Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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  • My child had functional disorder with no apparent medical disease for years. And, then a new blood test came out, and now she has a real medical disorder. That shows you how reliable a somatoform diagnosis is. You might as well declare that unicorns are real because you can’t prove they aren’t.

  • A parent’s civil rights to raise their child are accompanied by a CHILD’S RIGHT TO REMAIN WITH AND BE RAISED BY HIS OR HER PARENTS. When we, as a society, decide to interfere in the most basic human right that exists, to raise your young, we need to base it on solid evidence.

    The somatoform diagnosis CAN NEVER be demonstrated through evidence. It simply cannot. In fact, many people believe it doesn’t even exist outside of the minds of some psychiatrists. It is a social construct, not a disease.

    And, EVEN IF parents encourage their child to believe she is sick — how bad should it get before we deprive three people of their human rights, because the act of taking a child from her home is psychologically DEVASTATING. The act of locking a child into an institution and performing treatments on her body that she does not consent to is DEVASTATING. How do we justify the costs that we are imposing on this child. Do we REALLY believe we have made her life BETTER?

    After eighteen months, does she agree that her life is better?

    She’ll be an adult in 2 years. At this point, she is mature enough to assess her current situation, and her previous situation, and make a choice about where she wants to live. They’ve had 18 months to do whatever brainwashing they wanted to do on her. She should be thoroughly reprogrammed by now.