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  • Forgive me if I’m wrong but the problem that I see with the group talked about in the video is that it still talks about everything in terms of “illness” and it seems like the purpose of the group is to get people to accept that they are “ill” and to be compliant with the “treatment”, which still seems to be the drugs. Perhaps I just didn’t listen and watch carefully enough. You need to quit talking about “illness” and what is wrong and begin talking about the fact that recovery and healing and well-being are possible, without the drugs for many people. It also sounds like this group is what would be called a Recovery Dialog in some ways because people supposedly leave their hats at the door and do not come as “patients”, doctors, nurses, social workers etc.

    Granted, staff in this particular “hospital” are doing something different, and it seems innovative, but I do not appreciate the emphasis on people accepting their “illness”. It’s good that the group does provide for some social support and it’s interesting that they don’t want to have anything to do with “peer support” at all. She quickly moved around that question and seemed to make it sound like everyone in the group is equal. I’d like to see how that all works out because I just find that a little difficult to believe.

  • You know, where I work we don’t break people’s arms anymore and we lock them up in seclusion a lot less than we used to do. But what we continue to do is to dismiss them as people. We still treat them as if they don’t have good sense and as if they have no intelligence. We discount anything and everything that they say, no matter what. We ignore them when they truly need someone to listen and make a human connection with them. I remarked one morning about how cold it was outside and yet so many people were out in the courtyard. Another staff person said, “Those people don’t feel the cold or the heat the same way that normal people do”. This person was serious and I just stood there with my mouth open. This is a person who is responsible for “good treatment” of the very people she claimed didn’t feel heat or cold normally in the way that we do, the we meaning the staff.

    Yes, I too am surprised at this offering here on MIA.

  • Yes, the Jewish people refused to leave Germany because they were Germans and surely the government wouldn’t even think of doing anything to them. And if there were any hints of such activity then surely they could sit down and dialogue, they would apply reason to the situation and things would be just fine.

    Unfortunately, they were terribly wrong and ended up in the gas chambers and the ovens. You are correct. In our battle with psychiatry and the drug companies trying to reason with them is not going to get us anywhere, except worse off than we were before. I am not going to sit in a circle and hold hands with my oppressors and sing Kumbaya in the hopes that they will see reason and set us free. It isn’t going to happen. As I’ve stated before, many people who opposed slavery thought that they could bring about change by reasoning with the slave owners. And we all know where that got them. Slave owners had to be forced to free the people they’d held in slavery and it took a horrendous war to accomplish this.

  • I once worked in a large retirement center/nursing home complex. I watched as Haldol was introduced to “help” the poor older people who were “upset” settle down. What actually was happening was that anyone who spoke up for themselves, called out staff for not doing their jobs, didn’t cooperate with the staff completely (like going to bed at 6:30 pm as the staff wished so that they wouldn’t have anything to do for the rest of the evening) were singled out by the nursing staff for the medical director’s attention. Their suggestion to him for what should be done for these “poor, disturbed older people who needed to calm down for their own good” was a good shot of Haldol! A week later I’d find Mrs. So and so, who was once vital and alive, sitting locked in a Geri chair. This is a reclining chair that has a table across the arms which can be locked to keep the person in the chair. Mrs. So and so would be drooling on herself and not able to carry on a simple conversation.

    Nursing homes have become very lucrative business for the drug companies. So, it doesn’t surprise me at all that they’d try this on people who’d suffered a stroke. The question is who is safe from being drugged at this point? We’re drugging kids, adolescents, older people, people with disabilities. You’re right; eventually it will be a real life scenario of the Body Snatchers.

  • The so-called antidepressants should be outlawed as any other drug which harms or kills people is outlawed. Instead they keep prescribing the damned things as helpful treatment for depression. If something doesn’t work any better than placebo and if something harms people to the point of making them suicidal or homicidal then they are not “medicine” and should be taken off the market. We shouldn’t even have to be having this discussion at all. They should be removed from the market, period. They should be taken away from GP’s and psychiatrists since they masquerade as “good treatment”.

    Instead the drug companies are allowed to continue producing them and psychiatrists and real doctors are allowed to keep prescribing them to unsuspecting or gullible people. This is a crime of epic proportions and yet nothing is done about it.

  • madmom

    Thank you for stating this. Being a former chaplain who became a chaplain to approach the work in the manner that you talk about here I totally support your views. Even though I no longer function as a chaplain this is very much part of what I try to bring to the people on the units where I work. As a former Roman Catholic/Episcopalian I can support what you say about how so much of the ministry of presence is outsourced to psychiatry, rather than ministers and others taking back their rightful ministry from the pseudo doctors. When it comes to “mental illness” they wash their hands of most everyone with issues and refer them to those who have no business dealing with people who are in the existential despair and pain that you referenced here.

  • I have the feeling that a lot of people don’t really know what they’re getting into when they seek the help of psychiatrists. When I got caught up in the system I was under the mistaken impression that psychiatrists actually took the time to listen to people so that they could find out how to go about walking with them to find better health and well-being. I guess I expected them to actually know how to do therapy and all that good stuff, rather than just forcing poisonous drugs on people. I was badly uninformed.

    I was quickly disabused of my faulty thinking and expectations upon dealing with the very first psychiatrist I dealt with. The day after I was informed about the murder of my sister in New York City I had my little meeting with the psychiatrist so that I could continue to have real talk therapy from a really great young man. I needed a “diagnosis”. That damned psychiatrist never looked at me one time and when he finally did ask me how I was doing I told him I was doing terribly. When he asked why I told him abut my sister and then I said that I felt like the whole world was coming down around me. He jumped across his desk, stabbed his finger in my face, and shouted that my response was stupid! I wanted to plant my fist between his stupid eyes!

    I thought he was just an aberration but upon meeting the second psychiatrist I realized that they were not therapists and that they didn’t give a fat damn about me or about how my life was going. I think that many people are under the wrong and misguided impressions about what psychiatrists are and by the time that they figure it out, if they do figure it out, it’s too late.

  • Rachel777

    I don’t believe that you’re too old to start over. With your wit and intelligence I think that you would do just fine starting over. Maybe it isn’t starting over but finding your place that you were originally supposed to have in life before you got tangled up with the damned system. It just may be in how we go about looking at and thinking about things. You took the first step when you decided to quit taking those damned poisons. I suspect that it may take a little time but that you could probably begin slowly doing something physical, like taking a walk outside once a day, perhaps a very short walk in the beginning but you could lengthen the time and distance once you got your stamina. I suspect that you already know all of this and I believe that there will come a day when you find better health and well-being. It just takes a little time with all of this. You taken the most important steps in the process.

  • I’m not so sure that it’s all that easy. I never told my GP that I’d been in the “hospital”, never once mentioned it and the other day she piped up and asked how my “depression” was and did I want an “antidepressant”? There seems to be some kind of special communication available to the medical community that gives all of them access to all your records.

    Some people don’t have the option of relocating.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciate your honesty. It’s good to know that you’ve found healing and well-being in your life. You also have a very extraordinary psychiatrist. We all struggle in one way or another with life but we keep on keeping on, putting one foot in front of the other as we walk on down the road.

  • Marie

    Every White child born in this country has a nice, big backpack of power and privilege on their backs. They don’t notice it because it’s just an accepted fact. And most of them don’t like that backpack to be pointed out to them and the fact that they did absolutely nothing to deserve that backpack. It was granted to them simply because they are White. Every other group in this country that’s not White must struggle to get that backpack.

    I was given that backpack simply because of assumptions that White people made about me, thinking that I was White like them. I am not. I am a Native American or First Nations which is what many of us prefer to call ourselves today. But I don’t look like the typical stereotype that many White people have of First Nations peoples so they just assumed I was one of them. My grandfather wanted us to “pass” because we were living in New Mexico where the indigenous peoples were low people on the totem pole (excuse the pun but I couldn’t help it) with Hispanic people on top of them and with White people at the very top, where all the good stuff was to be found. It benefited us to pass both economically and socially. Not all of us have our hair braided and with feathers stuck in it. So, I was given my power and privilege backpack, which I didn’t earn. It was gifted to me because of faulty assumptions.

    This power and privilege thing seems to be a very difficult concept for White people to understand and accept. It’s not their fault that it’s given to them like it is, but they need to realize that it’s there on their backs and that it’s gotten them many, many things that are denied to people who aren’t White.

  • Talking about your Mom reminded me of a conversation I had with my Mom. At one time I was a great believer in the SSRI’s and became like a fanatical preacher trying to make converts of everyone so that they could get on the damned devil’s tic tacs too. I’m ashamed of that now. Anyway, I went to visit my Mother one weekend and convinced her to ask her doctor about taking them. She did and her wonderful doctor gave her a nice, big prescription of wonderful Zoloft. I was so happy to know that her great sadness, which she seldom shared with anyone else, would finally be taken care of. Two months later I was visiting her and she seemed so much happier and I observed that the wonderful Zoloft must be working for her. She looked at me and laughed and I asked her what was so funny. She told me that she’d thrown that bottle of pills away and never planned on ever taking another one. I asked her why she’d do something like that and she said that after taking them for a month she was sitting in the kitchen one day doing absolutely nothing and upon looking at the floor wondered why it was so dirty. If you’d known my mother you’d have known that she was never just sitting doing nothing. And she was a meticulous housekeeper, even though she worked 8 hour shifts in a plant doing hard labor. She said she looked around and realized that she was allowing the house to fall apart and she knew it was those damned pills. She felt numb and zombified and wasn’t going to put up with that. So out went the pills! It was the first thing that started chipping away at my great faith in the SSRI’s.

    I think it’s great that you’re doing one on one education with your parents. There’s a victory with every individual who is educated about the realities of the battle we’re fighting.

  • Only this morning I saw an ad for a “medical study”. They are looking for people whose “antidepressant” isn’t working as well as it should and they want people to take part in a study for their new “antidepressant”. They want people to take their drug as a supplement to their original devil’s tic tacs because they’re sure that their drug will jumpstart the one people were on originally and make everything work better. Then everyone and everything will be just hunky dory wonderful. I’d love to see the numbers of people who beat down the doors to sign up!

  • And no matter how much that you demand that the falsehoods that were written into your chart be changed and rectified it will never happen. They are set in stone forever.

    I got a copy of my chart four years after I was discharged from the “hospital” and only read 20 pages of it. I was so enraged by the false statements that I read that I took the entire chart and dumped it in the shred barrel outside of my office. I knew that if I read one page more that I’d leave my office and search out all the people that had written all the bull crap and at least give them a huge piece of my mind about how they manipulated the facts. I couldn’t afford to do that as I work at the very “hospital” that I was held in. I would have been fired for being unprofessional.

    You are correct. They dismiss the important things as having no value and they take what you say and twist it all around to suit their narrative about how “mentally ill” you are. As “patients” we have absolutely no voice about what it written and said about us.

  • This is often the case in medical hospitals also. I was a hospital chaplain and more than once ran into situations where some of the nurses on certain shifts on certain units would deny pain medications to people labeled as alcoholics. One case in particular sticks in my mind. I had a man on one of my units who was dying because his liver was disintegrating due to his heavy alcohol consumption. On the 11 to 7 shift the nurses would “forget” to give him his pain meds because they were judgmental concerning his alcoholism, even though he was literally screaming in pain. They never expected to see me on their shift and I caught them in their hypocritical, judgmental behavior and reported their behinds to the units nurse manager. A hospital is only as good as your nursing staff. Personal judgments have no place on hospital units.

  • But they sure can market all kinds of drugs for supposed illnesses. Dry eye is now an illness according to the advertisements that want you to buy these drops for your eyes. I counted at least nine commercials for drugs in about an hour and a half. “Ask your doctor………..”

    Americans are like sheep when it comes to this stuff. We believe it simply because we see it on television. It’s amazing that people don’t seem to realize that they’re being manipulated by drug companies each and every day as they sit in front of their televisions.

  • I think that we do know what is causing a lot if not most of human suffering. It’s the problems in our social fabric where the rich are getting even richer and the poor and the middle class and drowning. It’s the problems with our dear government; just look at what’s not been happening for the last 27 days, to the detriment of 800,000 people and their family members. It’s the not caring and the go to hell attitudes that are so apparent from so many people from so many sides. It’s the misery of those who live on the streets or in their cars, the misery of school children who come to school hungry. It’s the racism and bigotry and hatred of those not like me that’s on the rise in a nation that thought it had put all of this behind it. It’s the old who sit in their rundown apartments without food or heat. Or, it’s the old who’ve been shuttled off to live in not so wonderful nursing homes. I think we do know what causes the suffering and we don’t do a whole lot about any of it. It’s the suffering of all the children in this country who must struggle to survive the sexual abuse perpetrated on them by those who are the very people who should be protecting them from such abuse. I think we know very well what is causing the suffering.

  • The brains of people who’ve been labeled as “schizophrenic” are no different from those not so labeled……until they are given the neuroleptics. Psychiatrists stated that peoples’ brains were shrinking because of the “illness” and this is why you had to get people on the drugs as soon as you could. But one of their very own did a study which proved that it was the neuroleptics that were doing the shrinking. Her name is Nancy Andreasen and she is the godmother of biopsychiatry. She did a study and the results said the culprit is the drugs. She thought she’d messed up the study so she did it all over again and got the same results. She then sat on the results for two years before finally publishing them. So….people with “schizophrenia” don’t have shrinking brains because of the “illness” but because of the very “treatment” that supposedly heals the “illness”, but of course we all know that this doesn’t happen. They don’t heal anything but they do cause a great deal of damage and they ruin peoples’ lives. There are also animal studies that show that the drugs shrink brains. These drugs are not useful for anything else except controlling behavior. They have always been and will always be tranquilizers that control behavior but do not cure a supposed “illness”.

  • They probably found out who gave you the pen because they most likely had cameras and audio 24/7. Someone spent a lot of time going back through the films until they nailed the frame where the pen was given to you. Staff where I work would also be fired for giving you a pen. And you are absolutely correct about the HIPPA violation. You would at least get a very hefty fine if not jail time.

    Everything that you state here is correct from what I experienced as a “patient” on the unit and now as a staff of that “hospital”. My place has so many cameras it’s unbelievable and the audio is good enough to hear a pin drop, literally. The one good thing that’s come out of having the surveillance is that we’ve been able to catch staff who were abusive to people. We don’t have much physical abuse, almost none that I can ferret out, but the verbal abuse is much more difficult to catch and the system pins that down perfectly now. The staff who were once predatory on the people in the units has dropped significantly. Such staff are prosecuted and many end up in jail. You can’t catch everyone right away but we do catch them.

    One other thing that I find interesting is that our police force, and we have a real police force trained for the “hospital” itself are often the most loved and appreciated staff in the entire hospital because of their attitudes and training. Most of the people on the units really appreciate them. I can remember late one night when I was a “patient” and ready to go off when they called one of the policemen on duty and had him to sit down and talk with me about why I was angry. He was very appropriate and helpful to me. Some of the best “treatment” comes from the police women and men and certainly not from the psychiatrists.

    I also agree that there should be an outside party to watch the video cameras.

  • I once asked some psychiatrists why it was so important for them to make people give up their delusions when those delusions were not harmful to the person or to anyone else. Their only answer, over and over, was that it was important to move the person into consensus reality. When I asked why it was so important for them to be in consensus reality concerning all things they couldn’t give me an answer. I suspect that its exactly all about social control. And the psychiatrists want to be the ones doing the controlling. It’s a power struggle. There’s a famous story that circulates where I work about a certain psychiatrist who was infamous for holding 1 to 2 hour long master treatment plan meetings with certain “patients” so that he could make them admit or believe certain things. The average treatment plan meeting averages 15 minutes, which is also a scandal for other reasons since this means that nothing of real importance is ever discussed. It’s just a chance to have the “patient” rubber stamp the treatment plan. Both methods are abusive. Anyway, that psychiatrist no longer works at the “hospital”.

  • It won’t do any good to sneak a phone in to someone on the units because they do periodic room checks where they go through everyone’s things and search for contraband. And even if the person was able to keep the phone on them all the time they would eventually be reported to the staff by one of the other patients. There is no privacy on the units; anything you try do is eventually seen by other patients, or everyone hears about it. There are no such things as secrets on the units.

  • Your post made me think about a lot of things concerning the state “hospital” where I work. At one time it was not a locked facility except for the forensic units. People were allowed to continue going to work or school and they came back at night. People could go to the bench overlooking a main street and smoke and some even went down to the bar not far from the “hospital” and drank a couple of beers in the afternoon. The interesting thing is that people didn’t try to escape or run off like they constantly do now. Then, an unfortunate accident happened involving a “mental patient” and the place became a lock down facility. It’s interesting that, in many ways, the “hospital” was a much better place back then than it is now even though there’s all this talk of “evidence based treatment” and the like. Now it is much like you describe and the powers that be will state that “treatment” is so much better now than it was in the old days!

  • Sounds like a great plan in theory but in practice when you come to visit people where I work in a state “hospital” you must leave everything in your pockets and your purse in a locker before you’re allowed to go back to visitation. So, unless you’re hiding a tiny camera on yourself there’s no way to get any photos for documentation. You must even walk through a metal detector.

  • Yes, he was responsible for a reforming of the Church with the creation of his new order of religious men and women. But of course, over time it went right back to its corrupt ways and shunning the whole idea of poverty as a way of life. And of course, the Franciscans eventually carried on a huge battle against orders like the Dominicans.

  • Something is really wrong with the medical system when you go to the ER and get charged $800 for a bag of saline solution that they gave me intravenously for rehydration. Something is greatly wrong with the system when I was given two fizzy potassium pills in a glass of water and was charged $400 for them. Medicare takes one look at bills like that and reduce the price that they’ll pay the hospital and the hospital takes it with no problem. This tells me that they could be giving these services for lower prices in the first place but they do this because they can gouge insurance companies.

  • I have to disagree about Medicare. I’ve had some very expensive surgeries this past year and underwent other expensive procedures as well as trips to the Emergency Room. All of these things amounted to tens of thousands of dollars in bills, bills that I’d never be able to pay on my own. Medicare has taken care of almost everything for me. I’ve ended up having to pay about four thousand dollars of my own money, which is a tiny fraction of what the bills actually were. The problem is not with Medicare but with the hospitals and doctors who charge outrageous prices for their services. There’s something badly wrong with the medical system when you end up being billed ten dollars for a Band-Aid. And the interesting thing is that Medicare refuses to pay certain parts of the bills and the hospitals and doctors accept whatever Medicare gives them without any flap at all, which tells me that they’re still probably getting paid more than what they should be.

    I have only great things to say about Medicare. Without it I’d never be able to have any medical care at all.

  • With the flu vaccine it’s almost like taking a dart and throwing it at a bunch of names of flu strains. Which one they hit with the dart is the one that make the vaccine for. They are predicting which flu strain will be the predominant one for that season and then they make the vaccine for it. So, in all actuality they are doing nothing more than making a SWAG, or what is more commonly known as making a scientific wild-assed guess!

  • Roberta

    Thank goodness you realized what was happening and you researched things. Glad that you were able to do this for your father.

    The experience that Roberta recounts here is just one of thousands taking place all across the country. I’m not minimizing her and her father’s experiences but just want to emphasize that they are not alone by any means. What more do we need to push for the removal of psychiatry as a specialty of medicine? And of course, there are many other doctors who aren’t psychiatrists who are failing in their calling as healers because they’ve allied themselves with the drug companies and are satisfied with their positions as pushers and shills for the drug companies.

    This problem is not confined to psychiatry. It’s time to begin talking back to doctors rather than just meekly bowing down to their instructions, and what often seem like absolute commands. Recently I was scheduled for a procedure and I told the doctor that we weren’t going to do anything until she answered each and every one of my questions about what was going to happen. She looked at me as if she couldn’t believe that I didn’t meekly accept things as they’d been laid out for me. And she tried to hold information back from me but I could tell from her actions and the way she didn’t look at me so I confronted her again and forced her to tell me everything. They are not going to tell you any more than they think that they can get away with so you have to keep pushing them until you feel satisfied that they’ve been as honest with you as you can make them be. I’m disgusted with doctors in general and don’t put up with much from them. Consequently I’m described as “prickly”, uncooperative, noncompliant, etc. Too damned bad. I now realize why my family didn’t go to doctors while I was growing up. My grandmother and mother were indigenous Wise Women who treated our ills at home with native remedies. They did their best to keep us out of the clutches of “medicine” carried out by the White medical system.

  • Isn’t that why they went into the field of psychiatry in the first place????? All they want to do is spend fifteen minutes doing “med” checks and then shove the person out of their office so that they can run another person in for the same purpose. I’ve met only two psychiatrists in my entire life who were willing to sit down and listen to people and then embrace the struggle to find some good answers to the person’s issues, rather than prescribe the convenient pills. And I’ve dealt with quite a few psychiatrists in the past fifteen years, both as a “patient” and as a co-worker (although most of them do not accept me as on an equal par with them as a staff person).

  • Could her name be Nancy Andreasen by some chance? She is the Godmother of Biological psychiatry par excellence and did a study that she originally thought would show that it was the “schizophrenia” that causes the brain shrinkage and damage but in the end her study proved that it’s the neuroleptics that cause said damage. She was so shocked with the results that she did the study a second time and ended up getting the same results. Then she sat on the results for two years before she finally ended up publishing them. Then she stated that people still needed to stay on the drugs, even though her results show otherwise!

  • Pinnel was an interesting man. He worked together with another doctor who was the director of another asylum. I think this doctor’s name was Jean Baptist Pinot, or something like that. This man hired former inmates of the asylum to work in the asylum because they were more compassionate to the people in their care. And in fact, he had once been an inmate in the very asylum that he became director of. The concept of peer workers goes back much further than what most people think.

  • Oh, the drugs work all right, they just don’t have any affect on “depression”. They numb you to your feelings and emotions, they ruin your sex life, they make you into a zombie, they make many people consider suicide or homicide and the list of the things they do goes on and on. But they don’t help people with “depression”.

    This is why we need to get rid of the medical specialty of psychiatry. All it does it come up with new ways to destroy peoples’ lives. Name one thing positive that psychiatry does for people in distress, name one thing.

  • A lot of people don’t know this but pregnant women who took Effexor often birth babies who go into respiratory arrest soon after being born. In hospitals that are well informed they have a team of respiratory therapists waiting along with all the other staff who help with birthing. But I’m sure that the doctors who put pregnant women on this stuff have no idea about the problems that they’re causing for not only the woman but for her child too.

  • No, we don’t need to “move the profession towards a more rational, less drug based approach”. What we need to do is remove psychiatry as a branch of medicine, period. What else are psychiatrists good for, with the exception of Breggin and Dan Fisher and a few more, other than forcing drugs on people? In all the dealings that I’ve had with psychiatrists, both as a “patient” and as a fellow staff member, only one even came close to knowing how to do any real talk therapy! If their lives depended on being able to do therapy they’d all be dead. They don’t even teach psychiatrists how to do therapy in med school and none of them are required to undergo any kind of psychotherapy to discover their own issues that drive them without their knowledge. They are some of the least self-aware people that I’ve ever had to deal with. Many of the “patients” that I deal with on a daily basis have much more insight into themselves and the world around them than the people forcing them into “treatment”.

  • There is all kinds of feedback given from people that have been brutalized by shock, but psychiatry won’t listen! I’ve listened to “patients” pleading with their psychiatrist not to send them for the next shock “treatment” and the psychiatrist just sat there with a blank face and told the staff to send the young man on his way for “treatment”. It was awful and disgusting and I agree that psychiatrists who insist on doing this to people need to be sent to jail…….or they need to get a nice dose of their own “medicine” by receiving a few shock “treatments” themselves.

  • To stop working implies that they worked in the first place and we all know that they do not balance brain chemicals nor do they deal with the “depression” people are dealing with. In fact, the damned things can cause you to become suicidal or homicidal, they make you into a zombie separated from feelings and emotions, and you go into withdrawal when you try to quit taking them. The emperor is naked!!!

  • I wouldn’t call the damage done to my grandmother in the late 50’s as “alleged”. Shock turned a vibrant woman who was an artist, gardener, and Wise Woman among her Native American people into an empty husk of a woman. After the shock all she did was sit at the kitchen table staring at the floor and drinking coffee and chain smoking cigarettes. She didn’t even recognize me as her grandson. No more art, no more gardening, no more anything. This was a woman who could go out into her yard and call hummingbirds down to sit in the upturned palms of her hands, before the shock. Please don’t tell me that this was “alleged” damage.

    I’m interested in the fact that you became a psychiatrist when you are a person with lived experience. There are other psychiatrists out there with lived experience but the ones I’m thinking about don’t take part in the drugging or the shocking of people. Why are you a psychiatrist?

  • So, it sounds like you’re thinking more about yourself than the true and real welfare of the older gentleman you described. So, you would give shock to save your behind at all costs? Maybe it would be better to get out of psychiatry period and do something else.

    So why don’t you just take a baseball bat and hit the man in the head with it? You’ll get the same kind of results as you would from giving him shock and I guess you’d save your butt at the same time.

  • “Lets call it what it is, psycho-pharmaceutical colonialism.”

    Exactly. The Japanese culture never had a word in their language for “depression”. They did appreciate sadness and the things in life that can cause us to be sad. This is why they have an entire historical period in which there was a large emphasis for the appreciation of even the smallest things in life because life is oftentimes difficult and short. I may be wrong but I want to say it was the Edo period. This period and its philosophy was responsible for some of the greatest art and literature ever produced ty the Japanese people.

    And then the Western drug companies and Western psychiatry saw a lucrative new place to, as you call it so aptly, colonize and they sent their front men into Japan. In the end they were very successful in convincing the Japanese people that depression was real and that it’s an illness that you need to be drugged for. So, psychiatry and the drug companies are not only destroying countless lives, they are responsible for the destruction of a culture, society, and philosophy. The philosophy worked very well for Japanese society until the system got its hands on everything. It’s disgusting.

  • The Cat

    Your comment about the war on drugs reminded me of something. In the Nixon administration they created a program that was going to use psychiatric drugs on the children of the inner cities. The man who was the mastermind of this program stated that Black people were no better than monkeys who only lived to war with each other and have numerous children. His program was going to stop this.

    Somehow Dr. Peter Breggin found out about it and marshalled forces to counteract it. He was successful, thank goodness. So, here we are in the present time when they’re trying to drug everyone’s kids and they’re getting away with it.

  • Great point! You can try to explain to them why you ended up in their wonderful “care” and they sit there looking at their watch and being very impatient, if they even let you talk at all in the first place. But of course, they’re great experts on everyone else’s life and they know it and who are you to try to dissuade them from this fact??? How dare you tell them that you know your own body and mind better than they do!! What blasphemy!

  • I agree madmom, you really have to wonder why they offer things like this. I’ve had two major surgeries this past year and was approached with all kinds of pain meds that I did not want nor did I need them. I have a bottle of hydrocodone that I never needed setting in my medicine cabinet. Don’t know why I’m even keeping it and need to take it down to one of those places where they collect prescription drugs that aren’t used.

  • This is the thing that interests me a lot. She knows the truth after proving it twice with her studies. She stated her findings and said that you couldn’t dispute them. And then she chooses to spout the same old line that psychiatrists always use about “having to take your medicines”. How do they live in such a conflicted world without becoming mad themselves? Is money and power so important to them that they can lie to themselves even after seeing the truth right there in front of them? I just don’t understand it at all.

  • Thank you for writing this and for your honesty. I practice mindfulness and do not find it an easy process at all. I am sickened by the way it’s been turned into another money making commodity. Unfortunately too many people will take the bait hook, line, and sinker and will most likely find themselves in problems. It’s just another thing in our great and frenetic search for constant happiness.

  • Nancy Andreasen proved in her 2007 study that so-called schizophrenia is not the cause of brain shrinkage. She is the god mother of biopsychiatry and yet she had enough guts and moral fortitude to admit that it’s the neuroleptics that cause human brains to shrink. She even carried out her study twice because she thought she’d made a mistake when the study showed that the drugs were the cause of the problem and not the supposed “disease”. Then she sat on the results for two years because she didn’t want to publicize them. And then she finally published the study. But then she said that it is important for people to continue to take the damned drugs! Go figure.

  • We can talk all we want about informed consent and how important it is but this is not going to accomplish a thing. How are you going to force the psychiatrists in places like where I work, a state “hospital”, to truly inform people about the effects of the drugs that they’re forced to take? If they truly informed people of such effects there would be a huge rebellion on every unit where people are held because the truth is that these drugs are harmful. Some people might choose to take the drugs anyway rather than deal with the voices or visions, but my suspicion is that most would push back about taking them. One of the big reasons that informed consent is nonexistent in such institutions is to keep people from fighting back. Informed consent would change the entire paradigm of how these institutions would be forced to run and this would be problematical for clinicians. So, how are you going to force psychiatrists to truly inform people about the drugs that they force people to take? You can work with social workers and psychologists and the like but they’re not the ones making people take the drugs.

  • If I understand correctly, trauma informed care doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything for the trauma survivor. It is raising the consciousness of the staff so that they don’t do things that continue to traumatize trauma survivors. It isn’t the actual doing of trauma work to help people transcend the terrible things that they’ve experienced. As Noel mentioned, trauma work is long and difficult, something that the system doesn’t want to indulge in. So, institutions can proudly call themselves trauma informed but this doesn’t mean that they’re doing trauma work with people to help them resolve their issues. Granted, trying to not re-traumatize people is important but that’s only the beginning of the real work. Most institutions are not going to do that.

  • A very important point. I often wondered when reading about John Weir Perry (I hope that I got the names in the right order) whether he ever realized that not every person he dealt with was having a spiritual experience. It seemed like that was his big explanation for a lot of experiences but I may not be totally accurate about this. He did seem to have a lot of success with helping people to get their lives back.

  • The community mental health clinics are a joke. They do more damage to people than they ever help. And I believe that the day treatment programs are just a way for them to make money because everyone who is discharged from the state “hospital” where I work are assigned to such treatment programs. Everyone is assigned. These programs meet five days a week from 8 am to 3 pm and are totally useless. And they want to keep you in said programs for months. They just string people along. The only good thing is that they can’t make you attend them unless you are in trouble with the law. Unfortunately, almost everyone these days is in trouble with the law because of the way that the system has arranged things.

  • I wouldn’t be so hard on yourself if I were you. There were numbers of us who took the bait; hook, line, and sinker. How were we to know any different from what the drug companies and psychiatrists and GP’s were claiming that they did for people? They were all so convincing in their pushing of these dangerous drugs. I can remember how I got snookered onto them. A person I really respected, whom I thought was well informed, suggested that I ask my doctor for an SSRI. He said that they were so much better than the old “antidepressants” that they first came up with. Trazadone is dangerous enough that you can overdose on it and die. I’d never had any contact at all with the system, I still thought that psychiatrists actually sat down and listened to you and did real therapy! So I went to my GP and asked for an SSRI and he was more than happy to give me a script to fill. Good ol’ Zoloft! Of course it didn’t do a damned thing, except mess up all kinds of things that I never knew that it affected. I wonder how much of a bonus the drug rep for my GP was getting for pushing these damned things. Then we went on the great search for the “antidepressant” that would work better than the one that I was on at the time. I eventually ended up on 250 mg. of Effexor XR and that helped send me over the edge. I think I’m really lucky to be alive after my bout with “antidepressants”.

    The problem today is how do we go about making sure that more people don’t get snookered onto the damned things?

  • Why can’t someone just bring themselves to state very clearly that the reason for quitting these devil’s tic tacs is that the damned things don’t work and that they’re dangerous to your health and well-being? The damned things don’t work any better than a placebo! Kirsch showed this years ago and yet we’re still standing out there in the crowd oowing and awing over how wonderful the emperor’s new set of clothes are! You hear the little kids honestly point out, every once in a while, that the emperor is buck assed naked, but then someone hushes the kid up and hustles them off into the crowd. I’m sick to death of it; the damned things almost caused my death ten years ago.