Monday, November 28, 2022

Comments by Redliana

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  • I must point out that income inequality itself is not the cause of poor mental and physical health outcomes, but rather that people without means disproportionately live in family and social environments that lead to extensive trauma, and have limited means to seek assistance for physiological ailments. It is the complex developmental trauma, typically intergenerational, that leads to the most serious adverse outcomes, and this will not be magically solved by redistributing financial resources.

    The psychiatric care community cannot stop mental illness with any of the invasive means they highlight. What will ameliorate many human ills is creating a societal environment where subsistence needs are met in all circumstances, education is preeminent, and connectedness with other caring humans available to all.

  • I suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks that are resistant to non pharmacological interventions. For years I’ve tried CBT, DBT, meditation and other mindfullness based techniques, yoga and several other counseling methodologies, and in the end the only thing that helps me to reduce severe acute anxiety are benzodiazepines. I am very concerned that, similar to opiates, these drugs will be swept up in the hysteria of side effects, addiction, harm, etc. and people like me will no longer be able to access them, and hence no longer have a functional life. If prescriptions were limited to 2 weeks I would be unable to work or have meaningful interactions with the world. Cases like mine must be considered at the same time as considering the potential for harm to others. I should not be collateral damage in what I view as an ideological war against pharmaceuticals.