Tuesday, September 27, 2022

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  • Between drugs and coercive measures I had to leave special ed. in 2004. Can’t believe I stumble in here today and find your thoughtful article on drugs, children and education. Spot on assessment of the situation but I’d throw in the “you will learn by intimidation” meme that pervades education as well.

    I thought it all utter insanity. Since, I developed a toolkit to evaluate the behavioral memes using intellectual standards found here: http://criticalthinking.org/pages/critical-thinking-where-to-begin/796 and assessing using NOT psychology but using the ethological perspective of genotype and phenotype, evolution, adaption, neurological, mutation, and social context which all basically follows Tinbergen’s four questions.

    See for example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ethology or http://www.nel.edu/21_6/NEL21062000X001_Klein_.pdf
    for a brief or in-depth overview of ethology.

    And since most educators educated in the US aren’t familiar with ethology and it’s vastly superior science methods when compared to psychology or psychiatry -we are in the dark as to the validity of what we are now doing. It is troubling, but I think you are on the way to shining the light on the creepy underside of misdiagnosis, fear and greedy profits.