Monday, October 18, 2021

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  • Lucy,

    Thank you are expressing the material reality of being in the psychiatric system. Personally I am in the twenty-second year of my psychiatric career and the next time I see a mental health professional it is guaranteed that I will be treated as knowing absolutely nothing about my condition while sounding like an electrocuted Scotsman. Perish the thought that the ordinary person should catch on that all you have to do to never work again is to see a psychiatrist for the ten minutes that it takes to be labelled, the line-up would from Washington DC to New York City.

  • First I have to disclose I am a fraud I am not American nor do I live in the USA. I live in London, England. My interest here is the debate on Open Dialogue.

    Recently I visited Kingsley Hall made famous both by Gandhi and Ronnie Laing (RD Laing) and Kingsley Hall is considered to be the mecca of anti-psychiatry. Over here we consider Open Dialogue to be post-psychiatry rather than anti-psychiatry.

    In England we have a social care model more in tune with Finland, a psychiatric model in terms of clinical care more in tune with the USA while being supported by the taxpayer and an economic model more American than European. It has to be recognised Open Dialogue is practiced in a region of Finland and note nationally. Also Finland in terms of population is a small country.

    Dr. Mary Olson wrote “There are significant cross-cultural issues, since the US has homelessness, poverty, more social isolation, and other issues that do not exist in Finland.”

    Having the pleasure of the company of Finns over the years I may have a better insight to their psyche than many Americans. The Finns have one of the best funded health services in Western Europe and puts our NHS (National Health Service) to shame.

    larmac posted “could have been a sequel to the movie One Fly Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Beside not being allowed to see our son, initially, the hospital forcibly drugged him so badly he resembled the patients in that movie- lisping, drooling, shuffling his feet and way more psychotic than how he entered” – unfortunately I recognise this description – in London we suffer in our state funded mental hospitals a culture of systemic brutality and the over-medicating of patients verging on the criminal.

    I am hopeful that globally psychiatric services can learn from the example of Open Dialogue and that a humane form of psychiatric care becomes the norm worldwide