Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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  • This is not news! or fiction!
    Thank you Peter Gotzsche for speaking out. You are to be commended and I hope this gives others the courage to break the code of silence.
    In 1997, an Australian psychiatrist, Dr. Yolande Lucire, started reporting these recurring results she observed in her patients to the Medical Authorities. Like Galileo and the people of his time, history has proven him to be right and the majority incorrect, they could not believe the world was round. The authorities were in disbelief at what Dr. Lucire was telling them. Thalidamide was the new wonder drug and how many lives did it damage.
    My respected psychiatrist referred me to Dr. Lucire.
    Dr. Lucire withdraw me from Anti-psychotics, mood-stabilizers and anti-depressants over a slow period of time years ago. No hospitalizations, or pills or psychiatrists any more. The treatment for a little hiccup in life lead to years of illness which, if left to take its course of natural healing and emotional support, would have prevented years of serious illness and family upheaval.
    History will look back on this period of psychiatry with disbelief.