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  • Dr Fred- I love this!

    With a diagnosis of a “mental Illness” comes the end of personal responsibility. I can’t work, I can’t help, I can’t go, I can’t function. I am too sick and so you cannot blame me or be angry with me.
    Thanks for giving up your livelihood so you may tell the truth to all who need to hear it.
    Keep up the great work, and please keep writing.

    All the best!

  • Dr Peter ( one of my two favorite Dr Peters ;),
    I hope you are reading these comments and know of the support you have in this community and around the globe.
    Your bravery and integrity are tremendous and I consider you one of the superheros in this world.
    Sadly, you join the warriors of history who have paid dearly for speaking the truth when few others would.
    I pray things work out well with the hospital and with your new scientific endeavor.
    Please remember you have saved countless lives with your spoken truths and that journey is not over.
    With blessings for a fruitful, wonderful 2019 and thanks from the bottom of my heart,


  • Dr Lawrence,
    I, for one, am not afraid to bash doctors. They are not gods in my book but have waaay too much power.

    I love that you tell it straight, exactly how it is.

    For the most part, people can choose to be victims or fighters, no matter what the challenge. I have certainly been there myself. Two people with the exact same issues may choose to tackle them in extremely different ways. Doctors, of course, love to cater to the “victims” and diagnose and label and prescribe away!

    Thanks for the straight talk- you are of one my favorite authors here.

    All the best to you.

  • Hi, Amy. I think and pray that you now understand that psychiatry is nothing but a tangle of lies and self-interest. My advice is to withdraw – super slowly- from the pristiq as well, and wash your hands of the whole system. The only true healing comes from within, and understanding we are all struggling, we all have weaknesses, we are all quirky- and we are not sick, we are human. And it comes when one is free of the whole psych system, and takes control of and responsibility for his/her own life.

    Lots of luck and all the best,


  • When describing motivation and inner strength I often give the example of two severely identically physically harmed individuals. One wallows in his injuries, in self pity. The other wants to be anything but a victim, and fights and fights to get his life back.
    Sadly, psychiatry and much of modern society like us all to be victims and blame someone or something else for our failures. It’s time to take responsibility for our actions and our lives, and know the power to heal from psychiatric harm and from nearly anything ( and I’ve been through hell) is inside of us. We must see ourselves as capable, and not beaten and beyond repair.
    Thanks again!

  • dr k, great stuff! as always!
    we started to discuss on another thread, before it devolved into a mess…
    i so agree with you. yes, the psychotropic drugs are beyond evil.
    just as evil, though, is the planting in the heads of patients- and soon-to-be- patients, for there is potential everywhere- that they are without power and they are incapable of making good choices, as they have an illness, a chemical imbalance, and so they cannot possibly improve their situations.
    worse still is deciding for your children that they are damaged and ill and nothing is their fault, they won’t amount to much. walk through the halls of any american school today and you see so many vacant eyes, such a long line at the “med” nurse’s station, so many kids out of the classroom with “special needs”who have nothing wrong with them but a made-up diagnosis, so many children who do not eat ALL school day long because they are on stimulants and their appetites are suppressed! i agree with nearly everything you write and this free will issue is something i’ve been saying for a long time. i don’t know if you’ve seen me write about the the simple strategy we use in our house, and one i’ve shared with the many. many people i try to help. the next time you want to say you “can’t ” do something- hold down a job, finish school, attend your friend’s wedding, get out of bed- because your “therapist” says it’s true, you can’t, because you have illness a b or c- know this is false, and swap out the words “i choose not do” for “i can’t”. everything changes. everything. you now have responsibilities and duties and commitments you’d be shirking. you are capable and able, youve just been making bad choices. the power to choose is inside us all.
    keep up the awesome work!
    all the best,


  • I look forward to it, Lawrence. If you think about it, free choice, free will, power of the mind is at the heart of the discussion between traditional psychiatry and we who seek to do away with it. They say ” you have this disease. you are compromised. you’ll never live a full life. you’re biologically damaged. you’ll need drugs just to minimally get by. you can’t, you can’t, you can’t.” We know ” you lie so you may profit handsomely. there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with me. I can work. I can play, I can study. I can do anything I put my mind to. I can, I can.” As always, thank you.!

  • lawrence, you are correct. uprising, it is just that simple. this is at the heart of the reform bob, lawrence, and all the angels here at mia are trying to implement! the diagnoses of the dsm and psychiatry are meaningless and so can never lead to disability. every human has free choice, and every human who is not afflicted with a physical ailment like , for example, a quadriplegic, can hold a job raking leaves or ringing up groceries or something. psychiatry says “you can’t “but we say “of course we can “. one of the tools my family uses in our path away from our nightmare tangle with psychotropic drugs is to replace the words “i can’t” with “i choose not to” every time one wants to say he can’t go to work, to the party, get off the couch… the power is inside of us. this is the key to everything. thank you to all the truth tellers for standing up and saving lives every day. god bless.

  • it is always possible. i know what the nightmare looks like and i know what it feels like.

    for any person alive it is always possible. the more (legal or not) drugs you take, the more you believe the lies the harder it is. but it is always, always possible.

    all the best to you.

  • hi, dahlia.
    sorry for your experience. but a choice between such “hospitals” is a choice between horrible and terrible. to really fight, you must dig inside yourself and realize that all of psychiatry, the dsm, all of it, is built on a stack of lies, with no credibility. hence no one should ever be locked up, anywhere.

    the myth of mental illness is behind all of the “imprisonment.” know there is nothing “wrong” with you. everyone has deep struggles and inner fights, and they do not make you insane or in need of drugs.

    the choice is always yours. the strength is inside of you to live a full life, free of all psychiatric interventions. no one feels great or happy or normal, whatever that is, all the time, but you can always choose to get out of bed, go to work, attend a party, etc. it sounds simple, but so many of us on this site know this to be the fundamental truth.

    sending you brachot and mazal,


  • hi, eve. first, i’d like to applaud you for waking up to the truth- better late than never- and for recognizing the tremendous harm you and your fellow psychiatrists have caused humanity.

    i like richard’s idea of working and prescribing only to help people withdraw from these evil pills. people withdrawing lie to their mds in order to keep getting prescriptions so they can safely withdraw and it would be so great if they could be honest with an md about their actions and intentions. truly wonderful.

    be careful about ” getting help”. most psych victims are in the terrible states they are in because they sought help, instead of recognizing the power inside themselves and finding tools to deal with their unique struggles- which is all anybody ever needs.

    please use your position to do good and right some wrongs. you may then see all that you experienced as a prelude to your unique current oh-so important task in life.

    much luck,


  • little turtle- it helps to think like this: i am human. i have a brain. i have struggles and weaknesses and vulnerabilities. everybody in the world has some. some are the same and some are different. i find tools to address mine , to live my best life.

    no two brains are the same. none are “ill” with thoughts or feelings. we are all human. we are all mentally ill or no one is. we have free choice to live our best lives, despite the thoughts and feelings that want to limit us. we always have the power. if i say ” i can’t get out of bed” because of a thought it is not true. i choose not to, that is all.

    throw away what you think you know. throw away your labels. choose life. you have the power inside of you. everyone does.

    best of luck.

  • yes. it is amazing how, when i speak the truth, people ask if i am a doctor and, if not, why i think i know better than them…

    if the plumber you hired or the landscaper you hired suggests a work solution that makes no sense to you, you’d question his methods, no?
    why can’t i question a doctor whose methods run against common sense, science, and, most of all, the oath to first do no harm?!?

    once upon a time, all people in the world thought the earth was flat. every authority figure said so. well, “everybody” can be wrong. in the case of psychotropic drugging, all these authorities are wrong.
    am excited for the day that the world wakes up to the truth, hopefully soon…

  • great,as always, lawrence.

    madness civ., in this area “absolutes” are necessary. drugs are never the answer to a problem that is not chemical or biological. period.
    once you start making exceptions, everyone believes he is the exception. like, psychotropic drugs are bad for most kids but MY kid really needs them. or, psychotropic drugs are not necessary in most cases of depression/bipolar/blah blah but MY case is severe…
    drugs are for medical illnesses ( at best). never for a quirk in behavior. never for just being on the spectrum of humanity. never.

  • Hi, Kristina.
    I recognize your name from “Letters…”. I first saw the film at its Florida premiere last year at a conference and have been supportive of it and Kevin Miller and have donated towards its circulation, and purchased and shared it for others to see ever since.

    Natalie’s talents are evident in the film. She was so beautiful and special- you should be very, very proud. I know it’s a cliche to say this, but she lives on in the selfless way you take your pain and fight for others to be spared the same suffering.

    I’ve known the truths about these diagnoses and drugs for a very long time and spend many, many hours helping others to withdraw and, even better, never buy into the lies in the first place. The oath to do no harm left the minds and hearts of these doctors long, long ago.

    Keep up our oh-so-important work. Enjoy your memories of your amazing daughter. By now sharing her story has definitely saved countless lives.

    Blessings to you,


  • dr lawrence,
    ty for this !
    you are fast becoming one of my favorite writers on MIA!
    i am always trying to explain this when people begin discussing the ” opioid epidemic”. i explain that we must go back to the underlying shift in thought that has occurred these last thirty or so years. problems that used to be just part of life, and solved with the help of friends and family and learned tools have now become diagnoses and disorders and labels and reasons to give children and adults dangerous drugs and not be held responsible for their behaviors. if all children know is, ” it’s not my fault, i’m born this way, i need a pill” of course so many will grow to become true addicts and unproductive members of society!
    keep on truth telling!

    thank you,


  • hi, jl.

    i think the root of it all is what you wrote early on- we all have pain, drama , a story. labels are evil. i say, we are all on the spectrum of humanity, with our struggles and our backgrounds, our fears and our weaknesses.
    and the drugs, of course, cure nothing and cause massive brain dysfunction.

    kudos to going down on the drugs, learning the truth about how you have been duped for years and finding your tools to live! how wonderful it will be to own your brain once more!

    i would just say- be careful not to replace one “professional method” with another. just go with your life, know there’s nothing wrong with you- and know the strength to succeed at anything is and always has been inside of you.

    all the best,


  • hi, frances. keep on reading the good stuff here on MIA – follow peter breggin, philip hickey and all the other amazing truthtellers.
    you will NEVER have peace until you are off all psychotropic drugs, and out of the grips of the entire psych system.
    you certainly have a challenging background, but so does everybody. to be human is to have a story, a challenge, a weakness, a fight that is unique to you.
    one tool in my family’s healing ( 10, 12 years in the system, 2 plus years off all drugs, owning our minds again) is this: every time you want to say ” i can’t” replace it with ” i choose not”. the whole picture changes, and you will see the power is inside of you to live as you wish, to make changes, to live without labels and drugs and without limits.
    keep fighting, keep putting distance between you and the entire psych system. you can and will heal and will love owning your mind again. there’s nothing “wrong” with you- you are on the spectrum of humanity, with the rest of us.

    blessings, all the best,


  • thank you for this excellent explanation! as a truth teller in a world that promotes only one popular ( harmful, untrue) narrative i am always looking for sources and articles to which i can direct people i am trying to help.

    when people lament about the heroin/opioid/overdose epidemic i explain that there is an underlying problem in this country/world in people being told by “professionals” and believing that the solution to their problems and struggles can be found in a pill or other bottle. legal, illegal, psychotropic- no difference. the power to improve your mood and your life and your situation was and always will be inside your heart, mind and soul-never in a bottle.

    thanks for being one of the good guys- keep on telling it like it is!

    all the best,

  • hi, ron. responding to the statements about illness and cure and feeling different. through my family’s miserable, tortuous road through the system and its psychotropic drugs, i have learned that one of the very worst things professionals do is make their patients feel they are ill, not responsible, and different. i now know that everybody in the world is crazy- or nobody is. every single person has a struggle, a weakness, a vulnerability, a fight to be fought. no one gets off scot free. we are all different, all “other”. we are all on the spectrum of- wait for it- humanity! . and we have inside of us the power to use our minds and our tools to deal with these struggles. no labels, no drugs, no lack of responsibility.
    it’s really, i have discovered, the only way to have a full life.

    keep on being a truth-teller, all the best, ty,


  • I just love the way you put this. when people defend psychiatrists and say they are just doing what were taught, i say- can you imagine if the rest of us knew so little about the tools we use in our jobs?!? if a carpenter knew nothing about how a hammer works, if a chef could not properly use an oven… Thank you for this, and for saying “when” it all collapses, not “if”. i’m in my 40s and so looking forward to that day!!
    all the best,


  • hi, james. i’ve listened to some of the podcasts and you’re doing a great job, and talking to some of my favorite people !
    in response to above- it is so very difficult to imagine that doctors in general are clueless about what they are prescribing. just transfer that concept to any job- can you imagine a mechanic, or a baker, or an accountant- or anyone , in any profession, knowing so little about how his/her tools work and function. it just does not add up!
    i also want to encourage you to continue your withdrawal, and to know you CAN do it. anyone can. you will never own your own mind until you are free of the poisonous drugs, that cure nothing and address no medical issues and cause brain dysfunction and are no better than illegal drugs. in my family, the nightmare and destruction lasted a good ten years but now my husband is finally legal drug free and living a full life. just not possible while stuck in the “system”. thank you for all you do. sending wishes of continued healing and all good things your way! all the best, -erin

  • hi julie. it is a crazy, way-too-common story. so awesome to hear you are at the” good part”.
    in my family, it was my husband who got tangled up in a similar nightmare. all along i knew nothing was any more or less wrong with him than anyone else, and that he was only hurting himself ( and my kids and me, horribly) running back to the psych/big pharma/big lies system and their drugs and diagnoses again and again. he still cannot pinpoint how the truths i and others had been telling and showing him finally sunk in, after over ten years. i was wondering if you can- what and how was your “aha moment”. but he has been system and drug free for two years now and owns his mind again and is living life again! continued healing and big hugs, all the best, -erin

  • yes, human.
    there is no one alive without a challenge, a vulnerability, a problem, a weakness. call it what you want, but we all suffer and we are not ill and we all have the inner power to overcome and live a full life. another of my favorites- next time you say, or hear “i can’t” swap it out and say ” i choose not”. everything changes! we can choose to label ourselves by our vulnerabilities or we can label ourselves as human and make the choice to be strong and positive and thankful for what we do have. take care

  • You are so right, Slaying. i think it is dangerous to replace the evil psychiatry medical model with another “aha! I have found the exact cure to mental distress” model. the things that disturb our inner peace are wide and varied and the things that help us are wide and varied as well. of course, like you said, healthy food and exercise and fresh air and a good night’s sleep will help a person. but, as i say, no one is crazy or we are all crazy. we all fall on the spectrum of humanity and can live our best lives if we have support and validation and strength from many sources and the knowledge there is nothing “wrong ” with any of us- as well as better nutrition and clean air and all the rest. all the best, -erin

  • hi, darius. thank you for telling your story, and sharing your beautiful, haunting music.

    in my family, we too have been nearly destroyed by psychiatry/big pharma. we also felt, to varying degrees, “disabled and homebound”. i am advising you to not think of yourself that way. it will only hold you back.

    the best tools we have discovered on our journey back to life:

    1- when you want to say ” i can’t” do something, replace it with the words “i choose not to”. you will see you have the power to chart your course, that the strength is inside of you. start with something small. oh yes, i can go to the grocery store. or wherever.

    2- instead of fighting the terrible, obsessive thoughts in your head, the dysphoria…accept the knowledge that you can never be certain about anything and that you can live a full life with uncertainly and the discomfort it brings.

    my family was in a horrific, dark spot ( a good ten years of tons of psychotropic drugs and the devastating fallout from them all) and now we are living again. i am here to say you can reclaim your life. i know you can. i’ve seen the worst, and i see the light. and anyone can achieve it.

    sending blessings and strength. all the best,


  • hi again. an ugly, long story that i’ve told in pieces here and there on this site. began with my husband and father to my kids and a bottle of xanax prescribed for no reason, and me begging him not to take it- and continued with him practically homeless and a family in ruin. a boring, common story of prescribed pill after pill with no admission by drs that they were creating a monster. today he is knowing of all truths and all drug free for nearly two years ( after at least ten). we both advocate, lobby, write, confer and preach about the worst epidemic of our time- the collusion of big pharma, psychiatry and other medical “professionals”. i like how you write without flinching. a lot of the problems are black and white and too many otherwise advocates make exceptions. but if a problem is not chemical or biological the solution can never ever be. that’s the bottom line. blessings and hugs. keep on fighting

  • hi, suzanne.
    Of course they killed him- it’s what they do best.
    so sorry for your loss- your dad sounds like a really awesome guy. just hold on to the memories of how he was before the villains got their hands on him,
    thanks for sharing your story. my family has a story of devastation at the hands of dr/big pharma, and i truly believe that by telling our story over and over, i am saving lives.
    in addition, i write letters all the time to mainstream publications and journalists. they almost never print the excellent, true letters i write, but i know that if i’ve given them pause, or if my letter has passed the desk of someone struggling with this topic, i might just have saved a life.
    keep on being a truth teller. all the very best,


  • this warrants repeating- what is so special and all-powerful about psychiatry that an adult who committed no crime can be stripped of all of his/her rights and be locked up against his/her will? psychiatrists are not mind readers. they can never KNOW if a person will harm another person. and if someone happens to wish to harm himself that is actually his right. do psychiatrists truly believe they are gods? seems to me they do!

  • dr hickey,

    i think your blogs are my very favorite, as you write so well and in black and white. if someone states that almost all psychiatric diagnoses are invalid, but a couple are, or that most psychotropic drugs are evil, but there are exceptions, he has lost me. you tell it like it is, crystal clear, and if someone asks me for more information on the fraud that is psychiatry/big pharma, i send him to do more research on your website. thank you for helping me explain the truths to the people in my life who must know these truths. all the very best,


  • dr terry,

    i really loved the way you broke this down. by now i’ve read hundreds if not thousands of articles on this topic, and i have my own horrific lived experience. this is a first, thought, to show it this way: they claim again and again that anxiety and other distressing items are biologically based. however, if a cause of distress is actually found to be a biological anomaly, the patient is handed off to a REAL doctor.

    i love it! i pray for the day the world wakes up to the truth. keep up the awesome work!


  • yes, david, please do !

    those of us who have known for years the truths that you now hold know too it is our mission to inform others.

    i have lost friendships and other relationships, business and the respect of others because i have spoken the truth. but i know the hell my family went/goes through is given meaning and purpose every time i safe a life.

    we won’t necessarily know who will need to hear the truth at the exact moment we share it. or whose life has been spared.

    keep shouting from the rooftops!


  • yes, someone else.

    the labels and the diagnoses are sooo harmful. even putting the drug issue aside.

    in my family, with our healing, we realize that we all have weaknesses and fears, struggles and issues. we drop the “d”. you can have trauma because of an event- so you have post traumatic stress. that’s understandable. but NOT a disorder. you can experience obsessions -and compulsions to tackle those obsessions- most people do. but drop the d. not a disorder. not a label. not a disease.

    we are all on the “spectrum of humanity”- with our fears and quirks and hurts and struggles and oddities and passions…

    best to all,


  • hi, madmom. point taken.

    of course, in the end, it all evens out. dangers with illegal drugs include the fact that they could be laced with something.

    dangers with illegal drugs include the fact that many people are forced to take them, even if they are literally killing those people. (nobody is forced to take an illegal drug! )

    let’s keep working together to fight the dangerous false narrative in this world…

    all the best,


  • david- bravo!

    for me the years-long fight was with my husband insisting he was “ill” and needed these “medications”. ( he’s awakened and clean now 17 months)

    as an activist, i point out that there is NO difference between drugs purchased downtown on a street corner and those given to you by a doctor in a white coat. only difference is who is collecting the profits! never, ever call these mind-altering drugs “medication”. and correct everyone who does.

    one point about therapy. it’s ok for someone to learn from a therapist tools to navigate his/her life. but spending endless hours digging into every aspect of one’s past and dealing with a therapist who believes in diagnoses is very damaging as well.

    keep up the great work and many blessings to you and your teenager. not easy- i have two of them !


  • Otto, please answer us if you can! The only good to come out of this horrific story is that we now have one more determined soldier in the fight against psychiatry/big pharma. Get out of there safe and sound and ready to spend the rest of your days spreading the truth of what shockingly goes on in what you THOUGHT was civilized society.



  • hi, mike.

    i have a husband who was on the stuff- benzos and at least 12, 15 others, at some point or another- for ten years and ruined everything in our lives.

    starts and stops, steps forward and back…he has all the truths and is living his life again and drug free for over a year.

    want to give you strength and hope. it can be done, but you must push through for your wife and awesome kids. see the truths i wrote out to theresa below.

    one big tool i gave my husband: every time he thought he could not do something- go to work, have a catch with the kids, attend a wedding, whatever- i’d tell him to swap out “i can’t” with “i choose not to” . the whole picture changes. there is no such thing as “i can’t”. you may not feel like it, you may not want to, it may be hard- but you always can. and you owe it to your family and yourself to do the right thing always.

    you can get to a full life again. you absolutely can. let your anger at drs and big pharma p ush you as well. do not let them win!!

    all the very best,


  • hi, theresa. very well written article!

    i have one question- why would you ever think the pristiq is saving you, i some way? here is the truth: if a problem is not chemical or biological, the solution to said problem can never be.

    if one chooses to take a drug, be honest about it. admit it is making you high, stoned, whatever- not curing anything. there is no difference between the drugs peddled to you by a guy/girl in a white coat or peddled to you on a street corner of a slum.

    the power to heal and the tools you need are inside of you, NEVER in a drug. my family learned this the very, very hard way.

    many blessings and continued healing,


  • agreed. if i must i usually say things like “a diagnosed schizophrenic” – like, someone diagnosed him as such but it’s not anything accurate and doesn’t really mean anything. i would never say ” a schizophrenic” because i would never validate the ridiculous labels the establishment invented.

    as for the amazing, beautifully done, heartwrenching, disturbing movie “letters from gen rx”: BUY IT NOW. i saw it at its florida debut and i own it now through vimeo. we on this site must support kevin p miller and his heroic efforts- and those of all the victims and activists portrayed in the film, all fighting against the system we have come to loathe. kudos to all involved, and all who support this unbelievably important work of art!

    continued healing, all,


  • thanks, matthew, for sharing your story. to say you’re truly inspirational is SUCH a cliche, but i’ll say it anyway.
    i will be quoting your line ending the second-to-last paragraph, about pain. love it.

    keep well,


  • thank you for writing!

    as i continued about my visit i started inspecting all the growth charts and vaccine recommendation charts… sponsored. sponsored. then i found a huge booklet with diagrams of childhood diseases- ear infections, scoliosis… last page- adhd. i don’t know how they came up witha fake colorful brain diagram for that one.
    it’s amazing how much i see now that my eyes are wide open!

    best wishes,


  • hi, sera. awful, but not surprising.

    my history in one sentence- hub fell for the psych drug scam for about 10 years and kind of/nearly destroyed our family. i’m fighting back.

    here is my similar,last week’s experience. i brought my 12-year-old daughter to the pediatrician for a physical pain in her side. same pediatricians i’ve been using for nearly 20 years. there has been for a couple of years a tablet to fill out in the waiting room- symptoms, insurance, co pay, etc. the tablet this time had new screens: ONE screen asking my daughter about her physical, medical symptoms and about 8-10!! screens asking about her thoughts and behaviors- feelings of self-worth, sadness, loneliness, acting out, etc. i was livid and knew instantly that the new tablet sponsor was either merck or eli liy or another criminal enterprise.

    keep revealing the scam to anyone who will listen- and to those who refuse to listen as well. who knows how many lives we who speak the truth might be saving…

    all the best


  • hi, robert.

    sending support and hugs from me, too.

    heartfelt condolences on the loss of your dad- i’m so, so sorry.

    it is, indeed, a long road off benzos and other ridiculously dangerous psych drugs. good for you! enjoy being reborn- step by step.

    my husband’s 10 year relationship with benzos and other legal drugs and “the system” kind of/nearly ruined his life, my life, the lives of our 4 children, among others…

    one of the biggest pearls of wisdom is this: everybody struggles with something. everybody. no free rides in life. and no such thing as a chemical imbalance. when you give somebody psych drugs you have taken a healthy brain and caused dysfunction. the brain now must compensate and work around the foreign body now present. that’s why these drugs cause such havoc in the brain- andw hy they cause such havoc when you get off of them.

    stay strong. you are not alone.



  • i think many of the issues can be boiled down to a few simple points, not even addressing the horrible drug angle:

    – the labels themselves make people thinks something is wrong with them. if people understood we are all on the spectrum of humanity, they would fret much less about what they are thinking/feeling. if a patient does not see himself as abnormal, and is not seen that way by others, he will stop the endless worry and self analysis that goes along with it. he will accept himself.

    -a new way of thinking about one’s thoughts. thoughts are just not that important. . much more important are one’s actions and behaviors. everyone in teh world has disturbing, weird, ugly thoughts. if we do not give them the power to derail us we will be much more able to manage our days. when endless dissecting of the millions of thoughts we have each day is stopped inner peace will come.

    just a couple of ideas i wanted to share, learned after years of horror with my husband’s journey through the “system”.

    all the best


  • hi, pat. just felt like jumping in. my story in a sentence or two-i always knew there was nothing more or less wrong with my husband than anyone else but he fell for the scam of the big pharm/dr system and nearly/kind of ruined all our lives.

    the truths i found here on mia i have always known. but i found them validated, respected, researched- here on this site. not 100 per cent sure how i found mia in the first place- possibly through benzobuddies site- but it truly saved me.

    i am at the point, as i believe you are, where i feel some contributors don’t take it far enough. to put it simply, as others have, i am anti-psychiatry completely. some are just critical of it. but i have a raging fire burning inside of me against anyone who knows the lie of chemical imbalance, for example, and still prescribes these horrific, vile drugs as “medicine”.

    i can still appreciate all that mia has to offer, and support it. a quick glance at your bio shows me you have done more as an activist for the cause than i can ever hope to do.

    so i say huge kudos to you, pat, for all your work.
    and kudos to mia for all taht it has accomplished and all it will accomplish.

    we are all flawed, but doing our best.

    may 2016 be the greatest year ever of exposing the lies of the system, and activism, and healing.



  • hi, jeff.

    my story in a nutshell is that my husband has a similar story and nearly ruined our lives completely. i always knew there was nothing wrong with him and the drugs made him absolutely crazy. he is now on board and has been clean and free and feeling amazing for about 10 months.

    he and i atre thinking about writing a personal story so i’ve been reading some of the old ones. and i was just wondering- how are you doing today, years later? i want to trust that my hub will never forget teh truth, but i worry… so i was wondering if you could please let me know how you are these days.

    thanks so much,

    all the best,


  • thanks so much, robert, for this site, and for everything you do. you have been a lifesaver, literally. i have donated in the past, and i will step it up this year. i have also purchased several books featured on the site.

    one thing i’d love to see is a central location where readers can see information about events/rallies/speakers/conventions related to ” madness reform “. i would love to step up my activism and live participation.

    god bless you for the vital work you do and the truths you reveal. may 2016 be the biggest year of system reform and healing for all those destroyed by the lies and the greed.

    all the best


  • thank you so much, richard, for blowing that whistle, over and over again. i am horrified, but sadly not surprised, at the lack of response you received. you sadly confirned what we all really knew.

    my story in one line is that my husband fell for the scam of labelling/psych drugs and brought our family into a mightmare of epic proportions.

    my 21- year-old son has declared his college major as psychology and intends to work as a school psychologist. he knows many, but not all, of the details of his father’s (horror) story.

    he thinks he can use his eventual position to be a voice of reason and sanity and reform but i imagine his voice will be crushed every time he opens his mouth against the system. i am begging him to go into accounting instead…

    all i can say to you, to my son , and to myself isthis: we will try our best and you never know ehat might happen and who might be helped as a result of your efforts. every time i write a letter to the editor to my state newspaper ( they never print, of course) or reach out to a reporter or an educator or post something relevant on facebook- i tell myself i can never know whose desks my efforts passed through or reached and whose life might have been saved by my words.

    thank you again for your bravery. may this new year be the one to bring the truths out in the open and the downfall of the criminal, murdering entity that is psychiatry/big pharma.

    keep fighting,


  • have not jumped in in awhile, but i’ve been scanning these posts this morning and i want to jump in and lend my support to b, katie, etc and add my “shame on you” to margie. we have a saying in my house, after all we’ve gone through with this horrific system- “there are worse things than dead”. no one should have the right to make another person enter the current psych system against his/her will. PERIOD. no exceptions. no buts. no ands. keep on fighting, all.

  • i want to add- i always look forward to reading your articles here on mia. yours are some of my favorites. clear, broken down well. and you see the issues as black and white, as i do. there is no room for people who say “in certain cases the medications are helpful, the diagnosis is correct…” all lies. all built on lies. hope i live long enough to see the day the house of cards built by psych/big pharma comes crashing down…


  • wow- thanks for the quick response. another important thing we activists do is use the word “drug” instead of “medication”- tell it like it is. in theory, i support adults doing whatever they want to themsleves as long as they are aware and honest. numbing, distracting oneself in theory are great tactics when life gets tough. but as long as people are given these mind drugs as “medicine”, by a doctor , they are being fed the lie that, just like antibiotics or insulin or aids drugs, they are being given the medical solution to a medical problem. and, just like the great peter gotzsche says in his classic 15-,min video, doctors cannot handle the duality. and patients certainly cannot. which is why the best place for all these drugs is the bottom of the ocean. much better to use marijuana or alcohol- no one will claim them as l “medications”. enjoy the weekend


  • if people insist on taking psychotropic drugs, and doctors insist on prescribing them, they should at least be honest about it. say, for example, ” i choose to take this drug to get buzzed, high or stoned. i understand i currently have no chemical imbalance but i will soon have one. there is no difference if i take these or if i go down to the street corner in a bad neighborhood and pop a pill or shoot up. or drink alcohol. the only reason these drugs are legal and those are not is because pharm companies convinced govt there is lots of money to be made. NO DIFFERENCE at all. i understand that i choose not to adjust my behaviors or my lifestyle. i’d like to not work at making positive changes. and i will take these pills” i think people can do waht they like as long as they are honest about it!


  • hi.

    congratulations again! on your book activism post you asked me to tell you what i thought of your book i’d ordered , when it came – and i did, over on that post, about a week or two ago. you can check it out there.

    i want to confirm you will be speaking in ny on the 29th. i am not too far and hope to be there.

    ty again for all your effortsto get the truth out there- to the people who need to hear it now and to the people who don’t know yet how much this branch of “science” will be ruining their future lives….



  • so- it took awhile to receive the book but now i have and it is wonderful. i’ve read most of it, in parts, and my husband is in the middle of reading it front to back (my hub is the mind drug survivor( i hope ) and kids and i are collateral damage. some highlights: the list of questions you ask readers to ask themselces on page 200. also, chapter 6, where so many workers working under the almighty doctors question the validity of what they see, keeping opinions to themselves… i’ve actually lost the bookmarks where i marked some of the other highlights but i did want to just write to you. ty once again for speaking the truth. i agree i think with every thing you have written in the entire book. but i am the choir. i constantly share the truths you and others have written with the peoplein my lif. i get yelled at, shushed, scorned. but i keep at it. ty for your work.

    all the best


  • ty for all the sarcasm!!

    seriously, ty for your efforts to reverse the trend and let kids be kids, haelthy and undrugged, once again.

    please post where/when the sessions for projectforthekids will be. i will eb first in line.

    take care


  • hi, carina. i so loved your article because it gave me hope. as one whose husband was trapped in the legal drug nightmare and and had so much destroyed for my kids and me i fight back any way i can. the truths are crystal clear to me and i often have taht feeling of talking to brick wall after brick wall. but your article and your message about the hunger for knowlege are just what i needed to read today.

    thanks you so much for your important work and important writings.


  • thank you, robert whitaker, from the bottom of my heart for your devotion to the issue most important to me and to so many others (and to those big pharm/psychi victims who are too blind to know it yet).

    keep being the manace you are for many, many years…


  • so well-written, sera. agreed, agreed. i love the “undo, undo, undo” part. if only colin powell would actually see it!

    much luck with your presentation today. thanks for speaking the truth. you never know who might desperately need to hear your exact words at this exact moment.

    keep it up,


  • wow!! what a read! thanks, prof john , for such a great article.

    i think it can all be broken down into simple terms, if the pro-drug people decide to be honest with themselves. if somebody has a problem, (sadness, anxiety, moody, inattentive, whatever) he needs his whole mind, a clear mind, to best solve his problem. the drugs always get in the way. ALWAYS. if you do not thing it is a good idea to be drunk or high or stoned when you must be at the top of your game then you should never take a psychotropic drug. simple as that. EVERY person of normal intelligence is capable of fixing his problems and his behaviors to allow him to lead a better life. but he needs his whole, clear mind to do so. and these horrific drugs take that away.

    healing to all


  • it is certainly maddening. i scoured huge amounts of reports about this horrific event and NOT ONE mainstream media source has mentioned the effects of the drugs, even when the source mentioned the fact that the pilot had these drugs in his possession. i’m thinking, “just say it already.” if these drugs have been, at some point, in nearly every home in the western world, almost everybody in the world knows about the warning regarding suicidal/violent tendancies- including the reporters, writers, anchors, etc. just mention it! but no- pharm companies have their tentacles of power everywhere…

  • just want to say thank you, dr wallace, for your sense and clarity and good in a sea of denial at best and destruction at worst.

    my husband’s ( and mine, and the kids) life has been wrecked by these drugs and the criminals who fed them to him. there was NOTHING wrong with him before. now, there is no part of our lives untouched.

    please, please, for my family, and all the others, keep up the good work. you are on the inside. you command respect. when i try to speak the truth about the psychotropic drugs i am labelled the nut.

    strength to you as you go forward.


  • welcome and thank you for this. please keep fighting the fight from within on behalf of all the victims.

    i am the wife of a great guy destroyed by the “system”. he is currently trying to reclaim his life but i’m not yet sure how this story will end- for him, for me or for our innocent, devastated children.

    it is so crucial for someone in your position to raise his voice. you have a credibility the rest of us do not have.

    ty again. be well,


  • bottom line, i think, is to call a spade a spade. acknowledge that all the mind drugs are drugs, no better or worse than street drugs. never call them medications. never think of them as cures. be honest that if you take them it is because you want to be numbed, be knocked out, to forget… and that it’s totally random that one group is legal and one group is not. i’ve always believed in the power of every human mind to be where it needs to be. and if you’re worn out from training your mind you might turn to drugs. but be honest about it- acknowledge that you’re looking for that buzz, that high- but you’ll never be free or “cured” til you train your mind to be the healthy, capable organ it absolutely can be.

  • You are soooo0 not a ghost. i share your words and articles often. i just made a new friend and practically the first thing she told me about herself was that her child has adhd and blah, blah… i tried my best to give a short outline of my version of the truth.

    great job, as always. may your words reach those who most need to hear them.

    all the best,


  • LOVE this one! i do not think you wrote one thing i do not believe and have always believed. took my husband (dragged us through a psych system nightmare) ten years to believe, but you have perfectly written the truth i have always known. it is unreal how difficult it is to knock this sense into others, especially others who are suffering and would be so greatly helped if only they woke up to the truth!

    ty for sharing and good luck in your quest to share this all-important message.

    all the best


  • good analogy, angry dad. it is almost like the mds are the all-knowing gods and we challengers are cast aside. all the proof is crystal clear to my somewhat intelligent mind, yet when i try to explain to others, to “convert” others, they treat me like i don’y know waht i’m talking about. trying desperately to get my close realtive off the nonsense adhd “cocaine” he’s been taking for years and his parents just refuse to acknowledge the truth…

    i keep trying


  • hi, aria. my husband (the person in our family who fell for the lies and led our family on a years-long trek to hell) is definitely planning on going back to all the “professionals” who diagnosed and drugged and rediagnosed and redrugged him to show them the truth of what they did. he’s just waiting to be in the know and drug-free long enough so that they will not see his being himself again, finally, as a blip but as a result of dropping all their lies and labels and drugs… if everyone harmed presented the truth to their doctors, wouldn’t soem of them, at least, change their tune even a bit? like you said, are they really that blind??

  • my research and my (husband’s) horrific experience lets me simply know this: if you think it’s ok to take street drugs or drink alcohol to cure what ails you then go ahead and take a legal psychotropic prescription drug. if you agree it would be unwise to turn to street drugs or alcohol then you must never take a prescription drug either. there is no difference. the legal drugs will not cure anything. they might make you feel better temporarily, but so do illegal drugs and alcohol. no drugs will ever, ever cure whatever plagues your mind nad keeps you from living your full life.
    every human has the power to put his mind in a comfortable, settled place. the power is in his mind and body- never on a prescription pad, never in a pharmacy, never on a street corner. period.
    once a person wakes up to this undeniable truth the healing will begin. regulars on MIA know we as a society have been bamboozled . everyone who knows the truth please, plesae pass it on.

    happy labor day. all


  • no worries- your life is very purposeful!! my story in a nutshell- my husband and father of my 4 kids got us caught in a decade-long nightmare of legal psychotropic drugs and personality change (understaetment !) and betrayal and- destruction- you know the story. he’s finally woken up to the truths i have always known. our lives have been shattered and sometimes the only thing that helps me at all is when i speak the truth and engage in activism and try to get the world to wake up already to the lies and really to the fact that the emperor has no clothe on. when i am validated, like with a post like yours, i gain a little strength to move forward.

    thanks so much. keep it up,,


  • I. LOVE. IT. you have put so eloquently into words what i have always believed. when i tell people i certainly believe in peace of mind and feelings of settlement and problems and struggles but that i do not believe in “mental illness” they never quite seem to understand what i am saying. from now on i’ll have to refer them to your article.

    thank you for sharing. please keep on speaking the truth. one day the world just might be ready to hear it.

    be well


  • hi, fluffy. yup- nuts, isn’t it?? my story in one sentence is- my husband’s ten year journey through harmful mind drug taking for no reason has destroyed so much for our family. my mission, of course, is to speak out and save others ( though i can’t be as vocal as i’d like for i have to preserve some anonymity). i’m finding that a great place to start is in the area of mind drugs and kids. even if people still believe in crap like all the adult disorders needing drugs, most intelligent people, when they take the time to step back nad really think, realize that adhd is a hoax. and from there you can show how all the adult ‘disorders” and “helpful necessary medications” follow the same pattern invented by pharm comp and psych docs.

    be well and share the message


  • love it!! how can we hang this letter in all the places it must be seen? how is this world so blind when the truth about ” adhd” and so much else is so, so obvious?

    i have friends and relatives who are health nuts about the snacks their kids eat, go crazy
    monitoring their activities- then every day they give them their poison pills. makes no sense.

    thanks for putting the truth out there,


  • dr. h wrote a truly excellent article- thank you!

    I want to say to you, ron, that the points he made were not exaggerated or unbalanced. those of us who, because of our experiences , need to throw the truth in the faces of all the misguided believers in the warped, terrible harmful system do not exaggerate when we say the world would be better off with all the mind drugs dumped in the ocean or- there are no good long-term outcomes on these drugs or- all child psychiatrists should be thrown in jail because it is criminal to”mind drug” children. this is the truth. and because the voices in the system are so loud and exaggerated and unbalanced, the voices like dr hickey’s must be as well.

    keep up the good work, dr h