Monday, May 10, 2021

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  • In her late sixties now, my mother’s mental decline has been rapid and she suffers seizures and seems to have dementia. She has been on antidepressant medication for thirty years and in the past ten has changed from a caring, intelligent, proactive woman to one who sleeps all day and has little interest in anything. It is truly frightening how GPs dish out these drugs like lollies for any life stress – used as a panacea for those who have genuine reasons for being sad – partner break up, stress – real actual reasons to be unhappy. Lazy and dangerous doctoring. What’s going to happen epigenetically ? The ramifications are astounding. In my own middle class wealthy neighbourhood, the GPs seem to be more interested in sport and recreation…perhaps their minds are not really on their jobs ! Do they research these drugs or just prescribe and hurry on to the next patient ? They should be accountable as I am in my cafe. I’m amazed they are still prescribed so prolifically and readily. Thank you for the article and interesting website.