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  • Thanks for this Bob. The evidence is overwhelmingly dismal against force and yet it is Business as usual.
    As a plaintiff attempting to hold 2 psychiatrists accountable for the “chemical imbalance fraud” which they both had very interesting responses to in questioning; I experienced first hand how easy it is for the system to keep turning the tables on you in its favor. I was declared incompetent to try my own case. This is good news because I can’t and don’t want to; but the fall out is overwhelmingly against my HR/ UN rights etc. When assisted suicide became law here in Canada this year, I tried to warn people that there is no informed consent and regardless of what appears on paper, the reality of what goes on behind closed doors is a very different set of circumstances because the system welds all the power. Coercion can be very subtle and yet you know when you don’t have a choice, you have just been forced to do something against your own best interest and even though you were robbed of your choice, you will also pay for the consequences of what other people get away with doing to you. It is a real “crazy making” situation.

    This may be of interest.
    How America’s criminal justice system became the country’s mental health system
    by German Lopez on March 1, 2016

  • Well said Mr. Risser.
    The failed experiment and loss of human life that results from psychiatry, is mass murder. The apathy and ignorance follows from the false belief and unfortunate realization that we don’t control our own lives because our thoughts, feelings and behaviors have been co-opted and commandeered by powerful and corrupt agents outside ourselves. From that warped reality, the magnitude of the catch 22 we live in is dangerously frightening and deadly silencing. Sane people cannot reason with insane institutions; they can only be consumed by them.
    ©Judy Gayton

    Jack Davis, professor of native studies from U of California said, “In our language, we have this word wetico which means cannibal. One who eats, not literally the flesh of another, but who eats the life of another. And he said that …and we quickly realized that when you people came from Europe, that you were infected by “wetico” , that it is a mental illness.’ Quote from Documentary Film, I AM
    Why Doctors Are 9,000 Times More Likely to Accidentally Kill You Than Gun Owners
    Even worse than the original article (click here) reported, and the original study was bad enough.
    Here are some other numbers to ponder:
    Number of physicians in the US = 700,000
    Accidental deaths caused by physicians per year = 120,000
    Accidental deaths per physician = 0.171
    Number of gun owners in the US = 80,000,000
    Number of accidental gun deaths per year (all age groups) = 1,500
    Accidental deaths per gun owner = 0.0000188
    Therefore, doctors are approximately 9,000 times more dangerous than gun owners.

  • Just a comment for consideration of how to move towards truth and reconciliation of the Chemical Imbalance fraud, as opposed to continuing to adjudicate one tragedy after another in isolation allowing the perpetual creation of new victims…
    There are many laws in place to attack the pocket books of perpetrators that don’t appear to be being used to stop the death, disability, addiction and discrimination/defamation that is the result of a stigmatizing ‘mental illness” label.
    Just sharing the progress and approach that the vaccine movement has taken. This particular article discusses the broken ‘SOCIAL CONTRACT’ that the government and doctors perpetrate against citizens.
    Vaccine Injury Compensation Government’s Broken Social Contract with Parents
    November 10, 2015 | 132,201 views
    By Barbara Loe Fisher

  • My thoughts exactly.
    The utter absurdity of labelling a symptom (as extreme as psychosis) as being
    provably “cured” by fish oil as a “Serious Mental Illness” is the true insanity begging to be eliminated. It a nutritional deficiency Dr.
    When this guy stops deluding himself and disseminating this more superficially humane lie – then and only then will the sea of lies stop killing us.
    All this really proves is how deeply imbedded and invested we are in myth.
    I was struck by how aptly Stanley Milgram (The Experimenter) captured the essence of the human weakness, of blindly following orders to harm others – to the point of their demise- is surprisingly common. The willingness to agree to pretend that the symptoms these people experience are brain diseases (SMI) better treated with nutrients than toxic drugs is a perfect example of the banality of evil clocked in a mask of superiority over those who are willing to destroy 50% of America’s children at the hands of pharma, vrs those who prefer to destroy them with fraudulent mythical labels. The first is motivated by greed, the latter, a sense of moral superiority and feigned benevolence. 2 sides of the same devalued coin.
    Shame, shame, shame……………………….

  • Legal right to informed consent and bodily integrity:
    Vaccination Defending Your Right to Know and Freedom to Choose

    Thank you for this Dr. Breggin.
    Please see this inter-related video that discusses many of the same facts we are dealing with here. It is a brilliant template that we need to replicate and disseminate to the world.
    Best Wishes,

  • Opps, I should have stated that the “competency” (not the threats of contempt) were being positioned as ‘help” by the judge. When I argued that competency was a bogus concept potentially causing more harm he asked “do you want help or not” to which I could only reply, ‘help at what cost?” I believe it is posed to cost me everything I worked for all these years in getting to this place only to see that there was no way they would allow me to win or put the evidence I collected from this community against psychiatry on trial in a court of law. Indeed – it is the ONLY place it really matters.

  • I am also in Canada and just been deemed ‘incompetent” to try my own medical malpractice case against psychiatry.

    Although I have disabilities, I believe this to be, for the most part, little more than yet another tactic to silence the massive body of evidence of fraud I put on the record. I claomed duress and was threatened with contempt of court where the judge could “throw the book at me” including jail time.

    The contempt is of course being positioned by the judge as “help” and I was in fact caught in a horrific catch 22 being unable to try a geometrically complex litigation without the aid of a lawyer- no matter how corrupt or abusive.
    The defense is pushing to ensure that I am not allowed to instruct the lawyer and the judge supports them unequivocally. I was dammed if I did and dammed if I didn’t because ultimately, there is no law, just judicial discretion and procedure over merit.

    The case, although meritorious and a possible game changer, will most likely be quashed for no just reason other than to keep silencing persons disabled by iatrogenic injury that is rampant in psychiatry. The entire pretense of justice is little more than a massive farce causing injury to insult against the public- especially in Canada where the government itself, in reality, is the party fighting to block the injured party by providing doctors with a 2 billion dollar tax fund to cover all their legal expenses and provide them with the best lawyers in the country while their victims are lucky IF they get legal aid.

    I find it very disheartening that the victims of these crimes, who actually manage to get their cases into court are not supported by this community- who if they were organized to stand up for us when we were in the front line trenches fighting these battles and state these fact there, we would no doubt all be further ahead. As it is, there is little point for lone individuals to bother going to court without the assistance of this very powerful community that doesn’t seem to care what happens to us when we take on these massive battles alone.

  • Incase this is new to anyone….
    The New F word (Floxed)
    Certain Adverse Events
    A film by Nancy Edwards

    I personally work towards and encourage others to consider the need to stop creating further separations (by population, a specific drug or other particular causal agent) that serves to further block recognition of and help for the experiences of countless suffers.
    Every time one small piece is championed here and there (as opposed to the totality of all iatrogenic death, disease, addiction and social destruction) other groups of people are left out.
    All causes of iatrogenic injury should be considered as part and parcel of the problem regardless of what the mechanism of cause or the specific age of the population affected.
    The piecemeal manner in which this topic is tipically addressed is unproductive and tends to exclude and ignoring so much of the facts already known and proven to create harm and as such in and of itself creates more harm and leave more victims out.

    I hope that this will be taken into consideration and a way to include ALL people and many means by which they are harmed can be included so that these people will stop being excluded.
    Thank you.

  • Humm, I couldn’t even manage a reply by the PTB to put USA or CA beside the contributors names so that people would know what country they were in and maybe have more luck tracking them down. There is NO help to be had. Everyone who is standing in these fights are completely on their own which is yet another reason the education process and accountability to change is slow. A nice thought however.
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. There are movements afoot but they have nothing to do with what is happening here. I will try to find a way to connect with you privately as I would like to make sure you are in the loop on this.

  • Hi Ally.

    I hope this community (which I am just discovering today) will include support for those of us in litigation against this death, disease and addiction. It is as if we don’t exist and yet are out there on the front lines continuing to suffer legal abuses in an attempt to stop the abuse. It is amazing how the legal system supports psychiatry blindly (well not really; it is perfectly understandable why this double barrel system is in place.)
    I have not seen but there is a need for plaintiff’s to have a place to share the medical/legal facts we are putting on the record, the legal decisions, ethical doctors and lawyers (:))) who are supporting us so that each lone litigant does not have to reinvent the wheel every time one of us actually MANAGES to get into court.
    Thank you for bringing this critical issue to light. I don’t see the links you mention but will try to find more on this important topic.