Friday, May 14, 2021

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  • Just about Folic acid: last year i assumed as part of a therapy suggested by an orthomolecular doctor 2,5 mg of folic acid x day.
    I must admit i felt a good mood for the first weeks but right 1 week after i began this supplements i got a flu that lasted for 5 and half monthes. Tried to stop everything one by one without success after it turned out my flu was without any apparent cause. Just after i stopped folic acid (wich casually i kept for last) the flu ceased in a pair of weeks.
    I have read that folic acid is believed by some to create problems on conversion to 5-mthf. As i am a1298cMTHFR homozigous maybe this could be an explanation for my bad experience.
    That’s just to say something about folic acid.

  • 1) I never said that “all products have research”, i said that researches should be done on the substances not on branded products. Vitamins and mineral are always vitamins and minerals irrespective of the brand and commercial name. I know quality may change but this is another matter.
    3) Why should somebody assume a nutrient if he s not deficient in that? There exist already tests to deduce that, why shooting in the dark with a one fits all approach?
    4)I never said i m receiving benefits, i’m just trying.

  • Uhmm… i think the studies should be on nutrients not on the brand of the product. You say you proved those nutrients are effective for mental health? Well i can find the same nutrients in better forms for a more reasonable price. As you surely know (i hope so) some of the nutrients on EMP+ which are already known to be helpful in some cases of cronic illnesses are Folic acid and b12. But it s widely known that the sintetic form of folic acid can create some problems and is less effective than methylfolate and that cyanob12 as well isn’t effective as other more active forms. Did you actually discovered WHY this particular formula should be helpful? If not, HOW did you arrive to select those particular nutrients and those particulr doses?

  • Well i had a EPA deficiency for sure as it showed blood tests on fatty acids. But fish oil didn’t help the same. It is also incredibly difficult to find fish oil high in EPA. Also fish oil ruts very easily. I don’t use sources of Omega 6 cause the only oil i use for food and cooking is olive oil. I don’t eat processed foods.
    Still it s absurdly simplicistic thinking that one simple formula could help everybody. IF nutrients can improve mental health the amount type and number of nutrients you need should be quite subjective and not one for everybody.
    I assumed many supplements, recently i assumed Doctor’s best multi wich is quite similar to EMP+ but has 5 mthf instead of folic acid and methylb12. Anyway for what i know b12 cannot be absorbed by ingestion but only by injection or sublingually.
    Also, chelated minerals if not specified could contain glutamate. All EMP+ minerals are ‘chelated’ without specification.

  • Well, almost every vitamin-mineral formula with big claims has at least one or more studies with it. And this make me deduce that probably producing at least one study with it could be part of the mechandising strategy. Isn’t iceland the happy land because they eat lot of fish? Well i assumed the strongest EPA fish oil for monthes and my depression symptoms didn’t change at all.

    Please can you explain to me this: in the EMPowerplus site they claim that it is effective against almost all psychiatrich disorders exept schizofrenia. How is it possible, if DOSES are so important as you say, that a single formula could be effective with a variety of cases, each with different symptoms and combinations of symptoms? Shouldn’t they have each one special, personalised needs for nutrients and minerals? So that particular formula should be useful for you but not for me.

  • I must say i don t like this article. It sounds like a hidden commercial. Please somebody responde to my question “What should make the EMPowerplus better than other ordinary mutlimineral-vitamin?? Is it maybe ‘magical’? To me it looks just a bad quality mutli-formula. One of the hundreds of garbage sold in the web with wonderful claims!
    Furthermore it does actually contains the worst form of Folate (that is the folic acid instead of 5mthf) and the worst b12 wich is cyanocobalamin when there are others like xydroxy, adenosyl or methyl b12.
    Is it Folic acid safe??? Where?? And the studies that point to the role of sinthetic B9 in cancer?
    Should this be a serious, critical and neutral piece or just a commercial? The web is full of this stuff, and i’m trired of it. They play with our lifes!