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  • Sometimes I am so close to it, that I assume others recognize that if children in general are targeted for harm that marginalized groups will fare far worse.

    Psych-rights is Jim Gottstein’s website, the famous attorney who fought the Meyers case. He is on sabbatical this year.

    I started mine 5 years ago as a complete novice and just kept adding to it. Today, I keep the site alive because folks from around the world visit it, albeit just 30-50/day now, but it is in desperate need of a web designer because I added too much. I have added very little for the last year. My site is . Also the site has not been updated to include my latest understanding about the similarities of corrupt institutions and how they abuse, harm and are shielded from justice. I think I will try and create a facebook page to share about the dangers of the Murphy bill with more people and the other institutional threats. Do you have a web page?

  • Yes, the German psyhiatrists did murder tens of thousands of people in the asylums long before the Nazis soldiers began the horror in the concentration camps, and they also sterilized thousands. Indeed the ovens were later dismantled from the hospitals and rebuilt in the concentration camps

    However, it is critical to be ware that…

    “The forced sterilization program engineered by the Nazis was partly inspired by California’s.

    After the eugenics movement was well established in the United States, it was spread to Germany.

    California eugenicists began producing literature promoting eugenics and sterilization and sending it overseas to German scientists and medical professionals.

    By 1933,[before mass sterilization and cremation began in Germany] California had subjected more people to forceful sterilization than all other U.S. states combined. ”

    The majority of the California subjects were not only people labeled as “defective” because they did not fit the “normal” label, but also were people who were considered less than, including the poor, women, and people of color.

    However, We the people, I would like to believe are moving toward a higher spiral of evolutionary consciousness, and will join hands, hearts, and brilliance; ignoring the artificially created differences in our humanity and not be willing to allow the sacrifice anymore of our sisters and brothers (irregardless of the label) to be tortured and abused. We must build from the ground up conditions that no longer destroy hopes and dreams and use the broken bodies for profit , but instead build communities that are inclusive and empowering; communities that inhale our dreams and exhale them into the life of the community.

  • Thank you for adding your voice to the need to create grassroot sanctuaries for healing our children and all of those who have been harmed. In Corrie ten Boom’s story about the Holocaust she spoke of such a need for the survivors, and indeed she and others did create such sanctuaries after being freed. There is no less a need today for such healing sanctuaries for the survivors of abuse from all of the institutions mentioned above and others not named.

    Remember during WW2 when they ask every family to create a victory garden (not that I support war)… well we are living in the middle of a war with drugs that was/is being waged against us and other sanctioned legalized abuses and so now I believe the call should be that every neighborhood create a grassroots respite house and healing sanctuary;.

  • Yes… More than one of the MOMS I have worked with has referred to their horrendous experience as “what it must have felt like during the holocaust.” One Mom had to barricade her door to prevent the illegal entry into her home, a second time, by police accompanied by a DHS agent (Department of Health Services) who were trying to force her adult daughter into a mental hospital, even though she had a diagnosis of brain injury, and an appointment to see the nation’s leading brain injury specialist. Their nightmare hasn’t ended and no help seems in sight. We have been in search of a lawyer willing to take her extremely well documented case of for 2 years.

    However, psychiatry is just one of the institutions that has been given the power to harm, cripple and confine indefinitely with almost no accountability or consequence (and please remember not all psychiatrist practice in this manner). The 1980’s not only brought on the war WITH drugs, the war ON drugs was also engineered in the media in much the same way, during the same era. It is no accident that we have the world’s largest prison population and very little has to do with crime. To those who have suffered massive incarceration, drugging and torture as a form of social control, 1984 was/is a reality.
    And yet, I truly believe that as we wake up and realize that our struggles have a common origin, we can begin to collectively rewrite the script and create neighborhoods and communities where all hearts can heal and we can support each other to begin to live our dreams!

  • Hi Suzanne,
    You know Suzanne, we Mothers had hoped that the story of “life after treatment” might be akin to life after a near death experience…you know the ones where the person through some tragic experience passes through the darkness in some form and then experiences their true selves as a beautiful empowered, Loved Being now ready to return and ready to open up to all of Life’s gifts and offer them to the world… Instead all too often…actually most of the time (especially forced and court ordered treatment), ”
    Life after massive drug and made-up storytelling treatment” is some form of death… Psychiatric Times your denial is symbolic for what Life after treatment is for our Beloved Ones…A DENIAL…. A denial of the Gift of themselves ..and instead what was given them a mirror image of a nightmare of the worse kind…death of the Soul
    Psychiatric Times, You have earned your adds you have earned the badge to protect and promote… but please know this…
    you may deny our stories but they will live forever in our hearts and in our homes and in our communities and in time our tears and our strength will grow to deny your denial; and in some near future, Our Stories will becomes Songs of the Winds of Change…and Life’s future Children will come to know Life’s crisis as a time, not as being labeled and treated, but the precursor to an ever more beautiful opening and blossoming of their true selves..witnessed and tended by the community in waiting… with every caress of the breeze we are growing growing growing… the Winds of Change are now upon us…

  • Hello Friends,
    This is Cindi one more time. I want to share how deeply grateful I am to all of you that responded, either here in the comment session or to me personally, or with your prayers . It has been a most gratifying to experience you as part of the Growing Village I believe We are Becoming.

    Today was very special, as Siddharta and I spent 4 hours together in the “real world,” after a meeting to discuss his forthcoming discharge. Prayers are welcomed, as I attempt tomorrow March 14, to paint a picture to the Department Of Clark County Corrections(DOC) of how they have been given false and fraudulent information; since they are the only member of the discharge team that is not yet totally on board with Siddharta being discharged in less than two weeks. He so desperately longs for his Freedom…two weeks he thinks he can stand…more than that, he shares, would be devastating.

    I am new at this and although I would have like to responded to each of you personally, I have tried to keep my life balanced and not become overwhelmed, not only with outrage, but with the “important things to do list.” So I have not responded in writing very often, only in my heart. I so appreciate how so many of you answered or responded to each others comments… for me it was a beautiful example of villag-ism :)., although it is clear that this is just how this beautiful interaction works.

    If you would like a personal response, feel free to email me at the email address above, and be patient with me. If you want to track Beyond Soteria Co-op Housing Project sign up for the email newsletter at

    I promise to return here and CELEBRATE with you when Siddharta is Home and FREE!

    With Love and Gratitude,
    Cindi Fisher

  • Hello Friends,
    Despite the struggles and horrors of Siddharta’s and my journey, there was actually, more than one person, conference, or event, that gave me hope. Yes, Dr. Breggin, and information regarding the scientific proof of the often devastating effects of the drugs, were critical to my “awakening;” but for continued “HOPE” I have relied on All of YOU!
    The number of visitors to the MOMS website at continues to grow and the number of people who respond to urgent alerts to help an endangered survivor is heartwarming. It is you and I, and so many others coming together, standing together, to say enough is enough!!! and backing it with our actions; and going the next step to strive to create meaningful alternatives. That is what gives me the greatest hope.
    I would like to share with you three projects that I am involved in; perhaps some of you will be moved to join us; and although your involvement can be electronically, and that would be welcomed, I hope that a few of you will be inspired enough to actually, physically join us to create the desparately needed alternatives and make the beautiful Northwest your new home.
    You are Invited to Join Us! Come for an hour by telephone, two days for the symposium, or make the Beautiful Northwest your new home!
    1. Welcome to Rethinking Psychiatry’s and Chitari’s Mind-Body Symposium May 16-17 in Portland, Oregon featuring Dr. Gordon, the founder and director of The Center for Mind Body Medicine in Washington DC. It will be 1 ½ days of likeminded people inspiring each other and having fun while we are at it.
    2.) Beyond Soteria! A small dedicated core group are currently looking for two houses together to purchase in Vancouver, WA., 20 minutes from Portland OR and our Rethinking Psychiatry friends. We envision creating two empowering, safe Village-like-Co-op houses that will model how neighborhoods can support individuals in crisis and/or moving beyond psychiatric drugs; including the crisis induced from trauma or psychiatric drug- induced violence, and at the same time build sustainability and real community among neighbors. If you would like to know more write me at The [email protected] and put in the subject Beyond Soteria.
    The original Soteria House is our beginning inspiration, and yet, Soteria focused on first time psychosis experiencers. TODAY there are so many that experience and/or suffer some from multiple psychosis episodes; others from the torture and trauma of forced inhumane, degrading, treatment in the mental illness and criminal justice systems; and still others from the effects, after effects and withdrawal of psychiatric drugs. So embracing all of the rich lessons from Soteria, we are holding the vision of what comes next; Beyond Soteria
    3) A Community Bill of Rights, legally enforceable, that would include, among other rights; the right of its community members to be free from forced injections and forced commitment. Sounds like a pipe dream??? Watch these two 10-12 minute videos interviewing Paul Cienfuegos, from Portland Oregon, explaining how 160 communities in only the last 12 years, have taken back many different rights and empowered their community to protect the safety and welfare of its citizens. A few of us from different parts of the country just finished a 6 weeks, weekly teleconference session, studying the history of the Community Rights Movement. Next we envision inviting You to join us in our next 6 week teleconference. We will use that history to embolden us to craft a bill of rights to protect the legal capacity of those labeled and targeted as mentally ill and create a mandate for alternatives, as well as strategize on how to actually pass such a legally binding ordinance, in our first town. If you would like to know more mail me at The [email protected] and put in the subject “Bill of Rights Teleconference.
    Cindi Fisher