vicious Rottwieler which now attacks the very people it was designed to defend from police (and public servant) corruption. I’m most impressed, as is our Prime Minister who has labelled it a “kangaroo court’ (and he should know one when he sees it lol). Secret hearings and the evidence of corruption can not be used in our Courts thus making prosecution of serious criminal offences impossible. They do ‘hang one out to dry’ every once in a while so the public doesn’t think they’re doing nothing but …. I had a senior police officer explain to me that they’re a “bunch of secretary’s” and nothing more.

  • Just wondering how much truth there is in the claim I saw in a video that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has a patent on a vaccine for COVID.

    That’s an interesting video streetphotobeing. Whilst the cop is right in his claim “just doing my job” it should sound alarms for all Muslims who are in the month of Ramadan and many are fasting. This leaves them wide open to mental health referrals by police and mental health ‘professionals’ (nothing really professional about being a fraud and hypocrite) for nothing more than abiding by their religious beliefs.

    And once in the clutches of these frauds the process of human rights removal/extraction for future abuses becomes a formality. For example the need by mental health services to plant a weapon on me to obtain a police referral makes all of my furutre interactions with police a different matter. Pointing to this fact that they planted the weapon on me is of no concern for police, it makes it easier for them to shoot me and have justification for a ‘throw down’ for the Coroner should they ever need one.

    It was only when I went to police with the documented proof of the ‘spiking’ that I found out about my ‘history’ of carrying a weapon (as result of being spiked; and having one planted on me to obtain lawful reason to detain and refer Which strangely enough the police officer who jumped me in my bed didn’t actually find on me but his lies would be accepted by the corrupt Court system we have unfortunately). Don’t get me wrong I understand how much easier it must make their job when you simply plant whatever you need the person to be in posession of to obtain convictions, saves all that intellectual claptrap evidence and stuff. And no come back even when they do get caught, just arrest the victim for “wearing a loud shirt in a public place” and refer to mental health services for ‘treatment’ (at least thats how it is where I live.) Arbitrary detentions made lawful by neglecting to enforce citizens right of access to the law, and its working a treat.

    It’s amazing how much abuse can be concealed under a banner of “good faith” despite the conduct mirroring the abuse of a Nite Club rapist. We used to be concerned about out police not appearing to be the same as the Gestapo, have a look at the cops in that video, and I assume thats Canada? Someone on a hunger strike and believes in a God? Going to need the Afghanistan suits, might be IEDs lol.

    There is good news in that though, once they realise that ‘the people’ will no longer take the doubling down, they are tooled up ready to deliver the elites for ‘treatment’. Won’t there be some cheering that day?

  • Yes, there’s something to be said for the distribution of fraudulent documents to obstruct and pervert the course of jusitice and provide attorneys with an easy out, the statute of limitations.

    Is it any wonder that the Attorney of the Damned (Clarence Darrow) was so unique in standing up for the “little guy” and became famous when he was without doubt so alone in his field. In the main the rest of these persons of good character not so good at fulfilling their oaths which it would appear were sworn with no intention of fulfiling.

    I would have thought when the lawyers I spoke to identified that I had been the victim of frauds releasing my personal medical records and tampering with the legal narrative that they would at least have reported the matter. Not so, all I got was told not to mention the doctors name because of the serious conflict of interest and the assistance being provided to conceal the human rights abuses. And when I requested the slanderous set of documents be returned (as agreed) they all of a sudden can’t find them. I feel sure the lawyer who was mislead regarding my matters by the Mental Health Law Centre was fully aware of how the offences had occurred, though once again, “I” left it too late (the fact is she delioberately mislead me to stall for time for the criminals) FACT. She even informed me of who had authorised the ‘spiking’ via a prescription written by a Senior Medical Officer 12 hours after the drug was administered without my knowledge, AND 12 hours before this doctor even knew of my existence.

    Obstruction of justice is a crime. Attempting to pervert the course of justice is a crime. Torture and kidnapping are crimes. Conspiring to commit serious offences is a crime. And calling the victim of such crimes a “patient” as a means to avoid justice should also be viewed as a crime, though the Mental Health Act does open up that area for such abuses, so that the cowards and hypocrites have a hole to crawl into when it’s time to stand up.

    Not that I will have to face God for their sins.

  • “For the purposes of this Act a person has a mental illness if the person suffers from a disturbance of thought, mood, volition, perception, orientation or memory that impairs judgment or behaviour to a significant extent.”

    significant extent being a very subjective term. Consider the state of mind when one sneezes. Thus the whole country is mentally ill, and I therefore call for all legislation passed through our Parliament to be repealled (as it was passed by mad white men) and the land be handed back to it’s rightful owners, the Chinese. lol

  • Wow Mr McNeill, Not often a hard case like me finds myself in tears. I will say sorry for your loss, but know those words must feel empty for you.

    I don’t know that anyone who has not been subjected to the vile conduct they call ‘treatment’ in these places can truly be understood by someone who hasn’t been subjected to it. The lack of insight by the abusers in these places is positively astounding. They deliberately create fear and then call the response to that an illness. Their ‘verballing’ of documents stands as proof of their misconduct and knowledge that what they are doing needs to be justified by misrepresentation and fraud.

    If they commit offences against you they will conceal the evidence and then call you paranoid for complaining, which then justifies further dugging. See my commments elsewhere regarding the removal of documents provided to my ‘advocates’, proving I was ‘spiked’ with benzos and then slandered as a ‘paranoid delusional’ for making the claim I had been ‘spiked’. The absolute abuse of these people who receive the support of our Chief Psychiatrist and Minister in this misconduct is appauling. Though I note not a soul prepared to even examine the documented proof I have, preferring the false narrative that suits the organised criminals operating in our hospitals. It seems so much easier to slander me as ill as a result of the ‘gaslighting’ I have been subjected to than actually deal with the ugly truth that these people are criminals and nothing more. The rigged game that they can never loose as a result of the negligence of those with a duty to act, and the authority to ‘fuking destroy’ anyone with a legitimate complaint.

    I find myself also very angry reading what you have written, knowing that the hospital staff would have been conspiring behind your backs to conceal any of their involvement in what occurred. Pouring over the documents to find ways of concealing anything that might even suggest they did anything wrong. And then releasing the “edited” version to legal represenatives and the Coroner. They actually call criminal fraud “editing” where I live, or at least the Clinical Director of the hospital does. Not that it changes the outcomes, it merely enables abusive practitioners to continue their abuse against others.

    I sometime find myself thinking that the best way to get these ‘practitioners’ to understand how it feels to be on the receiving end of thiis ‘treatment’ would be to hand them over to Islamic State and tell them they are infidel. Terrorism being a highly effective means of behavioural control, but totally ineffective when it comes to ‘healing the mind’.

    I don’t know how to resolve the sadness and anger that I feel when I read so many stories like this, and know of the vile conduct that occurs with the knowledge of a few who chose to conceal the truth from the rest of our community. A Minister for Health who considers the ‘treatment’ for torture and kidnapping to be more torture and kidnapping. Hos delusional sense of self importance obvious for all to see, and my hope that he will be removed next election only spoiled by the fact that the next one is exactly the same.

    I’m sorry.

  • “Did someone say Kentucky Fried Chicken?”

    Not sure if this is an international advertising campaign but ….. I found it funny, especially when you think of the reasons they changed fro Kentucky Fried Chicken to KFC. ‘Medication’ anyone? lol The diversion from everyday bad events to a bucket of KFC such an easy transition on televison.

  • It was nothing compared to the ‘violence’ I have experienced from people who claim to be ‘medical people’ who subjected me to 7 hours of torture, kidnapped me and then sent fraudulent documents to the Mental Health Law Centre and attempted to have me overdosed in an Emergency Dept (check before assuming illness, the removal of documents showing I was ‘spiked’ done to enable the slanderous conduct of labelling someone speaking the truth as paranoid. I assume people of science would understand the effects of such vile conduct). I guess that ‘annoying child’ simply never went away, kept asking questions and still needs to be beaten to death according to those who see themselves as being “master’.

    I agree that spending more time with children may be the reason mothers may be more likely to strike children (though we are still speculating rather than working with established facts), much like those ‘touched’ by psychiatry are 44 times more likely to commit suicide. My anecdotal evidence all I have to work on though.

    And isn’t it the case that if it were found that women were more likely to be striking children then the advertising campaigns should be targeted towards those who perpetrate this aggression towards children rather than making the assumption that the only violence done in our community is done by males? I loved my child and gandchildren that I haven’t seen for 10 years now, and have never once found a need to hit them. Though I guess mental health services through their negligence fraud and slander have made sure I will never get the opportunity to do so. Especially now the current Minister for Health is in on the slandering to conceal the human rights abuses for his ‘colleagues’.

    I know I understand completely how these acts of violence are overlooked by my community. I mean I have here a set of documents showing that not only was I tortured and kidnapped, but that the hospital concerned distributed fraudulent documents to conceal those human rights abuses and crimes, and not a soul will step forward and assist me with that fact (including police who have found means to neglect their duty openly and in writing. They refuse to accept the documented facts and have stated they will arrest me for having the proof of the torture, though I think their involvement in the interrogation while I was drugged without knowledge may be influencing their negligence and concealment of criminal acts). They prefer the false narrative and simply ignore the truth, even those who claim to be ‘advocates’ for the ‘mentally ill’ sit on their hands despite the bold claims of ‘good people’.

    And they look at the body count and tut tut and make calls for reform? Well, after they sort out their pay increases for all the good work they are doing, throwing victims of psychiatry under the bus for doctors and organised criminals with influence. Excuse me while I get a bucket …….

    Anyway, interesting article. It took Finland a 100 years to see the results of banning beating children but the results can be seen in their culture I believe. I have a freind who came from their as a child who could not believe the way Aboriginal boys were treated by teachers in this country at what we call schools. I guess it prepared thm for the way they were to be treated later in life by ‘authorities’, very badly.

  • I tried to get access to a set of ‘punishment books’ held in our State archives. I was interested in what was documented about the public floggings I was subjected to in school as an 8 year old boy. I know it would be easy to say that I was young and my interpretation of these things is possibly disorted etc, and even that such beatings were part of the ‘master servant relationship’ that existed between teacher and student.

    What I do remember though is that us boys (it was never the girls) were made to bend over and touch our toes and were beaten on the legs with a black board rules (a 1 meter piece of wood swung baseball bat style). In my instance this left me black and blue from my butt to my ankles. My parents did, when I finally showed them the bruising, took me to the school and asked that it be stopped. The teacher claimed it was as a result of me being such an ‘annoying child’ and asking a lot of questions etc.

    What I can say, and I’m sure this will not make me popular (but i’ll say it anyway) is that I was only ever beaten by females. It was they who taught me about doing violence to others. Had my father ever taken to me I wouldn’t be writing this now. I note in the above article there is no mention of the gender basis of the violence done to children. Perhaps things have changed since I was a child?

    Perhaps lets start with who is actually doing the ‘punishing’ rather than the vague term ‘parents’? And who is the target of this violence? And does that result in boys becoming more violent in the future. I did as I said try to get access to these punishment books to do some reseach into this but …..access denied. My hypothesis was that the kids who were beaten sensless at school by teachers were more likely to have ended up in prison as a result of crimes of violence.

  • I certainly spoke to the people at the Church of Scientology regarding my matters (before the police and the State knew I still had the documents) and I spoke to the people at Amnesty who provide zero assistance to people who are the victims of torture (funny but they seem more interested in ‘fund raising’ than anything else).

    In fact I’ve spoken to so many people and written so much online and asked a lot about what the actual procedure is for making a complaint about beng tortured and you would think that in ten years you could get one answer.

    “Article 10

    1. Each State Party shall ensure that education and information regarding the prohibition against torture are fully included in the training of law enforcement personnel, civil or military, medical personnel, public officials and other persons who may be involved in the custody, interrogation or treatment of any individual subjected to any form of arrest, detention or imprisonment.”

    So the guy knew he was torturing me because the State had an obligation to train him in these facts. The drugging was an assault, and one he acquiesced his duty to inform me or my ‘next of kin’ about, so he was fully aware he was torturing. Torture and then any complaints kill? Their actions demonstrate they were fully aware.

    “Article 13

    Each State Party shall ensure that any individual who alleges he has been subjected to torture in any territory under its jurisdiction has the right to complain to, and to have his case promptly and impartially examined by, its competent authorities. Steps shall be taken to ensure that the complainant and witnesses are protected against all ill-treatment or intimidation as a consequence of his complaint or any evidence given.”

    And it is here in this article that my State gets to the dirty. Where is this “competent authority” that I have a right to complain to? In the Emergency Dept where they inject you with an overdose? They threatened my wife and family, and of course police claim that because they didn’t receive a complaint about them being threatened by police, nothing to see here. I know for a fact they threatened my wife, she told me when she told me about how they had been running me round to deny me access to the documents. The FOI officer issued the threat. And of course her game was up because what she had been doing she knew was criminal, ie conspiring to pervert the course of justice by concealing the evidence of the ‘spiking’.

    “Article 12

    Each State Party shall ensure that its competent authorities proceed to a prompt and impartial investigation, wherever there is reasonable ground to believe that an act of torture has been committed in any territory under its jurisdiction.”

    10 years prompt? Reasonable grounds to believe? Or did the Chief Psychiatrist rewrite this burden of proof as well? They have gone beyond reasonable grounds to believe, investigated promptly (Jan 2012 by Op. Man. who fuking destroys complainants. Finds it easy to breach the Articles of the Convention with State sanctioning her cover ups that include threateneing and intimidating witnesses with police etc…. distribution of fraudulent documents to lawyers, and a host of viciousness that I wouldnt begin to dicuss here. But to those who have looked, you should be struggling to eat your dinner) found that I was tortured, and then moved to fuking destroy me. They KNOW it was torture but are covering up these facts, and where necessary threatening, intimidating and killing any witnesses and victims.

    “Article 14

    1. Each State Party shall ensure in its legal system that the victim of an act of torture obtains redress and has an enforceable right to fair and adequate compensation, including the means for as full rehabilitation as possible. In the event of the death of the victim as a result of an act of torture, his dependants shall be entitled to compensation.”

    They won’t even allow me my passport and birth certificate so I can leave, never mind compensation. I guess by killing anyone with a valid complaint they save the tax payer a lot of money so it can be justified.

    Imagine even the Attorney General doesn’t seem to be able to tell me who to make my complaint to, I guess no one ever got through without being killed before.

    My State has made this agreement and does not hold up it’s end of the agreement. They take their oaths as a cover. Keep that fact in mind in your dealings with these people. Frauds, slanderers and prepared to commit acts of negligence to enable the use of known torture methods.

    And not a soul prepared to stand up and say “This is wrong”. Kitty Genovese about the only person with an explaination. The diffusion of responsibility a disgrace.

    The modus operandii is that they get someone prepared to commit acts of negligence in their duty to pretend they will provide you with effective legal representation, and then they leave you to hang. Thus you wait not knowing that they are doing absolutely nothing to assist, not unlike the waiting at the door described in Kafkas Trial. Clever trick and one that will not go unpunished, because that’s all it is, a trick.

  • Thanks for the reply Ekatarina

    I was thinking about your comment and realised that it’s the changing meanings around ‘normality’ that are allowing these people to maintain that vantage point. The “double think” described by Orwell in 1984. This whole COVID situation highlighting it for all to see (or not see according to how well they have learned to double think lol).

    Watch as we are presented with the “New Normal” over the coming months. Try keeping a record of the “Old Normal” lol. I’ve taken pictures of signs warning of the punishments for travelling over the boundaries that have been put in place (dare I call them ‘checkpoints’?).

    On the battle between good and evil I must say the Devil sure has good taste in suits, cars, boats, properties, ……. and all provided for via the souls he misleads into the fire? “Just one little pill and it’s all yours” 🙂

  • Thanks for that O O. If only there were a ‘patients movement’ with such conviction.

    I noticed stuff pinned on the Notice Boards in the hospital that kidnapped me for organisations claiming to represent the interests of people being subjected to the abuses of psychiatry, only to find out they were a ‘venus fly trap’. They lure you in with promises of legal assistance, find out what you have, and then provide that confidential information to the hospital and assist them in concealing any misconduct during these kidnappings and torture sessions. For this the government funding continues.

    Yes Mental Health Law Centre I’m looking at YOU.

    I wonder about the JWs providing assistance to people being snatched and tortured using the Mental Health Act. I have certainly spoken to some who are believers in the medical model of mental illness. (“My daughter wasn’t abused, she has a mental illness as is recieving treatment for it” said one person who I suspect was the young womans abuser but …. let God decide on that one).

    I also wonder what type of services are provided to those who are members of the Church of Scientology should they find themselves being subjected to torture in one of these ‘centres’. How do they extract their members?

  • Connected to network via provider. That’s fairly easy to get around with sim card changes but the phone itself has a chip that means even when it’s off, it can be turned on via the network, and tracked.

    Legacy devices and the swapping of phones with others is possibly the best method, though that will simply drive them to have us all chipped. As long as this ‘illegal’ spying on us all is working, they won’t move on that. (you can’t prove it being the defence)

  • One of my favorite quotes from the Injil

    “Her officials within her are like wolves tearing their prey; they shed blood and kill people to make unjust gain. Her prophets white wash these deeds for them by false visions and lying divinations. They say ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says’ – when the Lord has not spoken. The people of the land practice extortion and commit robbery; they oppress the poor and needy and mistreat the foreigner, denying them justice. I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one. So I will pour out my wrath on them and consume them with my fiery anger, and bring down on their own heads all they have done declares the Sovereign Lord” (Ezekiel 22:27-31).

    How on earth did I find myself living in such a place? I heard a great sermon last week about asking God to join you in the fire, and not asking him to take you out of it. It really has changed my view of where i’m at. They try to ‘fuking destroy’ me, and He provides me with protection from everything they have thrown at me. They have literally got nothing other than their delusions of granduer, and an inability to see what is right before their eyes. Your right Rachel777, they should be pitied.

  • I was confused about the whole Dastiyari situation. Why could he not have a conversation without having his phone with him? Okay, he’s a politician but when did he lose his right to not be listened to?

    Some of the information is between the lines too. I have one friend who tells me that sometimes it’s best to ‘feed the chickens’ (which reminds me of what Joh used to call talking to the media lol). God leads astray who He will, and if they are getting what they want, then they tend to be lazy regarding other communications (Passenger pigeons come to mind lol). It’s also a Federal offence to interfere with post, keep it in mind when dealing with State authorities.

  • “That’s a society ripe for an awakening, and it won’t come easy because it means everyone will be forced to see their own shadow.”

    You know Alex I often ponder the images of the Germans being marched past the corpses in the concentration camps after ‘liberation’. Holding hankerchiefs to their mouths and trying not to look at what they had been reduced to, their shadows. They may not have been directly responsible but could not deny that they had taken part in these crimes against humanity. So why did they rush past and try not to look at what they had done if they felt no shame?

    Now try and take someone for a walk through a locked ward to look at their shadows. Will they see what they are doing? Or are we still at that point where we can deny that what we are doing is not an evil act, much like the German people did not see it until they were at the mercy of others, then they pray for humanity to spare them (though I recognise that some went to the gallows unrepentant).

    I sometimes imagine what that day will look like where I live, the betrayal of community second only to a betrayal of God. What gives me hope is that the corruption of our politicians where I live is so open these days that it means we are ready for change.

  • Ahhh that explains the injecting of the ‘burning flesh’ for me. The heretics trapped in flaming tombs, by doctors (tin gods?) who do not wish to have their ‘treatments’ questioned. I guess being trapped in such a place would result in a change of mind about the hereafter? I know the person who explained it to me had blown half his face off with a pistol in his mouth as a result of requesting that his ‘treatment’ be stopped or changed being refused. Better the eternal sleep than be tormented by the god that is a psychiatrist. At least with the chemical kosh preferred in aged care facilities one is out for the count, no so with the burning flesh.

  • Am I correct in assuming you use the same methods of the Jehovah Witnesses with regards to forced treatment, that they use when one of their brethren is being forced to acccept a blood transfusion?

    And I do beieve that Martin Niemoller’s classic teaching poem should have begun, first they came for the Jehovah Witnesses…….. mainly because of their refusal to salute the Chief and say “heil Hitler”. If only my community had such people with the courgage of their convictions. Though where I live they are quite prepared to accept torture maiming and killing as being ‘medical procedures’. And even ‘advocates’ are prepared to plant a knife between the shoulder blades of victims for the right price.

    I did like Carlins comments about privileges not rights (google Japanese Americans 1940s if you think you’ve got rights). Though I do think one of the wisest comments I’ve seen on MiA came from Jim Gottstein, ‘rights without remedies are no rights at all’ (i may be paraphrasing here). They have removed the remedies, and continue with the illusion of rights for the general public. We should be holding our elected ‘leaders’ to account for those removals, though of course to do so would mean running the gauntlet of a diagnosis and being ‘fuking destroyed’.

    The man with nothing to loose is a dangerous man, the hypocrite talks big until it’s time to fight. If you win, they say how much they would have liked to have been with you in the fight, if you loose they tell you how they were right in not joining you. Fortunately God knows what is in their hearts (and quite possibly some of our police when they do mock executions, the wetting of pants being a dead give away. And before you complain, this is considered a ‘coercive measure’ and not torture as a result of the false belief created by someone who isn’t really going to shoot you [police are allowed to lie to ‘suspects’ in my State], if you believe they are then thats your problem. I once got upset with a Sgt for telling his Constable who was detaining an 8 year old Aboriginal boy for breaking a window “if the little black bastard gives you any trouble, shoot him”. How positively ‘lefty’ of me lol).

    Speaking of creating fear, have a look at The Power of Nightmares documentary by Adam Curtis (on You Tube). Gives a great description of how we are being manipulated via the false fears created by politicians to maintain their grip on power. I’d write more but there’s Muslim terrorists living in the house next door and i’m sure they’re watching eveything I type lol

  • The people that the Church rejected for becoming priests..

    The ‘celebacy’ of psychiatry is that they are denied any right to heal, and are stuck in purgatory forever chasing their own tails, using one of the oldest tricks in the Book to conceal their inadequacies. Drugging extreme states into compliance and calling it medicine.

    For this they obtain the external status, but internally they long for the closeness of a ‘wife’, and some become devaint abusers as a result. Excusing their abuse and being a “character flaw” or ‘personality disorder’.

    And when one considers that the power that used to be assigned to the Church by the State has been transferred to psychitary and psychiatrists, is it any wonder they find it easy to conceal their rampant abuses? I’m sure it will no doubt be exposed eventually, with lots of “it was them not me” and “look, they were much worse than me”.

  • Remember Sam Dastiari JanCarol? The guy who got in trouble for turning off his phone and leaving it inside his house while he spoke with a Chinese businessman in his garden?

    Ummm your phone might be bugged lol. Didn’t anyone actually hear what Ed Snowden said?

    There was a good sci fi series called The Last Enemy that wasn’t too far from where we are at now (system called TIA Total Information Access. And it had Robert Carlyle and Benedict Cumberbatch in it too 🙂

    I opted out of the MyHealth system though I think all that did was give them reason to keep a file you don’t get access to on you. But we will never know now they are dealing with whistleblowers via unintended negative outcomes in E.D.s lol. Any and all inconvenient truths about the crimes of the State against citizens is now concealed under National Security and you will never know the things being done in our names. There are good reasons Obama went back on his promise to release ALL the photos from Abu Ghraib.

  • Rattus norvegicus or rattus rattus? Do both carry the Bubonic Plague?

    The comment below

    “a) The inability of psychiatrists to predict (or define) “dangerousness” is not debatable, it has been demonstrated over and over.”

    you kmow what I would find interesting is data that shows how much the public believes that psychiatrists can predict ‘dangerousness’. We know they can’t do any better that the toss of a coin but ……. and in line with Kindred Spirits comment about perceptions rather than truth ….. how are they perceived in this regard. As the gods they see themselves as? Or the bumbling gamblers with the lives of others they really are?

  • “It was way past time for me to be set free.”

    Got some really bad news Annette, your never free of psychiatry. Certainly here in Australia if any doctor ever wants you snatched from your bed they can simply call police and have them deliver you to whatever hospital they like. Not just your doctor, ANY doctor.

    This is the result of you being a “mental patient” by status for the rest if your life, and thus your human and civil rights have been removed, never to be returned. If your really lucky you may be able to conceal that fact from many people, but not your government. They have you marked, and should you ever cause them any issues, those medical records you seek will be released to the public as a weapon to slander you. In fact what you used to consider conspiring is now lawful due to your not being able to give consent, and requiring others to make your decisions for you. Those who are not suffering from anasognosia.

    Still, the good news is that at least we can take it from you that “Jean” Therapy isn’t effective 🙂

    I hope it all works out for you, and that you are one of the very few who does survive the vicious gaslighting assaults of the psychiatric industry. And I do tend to agree that the ‘spellbinding’ (or disinhibition) caused by the drugs may contribute to suicides (though I was not informed that I was actually taking stupefying/intoxicating drugs and had them administered without my knowledge by people not authorised to do so). The things you can do to someone if you lie and call them “patient” huh?

    P.s. you will also find your interactions with the police have changed significantly. careful because they have a tendency for knee jerk reactions with mental patients and are a little quick with the weapons. That ‘flag’ might not be obvious in your “patient notes”.

  • Of course my role in ‘falling into the snares of Evil” is not lost on me. I have made a lot of noise regarding my State sanctioning torture and killing and disguising it as ‘medicine’. Should I not have gone about this quietly? I did. And then found myself being victimised by those in authority who had a duty to act, and instead found it easier to fuking destroy me. Still i’m sure they are much more caring with your loved ones, at least to your face.

    Let me quote directly from my Book, and then the interpretation by Ali.

    “Allah loveth not that evil should be noised abroad* in public speech, except where an injustice has been done, for Allah is He who heareth and knoweth all things” (4:148)

    Note the exception? I consider the acts of threatening my family, and the distribution of fraud and slanderous documents regarding my ‘detention’ and ‘referral’ to be an injustice. The footnote;

    * “We can make a public scandal of evil in many ways (1) it may be idle sensation-mongering; it often leads to more evil by imitation, as where criminal deeds are glorified in the cinema, or talked about shamelessly in a novel or drama. (2) it may be malicious gossip of a foolish personal kind. It does no good, but it hurts peoples feelings (3) It may be malevolent slander or libel; it is intended deliberately to cause harm to peoples reputation or injure them in other ways, and is rightly punishable under all laws. (4) it may be a public rebuke or correction or remonstrance, without malice. (1) (2) and (3) are absolutely forbidden. (4) may be by a person in authority, in which case the exception apply, for all wrong and injustice MUST be corrected openly, to prevent it’s recurrence. Or (4) may be by a person not vested with authority , but acting either from motives of public spirit, or in order to help someone who has been wronged; here again the exception will apply. But if the motive is different, the exception does not apply. (4) would also include a public complaint by a person who has suffered a wrong, he has every right to seek public redress.”

    So the actions of the hospital are strictly forbidden, and I have every right to seek redress from those who have done me wrong. Though of course my government has doubled down and attempted to kill me to conceal their wrongdoing. I make noise “abroad” but there is no one prepared to stand up and hold these criminals to account, which as stated needs to be done “openly”. The attempt by the State to conceal their slander under the exceptions of (4) clear for anyone to see should they choose to look. Start with the fraudulent documents sent to the Mental Health Law Centre and their actions as a result of that fraud.

    Good news is I’m not going to be held accountable for their evil deeds. And those who have stood by and neglected their duty have more than their own shame to be concerned about. Those who continue to obstruct justice over these matters and continue with the fraud and slander? I have a duty to warn and nothing more.

    So does the work by Bandy et al fit into (1) (2) (3) or (4)? Not an easy assessment to make huh?

    It was in my instance though, I was tortured and kidnapped. And when they found out that I was speaking the truth, they went to town on me and my family. Slander, fraud, and an attempt to kill me, and police who claim their hands are tied, because with the status of “patient” anything can be done to you and called ‘medicine’. (see the different ways ‘nutjobs’ are treated by police to confirm they are fully aware of this status difference) And I paid taxes for some slag criminal hospital administrator who is corrupting our entire system like a cancerous growth being covered over with a band aid.

  • Alms for an Ex Leper………….

    Couple of problems Oldhead

    (1) the Australian Government brought in a system 2 (?) years ago that allowed doctors to access your medical history on a computer system. MyHealth. This system was introduced in a manner that meant you had a record created for you UNLESS you specifically opted out. Civil liberties lawyers protested that it should be the other way around, that people should have to say they wanted a record created for them. Those lawyers I assume are now being treated in the Ariel Castro Memorial for their ‘schizophrenia’.

    (2) If the people do not take up this app in the numbers the government wants, then two things are likely to occur. Further restrictions on civil liberties ie lockdowns, and legislation like that above that makes it mandatory to have the app. The P.M. has threatened the first, and is no doubt looking into the second.

    I was pondering this situation and wondered if it isn’t a way to get out of the illegal tracking that has already been done, but that we have till this point in time been unable to prove is being done.

    Combine those medical records with the ability to track everyone and what have you got? Then combine that with organised criminals in our hospitals and police records …….

    Glad i’m not Jewish or a ‘mental patient’ (lol), coz Hitler said if they never admitted they were wrong (at Nuremburg) that the Reich would see a rise again in about a hundred years. Looking like they are ahead of shedule, though this unexpected turn of events has certainly provided assitance in speeding up the program.

    Stigmatise and Ostracise
    Remove Rights and property

    They’re Baaaaack.

  • I found the slander of the labels to be a direct function of how badly the hospital wanted to cover up their criminal conduct against me. The more I kept pointing out that they were committing (and had committed) serious offences, the more relevant my ‘diagnosis’ became.

    At what point does a persons diagnosis become relevant to whether they are a victim of a crime or not? And I ask this in all seriousness. Because there is no doubt I was tortured and kidnapped. Simply can not be denied. Does this not qualify a person for a ‘diagosis’? What can be denied is my right to legal representation if someone else speaks for me as a ‘mental patient’ and therefore the State has maintained the fraud committed early in the piece to conceal the torture and kidnapping from the lawyers at the Mental Health Law Centre. Someone lied about having the right to speak for me, and the State has engaged in conspiring to committ offences with that person ever since. They simply do not like the truth that I was NOT a “patient” and therefore what they did was criminal. Were they aware of this? Absolutely, and in fact they did everything to conceal the fact and ensure they did not ask any relevant questions to allow their negligence to become a defence. Trying everything including torture to have me admit that I was a “patient”. 6 witnesses to a torture session and not one including my wife prepred to speak the truth. Still, with people being killed ……… like the FOI officer who knew very early on what I’m saying is true she told my wife “It might be best you don’t tell him”. How many families are threatend by the administrators who have access to the facts? Lets pit one family member against another and if someone gets killed, we’re off the hook.

    That ‘poison’ they now distribute and deny any wrongdoing (while they attempted to murder me in the ED). Call that a delusion if you like, but do me and others who were not as fortunate the favor of checking before slandering. Those that have, have been shocked. But also find it easier to go along with the false narrative and assist in ensuring that my States sanctioning of torture and convenience killing (refoulment) is supported.

    And who gets to check? Well, not the police unfortunately. Mainly because they don’t think that putting benzodiazepines into a citizens drink to render them unconcious to plant evidence for police is a crime. In fact, they don’t even think that loading up a ‘shot’ in the E.D. to overdose a ‘patient’ is a crime either. Best they don’t know about that they tell me (and a witness). Best they arrest me for having the documents proving what i’m saying they tell me (and a witness who now fears for his family). And because you didn’t answer an email you didn’t recieve over the evidence you have within 14 days, that’s the end of the matter as far as a Superintendent is concerned. A law unto themselves? You bet when mental health services can literally use the police to torture and kidnap any citizen they like, and then have police assist in the retrieval of the evidence of that torture and kidanapping to conceal their links with organised criminals operating in our hospitals. Not a good look.

    But run advocates run, your hypocrisy is what is keeping you alive. Never will you be held to account for issuing one thing from your mouth, and another from your heart. And if my government wishes to torture someone surely they had good reason, and if they didn’t well, they will continue torturing until they have a good reason. I’m sure that pattern is not lost on those who have been touched by the ‘medicine’ that is mental health services. (I say MHS because I do believe it is the lackies and butt crawlers who assist psychaitry that are in many cases the problem and not psychiatrists themselves).

    I guess at least you live in a country that does seem to respect the fact they have laws that protect your privacy Mr Frances. We have laws in my country that supposedly do that though I note the hospital concerned in the above matters did actually release a whole bunch of documents not requested by the lawyers at the Mental Health Law Centre as a means to get these misleading and fraudulent matters into the public arena. It’d be criminal in the US along with the conspiring etc. But not in a land where the Chief Psychiatrist wouldn’t pass a 1st year law course, and believes his Community Nurses can travel through time and space like Dr Who. A Land of Sweeping Plains and Lawlessness. Where psychiatry is a criminal enterprise supported by the negligence fraud and slander of the State and not a soul is prepared to stand up and say this is wrong. I can’t blame them, and nor would anyone else who has seen what has been done to me and my family by an Operations Manager who openly stated when I pointed out her criminality that they (meaning the State) would fuking destroy me.

    I digress, you people are here to discuss the ways to change this system of abuse, not actually assist anyone who has been victimised by criminals within that system of abuse. That isn’t going to happen when we have slanderous labels to be applied to victims, and negligence, fraud and slander as a weapon to enable further abuses.

    I would also warn that there are people who would take great joy in hacking your computer and exposing you. And they may not be the people who you might imagine (though they will claim it’s your paranoid delusions causing you to think this way). I, for example, found myself in possession of documents showing I had been ‘spiked’ and the clever Operations Manager figured out if she had police retrieve those documents she could then slander me as a paranoid delusional for actually speaking the truth. That’s actually quite clever when you think about it, have the poisoned poison themselves with the truth being the weapon. Making the claim you have been drugged without your knowledge being THE most common of the delusions (how convenient for these people in a position to drug you without your knowledge and then dispose of the evidence of that ‘spiking’. That is worthy of further consideration. It may also be exposed at some point in the future if the State stops killing whistleblowers in the Emergency Dept. A quick thanks to the Doc who interupted my ‘unintended negative outcome’, your a gem Professor.)

    My Kingdom to be in the room when the Dr who was going to kill me was snatched away to be ‘interviewed’ and not know if he had been caught or not. Oh Dear, you really fell into the hands of a psychopath that day Doc. A cardiologist who knows of the evil in your heart? Yes, he would have gone through with it Doc, and does have the stomach for it (and the fat wallet to match one would assume). Luckily you can write your own prescriptions for anti psychotics as you get sick in the world of illusion you find yourself. And God sends upon them a Great Delusion that they might believe the Lie (2 Thessolonians 2)

    Anyway, good luck with your book sales.

  • “If you had a client who told you their spouse or partner was abusing a child or threatening to harm someone it would be very clear that even without the legal backing of Tarasoff you would also have a duty to warn – a moral and ethical obligation to use what you know as a psychotherapist to protect someone in danger.”

    I’m going to requote this.

    So when my wife got together with a psychologist and they came up with a plan to ‘spike’ me with benzos, and plant a knife on me for police to find and hopefully not shoot me in the process of obtaining a referral, did this psychologist not have a duty to warn me? My wife on her way to assault me and plant evidence for police to assist in the commission of serious offences?

    Or should she take the $200 for providing the advice of how to obtain a police referral and have me locked in a mental institution against my will and cross her fingers that I don’t come out a dribbling mess like many of their ‘clients’?

    Did this psychologist know my wife was going to ‘spike’ me, certainly. How do I know that. Because they both explained to me that they were concerned about the police shooting me as a result of the plan to plant a knife and some cannabis on me when I collapsed. Whose idea was the ‘spiking’? My wifes. And the knife and cannabis for police? The psychologists. Need a referral, get the sucker cops to do it for you, along with the kidnap.

    Good to see that a private clinic takes their ethical concerns seriously. One more life destroyed and on to the next one. Just keep stepping over the bodies folk. Best $200 of my money my wife ever spent, I don’t even have a photograph of my own mother never mind my passport or birth certificate, and 9 years later I still can’t have a legal rep because they would know I was tortured and kidnapped and certain people don’t like that truth.

    I was all good with divorce proceedings until they found out I still had the documents, and then found out about the fraudulent set at the Mental Health Law Centre. Houston we now have a problem. And I get to suffer for their misconduct. Give me back my stuff and let me leave you vile human rights abusers. How ugly that you would threaten my grand children, and wife, how disc]graceful that you are killing people in the ED to cover up your misconduct. How unbelievable that your distributing fraudulent documents to conceal torture, and having police retrieve the evidence of your crimes.

    Ethical? Morals of Sewer Rats.

  • I’ll put this here where the ‘professionals’ are stepping over us.

    “In times of war or public panic, thoughtless repetition of gossip is rightly restrained by all effective States. If false, such news may cause needless alarm; if true, it may frighten the timid and cause some misgiving even to the bravest, because the counterpart of it – the preparations made to meet the danger – is not known. Thoughtless news, true or false, may also encourage the enemy. The proper course is quietly to hand all news direct to those who are in a position to investigate it. They can then sift it and take suitable measures to checkmate the enemy. Not to do so, but to deal with news either thoughtlessly or maliciously, is to fall directly into the snares of Evil” Abdullah Yusef Ali.

    Is it gossip? And has the path of quietly handed off to those in a position to investigate been taken? Or is this being done as a means to profit from the sales of books from controversy?

    I can’t give an opinion based on the information I have. But I can give an opinion on the methods used in the area of mental health regarding the use of ‘diagnosis’ as slander. Which I have done above.

  • This speculation about people one has not met obviously doesn’t extend to our Minister for Health who considers anyone who makes a complaint about mental health services in need of ‘treatment’. If you don’t agree with us, then your obviously ill. Imagine thinking it is unlawful to ‘spike’ citizens with stupefying andd intoxicating drugs. That’d be in the Criminal Code if it was and ….. woops. Quick lose that and hide the evidence that were doing that.

    His response to my complaint that he is sorry that I am still distressed about my referral and detention (actually kidnapping and torture but i quibble over legal definition. No debate will be entered into as that would expose that the authority to drug me without my knowledge and then detain and interrogate me for 7 hours actually constitutes torture, and that using police resources to give the appearance of lawfullness does not change the fact that I was kidnapped. Planting weapons on people after ‘spiking’ them is conspiring not ‘medical assistance’) requres the services of the people who tortured and kidnapped me.

    Glad I didn’t have complaint about being sexuallly assaulted. Might he suggest I go and get myself raped as a cure?

    By being able to ignore complaints and deny access to legal representation is it any wonder they can be so bold in their slandering and fraud? An Attorney General who can not inform a member of the public what the procedure is for making a complaint regarding the use of torture by public officers who are fully trained in what does and does not constitute torture? (as per the Convention) But can make referral to an authority described by the Prime Minister as a ‘kangaroo court’.

  • “It discouraged speculation about people one had not personally met.”

    This principle asserted in our Mental Health Act via “no referral without personal examination” and other protections. Which should stop people being apprehended and referred based on a phone call from someone claiming to be someone elses doctor, in principle. Of course when police simply do what they’re told by organised criminals within the system and assist in cover ups of people who breach the laws then why bother even having ‘rules of law’?

    In my State, even as a Community Nurse (a basic community college course of 6 weeks) I can telephone police and have them detain anyone I wish by simply stating (falsely) that the person is my “patient” and completing two fraudulent Forms I can have police kidnap that person for me. Then if they are really lucky to get the proof of what I have done, police will retrieve the evidence of my ‘misconduct’ and we can arrange a little accident in the Emergency Dept before anyone notices our ‘indiscretions’.

    Our Prime Minisister makes me laugh more than Eddie Murphy when he says Australians are a people who value a rule of law. They handed over medicine to the Joker when they passed the Mental Health Act.

    Narrowing the scope of members authority is pointless without a mechanism to resolve complaints other than a ‘hot shot’ in the ED, and the distribution of fraudulent and slanderous documents via ‘friendly’ advocates paid for with State funding.

  • Good point you make Sam.

    I note that when the ‘diagnosis’ didn’t suit the insurer, they hired a known ‘hatchet’ (who gives lectures to the insurance industry on how to minimise liability using psychiatry) to do a ‘number’ on me. Then the preferred ‘truth’ becomes the one that gets used to ‘fuking destroy’ you at a time most convenient for the assailants. Forget your right to confidentiality, there are easy ways around that, especially in a State where police can’t find thier copy of the Criminal Code, never mind the Privacy Act.

    Might I just add, Trump doesn’t seem to mind using his position as President to do a bit of slandering himself.

  • Wrectum? Sure did lol.

    See a ‘sport’ here called Cane Toad Golf. Fine with the Driver, it’s the putts that blow your handicap out. Funny but this reminds me of a lecture I once heard on the “scope of justice” and how we include and exclude certain species of the right to justice (no problems killing a Cane Toad, but do it to a Dolphin and you’ll make National News). A bit like we exclude “mental patients” from any human and civil rights and don’t feel bad for doing so. And the people who are doing this want to point fingers at the President and call him a narcissist? Meh, if your going to throw him out, we’ll have him. He can sit at the table with us smoking and waiting for Nurse Ratchett to announce “medication time”.

  • “This intra-guild dispute among psychiatrists should be of no more concern to people at MIA than should a factional dispute among the ranks of Scientologists. Taking side throws MIA’s objectivity into question, as this is a tempest in a teapot which should elicit little more than raised eyebrows and chuckles.”

    Nice Oldhead. My comment about the ‘mad dog’. It seems what were arguing about is whether the ‘breed’ matters before it’s muzzled. Call it hydrophobia if you like, but that doesn’t change how the teeth feel when it bites.

    I’d also add the possibility of a folie a deux into the mix as to why the ‘administration’ has not acted against the President lol. If we’re handing out diagnoses today, lets make it lots of them people.

  • “If you had a client who told you their spouse or partner was abusing a child or threatening to harm someone it would be very clear that even without the legal backing of Tarasoff you would also have a duty to warn – a moral and ethical obligation to use what you know as a psychotherapist to protect someone in danger.”

    Acting on hearsay evidence seems a bit flimsy? Such and such told me the Prime Minister is going to send troops to Syria to harm people……..This combined with ‘armchair psychiatry’ just gives me the impression of being about oneupmanship, and stepping into areas that should be off limits.

    This was one of the reasons put forward to incarcerate me, that I had been threatened by a gang of meth users with a history of home invasion, and my response to ensure my safety in my own home was considered an ‘illness’ that required ‘treatment’ (my story too long to be rewriting here, but my “potential for violence with no history or clear intent” considered a ‘symptom’ rather than a paranoid .elusion of the doctor. Without a history what has he got other than his unreasoned suspicion?). If someone threatens to harm me, it is not an illness to prepare to defend oneself. Ask Barak Obama regarding the extra judicial killing of Anwar al Awlaki. What sort of diagnosis should that incur?

    I’ll check up on this Tarasoff. But if it’s what I think, then the idea of snatching people from their beds to protect an aggressor from someone prepared to defend themselves then its moot.

  • “The drug simply suppresses the manifestations you wanted to have suppressed.” At a cost.

    Did they give you the run down on the negative effects of the drugs William T? I get what your saying about them stopping the voices and I hope that this ‘treatment’ continues to work for you.

    But there are some significant effects of taking these drugs that need to be pointed out. I’m no expert in these drugs and maybe someone with a better knowldge of them can fill in the gaps but the way I understand it your trading 20 years of your life for relief from the voices. Might be a trade your willing to make. Your health will suffer as a result of long term use, might be a trade your ….. There is no guarantee that the drugs will continue to work at the doses your on, might be a trade…… Just as long as you’ve been fully informed of the consequences of taking them is all I would say.

  • This is where we part as a result of the laws being different in our countries.

    This Goldwater Rule is like the protection supposedly written into our Mental Health Act that requires “personal examination” of the “patient” within the previous 48 hours before a referal can be done. In other words if you haven’t actually seen the person, you can’t form any professional opinion about that person. However, that creates problems for psychiatrists who might wish to give someone (oh lets say Mr Trump) a diagnosis like “psycho” (opinions not facts because thats how psychiatry is). But without being able to get near him in his High Castle, they would not be able to do so. Hence he is protected from slander via the Goldwater Rule I assume.

    Whereas where I live all that would need to be done would be for a Nurse to call police and have them make a referral to him/her under s. 195 of the Mental Health Act (police powers), he could then verbal him up with a fraudulent Form 1 and have Mr Trump delivered to a locked ward of a mental institution for an assessment by the psychiatrsits who is all ready to give him a diagnosis of “psycho” and start treatment immediately. Thus the psychiatrist is not making their opinion based on media reports etc, but on an actual assessment conducted against his will, but all perfectly lawful as a result of a police officer suspecting on reasonable grounds that he was suffering from a mental illness and required treatment, makes referral, and the ball starts rolling.

    Send him over here to Australia, we can snatch anyone from the community and start treatment for any illness a Community Nurse makes up on the spot. We call the inducing of ‘mental illness’ ‘chemical restraint’ of course (whinge fukn whinge You can’t lock me up I haven’t done anthing, they’re all the same. Ive got rights waaahahahah) just to get the new patient acting a little strange and get the outcome we desire first. But once we start with the treatments it usually goes downhill from there.

    I tend to agree with the Goldwater Rule as someone who has been targeted by slanderers not wishing the truth to be exposed. But I get it that these ‘Duty to Warn” people are sitting on this weapon and are not being allowed to use it. Like I say though, consider planting a knife after spiking him with benzos and obtaining a police referral to a psychiatrist for an assessment. Put it to rest once and for all with ‘facts’.

    Though I guess like Goldwater the diagnoses might be varied and politically loaded. Meh, the rest of us have to put up with it, why not the President? We are after all, “all in this together”.

    We (Australians) did after all get “Osama bin Laden” in to see George W Bush when he was here.

  • A guy I worked with many years ago used to say to me “Never let these contractors make their problems your problem”

    It was a piece of wisdom that served me well over many years, and good to see you repeating it here Oldhead 🙂

    Let the APA worry about it.

    Though I do note how effective the slander has been when it becomes my burden to prove I don’t have an illness that doesn’t exist. The Community Nurse makes up a straw man and my life is destroyed as a result of trying to prove he is a liar and a fraud, to liars and frauds. Oh well, what I know is that someone knows the truth, and those who deny that have their own burden to deal with at some point in the future.

  • That was what the psychiatrist who was working with the Operations Manager to ‘fuking destroy’ me said to my wife. “He has a Hell of a sense of humour”. When they arranged to have a meeting with me to ‘size up’ their opponent before distributing the fraudulent documents, and make arrangements for an ‘accident’ etc.

    We had the meeting and as I got up to leave the Operations Manager repeated her assertion that I was not to approach the Community Nurse who did the torture and kidnapping. So I asked her if she could pass something on to him for me and reached into my pocket, and brought my hand out in her face with my middle finger up (I think you guys call it flipping the bird lol).

    I guess she won in the end because I’ve been fuking destroyed. Though what I do know is that there may just be one or two people within the hospital administration that do not agree with her criminal conduct and gaslighting their ‘clients’ to suicide. The woman is positively vicious, and wants to hope we don’t ever meet on equal ground where she doesn’t have access to police resources to threaten and intimidate witnesses, and doctors who will aid and abet in crimes.

    I’m fairly sure that the young woman in the office that ensured the paper trail back to the authorisation of the fraud (the internal memo from the Clinical Director releasing the “edited” version of events) is one of those people. She may have merely been covering her butt, though I got the impression that there surely were people who looked and were disgusted by what was being done to me (and my family). Though they also have to live with the ‘fixed game’ of the State always winning despite them being responsible for the actions of their officers (see the UN case of Victoria Government being responsible for assaults by police. The claim being that they were acting outside their duties and ergo ….. Not the case, the State IS responsible for the criminal actions of their officers).

    Though the dead tell no tales, and these Emergency Dept ‘admissions’ for ‘treatment’ may save the taxpayer a lot of money given the amount of assaults police and mental health services engage in. As Billy Connelly pointed out, when you tell lies you need to have a good memory, and these public officers are simply too busy for that so just kill them (or hand them over to some brutal bastard who calls themselves a Doctor for experiments) and it goes away.

  • I’m reminded of the scene in Full Metal Jacket where Pte. Joker is being told to ‘fluff up’ his story about a V.C. corpse he has ‘seen’ from a helicopter.

    Capt: You must have seen blood trails? Drag marks?

    Joker: It was raining Sir.

    Capt: That’s why God passed the law of probability. Now rewrite it and give it a happy ending say 1 killed. Make it a sapper or an officer.

    Joker: Whichever you say.

    Capt: Grunts like reading about dead officers.

    Joker Okay an officer. How about a General?

    Capt: Joker, maybe you’d like our guys to read the paper and feel bad? Now in case you didn’t know this is not a particularly popular war, and it’s our job to report the news these “why are we here” civilian newsmen ignore.

    So I guess as far as evidence goes Steve, they must have seen blood trails or drag marks and are relying on the law of probability for their evidence. Now of course what your suggesting is making people feel bad by not reporting the ‘news’ that these “do these drugs work” civilian newsmen seem to ignore.

    New directive from H.Q. “search and destroy” missions are now to be referred to as “sweep and clear”. Don’t refer to them as “drugs” but instead call them “medications”, “clients” not “mental patients”.

  • Thankyou Rosalee. It means a lot. And I guess it would be difficult for the people who have investigated this to truly understand what its like to be tortured and kidnapped. I just hope they are consistent should it ever happen to their daughter in a Nite Club. Because the offence is the same, and the result is also the same, a psychological pain that can not be described. Add the gaslighting to that from those with a duty to act in a manner other than ‘fuking destroying’ the victim and yeah, i’ll live with this pain till the day I die.

    I mean I would never consider doing such a thing to someone. I’ve heard of two occasions before this from freinds who were spiked in pubs (one with LSD and the other with Ruffies) and was disgusted with the person who did it on both occassions.

    Maybe it’s a fun thing at the Police Station, like zapping each other on the head with tazers. Get some benzos from the corrupt Community Nurse and spike the commanding officer? Why not, its not a crime until they can find the Criminal Code.

    I know our Attorney General helped in a couple of instances where wrongful convictions have occurred and police have been a little heavy handed with tazers in the watchouse. I did contact him and explained that police didn’t actually want the evidence I have, and it might someday be important if they wish to know how people are being killed in the ED. He suggested I contact the CCC, but the Prime Minister has stated that this is simply a Kangaroo Court for cover ups of public sector corruption so…… I wrote back and asked the Attorney General what the process is for a complaint about being tortured because there doesn’t seem to be one, despite that being a breach of the Convention. One would expect that he would know what that process is, and could easily inform me. My argument being that there’s no need for a process when they are killing complainants. I am yet to receive a resopnse to my question which after all I believe to be reasonable.

    What is the procedure for making a complaint about being tortured by Public Officers? Other than having them drop you at an E.D. for an overdose? Because despite the negligence of police, who were involved in the torture, I have the proof. Though 9 years of burying the truth seems to be a reaon to start saying “it was so long ago”. I made complaint on the day it happened and have not stopped since. Am I responsible for the negligence fraud and slander that is standard procedure for making these things go away? I wasn’t the one who sat on my hands for 14 months before responding to a complaint from lawyers stating that the Manager was away over Christmas (which one I wondered because two had passed).

    As I say, as long as they are consistent when it is their family. Of course somehow their pain is different to everyone elses pain.

  • Yes JanCarol, the Rau situation was interesting, and glad to hear they have mode the series about it.

    And surprise surprise that we’re ging to be forced to carry a tracking app with us. Not that were not already doing so.

    I did watch a recent interview with Ed Snowden who made mention of what he does to phones before using them. No camera and a microphone that can be disconnected.

    These guys are talking about this like it’s nothing though. It’s not like another Adolph is going to come along so soon after the last one right? There really have been some worrying trends with regards the law which the media have found it difficult to cover, lest they be subject to raids by the AFP. I don’t know that anyone really understood what happened with Whatsapp going to Facebook. And I guess with all this spying going on they were fully aware of what was happening when people were plotting against me right? Lol, NOT. Though I do think that once they realised they were thankful for me slipping through the net, at least they only had 2 years of killing before they got moved on.

    The thing about spying is that it is corrosive to communities. have a look at “The Lives of Others”. The government doesn’t trust anyone, but they have to make it look like they do whilst spying into every little nook and cranny. And there is a point that is reached where it becomes …. dare I say it, delusional. Though I do note that it seems to be their own security and safety they are concerned about, and not the general public. One hardly sees politicians stepping out of the office these days without looking like a Social Worker making their way through the Forensic Unit in a Supermax Prison lol.

  • It’s quite an image “brain-coshing” elderly residents of nursing homes. But more acurate that calling it ‘medicine’. No doubt these frauds will be riding on the skirt tails of the ‘heroes’ who are actually doing ‘real medicine’ during this current pandemic.

    Speaking of riding….

    “This was 22 years ago. Presumably “scientific research” is still “hot on the trail.””

    Boans sings “An old cow poke went riding out one dark and windy day…….” Psychotic cows. who’da thought.

    Once again thank you Dr Hickey, your an assett to our community.

  • Your last paragraph has made it clear to me the reasons for this ‘cash splash’ our government is engaging in Alex. If they get us fighting over the ‘pennies’ on the ground, we won’t start organising and turn our anger on those who desreve to feel our wrath. And while were picking up those pennies, they can strip the financial institutions of anything worthwhile, and lay the blame elsewhere.

    Oh and is that second last sentence meant to read “To steal is the essence of human nature”? lol

  • “While I’m fine with the idea of trying to make sure they don’t hurt anyone going forward the reality as I see it is that criminals belong in jail.”

    My biggest concern is that these people openly demonstrated a willingness to harm someone, and to knowingly break the law. I think about the reasoning of the courts behind not making the punishment for rape (or as we have no such charge here, sexual assault) not too severe, lest they make it worth the rapists while to kill their victims. 20 years for rape, the perpetrator may as well kill thier victim and risk the murder charge, with less likelihood of getting caught.

    Now consider the situation where I was concerned. The punishments are mandatory, and the crimes are in brief conspiring to stupefy to commit an indictable offence (20 years) namely kidnapping (20 years) and a list of other offences (eg intoxication by deception, procuring the apprehension or detention of a person not suffering from a mental illness, compound or conceal evidence of a criminal offence, fail to perform duty etc, etc). Then we move into the offences committed by the FOI officer and the Operations Manager who became aware of these offences but did what? Absolutely vile people who would see that a person was a victim of such criminal conduct and psychologically attack them (and the really want to hope that I am never given my wish to have them under my ‘care’ for the 7 hours they had me, because I could use coercive methods that they might find disturbing. Though I understand from Nietzsches Geneology of Morals why punishment should not be left to the victims).

    So in this instance we have a list of criminal offences ‘as long as my arm’ as the saying goes, with mandatory prison terms, but police don’t want them to be crimes. And yes one can’t blame the criminals for getting together to find a resolution that involved the killing of not only an innocent man, but one who was also very vulnerable as a result of being tortured and kidnapped already.

    I get it that people find themselves digging in deeper and deeper in these situations, but that is precisely the reason that they should be punished, and punished severely, and for all to see. It provides a deterent to others who, on making ‘bad’ decisions to come forward immediately and attempt to rectify wrong. (I do not consider my instance to be a ‘bad’ decision however, this was a psychologist who was presented with an opportunity to harm someone who had views about ECT and psychiatry that she [as the wife of a psychiatrist] did not like. And here was my wife willing to knife me in the back with her assistance? Oh YES PLEASE).

    I don’t know, I think about all the ‘work’ being provided to the Dr who tried to overdose me in the ED. I think he might spend his life doing work on peoples bowel cancers or knocking a few inconvenient truths for a doctor of good repute. Not what he went into medicine for, or where he saw his career heading under the guidance of a corrupt psychiatrist [really? I get a Porsche just for killing one ‘patient’?], and now with a huge bill from University to pay he is better to do as he is told rather than have his criminal conduct whispered about in the halls of the hospital. Justice? Perhaps.

    And the Police? Maybe after sending me away and threatening to arrest me for having proof of all this they ended up wiping up the blood and vomit in the interview rooms. That’d be fitting for a Senior Constable who really isn’t very good at their job. I mean sending a victim of torture and kidnapping away because they don’t have a copy of the Criminal Code? Is there no end to the damage these people do to their own inflated reputations? The links to organised criminals obvious to any other officer to see with access to even the lowest levels of Police systems.

    I’ll take your prayers ThereAreFourLights, because that is a demonstration to me that there is one person out there who would not engage in this type of conduct, and that for me makes me not feel alone (and oh have I felt alone over the last ten years). God will sort them all out in the end, I have that on a promise. Just sometimes I wonder why I have been left in the ‘care’ of people who would torture and kidnap, and then psychologically harm the victim rather than punish the perpetrators.

    Not a doubt in my mind who among these people had evil intent, and it should also be obvious to anyone who has investigated and knows I am speaking the truth. Allowing them to run away to other States and set up shop elswhere shouldn’t be an option.

    I suppose I am meant to get the hint from the pathetic responses from the police, who after all did actually torture me. I feel sick thinking about that, and then not being allowed my property to leave because…….? I know they have an history of disposing of witnesses once they have manufactured the truth they require for the courts. Hence the odd call for protection for whistleblowers every once on a while when they kill the odd one. And with nowhere that will provide me asylum I guess I just wait for police to come and shoot me, and throw down the same knife that I have a ‘history’ for from their original torture and kidnapping.

    As far as the story goes Steve the problem is that prisons are places that breed ‘mental illness’. I was watching some clips from the Ghosts of the Civil Dead last night.

    “Now ya put us in a cage, a cage for an animal. Don’t you know that a long period of incarceration without proper medical diet breeds psychosis? You know what psychosis is? It makes one become predatory, compulsive.

    Do you know what you’re doing? You are creating a lot of angry men is what you’re doing, and one day those men are going to go out there, and that day, those people out there are going to pay for what you are doing in here. You just remember that.”

    It’s a great movie if you ‘have the stomach for it’. The outcome of political pressures when moving the “psychos” into the general prison population resulting in an ‘unintended negative outcome’, or is it?

    I find “civiliter mortuus” to be my status as a result of the negligence, fraud and slander of others. The status of “non compos mentis” not fitting due to my ability to reason. And yet I walk among them? An emptied out shell of the good man that used to be in here. And the psychologist concerned has moved on to other families that require her ‘expert services’ in dealing with legal barriers to their wish to have loved ones tortured and kidnapped, and if necessary, killed. Set ups appreciated by both police and mental health services which makes the job so much easier.

  • “The upper 10 percent will do the right thing even if it means they are punished for it.”

    I think it must be the gene pool here as a result of the British dumping their criminals and corrupt public officials here for generations, but that 10% seems to be missing lol. Your Founding Fathers called traitors for resisting the corruption of the Brits, our Founding Fathers (and those who have followed) called ‘patriots’ for following the lead of the Brits and their corrput methods. They will of course some day be seen for the traitors that they are to our Nation. Though the way we have lost what used to be a community over the past 40 years I wonder if that day will ever come. There was once a group of people here who cared about the future of this place for their children, the mining boom and the money seems to have brought the circus and all the side show hustlers who care zip about anything but money.

    It is rather pathetic though, all these folk who make claims to being ‘appauled’ at the treatment of inmates at Abu Ghraib, then stand by as worse things are done to their own loved ones. The cost to the observer in both instances is zero, and the supposed gain is actually a negative. (I say that in that not a soul ever been cured in these places and many an angry soul come out with intention of harming others. Though that reaction to being brutalized is repackaged as being some illness that was untreated).

    One thing I have realised about all of this is that it has identified the hypocrites. You know, the people we see in the documetaries about the Nasty Nazis who were human rights activists until they tasted the boot? Then they not only ran away, but actually became complicit in the crimes.

    Positively 4th Street. It seems Dylan met these people too.

  • The Ghosts of the Civil Dead.

    And the thing about getting your daughter back from terrorists in a foreign land madmom is that they can’t simply call police and have her ‘recaptured’, and nobody is calling what they do ‘medicine’.

    I know i’ve been ‘ghosted’ by my community. I get tortured and kidnapped, get the proof that is what was done, and they simply don’t like that truth, so ignore my complaint.

    I wonder how many fraudulent documents are being distributed to lawyers to conceal the vile abuses being concealed as ‘medicine’. That fact MUST be ignored by my government, their primary weapon being the trust people place in Doctors and Lawyers. And of course once they start threatening your family? What then?

    Police tell me that a complaint regarding torture and kidnapping the process is they send an email that you never receive and after two weeks thats the end of the matter. With regards the threatening of your family, they didn’t receive a complant from the people who were threatened so nothing to see there. And the police officers present while I was tortured? The eye witnesses? The term used in the Convention is “acquiesce”, which is precisely how they are enabling the use of known torture methods, and then bringing the victims under the powers of the Mental Health Act to conceal their human rights abuses.

    Not a soul prepared to even look at the documents I have objectively. Or those that have saw an opportunity and took it.

    “They will take their oaths as a cover”

    I mean consider. Even if we put aside the fact that I was ‘spiked’ and had a knife planted on me (ie the conspiring) what do I have? Police and a Community Nurse turn up at my home knowing I have been spiked with benzos. Police ‘detain’ me as a result of the weapon, and make immediate referral to the Community Nurse who then authorises the ‘spiking’? He then interrogates me, verbals me up to be ‘treated’ in his locked cage, and then hands me over to police for interrogation. This whole time I’ve not been informed, and the duty of care these people have to me is ignored because they are busy torturing me?

    And lawyers, advocates, and literally everybody seems to agree that this is fine? Would it be fine in the US? The UK? Have police found a method of drugging suspects before subjecting them to interrogations for 7 hours? Is mental health services assisting in those torture methods? Our police here are notoriously corrupt but I had no idea that our Politicians were authorising this, and I have written proof of that. Maybe we’re just the Lucky Country? Lucky police get to torture anyone they like, and any problems Doc will fix it up with an O.D. in the Emergency Dept?

    I guess the government is relying on y’all staying silent, and making it easy to slander me (ghost) and not check the facts. Isn’t that how they are calling this system of abuse ‘medicine’?

    Acquiesce? It’s a word that needs to be applied to these so called ‘advocates’ as far as i’m concerned. Reform? How about we at least try and stop the killings and use of torture?

    And don’t for a minute give me the “oh the officers didn’t know what they were doing was torture”, the State has a duty to train them in what does and does not constitue torture. Fuking destroy anyone who complains and we’re good to go.

  • “What if someone develops a condition years later, we know so little, that we do not know if related to treatments.”

    This is not necessarily a bad thing Sam. It might actually be one of our “unstated aims” and “intended consequences”, while we deny any motive and claim an ‘unintended negative outcome’.

    Confusion over causality is the poisoners best friend. Consider the effects of a few too many rads from an x ray machine?

  • “this is hearsay of mentally unwell patients”

    Ouch. When asked about a report that identified that 45% of female patients in our hospital system within the previous year reported being sexually assaulted our then Minister for Mental Health stated to our Parliament, “you can’t listen to them, they’re mental patients”.

    While it might be hearsay, they still have a right to be heard, and their claims investigated in an objective and unbiased manner.

    Though from personal experience (noted above and other places) there are people who, when the truth doesn’t suit them, are prepared to commit criminal offences to ensure that the outcome suits their needs, and can result in a large amount of harm being done to others before the truth is revealed. Then there becomes a need for a cover up of the cover ups.

    For example, the hospital that tortured and kidnapped me were so engaged in covering their own ass, they failed to notice what their co conspirators had planned for me to conceal their criminality. And now , it gives the appearance that not only were they concealing the torture and kidnapping, but may have been involved in the planned killing. Not that it matters to my government, with negligence, fraud and slander via the mental health system anything is possible.


    A Class Two device in the same Class as Electric Wheelchairs, and therefore perfectly safe?

    Let me have a cigarette and think about that.

  • I was amazed that the Principle of the Law Centre published an article pointing out that the Chief Psychiatrist was a position that by law, did not require that the position be filled by a psychiatrist. In fact, it could be filled by a ‘human rights lawyer’. [for example, the principle of the Law Centre? ie ME. hint, hint, like ME.]

    Now of course if one were doing a few favors for the Minister and ensuring that people who were being snatched out of their beds, ‘verballed up’, and tortured had no right to a remedy, one might obtain the support of the Minister in achieving such a highly paid public office. And especially given that the Chief Psychiatrist in this letter of response I have has demonstarated he wouldn’t pass a first year law course.

    The problem I have with this is that a principle of a Law Centre who is engaging in criminal conduct (and concealing human rights abuses in our hospital system) with support from a Cabinet Minister is nothing more than a criminal, and by definition is not actually a ‘human rights lawyer’.

    Now those who know me at MiA know that I am not a fan of psychiatry and psychiatrists. But let me say I’d rather the guy we have at present in the role of Chief Psychiatrist than a corrupted lawyer who has obtained the position via the blood of a whole bunch of victims she has turned her back on, or even actively engaged in harming doing cover ups for the Minister.

    “colleagues of good repute” I point out that not only must justice be served, it must be seen to be served. Anything less is a travesty

  • Imagine how I feel.

    I get the documents proving the fact that I was kidnapped and tortured. I then obtain pro bono legal advice through the Mental Health Law Centre (the only game in town as far as many law firms are concerned as they ‘specialise’ All roads lead to Rome. They then become a point of contact for anyone else you may try, and send them away with ‘nothing to see here’).

    The lawyers don’t wish to view the documents I have obtained (though I have fully explained what is contained in them re the ‘spiking’ with benzos), and instead make application for ‘unredacted’ documents from the hospital, which they have a legal right to given they sign a non disclosure agreement regarding any identified areas they are requested to not discuss with their client highlighted by the hospital [this supposedly protects the human roghts of their ‘clients’, but also puts them in a position to aid and abet in the abuse of human rights]. So in my case the hospital would have been asking, in writing, for lawyers to engage in a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice over the criminal offence of intoxication by deception. See why they wanted the documents I had back? Because they just couldn’t ask lawyers in writing if they would jump in with them and engage in criminal conduct, better thats done over the phone and in a ‘just between you and me’ manner. And I don’t expect anyne to believe me, but the evidence is there. Due diligence is all I ask.

    The hospital, working with my wife has police attempt to retrieve the documents I have showing the ‘spiking’ with benzos (because that would expose the fact they are torturing citzens). And once they are of the belief that they have achieved this goal, they then send a fraudulent set to the MHLC who make a complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist based on that fraud. A response is received which rewrites the law to allow arbitrary detentions of citizens (from someone who provides “expert legal advice to the Minister”) and other bizarre claims that were totally untrue and misleading, and the MHLC doesn’t have the time to read the response, merely to hand it on to me (a poison pen letter).

    It is my belief that this letter was NOT written by the Chief Psychiatrist at all, and that the Minister has contacted her ‘friend’ at the MHLC and had them forge a letter of response to ‘fuk me up’. For this they will receive government funding.

    What sort of chance does anyone have when legal represenatives are acying in such a manner, knowing that their criminal conduct will be ignored by authorities?

    This is what was written regarding a lawyer who has been “struck off” recently.

    “Lawyer A conduct in knowingly giving false evidence intending to mislead the Magistrates Court constituted professional misconduct,” it said.

    “It was conduct that would justify a finding that Lawyer A is not a fit and proper person to engage in legal practice, and conduct that would reasonably be regarded as disgraceful or dishonourable by Lawyer A’s professional colleagues of good repute.”

    Let me say that these fraudulent documents sent by the hospital to the MHLC very nearly ended up in a Federal Court, something which they would have been well aware of the possibility. In fact, this is how they are releasing and distributing fraud and slander to the public, via legal representatives. And of course the people who you are trying to have held to account have a lot more money to bribe and ‘coerce’ these legal representatives with. (at this point I can hear Bob Dylan singing “you’ve got a lot of nerve, to say your are my friend. When I was down, you just stood there grinning…….” lol) “colleagues of good repute”? Where does one find one of those I wonder.

    So whilst I may not be able to prove that the letter from the Chief Psychiatrist was forged by the Law Centre to ‘fuk me up’ (and thus I must act ‘as if’ it is in fact from him), I know that the legal representatives of “good repute” are aware of the facts of this matter. If it was, there have been more than a few lawyers look at that letter and were shocked at the level of incompetence and neglect of duty contained therein. And I do hope they have acted rather than as was explained to me, “taken out insurance”. Setting others up to take a fall not really an option as far as i’m concerned.

    I guess it would depend if the Chief Psychiatrist is prepared to take the whack to his reputation to save a legal representative who is forging letters from him to throw ‘clients’ who have been subjected to human rights abuses under a bus for the Minister?

    Yes, were all in it together alright. Lets beat up the victim of kidnapping and torture because were so powerful nobody would dare touch us. Sad part is they’re right. And they are quite open about it, like the Operations Manager who I explained to that what she was doing was criminal, stated openly “we’ll fuking destroy you”, and then went about that with full support of her “colleagues of good repute”.

    Best bet James, have a bigger bank account that the TMS company. It’s the only way you will be able to obtain efffective legal representation. I know the large number of lawyers who have turned their backs on me did so because they know they are up against criminals who will commit acts of fraud, and double down every time that fraud is exposed.

    It IS the law here that you can be denied access to a legal representative. Police haven’t got a copy of the Criminal Code so they will just arrest you for being the victim of their criminal friends. And I now understand the effect that is having in the area of human rights abuses. I can’t imagine the US allowing such a denial of rights, but they may have found means to achieve that end.

    Inconvenient truth, call police and have them drop the truth to a hospital Emergency Dept and kill it. Though I have always found that simple solutions are not really solutions at all.

  • I heard Chomsky speak about the 4 Corners of Deceipt.


    Drug companies are following capitalist logic and in the process corrupting each of these corners. At what point will we begin to recognise this fact (present company eccepted) and have some leaders take medicine back from these thieves?

  • Mental health Services actually fixed my anxiety about being thrown out of my home and how I would feed my children. They fuking destroyed me for complaining about being snatched out of my bed and tortured with the acquiescence of police (who assisted in the torture) and so I don’t have a home or a ‘family’ to be anxious about any more.

    My concerns these days revolve around who can drug me without my knowldege with what drugs, and if when I go to sleep I am going to have someone plant a weapon on me for police to find and justify a police killing of a ‘mentally ill person’. Which of course is what I was listed as on the police system as a result of a single lie by a Community Nurse.

    Shame these vile animals can’t actually do the right thing and put their errors right. Just so much easier to kill their problems and cover it up with fraud and slander. Good people don’t kill to keep their reputation as good people.

  • “Have you searched for an attorney yet?”

    If not, do your research. I got charged 3500 for being told how expensive their time was. Not that they could actually help me, they were at first excited to see that I had the documents demonstrating the torture (“I thought you were mad, but you’ve got the proof” to quote the lawyer concerned. This is how slanderers and frauds operate, creating false beliefs with fraudulent documents).

    But they quickly realised what the government does to people who have the proof of human rights abuses by the State. Best they just empty the pockets of the victim and leave it at that. Charge you thousands until you realise that they are not going to do anything to assist you, and are acting on instructions from another party.

    And be particularly careful of the words “this is just how we do these things”. Prepare yourself for a rather sharp pain between the shoulder blades as the knife enters your spinal column.

    Eugene Oregon? Bet it gets cold enough there to see lawyers with their hands in their own pockets.

  • I wonder about this when one considers the way Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been used in the health system.

    My first KPI is that the sun will rise, and when it does I’ve met my first KPI for the day …… end of the week it looks like I’ve done a whole heap of work because statistically i’ve met my hundreds of KPIs.

    The best example being the statistics of how long it was taking for people to be seen by medical staff in the Emergency Depts of hospitals. By putting a nurse on the door to greet people on the way into the Emergency Dept, and then leaving them waiting for hours in the waiting room, the statistics showed the hospital had reduced waiting times by massive amounts. Which of course was used to justify the massive increases in wages.

    Could this be done with these ‘dimensions’?

    “Connecting with others” Spoke to the receptionist on the way in, the other staff nodded in the general direction of the ‘patient’, there were 4 people in the waiting room, passed a large number of people in the street ……. and the other side of the coin, the bis was empty, staff were off today ……. I could introduce you to a filthy ‘verballing’ Community Nurse who could train people in how to make what are clinically insignificant matters sound like the require forced drugging and incarceration.

  • “The only thing badgering individuals to “remain positive” does is keep society in the grip of unaccountable corporate owners who possess more than half the world’s wealth among the 26 of them. (And you thought people were hoarding toilet paper!)”

    Only 26? No wonder they are getting nervous. You could wipe them out in an afternoon with someone as efficient as Albert Pierrepoint. And well, lets not call them “unaccountable”, we just haven’t brought them to justice yet, preferring to scramble for the crumbs they throw from their Gold Coaches on their way through the streets we paid to build (and actually built).

    Point being that these cash ‘hoi-outs’ (a term used for the money thrown from a wedding car on the way to the Church for kids to fight over) will provide some time to have the elite media bring the narrative under total control (have they got your attention yet?), allow politicians time to manipulate the laws and crush any resistance to their preferred outcomes (which change as the days pass), and as this article states get productivity back to normal as soon as possible. In my State there has been virtually zero interruption to the mining industry despite the risks breaking the laws they passed. The Magnate who owns the largest providing assistance to the State by obtaining medical equipment from his Chinese ‘contacts’ in what seemed to be a ‘quid pro quo’ to me.

    I also note that Americans are allowed to criticize their governments? We are, for the moment, though they are looking at it being considered a crime, as it interferes with the tourism industry and therefore is against the National interest. We can’t have foreigners knowing that if they come here they could be snatched out of their beds and tortured for three weeks in a mental institution and it would be considered lawful? They wouldn’t come, and we wouldn’t get the opportunities that provides. Forget renditions to Egypt, we have some Doctors that make Col. James Steele look like Barbara Cartland. And of course when the people who investigate the torture are the torturers, the outcomes seem inevitable. They do try to keep it to retrieving the documented proof and slandering the victims, but there are times when a ‘negative outcome’ or two might be necessary.

    Mass surveilance? Good news is that “someone is watching”. Bad news is, it’s the criminals who are making sure no one else is watching before they move in on their victims. I keep going back to the precise moment when I knew that there was a God, and that He was prepared to test people. The Police officer who started the ball rolling on my torture session didn’t actually find the knife which had been planted on me (God’s intervention?). He should have done his duty right at that point. And yet he didn’t, and handed me over to the Community Nurse who had arranged for the police referral to be on my person after I had collapsed from the ‘spiking’.

    The legal ‘chain’ was broken despite the best efforts of the co conspirators to ensure it all looked lawful. What do they do in such situations? they conceal the truth with falsehoods, and threaten and intimidate families and witnesses. Of course police who are torturing citizens need little coercing to remain silent, and will in fact provide assistance to the organised criminals engaging in this conduct. They drop you at an Emergency Dept and the good medical people drop you with a needle called a ‘hotshot’. Perfect human rights record 🙂

    That gets blown to pieces if one can get access to the locked wards of our hospitals. Fortunate for some it’s a rigged game, with people who claim to be advocates acting against the interests of their clients knowing that the authorities will provide them with rewards for doing so (“oh come one, its just a little torture, and you do have your funding to consider? Just accept the fraudulent documents and tell him he doesn’t have a case, and we’ll take care of the rest” Well done Minister). There is something about watching people being waterboarded that makes the observer not wish to undergo it themselves. Especially those who don’t have the stomach for it. I go back to the demonstration by Sun Tzu for the Emperor of Wu, and understand why these ‘advocates’ turn away when their duty to act is tested, and they expose what they really are, hypocrites. Sun Tzu saying as much about the Emperor not being serious about the security of his State.

    And no one is safe, even our Treasurer needed to flee the State rather than be ‘referred’ to mental health services by our police. Prison he would do, but that? Treatment? He obviously is one of us ‘in the know’. It also explains the total capitulation by our politicians to the wants of doctors, providing them with laws that allow wholesale drug dealing, euthanasia (they allow the distribution of fraudulent documents to lawyers [fact i can prove] for cover ups so one can guess where that’s going), and arbitrary detentions, torture and kidnappings. And police will assist them with whatever they wish, including the retrieval of documents showing their criminality. Leaving the ‘mafia’ to deal with their own, which is a move on to other victims not dissimilar to the way the Church has been dealing with pedophiles. Move church, move hospital.

    Rotten to the core. And I accept my part in not doing something about it, till now.

  • That’s an interesting point you make Johnchristine. I’ve never felt more “in it together” than at present with people who don’t feel like “we’re in it together”. Who’d have though eh lol

    Funny but I get the feeling that these protests will go nowhere and will fizzle out to nothing. Just the way I felt on 5th May 1789. How wrong I was.

  • I have. but I can’t tell you what, coz then i’d have to ‘treat’ you lol.

    Fair cop Robert.

    I don’t know that your comment emphasises the role of psychiatrists in ‘influencing’ General Practitioners prescribing practices, though i’m sure your aware of that.

    I will also delve more deeply into your suggestions later in your comment about a combination of these things. It sounds very much like the path to victory described by Sun Tzu in his Chapter “the Making of Plans”.

    Glad you at least had the nurries to write to us ‘angry people’ who at times can be a little misunderstood. Though if it does ever come to a fight, it is people who have lost everything and have nothing to loose who will fight the hardest. A good General would know how to use such forces.

    Anyway I’ve got a round of golf with a mental health professional who has a tendency to stray into the bush. So i’ll have to read your comment again after ‘lunch’.

  • “political leaders appear lost and confused.”

    Like George W when they broke the news to him about 9/11?

    I remember the words of Colonel Giap who, when asked how he expected to beat the might of the US military machine responded by saying “we are not going to fight in the American way, we are going to fight in the Vietnamese way”. The weapons were thus provided and history written.

    It is better to bring your enemy around to your way of thinking than engage in outright conflict. “The Way of War is a Way of Deception” Sun Tzu

    And when you can not speak the truth to your own people? Are you not at war with your own people?


    I’d even question whether this was just ‘gangs’. Benefit of the doubt I guess. The rumours about it being a gang of blue shirt wearing males initiating new recruits is just that, rumours.

    “We can now see that predators were attacking gay men,” said Ted Pickering, who was the police minister for New South Wales in the late 1980s. “And they were doing it with the almost-certain knowledge that the police would not have gone after them. That was the police culture of the day.”

    Wow, can see it now? I’d say it was seen back then but ….. thats just lil ol skeptic me. And these days? The assaults and unintended negative outcomes being done by mental health services? Being done with certain knowledge that police will not under any circumstances go after them? That is the police culture of NOW.

    This of course should give us hope. That some day they will stop assisting mental health services with their assaults and human rights abuses, and as a result of being first hand witnesses might be able to do their duty under the law, rather than be involved in the perversion of the very laws they are being paid to enforce. Calling someone ‘mental patient’ is no reason to see them as anything less than human.

  • Interesting comment ThereAreFourLights. Mine came from Chomsky I think.

    It gets me thinking about the ‘cash splash’ by our Government as a result of the twin pandemics (COVID and Fear of COVID). I assume that “we’re all in this together” will extend to “we’re all going to pay back this money the government is splashing around”. I get the feeling that exemptions will be applied, and the now low cost of fuel will increase to never before seen highs.

    Invest in Petroleum and Pharma. I know where the $750 from my government is going, capitalist that I am lol.

  • Not a choice here in my State Oldhead. If you don’t talk they drug you without your knowledge and then threaten you with weapons to cause an “acute stress reaction”. And from personal experience there is a reason they can not do this in Guantanamo, because it does constitute torture. Good news is they have developed a ‘treatment’ for the trauma it causes here that involves a stopping of the heart via ‘accidental’ injection of cocktails of drugs. They are seeking to tweak that ‘cure’ but for now it seems to be working.

  • The US should take on an Australian model.

    In my State hospital administrators (Clinical Director) has the right to distribute fraudulent documents to lawyers or anyone else they wish (they call it “editing”) to ensure the only narrative that can be spoken of is the preferred one.

    They could literally cover up any amount of deaths or illness in any facility. “No we’ve had no deaths at our hospital, a large number of negative outcomes have occurred but nope, no deaths”.

    And I note this from above;

    “Disability rights organizations and legal advocates had been fighting abuse and neglect in institutional settings long before the pandemic hit.”

    Not where I live they haven’t. Concerns regarding government funding has resulted in them doing exactly what they are told, and thus they are actually providing support in the concealment of human rights abuses. They accept the fraudulent documents being distributed and enter into a ‘game’ of lets pretend we have done our job and throw the client under the bus for increased funding. Easy to disbelieve me, much more difficult if anyone looks at the documents I have.

    And let me say that those who fear reprisal have very good reason to. After being told I would be ‘fuking destroyed’ by a hospital administrator, I had no idea the amount of support she would receive from police and doctors in her aim. I can not begin to describe what it is like to go to police with proof of criminal offences committed by public officers only to be told “we don’t have a copy of the criminal code in this police station” and when explaining the attempt to ‘unintentionally negatively outcome; me, that “it might be best I don’t know about that”.

    You have good reason to fear reprisals, because your own community will provide total support for any crimes they wish to commit against you. These ‘heroes’ can be quite vicious when they are “in it together” with their negligence, fraud and slander.

    Their fear is quite possibly the result of standing by and watching as people like me were kidnapped and tortured, and then fuking destroyed when we complained. Even our Minister for Health gets in on the slander (claiming that anyone who complains about being kidnapped and tortured requires ‘treatment’ rather than doing his duty and examining the facts and evidence), though i wonder how much he actually enjoys putting the boot into people while they are down. Much easier than dealing with the bullies I guess.

    OMG, I hear China is doing cover ups of numbers …… quick look over there…….. is it a bird? It can’t be a plane, they’re on the ground while the Airline Execs are putting their hands out for money from the government because the 5 million pay rise they just got wasn’t enough to tide them over during these times of crisis when we’re all in it together. And well, we all know what happened to Superman, journalism died years ago with governments making it a crime. The Daily Planet became the Daily Plant, Clarke lost his job and died of neglect in a homeless shelter.

    Thanks for the report on what is occurring in the US Leah.

  • Good people in the system

    Someone interrupted the attempt to kill me right? What was done as a result of that I don’t know, I could tell you what was done to me as a result of it. They tried to retrieve the documents I had so that I could be ‘treated’ as a means to cover up their crimes. One has to wonder how much of that is going on, and let me say the people enabling it (the police) have every reason to be afraid. best they do as they’re told along with our politicians. Which is certainly borne out by recent developments in our laws. What doctor wants, doctor is getting.

    Of course it may be that i’m totally insane and making this all up right? Which is the position of our current Minister for Health who likes to use slander as a means to conceal. So why is it that people simply refuse to look at these documents I have and then even write a simple letter for me to ask a question r two? Or even assist me in having my property returned? Of course I was approached by someone but ….. I won’t go into that here.

    The psychologists claim was that I was not being ‘morally relative’ about it all. That from someone who was arranging killings in our Emergency Dept with her psychiatrist husband? Don’t expect anyone to believe me there either, but I know that others know. Ask my wife, or her doctor friend. Having me be allowed to speak with my wife regarding her conspiring with these corrupt public officers not a possibility of course, hence the need to fuking destroy my family. Imagine victims of these criminals being allowed to get together, what next? Someone paying for that because “What God as put together,…… All athiests here, hence the need to have the stomach for the work with zero accountability.

    And of course I believe most people think that the government who have failed in one cover up will now act openly and honestly and do the right thing. Your wrong, and it’s your families you now put at risk as a result of failing to hold them to account. But then again you people still have families right? And will no doubt respond to threats and intimidation.

    Yes were all working hard to change the system but some things we need to ignore for now. If Boans government sees fit to kill people to cover up and keep the good reputation of psychiatry in his State, were good with that. I mean they did go to the trouble of slandering him so we can jump on that band wagon and join the choir. My argument has always been this has never been about who or what I am. Was it fair to drug me without my knowledge to plant a knife on me for police and obtain a referral to make what was kidnapping appear lawful? And if so, we will be round to your place to do it to you some time in the near future. I’ve a list of politicians who have no problem with it, though they stop short at denying the torture, given that t would expose their ignorance of the Convention and thus their wholesale breaches of said Convention.

    I guess making admissions that they tortured and kidnapped me would mean that the only difference between torture and kidnap, and referral and treatment would be status. That would expose the public to way too much of the truth of the matter, and quite possibly open their eyes to WHY some ‘mental patients’ act in the manner they do. They are being abused behind locked doors on the basis of that status given via the Mental Health Act.

    Still, come and cuddle a Koala and run the gauntlet with our mental health services. Just make sure they don’t know you have political beliefs that don’t match with theirs. You might find yourself on the wrong end of a needle and our Police Service doesn’t have a copy of the Criminal Code when it comes to the crimes of ‘medical professionals’. they will in fact retrieve evidence of their crimes to conceal for them, FACT.

    Police having the ‘public’ commit their offences for them and then failing to perform their duty is effective, but at some point it will also be noticed. (and take note anyone who has been screwed over by mental health services, this is exactly what they’re doing). Personally after what i’ve seen I simply want out, they’re all in it together and well, thats fine too. Lut waves goodbye to you all, and never will look back. My wife can turn to a pillar of salt for all I care. Save me money on a corrupt divorce lawyer if I can sell her to a Fish and Chip Shop lol

  • The term “schizophrenogenic mother” is a negative stereotype found in the psychiatric literature of the 1950s through to the 1970s. It refers to mothers of individuals who develop schizophrenia, the implication being that the mother has induced the illness (Hartwell 1996).

    Emotionally Immature Parents is a negative stereotype …….???

  • I think they were ‘treating’ homosexuality with chemical castration and ECTs until the 1970s actually Dan. In Tasmania it wasn’t decriminalised until the late 1990s I think. And of course poofter bashings by police were considered funny. Not so much now they’re in Parliament as politicians.

    have a listen to Lou Reeds Kill your Sons

    Laughed out of the room? They’d have dragged you out of the room and thrown you over a cliff for even suggesting it here.

    True real change is possible but the train is heading in the wrong direction and it’s going to take a while to turn it without a derailment unfortunately. Me personally, i’d blow the bridge and watch the train plummet, coz I prefer to fly but ….. lol

  • Thanks ThereAreFourLights. Yes while I’m kidding about the emergency breast implants, the truth of the matter is that the money is in vanity procedures for the rich, and you get to practice on the poor suckers who walk into the Emergency Dept out of need (or for a police cover up).

    There was a legal battle over one child here, and the Family Court was used to conceal the ‘facts of the matter’ though what emerged was that the parents wanted their child suffering from cancer to be at home to die. while doctors had some experimental ideas in mind and they wanted the ‘care’ of the child to be passed to them (as result of the abusive parents who had no idea what was best for the child).

    It’s cases like that which should be open to public hearings and yet the State is prepared to ensure that it is not heard by the public. Why might that be?

    Perhaps it’s a bit like ECT, change the way it looks, and not the effect of the ‘treatment’? Ugly when you beat someones head in with a hammer, but if we put a sack over their head first it doesn’t look as bad. lol

    Seriously though, i’ve no doubt there are good people working in our system, many of whom got out as a result of the new MHA. And the downward spiral as a result of that exodus might actually bring about change. I won’t say it couldn’t get any worse, coz it might. But we are at the point where we are doing what we are complaining about Bashar al Assad doing. They’re using Military hospitals, were using the Public ones.

    I feel in some ways like the canary in the coal mine. And I guess as long as cover ups are profitable, then the State will continue with them. In fact the cover up of the cover up has exposed others to further corruption as a result of their actions. The fraudulent documents I had that exposed the real set now being used to slander me, despite me sharing them with an ‘advocate’ (I use this term very loosely) on the condition that they be returned on my request. Yes, yes, sorry can’t find them. The release of that confidential information done solely to damage my reputation, and I attempt to get assistance, and the documents are taken under strict conditions of return, and they turn up where?

    I’ve covered these documents in detail elsewhere but basically they took documents that had information provided to a Social Worker who wrote it down in good faith. The Operations Manger who threatened me went through old files and extracted documents that could be misinterpreted and distributed them to others. What was done by the Social Worker with good intent, was weaponised by the Ops Manager in a time of need to conceal their criminal conduct. My family destroyed, but this woman is still prepared to assist the families of others. I’ve given fair warning, any damage she does now is on the heads of others.

    Utterers, slanderers and frauds. It states in my Book on a number of occasions about those who “hate the truth and conceal it with falsehoods”. I think at least my brothers know what has been done and can direct their efforts at election time in an appropriate manner. Not that having two choices of slop to eat is really a choice, either way your eating slop lol

  • “You cannot be yourself if you cannot be with the people who make you who you are.”

    “We’ll fuking destroy you” and then targeted my family. I like it, and often wonder about the pile of bodies left behind by this vicious Mental Health Administrator who is cleaning up the dirty work of her colleagues. Your inheritance awaits is all I can say to my community. I guess the good news is that most of the people who have had family members killed by these mental health professionals wouldn’t even be aware of the real reason they died. I’m sure that after they have “fuking destroyed” people, they will be happy to shake hands and say “i’m sorry for your loss”.

    If the people who make you who you are are anything like the people I met at the Ariel Castro Memorial then no wonder they are failing miserably at anything resembling ‘healing’. Gaslighting, poisoning, and assaulting people is not what I would consider ‘healing’, though it is proving to be profitable enough to be infiltrated by organised criminals. Who better to corrupt that a psychiatrist?

    I think the more Indigenous peoples avoid anything to do with Western Mental Health the better. Surviving the brutality of not being considered human until 1967 (in Australia), and being ‘protected’ by Police has left scars enough. Think that was bad? Wait till you meet the Doctor.

  • Surely the people who wok in these places get to the point where, as a result of spending time their they just assume that anyone who would go in there of their own volition must be insane. A matter of degree, not kind lol.

    And I really get what your saying about researching on google FourLights. I know I would rather die than attend a doctor nowadays. The tax we are paying is for emergency breast enhancements for our Politicians girlfriends, not for elective surgeries like liver transplants or other ailments these disposable people keep coming in with.

    Its an old model, Socialise risk and cost, Privatise wealth and profit. Either way the poor pay.

  • I think of the day when we will all look back and say “Yes, we were all in it together”.

    No I’m not speaking about the corona virus pandemic, but the institutional abuse that has been going on within the church for 40 years.

    #Count me out when it comes to abuse.

  • Actually as a lawyer you might be able to appreciate the predicatment I found myself in Magdalene.

    I obtain documents under FOI that detail the way I was ‘spiked’ with benzos and then had a Community Nurse lie to police and make the false claim I was a “patient” of his hospital. Conspire to kidnap, stupefy with intent etc.

    However, I go to the Mental Health Law Centre who were, after a “formal investigation” by the hospital, provided with a fraudulent set of documents, and then made the claim the could no longer help me after sending a complaint to the Chief Psychiatrist, and receiving a ‘poison pen’ letter that they did not read, and merely handed on to me. The bizarre claims in that letter such as the law isn’t the law and “i dunnos” more than confusing. Of course with hindsight I now know they thought they had retrieved the real set of documents and were merely gaslighting me.

    Point being though, I put forward my case to a Member of Parliament, and show him the real set of documents and the fraudulent ones sent to the Mental Health Law Centre. The MHLC would not accept the documents I had, nor would they correct the errors contained in the response from the Chief Psychiatrist to my original complaint (surely a lawyer would recognise the misrepresentation of a burden of proof that enabled arbitrary detentions under the Mental Health Act? And surely it would seem important to ‘advocates’ that the person with the duty to ensure those protections were enforced actually knew what they were?). So I put it to the M.P. that what if I could actually get a lawyer who would represent my interests rather than accept fraudulent documents, and act according to the wishes of the State? You know, like a lawyer? And of course my main question involved my divorce proceedings which is a Federal jurisdiction. Was the State government going to provide the fraudulent set or the real set of documents to the Federal Court? Because whilst I understood that the MHLC wasn’t actually doing anything other than assisting with cover ups for the State (self interest in maintaining government funding for throwing clients under the bus for them), were they prepared to risk prison by uttering with the fraudulent documents in a Federal Court?

    This meeting with the M.P. was two years after the kidnapping and torture and the subsequent cover up, and of course when I went to police it became obvious from their response that they were aware that they were NOT to accept any proof of the crimes, and were to “stitch me up’ as the saying goes round here. I can explain a ‘stitch’ if necessary. Like the woman who escaped the Burnies (serial killers) and was nearly sent away buy police as a nut job, so “stitch her up” was what the Constable was told.

    I have been denied access to any effective legal representation, which has worked a treat in fuking destroying me. I mean at least they could let me have my share of the property and let me leave rather than hotshot me in an ED? I’b be more than happy to leave them to their torturing, maiming and killing and live out my time in a country far far away.

    The Minister and the Principle of the MHLC both left their jobs not long after (in fact the Law Centre was cleaned right out of staff for some reason. Maybe the ‘workload’ getting to them and causing mental health issues?) and I have been unable to have anyone actually answer any of my, what I consider to be valid and important, questions. I guess like the victims of other institutional abuse one must wait for a good person to come along and say “this is wrong” and they seem rarer than hens teeth. Every 40 or 50 years one seems to pop up but …… we wait.

    I’m not seeking advice here, merely putting forward what is actually occurring in my State with regards the ‘treatment’ of some vulnerable people by those who falsely claim to be ‘advocates’. Sticking it to your clients is not what I consider being an ‘advocate’.

  • “seems to have even turned the phrase “emotionally immature parents” into a meme spread by pop-psychotherapists and life coaches on YouTube.”

    The Games People Play huh?

    I’d had a healthy relationship with my child and grandchildren until I was kidnapped and tortured by the helpful people who have one way of thinking, theirs. Of course their criminal conduct and inevitable cover up meant those relationships needed to be “fuking destroyed” as a result of me exercising my right to complain. And now they can’t put Humpty back together again (i’m calling for an independent inquiry into the cause of that fall. Humpty was pushed). So I think the convenience killings to conceal the use of torture methods from the public carries some merit.

    Perhaps I should view these people as “emotionally immature” and be done with it. Perhaps they never did get over getting into gangs and molesting the disabled kid at school behind the garden shed? (and the lawyers keeping watch while they did it). They were ‘playing doctor’ even back then, and discovering via the scientific method ways of blaming the victims and the effective use of slanders.

  • There’s a lot in what you say there Someone Else that highlights the very problem with ‘psychotherapy’. When they create this ‘symptom’ of voices in your head, what is it that tells them that someone has voices in their head? The voices in their head? Because that then means that they know that someone is ‘ill’ because of their own illness.

    And while that might sound a little crazy, does it not show exactly why these people seem to be having trouble understanding what the problem is with their ‘science’?

    I really do believe that there are good reasons to leave these people to wander, and we can create a space where we can openly discuss what we know to be true, and find ways of actually helping people rather than dressing up brutality as medicine, and selling it to an unreasonably fearful public (dare I say paranoid? The voices are telling them those nuts are dangerous?).

    The one place we need to start though is in removing the powers to incarcerate and ‘treat’ people against their will. That to me is what is driving the absolute corruption within this system, and yet will it not also be its downfall?

    Al Capone not remembered for his community work, Dr Mengele not remembered for his parenting skills, and nor will these wanderers be remembered for their ‘humanity’

  • I read things like this and wonder how it must appear to the rest of the world.

    “Efforts to better the health and well-being of Australian indigenous groups with traditional mental health interventions have largely been unsuccessful.”

    I mean, does the significance of that statement really convey the history? “Unsuccessful”? “Traditional”? How long have ‘we’ had these traditions we are replacing tens of thousands of years of history with?

    Actually is there anywhere that these “traditional mental health interventions” have actually been successful? And please lets not push forward some token Stockholmed compliant “patient” as proof.

    I guess our indigenous population is about to find out a lot more about “traditional mental health interventions” as a result of the building of a Mental Health Unit in the North of my State. 16 beds if I’m not wrong. They did build a new prison too, with a promise that they would close the old one which is not fit for purpose, but those plans went out the window once the new prison was opened. Now we can lock up twice as many people, and have a local ‘treatment’ unit.

    I must admit that someone at the hospital has a sense of humour, posting a picture from The Cove on the facebook page of the Morgue. But the Psychiatric Assistance Dogs don’t look anything like the cute puppies on the website, and more like the ones they were using at Abu Ghraib. Might get these psychotherapists to have a look at the phobias of the ‘clients’?

    I think many of these communities are sick of our attempts to ‘help’. Culturally appropriate psychotherapy is not whats needed.

  • I’ve been reading one of my favorite books, Hagakure

    “The Way of the Samurai is found in death. Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily. Every day when one’s body and mind are at peace, one should meditate upon being ripped apart by arrows, rifles, spears, and swords. Being carried away by surging waves. Being thrown into the midst of a great fire. Being struck by lightning, being shaken to death by a great earthquake. Falling from thousand-foot cliffs, dying of disease, or committing seppuku at the death of one’s master. And every day, without fail, one should consider himself as dead. This is the substance of the Way of the Samurai.”

    Your a Samurai Rachel777 🙂

  • Community Nurse likes his ‘clients’ like he likes his women, drugged without their knowledge with date rape drugs, pinned down by thugs with weapons, and denied any right to consent.

    Your a disgrace, and the people who have provided you support should be exposed. named and shamed. Though unfortunately you managed to have police assist you in your crimes, and we all know what happens when it is them doing the wrong thing. Hence the reason they will not accept the proof of the original crimes, OR the attempt to murder me in the Emergency Dept as a result of my complaint. The value of human life, zero. The value of corrupt public officers who are handing people over to police to be tortured, and then doing cover ups using the Mental Health Act? Priceless.

    The Convention does cover these types of situations in that the Community Nurse can not “acquiesce” his duty to allow what is torture. Of course the reason our Attorney General can not tell me what is the procedure for reporting torture is that there isn’t one, other than refoulment (hotshots in the ED).

    I did send a copy of the Convention against the use of Torture to a politician and explain to him the large number of breaches and rather than him say “we don’t have a copy of it” (like police and the Criminal Code) could he please tear it up on the steps of Parliament because it is creating false beliefs that the community is protected from torture, when they’re not. Ask me and I will show you how easy it really is.

  • I know the US and Australian systems are different, and I look forward to hearing Nancys’ reply.

    Thing about the reading of Miranda rights here is that it would be pointless telling someone they have the right to silence, they don’t and I have seen people ‘treated’ which would constitute torture if they did not have the status of “patient”.

    The right to an attorney? I would not consider someone who tells you they are acting in your interests and then ignores your instructions and does whatever they are told by State representatives [or your self appointed ‘carer’ whose interests might conflict with yours] (probably as a result of threats) as an attorney. See Nicola Gobbo who acted as a police informer whilst claiming to be an attorney. It’s standard operating procedure here for lawyers to throw ‘mental patients’ under a bus after they have found out what evidence they have, and which witnesses need to be threatened. Lawyers? they’re sycophants, and I hope they try and sue me because I’ve the best defense, the truth.

    Consider my situation, ‘spiked’ with benzos I am ‘verballed’ up by a Community Nurse and then handed over to police for interrogation without being informed I was under the influence of a stupefying drug, administered without my knowledge. I requested that I be allowed to speak to a lawyer and was denied that right. I requested that I be allowed to speak to my daughter and was denied that right. They knew I had been ‘spiked’ and anyone who would act in my interests might have actually helped me. And they didn’t want that. Like rapists they were wanting me vulnerable and alone. Weapons drawn and no way they were allowing me any of my rights.

    The only option I had was to refuse to cooperate and be shot. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Community Nurse lying to police and stating that I was his “patient” they should have thrown him out of my home as a trespasser. Because the first words out of my mouth after being dragged out of my bed by police to his presence was “get out of my home” (X 2). I guess having thugs with guns helping him with his home invasions means he wins every time. He was in truth trespassing, though the police have a good faith defense (unless they were in on the conspiring)

    Now consider I was NOT a ‘patient’ at this point, even if one considers the ‘referral’ by the Community Nurse lawful (which it wasn’t). So even citizens in my State do not have any rights when you are drugged and jumped in your bed for not wishing to speak to a psychologist.

    Knowing I would exercise my right to remain silent (which I guess was listed as a delusion because we don’t have one. Dang Americans making Australians think we have rights) I was ‘spiked’ with benzos and then police were used to induce an “acute stress reaction” to force me to talk.

    Rights? When did I loose them? When two people got together the night before and planned to spike me and plant a knife for police to find when they were called and lied to about me being a ‘mental patient’? Then with that police referral the people at the hospital could be deceived by the Community Nurse into the false belief that he had obtained a police referral and had completed an assessment and filed a Form 1 referral for an examination by a psychiatrist?

    And of course it got out of hand. Spiking peoples drinks, planting knives on them and hoping police don’t shoot then because all you want to do is have them kidnapped and examined by a psychiatrist to force them into changing their minds. That’s what psychiatrists do right? Someone doesn’t think like you, they’re ill and need to be tortured until they change their mind? And that justifies any means to the end you desire, well at least according to the Chief Psychiatrist and the Minister who have provided their full and unconditional support to these acts, in writing..

    Let me just add that my refusal to answer the questions being asked about ‘substance abuse’ when I was interrogated by the Community Nurse was used as a justification for detaining me on the Form 1. The refusal to answer a question is not grounds for detaining anyone. And to be honest this Community Nurse was more aware of my drug use than I was. he knew I had been ‘spiked’ I didn’t. It was when he began asking questions about illegal drugs that I pointed to the police either side of me and said “really? I would need to speak to a lawyer before answering that” and so “refused to answer re substance abuse” goes down on the Form. Creates suspicion in the reader, but conveys zero information other than I refused to answer a question which one would assume was my right. Not so with vicious mental health kidnappers and torturers.

  • I posted this quote in another article just recently but, to save having to look for it I’ll repost here. It’s from one of my favorite books, the Hagakure (which I am currently rereading).

    “There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything.”

    There is something to be learned from a virus …….

    We can’t resist the insanity (it’s out of our control), we must resolve ourselves to getting wet and not being perplexed, especially if we survive. The mad and insane are the people running around trying to garner support with statements like “we’re all in this together”. I accept no responsibility for the evil deeds inflicted on others by some, and I am in no way going to be held responsible for those deeds on the Day of Judgement. “Your on your own” backstabbers and hypocrites.

    Though I guess my attitude was hardened when confronted in an ED with a doctor who was going to murder me, and my whole community turned a blind eye, nay were quite prepared to restrain me while he did it (though they may have been of the belief that what he was doing was ‘chemically restraining’ and would be confused about the unexplained death).

    And the Ass saw the Angel.

  • On the issue of war torn countries and rates of schizophrenia. Ever see a psychiatrist or psychologist in contact zones? Not the sort of place they are providing services i’m afraid.

    In fact I’d like to see them out dishing out diagnoses there because what they call being psychotic is about all that keeps one alive at times. “i’m sorry Sargent I’m going to have to intervene and refer you for assessment. I think that when you stated to your superior officer “you want me to drop this c*&^t?” and shot a civilian at point blank range while he was defending himself with his prayer beads, you were displaying symptoms of psychosis”.

    see around 35.00 mins. (trigger alert civilian being executed)

    Situational (Mischel) not Personal (Allport).

  • Add to this the fact the my government is silencing journalists via raids by Federal Police to identify whistleblowers with invalid warrants. And of course they then refuse to destroy or dispose of the ‘information’ they have gathered from such unlawful raids……

    So the idea of the public becoming aware that citizens are being tortured is highly unlikely. Especially when even lawyers can be given instructions by the State which over ride the instructions of their clients, and will then aid and abet in the misconduct.

    Brings a whole new meaning to “we’re all in this together” huh? Still, they wanted Euthanasia by popular vote, i’m certain if the public were asked they would support the use of torture too. Pity we can’t put it to the vote and get an idea of who is for and against it really.

    Count me out.

    From little things, big things grow. I’m sure that if left unrestrained (as psychiatry has been where I live eg The Man of Lawlessness) then these methods will expand rather quickly because it is much cheaper than having to deal with the legal ramifications of torturing citizens (and meeting Articles which require public officers to be trained in what is and is not torture. Ignorance of the law being a valid excuse according to our Minister despite the conditions of the Convention. [note no emergency provisions, and no superior authority]. You don’t get to kill victims of torture. Though I do note that not one of them has denied that this was torture in writing, that would expose them to a breach of the Convention, in writing. They know it’s torture and to deny it would expose their deliberate negligence). And what better way to bring the population under control than to kill anyone who is inconvenient to the narrative you wish to propagate? I’m sure the National Socialists had every intention of stopping when they had finished with the ‘mental defectives’, but it just sort of got out of hand. It tends to take on a life of it’s own really from what I saw.

  • My State government removes any documents that prove their criminal conduct from any legal narrative and then inserts others to create the story they wish to be true before distributing them to lawyers.

    In my instance the documents showing I had been ‘spiked’ with benzos and that the Community Nurse had lied to police and claimed I was his “mental patient” were removed, and others from an old file making it appear I had been a “patient” of this hospital for 10 years were inserted. Thus the victim of serious criminal offences (intoxication by deception, stupefy with intent, kidnapping, conceal evidence….) becomes a paranoid delusional requiring ‘treatment’.

    So why am I not surprised by your revelation Dr Gotzsche?

    In the above example the fraudulent documents sent to the lawyers were accompanied by an “Internal Memo” authorising the “editing” of the file by the Clinical Director of the hospital. Perhaps he works for a Pharma Company and is doing a bit of “editing” for them?

    Editing and fraud are two different matters, and it is my contention that changing legal narrative in documents is the latter. My government who is authorising this “editing” does not agree because police can’t find their copy of the Criminal Code, and the Chief Psychiatrist doesn’t understand what a burden of proof is, so is being derelict in his duty to protect ‘consumers, carers and the community’, and allowing arbitrary detentions and the use of known torture methods, concealed by making it appear to be medicine. Kidnapping and torture become “referral”, “detention” and “assessment” with a change of status from citizen to “mental patient” and allows the later slander of any complainants. Ask our current Minister for Health how this works if details are required, as it is his method of dealing with complaints.

    Have police retrieve the proof and ignore the complaint. If police fail to retrieve the proof ignore the complaint anyway, despite it being criminal to do so. A Chief Psychiatrist who doesn’t understand a burden of proof? That sounds insane, but of course if I didn’t have these documents I couldn’t prove what he knew, that they are concealing the ‘spiking’ of citizens to bring them under the powers of the Mental Health Act by using police referrals to conceal the torture. It’s a win win situation, except for the ‘patient’ who, as we know matters zero in the scheme of things. The ‘spiking’ of citizens and enabling of the corrupt practice of ‘verballing’ providing carte blanche to detain and force drug anyone they wish.

    Not that anyone is prepared to do anything about it. Though they do seem to be prepared to speak out about abuses occurring in other parts of the world, while walking past the Guantanamo franchises set up in our community. Mind you, the point I made to the hospital Operations Manager before she ‘fuking destroyed’ me and my family was that they couldn’t do what they are doing in Guantanamo, it would actually meet Article 1.1 definition of Torture, rather than constitute an “enhanced coercive measure” so popular in these places these days. Waterboarding is not considered an assault and therefore may only reach the standard of ‘soft torture’, the ‘spiking’ consists of an assault under the Criminal Code (assault against persons) and therefore DOES meet the standard of ‘hard torture’.

    Still, what do you do when they’re killing inconvenient truths in the E.D. with ‘hotshots’?

  • But surely Steve if there are more black men with it (which the science supports) then it has to be found in the gene for the color of your skin right?

    Must admit it’s a highly effective tool to slander people with.

    Not too dissimilar to being called “Juden” in National Socialist Germany. Try convincing them that it wasn’t genetic.

    In fact, given that the first into the showers were the “schizophrenics” how come there were actually MORE of them after the war? (suggesting a trauma/environments cause) If it was genetic and the gene pool was erased from the herd, then there would be at least less right? If not none.

  • “Ohh and the pickings are right for “mental illness”, you know, that biomedical one, and we can now deliver proper diagnosis from armchair, WHICH was never okay before.”

    Sam I’d almost forgotten about ‘remotes’. They’ve been wanting this ability for some time now. Arbitrary detentions are of course a sign of a totalitarian Police State but ….. if we call it medicine we can, as has been done with the use of torture methods, conceal it.

    And the suckers are lining up at their ‘compromised’ computer screens as a result of the ‘stress’ knowing that their confidentiality amounts to zero. Not only are multiple governments ‘collecting data’ from their communications, but any hack who knows how to instal the most basic keylogger etc. Mind you the confidentiality provided by our laws (Privacy Act) basically amounts to nothing when the