Friday, February 26, 2021

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  • Yes Duane…..the very notion those young women and equally as horrifying men (since no 18 year old girl in America rich or poor deserves entitlement to life and limb over any boy, even less if she is not a conscientious objector and the boy is) is part and parcel of the mental illness running rampant in America. Thank you for mentioning this. Time to look at the negative affects of a violent, oppressed culture on the mental health of once innocent kids. This is exactly the culture within of which is causing shootings in schools and otherwise….The American unsustainable (yet profitable in pockets of perpetrators) culture of building a war economy rather than peace economy. I learned this myself as a woman who grew the ladder of corporate America to executive level and getting sneak preview of “business ethics” within (have since left my cushy double six figure income to do something good for society), from traveling around the world and standing corrected on our American sense of supremacy and being commissioned by God to drop bombs around the world, own more guns than any nation in the world, then turn around and call our youth shooting people “mentally ill”. Our culture within taught them such mental illness…..we are becoming a 3rd world.

  • nonchalantly mentioning the “marines” and worse, anyone believing a poor boy would make such “choice” over me, a woman from a privileged home, is even worse. Above and beyond this well written article about how “mental illness” is “on the rise” in USA mainly due to pathologizing of normal behavior, over drugging America and adverse drug affects….is the number one cause of a “rise” in “mental illness”: The American culture within of extolling so much “virtue” over war, weapons, violence for profit. We use powerful marketing slogans purposely instilling false flag fear onto the American people of need for so much “defense”…..from guns, war, and other costly weapons. USA spends more than half the world combined on war/weapons, rather than health, education, services, environmental justice all of which “protect” our people FAR FAR FAR more than any of our wars ever have, foremost the young women and just as sady men put into harms way for nothing but a corrupt political/economic model driving our nation to 110th in global peace rating. THAT is what is causing “mental illness” on top of the insightful information detailed here. Every tragic episode across our nation of late can be directly traced to our military mindset….the CT school shooting, AZ Safeway shooting of Gabby Giffords, the Co cinema shooting, Boston Bombing and even 9/11……have all happened DUE to our culture within. If anyone wishes to remain in the dark on this fact, unfortunately they remain within the zone of the mental illness running rampant in our nation.