Monday, July 26, 2021

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  • As someone who previously worked for many years with people suffering Anorexia nervosa, just looking at photos of Justina, she doesn’t appear to have AN. What does she say about how she feels? She’s old enough to help direct her own care and not be governed by her parents’ inclinations. If she was given control, what would she want to do? However, also from those years of familiarity with AN, she may have one of the auto immune colitis conditions or that mysterious syndrome where the stomach just will not tolerate whole food. One girl was brought halfway around the world to the eating disorder specialist unit here with suspected anorexia and bulimia, but found immediately to have Crohn’s disease. The psychiatrist took her off all medication and handed her over to the gastro and immunology team. Gastroenterologists here in South Australia also have several young people on overnight enteral feeding permanently for complete food intolerance. In fact one young fellow has now married and his wife is expecting a child, even though he cannot eat normal meals at all without crippling pain and subsequent severe weight loss. I hope Justina recovers from whatever she has, or they find a satisfactory treatment for her ailments that leaves her with no significant disability.

  • So many drug reps are nurses looking for higher pay and a chance to tell doctors what to do for a change. I was offered a job as a drug rep by one of the big boys in Australia, but I couldn’t bear the idea of “selling” a drug just because I was paid to rather than by researching it and perhaps discovering it DID work. How do doctors get talked into becoming “attached” to particular drugs if they have no evidence that they really work? I guess some might be tempted by the thought of direct research/trial funding, but surely most would see that as bias? It’s very discouraging to see people like Pat McGorry being funded by drug companies then being chosen to represent the rest of his profession on supposedly objective government committees.

  • I’m a long term sufferer from major depression, well trained & experienced in psychological health research & have spent nearly 15 years working on the psychiatric ward of a general hospital. I first decided I needed help with my own depression when I was working with people who had been admitted to the ward whose symptoms weren’t as bad as my own! My boss (a psychiatrist who hadn’t spotted my depression) referred me to a lovely, caring psychiatrist who talked with me, helped me plan a happier life & gave me various medications over time until we discovered the right combination of pills & talk. After a 12 year gap where I coped reasonably well, I have been referred to another caring psychiatrist, after experiencing two psychologists who didn’t really seem to gauge the depth of my existential despair. This new helper is engineering my release from dependence on high doses of antidepressants onto a combination of nutrient supplementation, hormone & vitamin balance, regular physical activity, prescribed pleasant activities & prescribed socialising! The odd thing is that she trained on the ward where I used to work and had 5 years training in traditional Freudian & Jungian psychotherapy, but she doesn’t impose any of this philosophy on patients whom she perceives to need something different! I am improving well (but I’m currently having a winter dip in function), getting off high doses of Effexor WITHOUT extra side effects and getting into a frame of mind where I can finish my postgrad work this year. Incidentally, this shrink also believes in getting any physical problems properly fixed or controlled before expecting a lot of improvement in depression. Therefore, she organised for me to have diagnostic work on my painful joints and prescribed simple, non-sedative paracetamol, glucosamine & omega-3 fish oils herself. She also discovered I had a thyroid deficiency & Vitamin D deficiency & made sure my GP prescribed with those in mind & ordered repeat lab tests. She told me that her philosophy is to eliminate any possibility of underlying pain, even that which might not be noticed during sleep, before deciding that depression needs its own medication. I think this is very refreshing, although it doesn’t seem to be a common approach here in Australia.

  • This really resonates!:
    “Many people with severe anxiety and/or depression are also anti-authoritarians. Often a major pain of their lives that fuels their anxiety and/or depression is fear that their contempt for illegitimate authorities will cause them to be financially and socially marginalized; but they fear that compliance with such illegitimate authorities will cause them existential death.”
    I’m severely depressed most of the time & felt I could not comply with the registration requirements to become a clinical psychologist as they stood, so I’ve had a continuing fight to be considered worth listening to on any matters psychological, including teaching it to college students. I’ve lacked career progression as I’ve not “sucked up” to the right people because I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Now people suggest that my overwhelming desire to get meaningful work should mean starting right at the bottom again as a checkout operator, rather than resume in health research where I have a good, long reputation; but as a paradigm-challenger (sometimes successful). To me being a checkout operator would be existential death, probably shortly followed by self-induced real-life death. The authorities I keep challenging are too powerful for me to shift in my own lifetime, I fear. I also know countless others, esp. young men who are just being taught things the wrong way for their natural mindset. No one has to sit in a classsroom 8 hours a day to learn something worthwhile for real life.