Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • I’m a 42 year old man living in the UK. I was first prescribed Seroxat (Paxil) when I was 19. Some 23 years later, and following several attempts to withdraw from that drug where the final attempt almost saw me taking my own life at the end of a 3 year withdrawal programme, I now find myself on 225mg of Venlafaxine daily. I read this article with huge interest. When I first started to withdraw from Seroxat when I was 26 (16 years ago), many people thought my problems with withdrawal were ‘all in my head’. It feels edifying to see that the issue of psychiatric drug withdrawal is finally coming into the public domain with some acknowledged visibility. I’ve had to move beyond anger with what has happened to me and work hard at trying to re-build my life; that’s not been easy. My physical health has been irreparably damaged including major weight gain issues, soul destroying sexual dysfunction and extensive dental problems. I was reflecting on my sadness about this ‘life experience’, that I didn’t sign up for, with my therapist recently. I explained to her that I knew I didn’t have a choice now but to stay on anti-depressants for life as I just seem physically unable to withdraw, let alone be emotionally, financially and spiritually strong enough to weather another catastrophic life storm, which could ultimately drown me if I tried again. My hope is that public health services will seek to address this emerging crisis and provide safe, structured and supportive withdrawal programmes so that one day I might be given the chance to have my body free of the medications that have plagued all of my adult life to date. As a man of 42, I like myself and I like my life; I don’t want to die. I’d need a firm promise of support from the health system to support another withdrawal before I’d ever seek to risk everything once again. I’m an optimist and believe that one day, that professional support might be available. I live in hope.