Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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  • Thank you Steve. Yes, it’s “awful” what these neurotoxins do to so many people and will continue to do to even more innocent “victims.” This article about TD makes me think of your book, “Jerk Radar” in that the psychiatric/pharmaceutical industrial complex are the “Jerks,” the domineering, control freaks, who we all need to be cautious about. To use a “street term,” many of us have been “slimed” by the drug pushing prescribers.
    Many of us have been “slimed” by the biochemical medical model ideology that acts as a “meme,” a virus in the brain that casts its spell on the minds of its unsuspecting, innocent, victims. The old saying about “putting a bug in their ears” via ingenious copy writing (propaganda) is a tool of choice for these “Jerks.” I’m no longer “under the spell” of the biochemical medical model sales and marketing propaganda campaign…

    I’m wondering when Sammi Timimi’s book “Insane Medicine” will be available for purchase. I want to send a copy to my Congressman and plead for a Congressional Hearing on the subject of corrupt psychiatric and pharmaceutical practices. This book is a much needed “whistleblower.”
    As I was searching for information about purchasing S. Timimi’s book, I came across a “paper,” published in a journal called Sociology of Health and Illness, about how the WHO is encouraging member states to adopt “Westernized Psychiatry” and that it is “problematic.” Here’s the URL of the paper:

    I want the writers at MIA and the overseas affiliates to read this paper and write an article on it. The title of the paper is “Poles apart: does the export of mental health expertise from the Global North to the Global South represent a neutral relocation of knowledge and practice.” This is “Capitalistic Colonization” at it’s rampant worst. The WHO is encouraging the dangerous spread of the oppressive, commercialized, profit driven, biochemical medical model ideological/war that kills people.

    I urge everyone to read the above mentioned paper.

  • I have TD…I’ve had it for years. A sleep clinic diagnosed it as “Restless Leg Syndrome” and prescribed something for it and “it went away” When I started tapering off an “anti-psychotic,” the TD was unmasked again. Now, my legs shake, sometimes violently, when I try to go to sleep and when I wake up. As I sit here typing, my right leg is shaking. I knew someone whose TD was so bad, he couldn’t sit still or fall asleep. It was so bad, he killed himself over the prospects of having TD for the rest of his life…
    This article by RW makes me angry over knowing my precious brain is damaged and that the damage might be “global” and spread as I age and continue with my tapering…WOW, angry, angry, angry at so-call “psychiatry.” I fell into the cracks of the “mental health industry” in 1989 and I’m 71 now. I also have debilitating sexual dysfunction that the Urologist says is due to both psychiatric chemicals and diabetes which is also caused by the psych chemicals/neurotoxins.
    I “found” MIA four years ago this Fall and appreciated the comment/discussion section on the articles.
    I don’t favor lengthy comments. Thank you to all the writers and commentators. Fuck psychiatry!