Saturday, September 18, 2021

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  • Hi Donna,

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts.

    In respect of what you say about third world countries, I was talking to an African friend (more an acquaintence – sorry I’ve forgotten what country he said he’s from but I think it was Guyana) who was telling me about how his cousin who had been having severe so-called mental health problems for several years and was being treated by mental health workers. This was in London, England where I live. My friend ended up giving up work and devoted his full-time to looking after his cousin for about 6 months. However, his cousin wasn’t getting any better and ultimately my friend and his cousin’s family decided that it was best for his cousin to return to his African country. However, when the mental health workers heard of this plan they started acusing my friend of exploiting his cousin and did not like this plan at all so they arranged one of their “Professionals Meeting” and my friend told them that his cousin was only going to his African country for a couple of weeks holiday, even though this was not so. The family carried out their plan to send him back to Africa for good and my friend said that within about 3 months his cousins was working in a petrol station and had totally recovered from his “mental health problems”. I was quite surprised but my friend said he has had heard many times of people with mental health problems in European countries who returned to their African countries and totally recover within a few months.

  • It always amuses me when someone implies there is no other better alternatives. Human beings have such vast capacities but normally the majority are incapacitated at the hands of the few who greedily and selfishly want everything and give nothing to others. Unfortunately, it has been my personal experience as a non-clinical worker that mental health workers (which includes social workers, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, even psychiatric nurses) are part of this greedy, selfish group.

    Oh! And I agree 100% with what Donna has said.