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  • I wouldn’t call the damage done to my grandmother in the late 50’s as “alleged”. Shock turned a vibrant woman who was an artist, gardener, and Wise Woman among her Native American people into an empty husk of a woman. After the shock all she did was sit at the kitchen table staring at the floor and drinking coffee and chain smoking cigarettes. She didn’t even recognize me as her grandson. No more art, no more gardening, no more anything. This was a woman who could go out into her yard and call hummingbirds down to sit in the upturned palms of her hands, before the shock. Please don’t tell me that this was “alleged” damage.

    I’m interested in the fact that you became a psychiatrist when you are a person with lived experience. There are other psychiatrists out there with lived experience but the ones I’m thinking about don’t take part in the drugging or the shocking of people. Why are you a psychiatrist?

  • So, it sounds like you’re thinking more about yourself than the true and real welfare of the older gentleman you described. So, you would give shock to save your behind at all costs? Maybe it would be better to get out of psychiatry period and do something else.

    So why don’t you just take a baseball bat and hit the man in the head with it? You’ll get the same kind of results as you would from giving him shock and I guess you’d save your butt at the same time.

  • “Lets call it what it is, psycho-pharmaceutical colonialism.”

    Exactly. The Japanese culture never had a word in their language for “depression”. They did appreciate sadness and the things in life that can cause us to be sad. This is why they have an entire historical period in which there was a large emphasis for the appreciation of even the smallest things in life because life is oftentimes difficult and short. I may be wrong but I want to say it was the Edo period. This period and its philosophy was responsible for some of the greatest art and literature ever produced ty the Japanese people.

    And then the Western drug companies and Western psychiatry saw a lucrative new place to, as you call it so aptly, colonize and they sent their front men into Japan. In the end they were very successful in convincing the Japanese people that depression was real and that it’s an illness that you need to be drugged for. So, psychiatry and the drug companies are not only destroying countless lives, they are responsible for the destruction of a culture, society, and philosophy. The philosophy worked very well for Japanese society until the system got its hands on everything. It’s disgusting.

  • The Cat

    Your comment about the war on drugs reminded me of something. In the Nixon administration they created a program that was going to use psychiatric drugs on the children of the inner cities. The man who was the mastermind of this program stated that Black people were no better than monkeys who only lived to war with each other and have numerous children. His program was going to stop this.

    Somehow Dr. Peter Breggin found out about it and marshalled forces to counteract it. He was successful, thank goodness. So, here we are in the present time when they’re trying to drug everyone’s kids and they’re getting away with it.

  • Great point! You can try to explain to them why you ended up in their wonderful “care” and they sit there looking at their watch and being very impatient, if they even let you talk at all in the first place. But of course, they’re great experts on everyone else’s life and they know it and who are you to try to dissuade them from this fact??? How dare you tell them that you know your own body and mind better than they do!! What blasphemy!

  • I agree madmom, you really have to wonder why they offer things like this. I’ve had two major surgeries this past year and was approached with all kinds of pain meds that I did not want nor did I need them. I have a bottle of hydrocodone that I never needed setting in my medicine cabinet. Don’t know why I’m even keeping it and need to take it down to one of those places where they collect prescription drugs that aren’t used.

  • This is the thing that interests me a lot. She knows the truth after proving it twice with her studies. She stated her findings and said that you couldn’t dispute them. And then she chooses to spout the same old line that psychiatrists always use about “having to take your medicines”. How do they live in such a conflicted world without becoming mad themselves? Is money and power so important to them that they can lie to themselves even after seeing the truth right there in front of them? I just don’t understand it at all.

  • Thank you for writing this and for your honesty. I practice mindfulness and do not find it an easy process at all. I am sickened by the way it’s been turned into another money making commodity. Unfortunately too many people will take the bait hook, line, and sinker and will most likely find themselves in problems. It’s just another thing in our great and frenetic search for constant happiness.

  • Nancy Andreasen proved in her 2007 study that so-called schizophrenia is not the cause of brain shrinkage. She is the god mother of biopsychiatry and yet she had enough guts and moral fortitude to admit that it’s the neuroleptics that cause human brains to shrink. She even carried out her study twice because she thought she’d made a mistake when the study showed that the drugs were the cause of the problem and not the supposed “disease”. Then she sat on the results for two years because she didn’t want to publicize them. And then she finally published the study. But then she said that it is important for people to continue to take the damned drugs! Go figure.

  • We can talk all we want about informed consent and how important it is but this is not going to accomplish a thing. How are you going to force the psychiatrists in places like where I work, a state “hospital”, to truly inform people about the effects of the drugs that they’re forced to take? If they truly informed people of such effects there would be a huge rebellion on every unit where people are held because the truth is that these drugs are harmful. Some people might choose to take the drugs anyway rather than deal with the voices or visions, but my suspicion is that most would push back about taking them. One of the big reasons that informed consent is nonexistent in such institutions is to keep people from fighting back. Informed consent would change the entire paradigm of how these institutions would be forced to run and this would be problematical for clinicians. So, how are you going to force psychiatrists to truly inform people about the drugs that they force people to take? You can work with social workers and psychologists and the like but they’re not the ones making people take the drugs.

  • If I understand correctly, trauma informed care doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything for the trauma survivor. It is raising the consciousness of the staff so that they don’t do things that continue to traumatize trauma survivors. It isn’t the actual doing of trauma work to help people transcend the terrible things that they’ve experienced. As Noel mentioned, trauma work is long and difficult, something that the system doesn’t want to indulge in. So, institutions can proudly call themselves trauma informed but this doesn’t mean that they’re doing trauma work with people to help them resolve their issues. Granted, trying to not re-traumatize people is important but that’s only the beginning of the real work. Most institutions are not going to do that.

  • A very important point. I often wondered when reading about John Weir Perry (I hope that I got the names in the right order) whether he ever realized that not every person he dealt with was having a spiritual experience. It seemed like that was his big explanation for a lot of experiences but I may not be totally accurate about this. He did seem to have a lot of success with helping people to get their lives back.

  • The community mental health clinics are a joke. They do more damage to people than they ever help. And I believe that the day treatment programs are just a way for them to make money because everyone who is discharged from the state “hospital” where I work are assigned to such treatment programs. Everyone is assigned. These programs meet five days a week from 8 am to 3 pm and are totally useless. And they want to keep you in said programs for months. They just string people along. The only good thing is that they can’t make you attend them unless you are in trouble with the law. Unfortunately, almost everyone these days is in trouble with the law because of the way that the system has arranged things.

  • I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself if I were you. There were numbers of us who took the bait; hook, line, and sinker. How were we to know any different from what the drug companies and psychiatrists and GP’s were claiming that they did for people? They were all so convincing in their pushing of these dangerous drugs. I can remember how I got snookered onto them. A person I really respected, whom I thought was well informed, suggested that I ask my doctor for an SSRI. He said that they were so much better than the old “antidepressants” that they first came up with. Trazadone is dangerous enough that you can overdose on it and die. I’d never had any contact at all with the system, I still thought that psychiatrists actually sat down and listened to you and did real therapy! So I went to my GP and asked for an SSRI and he was more than happy to give me a script to fill. Good ol’ Zoloft! Of course it didn’t do a damned thing, except mess up all kinds of things that I never knew that it affected. I wonder how much of a bonus the drug rep for my GP was getting for pushing these damned things. Then we went on the great search for the “antidepressant” that would work better than the one that I was on at the time. I eventually ended up on 250 mg. of Effexor XR and that helped send me over the edge. I think I’m really lucky to be alive after my bout with “antidepressants”.

    The problem today is how do we go about making sure that more people don’t get snookered onto the damned things?

  • Why can’t someone just bring themselves to state very clearly that the reason for quitting these devil’s tic tacs is that the damned things don’t work and that they’re dangerous to your health and well-being? The damned things don’t work any better than a placebo! Kirsch showed this years ago and yet we’re still standing out there in the crowd oowing and awing over how wonderful the emperor’s new set of clothes are! You hear the little kids honestly point out, every once in a while, that the emperor is buck assed naked, but then someone hushes the kid up and hustles them off into the crowd. I’m sick to death of it; the damned things almost caused my death ten years ago.

  • Oh yeah! You never want to tell a psychiatrist that you’re Jesus! You will definitely find yourself locked up for quite a while. I don’t know why this is because few of the psychiatrists I’ve dealt with ever seem to be much interested in religion but you’ll get yourself in very hot water for telling them that you’re Jesus.

  • Actually, all the mystical traditions of all the world religions, including Christianity, teach that we are all divine because we all have the One, Transcendent, and Eternal Consciousness. All sentient beings are divine. But to say this out loud in public usually sets off some repercussions. There is a theory that psychosis in early adulthood is an awakening realization of this but most people find it difficult to compute and so they fracture. Who knows? I believe that each person should be allowed to believe what they want about their spirituality, no matter what. Thanks for writing.

  • Interesting point about psychiatrists’ fears about who that might become if they allowed themselves to deal with such things. I don’t think that most of them would even come close to recognizing a spiritual awakening if it slapped them in the face.

  • Ekaterina

    According to the teaching of the Buddha you have always been a Buddha. No one can ever take that away from you. Buddha said that a sleeping buddha lives within each person, waiting to awaken through enlightenment. This is why people who practice Buddhism keep statues of Buddha, not to worship since Buddha is not God, but to remind us when we look at the statues that we too contain a buddha. And if the Dalai Lama can be the fourteenth incarnation of the historical Buddha than why can’t you be too? Or maybe I’m getting mixed up a bit. The Dalai Lama may be the incarnation of the Buddha of Compassion, Aveloketishvara. But you get my point. I hope that you don’t let your enlightenment be stymied by the likes of the ignorant psychiatrist that dealt with you.

  • Ohwhatisthatlight

    And who are you to decide what a correct belief is? Just because Ekaterina doesn’t believe the same way that you do does not make her beliefs any less meaningful and important. Who died and made you the great judge of belief systems. In one fell swoop you just did away with the belief systems of Hinduism and Buddhism. Who are you to decide such things?

  • So, once again we placate the people driving the system rather than tell the accurate and literal truth about what their agenda is actually doing to people? Are we to be more worried about offending people driving the system than working to free ourselves from the debilitating system by speaking the truth?

    This sounds very much, once again, like the ongoing conversation about wanting to have a dialog with psychiatrists and people driving the system in order to get them to listen to us. And to this I will once again say that dialoging with slave owners in the South didn’t get them to change their minds about owning people whose skin was a darker color than theirs. We had to experience a civil war that almost destroyed this country in order to stop slavery. And even that didn’t really stop the slavery itself, it just went underground and took on different forms like share cropping and Jim Crow crap.

    Sorry, I’m not going to try to sooth the feelings of the people driving the system. It’s time to speak the truth as best as we can rather than mincing around and being worried if we’re going to offend anyone.

  • Someone mentioned that some of these new “diagnoses” were proposed as men washed their hands at the sink of the men’s room. And the person wasn’t kidding, they were serious. The DSM is just a pile of bull shit. Also, Paula pointed out that the committees that create new editions of the DSM are composed of white, upper class men, with very few exceptions.

  • Thank you for posting her name here. She was on one of the DSM committees and was so disgusted by the lack of true science informing any of the new diagnoses being proposed that she quit in protest. She said that it all depended on who yelled and screamed the loudest in the arguments that ensued and that they took votes and that’s how things made it into the DSM. Really scientific!!!!!

    Yes, she did a great number on Francis, exposing how he was paid by a drug company to promote their product. And now he has the gall to sit there as if he’s the most squeaky clean psychiatrist ever! If there is a hell there will be a special place there for psychiatrists, especially unethical, lying, dishonest psychiatrists.

  • I want to see the psychiatric institution that actually does real trauma work with the people in it’s grasp. Can anyone give me the name of such an institution? I don’t think that there is one. If you did true trauma work you wouldn’t hold people against their will, nor would you force neuroleptic drugs on them. The “mental health system” does not practice trauma care. Some institutions can claim to be trauma-informed but this doesn’t mean that they do actual trauma work. What it does mean is that they try to inform staff and raise their consciousness to the point that the staff understands that the people they’re supposedly caring for are trauma survivors. The intent in this consciousness raising attempt is to keep staff from triggering and re-traumatizing people all over again. all over again in the name of “good treatment”.

  • I believe that survivor came first and now we’re “consumers”. I suspect that we ourselves chose the word survivor and I know for sure that the system chose “consumer”; I don’t think that they liked the idea that when you survive it’s usually something awful or horrible or difficult. “Consumer” is so much more bland and acceptable and it makes it seem as if we’re truly participating in the system out of free choice. I’m not a “consumer” when I’m forced to buy or use something. I never have used the word and never intend to. I’m a survivor, plain and simple.

  • I didn’t see anything listed in the comments about how this psychiatrist rigged things so that a particular neuroleptic would be used more often, obviously benefiting a drug company. This is the same thing that Beiderman did to benefit Johnson and Johnson so that their drug would be used to treat “bi-polar” in children. He is not as squeaky clean as he’d like to present himself. I can’t remember her name but a woman who is an author, activist, and I think a psychologist wrote about this and has lectured about it.

  • I never could figure that out when I was a “patient” on the unit where I was held. I’m a severe introvert and can’t stand lots of noise all the time. On the unit where I was once held they now have two televisions and most of the time one of them is blaring the usual stuff and the other is playing a movie, which almost no one is watching. I don’t understand this at all.

  • I’m hesitantly willing to agree with the cat and don’t think it’s too cynical at all. I am not happy at all with the direction this country is taking and I’m appalled at the murders that took place in the past week here in the United States. We are leaderless at this point since neither political party is of much use at this point in time and good ol’ 45 thinks only of himself. Pipe bombs, murdering people in houses of worship, killing people simply because of their race……and there is no one to lead us……It’s time for an antiauthoritarian to step forth to lead us…..

  • According to studies that have been done on stigma and the various groups that practice it against the so-called “mentally ill” guess what groups is right at the top of the list for the biggest offenders? DOCTORS!!! I listened to Grand Rounds at the University Medical Center where I live and the big expert on stigma and the “mentally ill” was talking and he wasn’t very popular all of a sudden with most of the doctors in the audience, especially the psychiatrists. I could barely keep from laughing out loud. They all puffed up like a bunch of angry toads!

  • I have no problem with people suffering from real chronic pain getting disability or accommodation. However, after working for more than fifteen years in medical and psychiatric hospitals I’ve seen a lot of interesting things happen surrounding the treatment of pain and not all of them are necessarily good. That’s my humble opinion. I also suspect that it’s easier for doctors to put people on opioids or other addictive pain killers than it is for them to work to help their patients find alternatives that may work as well or almost as well. The day of the country doctor who sat down with people and actually investigated what was going on in their lives is long gone. You have doctors rushing in for a person’s appointment, entering information on her or his computer, dashing off a script and telling them to fill it as they rush out the door. And of course you have the drug companies sending out their reps to the doctors’ offices pushing all of the drugs that they can. The well being of the drug reps relies on how many drugs that they can push and on how many scripts the doctors write for their drugs. They can lose their jobs if they don’t make quotas set by management. So they push and the doctors prescribe like crazy.

    Last year I had two major surgeries. I didn’t have any pain at all, surprisingly. I took absolutely no pain meds while in the hospital, none. But when both of the surgeons got ready to send me home they gave me a big fat prescription for opioids and demanded that I agree to fill them before they’d let me go home. I don’t know how they were going to enforce such a demand since they certainly didn’t go home with me. But both of them pushed the opioids on me. I filled the first prescription and lied and said that I’d fill the second one. I was amazed at how quickly both of them pushed the drugs without even asking me if I was experiencing any pain.

    When I awoke in Recovery after the second surgery I was feeling fine, no pain and able to function well. The nurse asked me if I wanted a pain shot and I told her that I didn’t have any pain. She kept pushing the shot and finally told me that she knew that the surgeons used pain blocks on people and then when the block wore off the person writhed in pain in their beds. Well, I certainly didn’t want to writhe so I accepted the shot even though I had no pain. Stupid me. In less than two minutes I began feeling very badly. The nurse sent me to the second recovery room for One Day Surgery where the young nurse noticed that I was obviously very uncomfortable and immediately took my blood pressure and my blood oxygen level. My blood pressure was plummeting and my oxygen levels were in the low 80’s. She informed me that I wasn’t going home and she was calling a doctor. When he arrived he asked me if I’d been given a shot and I said yes and he asked me if I knew what it was. When I said no he said that I’d been given fentanyl! Granted, it was my fault for letting that nurse talk me into taking the shot in the first place, I should have listened to my gut. My point is that I think that too many people are too quick to jump to the drugs when it comes to pain.

  • How do you know that John Jr. is obviously on neuroleptics? How do you know that Nash Sr. was happy to leave his son in misery? It is unusual that Nash Sr. didn’t know that his son had visual and auditory hallucinations but I don’t see what that has to do with his son being on neuroleptics.

  • Agreed. The entire medical establishment needs to be regulated so that they can’t widen the nets of “illness” to catch more people for themselves and the drug companies. Doctors of all specialties are being led by the nose by drug reps and drug companies and it’s disgusting. We are becoming an ill society at the creation of the drug companies and their shills that we call doctors.

  • I’m sorry, but childhood bi-polar is a bunch of bull feces. This specious “diagnosis” was created by Joseph Beddermin (sp) for a drug company, for which he was paid one million dollars. Children are not bi-polar. So I wonder how many children have had their brains altered by neuroleptics because of this man’s greed. It’s disgusting and yet parents are letting their children be given these drugs because they believe it when they’re told that their children are “bi-polar”.

  • Good point.

    I’ve been battling with medical doctors for almost ten years. I’m fine with the GP that I have now but it took us a while for her to understand how our relationship was going to function. I told her during our first meeting that her job was to inform and advise and that my job was to make the decisions and that if she thought it was going to work in the reverse then we couldn’t form a patient-doctor relationship. She does well. I can’t say the same for one who told me during my first meeting with him that I was going to take statins whether I liked it or not. Needless to say, that was our first and our last meeting. I told him that I had some choice in the matter and when he asked how I figured that I pointed to my feet, got up, and walked out of the office. I did not pay the bill even though they handed it over to a collection agency.

    I believe that a lot of this attitude is set by their education in med school. However, one of the problems is that doctors usually are the best students in school from grade school through college and are always given preferential treatment. They come to expect this. Many of them come from privileged families where their parents are doctors or lawyers themselves and so they haven’t experienced many people saying no to them. It’s interesting how many med students and baby doctors feel that it’s not necessary for them to recognize anyone else, like passing people in the hall and saying good morning. We have a teaching unit in the “hospital” where I work and we have med students and interns who rotate through during the year. Many of them have to be forced to say hello as they pass staff in the hallways or on the unit. I’m not sure whether it’s a matter of arrogance or fear of where they’re at since most of them are never going to choose psychiatry as their specialty but they’re forced to do a psych rotation.

  • Yes, it would be interesting to find out just exactly what happened to him to get him to make a 180 degree turnabout like he did. I wonder if it was at this point that he began running around with pails of cat brains to conventions, trying to convince people that toxoplasmosis was responsible for schizophrenia? I wonder if anyone has ever asked him about why he made such an abrupt change in his views?

  • We all know who has a clear lack of objectivity and it isn’t Peter Gotzsche. It’s good ol’ E. Fuller Torrey. Wasn’t he the one who went around to conventions with buckets of cats’ brains because he had some far fetched theory about schizophrenia?

    Why is it that psychiatry keeps winning against anyone and everyone who speaks out against it? At least they don’t burn heretics at the stake these days!

  • Gandi is no different than any other person. We are all full of these contradictions. He was a born Hindu, with many of the prejudices of his religion, although he was greatly enlightened in other areas. Claiming he was terrible because of his views on caste paints him as a very black and white individual, stripping him of his humanity and making him into a paper caricature of a person.

    You can find the very same thing with Jesus of Nazareth. He was born and raised a good Jew, although the Jews of Judea didn’t recognize anyone from Galilee, or Northern Palestine, or Israel, to be a good Jew. They thought that the Jews of Galilee were not true Jews because they had contact and relations with Gentiles. Anyway, both the Jews of Galilee (Northern Palestine) and of Judea all looked down on anyone who came from Samaria, which was the middle province of Palestine. The reason for this was that the Samaritans had polluted the Jewish religion with pagan beliefs, creating a syncretized religion that wasn’t Jewish. Everyone hated Samaritans. Usually, people traveling from Judea to Galilee and from Galilee to Judea traveled out of their way to avoid going through Samaria because to travel through there would pollute them, making them unfit to worship in the Temple in Jerusalem until they’d gone through lots of purification rites. Jesus is very unusual because he travels through Samaria with little concern for propriety and custom.

    So, we have the story of the Samaritan (or Canaanite) woman who asked Jesus to heal her sick child. Jesus’ first response to her was not very nice at all because he essentially asked her what she was doing, a Samaritan, asking him, a good Jew, for anything. It was like he said, “How dare you even speak to me!” And then she zinged him with the line about even the dogs get to eat the crumbs from under the master’s table This is a play on words since Jews referred to Samaritans as sychars, or dogs. And as we know from the story, Jesus is taken aback and has to rethink things and then responds in a truly human and kindly manner. Jesus was a product of his times and society and had the very same prejudices as all the rest of his culture. This is one of the most interesting stories in all of the four gospels that we have and yet you never hear it preached about from the pulpit on Sundays, probably because it shows a very prejudiced and human Jesus. This story is important because it shows why Jesus was truly a great person. He could rethink things, even things that he’d always held as gospel truth. This is the mark of an amazing person, at least in my humble opinion.

    All this business with the Samaritans is why Jesus used a Samaritan as the hero of one of his best known parables. Up to the time of his telling of this parable he had lots of followers but after he told it all but the twelve left him. Everyone thought he was crazy because he even told such a story. In one gospel version even his family thought he was crazy and they went to get him. It was an affront to their religious dignity. This is why, in the gospel, that Jesus turned at this point and asked the twelve whether they were going to leave him also. There was no way in the world that there could ever be a good Samaritan! I believe that this is one of his greatest parables and, in my own belief I think that he was only able to tell such a remarkable story after his encounter with the woman about her sick child.

    Well, I digress but my point is this; all of us have our issues and our inconsistencies in thinking, even Gandhi and even Jesus of Nazareth.

  • There are no such things as side effects of a drug. Drugs cause effects, some beneficial and some not so beneficial. To call the not so beneficial effects “side effects” I believe to be a word game to minimize what the drugs truly do to people. I feel it’s much more honest to say “the effects of the drug” period.

  • I can’t find my copy of the keynote address. It’s missing in action. It’s probably way at the back of one of the drawers in my desk. However, I did find another interesting article. It’s an article entitled The 1942 ‘euthanasia debate in the American Journal of Psychiatry written by Jay Joseph. It can be found in History of Psychiatry 2005; 16; 171. The online version of this article can be found at: http//

  • I tried going to the APA archives to find the keynote address of 1941. Guess what? The keynote address for the APA’s annual meeting for 1941 is missing! When you Google it you can see the line drawn through it and the word missing. I find this interesting and certainly not working to promote the truth. I guess that the APA doesn’t want it to be bandied about that they allowed a speaker to give such an address.

  • They said that the “useless eaters” should not be allowed to live and pass on their genes that would affect the dear and wonderful volk. The volk is like the spirit and body of the German nation. It’s a particularly German way of describing who they were; the best and most wonderful of all the peoples of Europe, according to them. This is where the idea of the master race came from, the perfect people. This idea goes back a long ways in German thinking and is not something that came about just because of the Nazi rise to power. Of course, the Nazis fanned this idea of the volk to the extreme and used it to incite the German people.

  • Glad you mentioned the editorial. In 1941 at the annual meeting of the APA the keynote speaker spoke in favor of killing the mentally ill. People still don’t believe this when I tell them but I’ve got a copy of the speech. The only two responses against the speaker’s address were against his proposal, not because of the idea of killing innocent people, but because the two people wondered who would do the manual labor of garbage collection etc. carried on by the “feeble minded” and the “mentally ill”?

  • Psychiatry most certainly was linked to eugenics in the 1930’s during the rise of the Nazis in Germany. I’ve written about how they did it on numerous occasions here so won’t go into it again. They not only sterilized “mental patients” they murdered them in great numbers. Hitler and the Nazis took over the program to further the destruction of the Jewish nation, and everyone else who opposed their power. The “mentally ill” were referred to as “useless eaters” and there was an entire campaign with posters and speeches and all that to incite the common German family person and worker to rise up against the injustice of allowing these “useless eaters” to take the food out of the mouths of their more deserving children. It’s scary how quickly a society can be turned so easily to accomplish the ends of a particular group.

  • Suicide was also my default setting for quite a while. And, like you, a cat taught me how to create new and different default settings. And like your cat, my cat is one cantankerous individual. His name is Sweeney Todd so that should tell you something.

    I also agree with you in that I feel that most of us deal with these feelings by ourselves. Thank you for your post.

  • The real drug effect has to do with ruining your sex life, making you into a zombie by distancing you from your feelings and emotions, and oftentimes making you suicidal or homicidal. There is very little to no effect on the depression that people take these damned things for in the first place. Frankly, these things are the devil’s tic tacs and nothing else. Many people find that they can’t get off them or have a very difficult time getting off them when there’s no benefit and they want to quit them. There are many real drug effects but they have absolutely nothing to do with helping depression. But GP’s and psychiatrists are prescribing the things like candy to everyone.

  • I believe you’ve pointed out one of the major issues that results with drugging kids to the gills for everything. It keeps them from developing vital skills that they need to learn in order to live in society in a productive manner for themselves. As a parent you already know that kids are tricky personalities to deal with. They often tend to want to use excuses for themselves so you have to challenge them to rise to their very best rather than learning helplessness. It’s a challenge for the parent and for the kid. I believe that drugged and labeled kids don’t get the challenging that they need. It makes me wonder what’s going to happen to our society and country when so many people of the next generation have had this done to them. You are right, there’s lots of psychological damage being done, which may be the more difficult of the two kinds of damage to deal with.

  • Exactly. Law enforcement and the medical field state that stimulant use, amphetamines, is dangerous and therefore this is why people must be put in jail when they sell the stuff on the streets and when people buy it on the streets.

    But then they turn right around and state that it’s perfectly fine to give stimulants, amphetamines, to kids because they supposedly have some problem when they can’t sit still. And yet you don’t hear any outcry about this like you do about street use of stimulants. It’s destroying our kids and everyone goes right along with it. As I stated before, when are parents going to stand up for their own children and deny the drugging of their kids?

  • For the place where I work it would mean putting the money into buying things for the Point Store on each unit. Many of the people forced to come here have little to no money and many don’t have family that might give them money. Things like cokes and snacks become very important when you don’t have access to the outside, or if you have no money. I was brought here with 72 cents in my pocket.

    So, there’s a token or barter system that was set up so that people could get points that they could then use to buy themselves things like cokes, snacks, shampoo of their choice and not that provided by the “hospital”, notebooks to keep journals in, etc. People who wouldn’t be able to have these little things have access to them. The “hospital” provides the money to buy the stock for the Point Stores.

    However, our wonderful state legislature has decided that we need to save more money to give to the rich One Percenters in the state and have demanded that we cut spending. The organization that oversees the “hospital’ was recently taken over by accountants and not people in behavioral health. They are demanding that we give justifications for why we have the Point Store on the units and are doing their best to destroy it. This would mean even more restricted lives for many people on our units if they’re allowed to accomplish this. The “hospital” is truly committed to Point Store and to giving people the opportunity to have access to things they wouldn’t have otherwise. And get this, the staff is forbidden to donate money to supply the stores!

  • I have never met a volunteer peer worker up to this point in time. I was trained to only accept payment for my work since my expertise by experience, as opposed to the clinical staff’s expertise by theory, is valuable and should be compensated.

    Yes, it is difficult to challenge the system, especially the psychiatrists. I’ve tried it twice in meetings and was severely attacked. One psychiatrist was so angry at me that he was spitting saliva as he was yelling at me. They would have tarred and feathered me if they’d had their way. I am very lucky in that I’m actually supported by two important members of the administration. I am fairly safe as long as I don’t outright challenge the psychiatrists publicly. Not even the administrators are brave enough or stupid enough to challenge the psychiatrists.

    What I’ve attempted to do is affect the beliefs of staff through my contact with them on a daily basis. I’ve tried to build a rapport with the people working the units, from the environmental services people to the psychiatrists. My credibility is always in question because I’m a former patient, and a former patient who doesn’t take any of the drugs. So it’s a slow process of them getting to know me and I must always be knowledgeable and open. I have to know what I’m talking about when I choose to state something publicly or to another staff person privately. And since there are no secrets in this institution, and since information travels quickly, I must always assume that I’m never speaking privately.

  • When are parents going to stop believing psychiatry and the drug companies and begin protecting their children? We’re allowing generation after generation of kids to be drugged adversely during a time that their brains are still developing. The only chemical imbalance is the one caused by the stimulants forced onto the poor kids, whose parents won’t even step up to speak for them and protect them.

    Parents need to tell psychiatrists that they are full of bull feces and be done with it. Instead, they allow their kids to be led to the slaughter just like lambs. It’s disgusting.

  • Although I was never in the military I do practice one of the first laws of the battlefield. You never leave your wounded behind. I was able to free myself from the system and get my life back. I will not turn my back on the countless sisters and brothers who still lie there on the battlefield, casualties of the system and the wonderful “treatment” that it dispenses. I can only carry one at a time off that field and I will continue to try and do so for as long as I’m able.

  • You paint all peer workers with a mighty broad brush, which I feel is unfortunate since not all peer workers are as you describe above in you post.

    I’m a peer worker but I’m not a spy for the clinicians nor am I constantly on the look out for relapses and I never try to get people to take the toxic neurotoxins and the “antidepressants”. I was trained to support people in their decision making process, with no input from me as to what I think they should do. I am to support their decisions, even when I disagree with them. I hate the damned drugs but if people choose to take them then so be it and I will work with them in whatever way that they want me to. I was trained to never talk about a “patient” with other staff unless that “patient” is present or has given me permission to talk about them. I don’t report on “patients” to the psychiatrists since I believe that said psychiatrists need to do their own work and talk to people on their own if they want to know anything about them. They get paid a lot more money than I do and need to earn their money by doing their job as they should. After eight years they don’t even try to go there and accept that I will not talk about the people that they’re supposedly caring for. At least I’ve made that much progress.

    Again, peer workers are only as good as the training programs that they come out of, and in my opinion most of the programs are terrible. I will not have anything to do with the program created by my state. But we are not all horrible people duped by the system to be its flunkies.

  • And let’s also be very clear about the fact that Trump is certainly no moral leader either. Any man who grabs women by their privates and who lies at the drop of a hat about everything (I think that they’ve certified almost four thousand lies so far is less than two years in office), who claims that there are good people among the KKK, White Nationalists, and racists is not a moral leader.

    I hear people stating how terrible it is that the two sides in all of this can no longer sit down and hash things out in a compromise. This didn’t start with Trump’s move into the White House. It began the day of President Obama’s first inauguration when prominent Republican congressmen met for lunch to plot out how they could obstruct each and every last thing that President Obama proposed during his presidency. It started with the rise of the Tea Party, not in opposition to federal government taking over from the states but in opposition to an African American president. The unwillingness to be civil to one another has gone on for almost ten years now when Congress has been able to accomplish nothing except gridlock in everything. And in this I would agree that neither party is the true friend of the average person just trying to make a living and provide for her or his family. All Trump has done is inherit this situation, which he capitalizes on each and every day. He’s not stupid when it comes to knowing how to manipulate the fears and feelings of people in his base.

    Democracy is strong but ours may be much more fragile than we think it to be. How many times can the rule of law be assaulted, and Democrats and journalists be labeled as the “enemy of the people” before it begins to crack and splinter. How many elections are we going to allow the Russians to attempt to influence before we say enough is enough. Instead of pulling the different factions in our country together Trump has performed only to his base. Pulling the country together is one of the things that presidents do; offering the hand to those who didn’t vote for you so that all may move forward together.

  • Okay. The road that they took was closed at both ends. They had access to all the information concerning barriers and closed roads. They know that the waters were causing huge problems. And yet they put the women in the van and took off into the unknown (or in this case most everything was known). If the picture of the road in the article is correct you can see a great deal of water covering the road. Why would these deputies endanger the lives of the two women and their own lives when they could have waited before trying to take them where they wanted to go. This just doesn’t make much sense at all.

  • This is one of the most concerning things for me about Trump. How his base, many of whom were probably very anti-communist when the communists were around can ignore this is very interesting to me. Also, the Republican party was the most hawkish about the Russians and now they don’t even blink an eye when Trump proclaims his great admiration for Putin. Only a very few Republican congressmen spoke out about the debacle in Helsinki this summer. I don’t understand the people who make up Trump’s base at all.