Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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  • All you can do is try. I seriously considered leaving nursing after I read Bob,s book. I had a lot of problems with psychiatry before that which led me to community but I found out there you can work with people more closely and slowly change things. Most of this is due to the fact that doctors in that setting don’t have the monopoly of control as they do in a hospital. A long as you’re not “certifiable” people can choose to not take medication and the psychiatrist will actually consider my pov about reducing someones needs as I am the primary contact….most of those I work for really want less pills though some are scared to try.

  • Yes, in my early years (twenty odd years ago). It was standard practice then as now but I left institutional care and came to outreach for the very reason you state. I don’t follow that practice anymore, gladly. My goal with all I work with is less drugs or none if possible. How often did this happen to you?

  • I ama psych nurse in Canada and I can say that for me and most who I work with that this article is accurate….why? Because we see these people every day and can asses much more accurately the ineffectiveness of these drugs than their psychiatrist ever will. Some do help in the short term just because of their sedating effects rather than their supposed antipsychotic properties. I am working with two people who have successfully had their needs reduced significantly. The goal is zero but it is a long road.

  • I cannot disagree with you, Steve but in the end teh solution is going to be how we can change the systemic corruption from developing. I think the only way to do that meaningfully is to address the checks and balances and make them effective, make them hurt if those like Gibbon cross the line. One example would be to ensure that opposing points of view and data are heard on an equal basis as Bob points out in this article…simple but necessary.

  • This is just another example of how money corrupts science. The scientific method is sound IF it is used and acted upon. The problem is that Gibbons probably has told himself enough times that his defence is the correct one, will help kids etc so that he believes it. Most people I know do not knowingly do bad things. The process of assessing these studies needs to be free from political and financial influence. That is the hard task ahead.

  • I like the fact that this article blends in well with what I’ve read of Whitaker’s investigation findings along with others. It is the accumulation of data that really presents a strong case for this movement.