Monday, January 18, 2021

Comments by Ervinos

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  • Hi Tina,

    I’m glad someone is writing about Foucault here – I like his work a lot. I think he gives us tools to ‘think against the present’, that is, to see how certain ‘truths’ are socially produced over time, & to question the value & utility of these (particularly to those ‘caught up’ as subjects of them – prisoners, ‘psychiatric patients’, etc). I think his main point was, if we can work out how these things (assumptions, practices, claims to truth) are put together, we can undo them, & your statement ‘What Iā€™m aiming to do in some of my work now is to explore how the current forms of psychiatric oppression are connected to deeper structures precisely in order to work on ending those deeper structures or anticipating them at the same time to the extent possible’ seems a very Foucauldian project to me. All power to you in that šŸ™‚ Ian