Thursday, June 30, 2022

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  • Hello, I recall hearing I think it was your story on a podcast. If not yours, it was a similar story: sex abuse at a jewish summer camp. My grandparents ran a jewish summer camp in Elkhart, Indiana in the late 1950s/early 60s. I was a tot – but I do remember one of the male counselors in particular who was a friend of my parents – ‘Bud’ – who began working on grooming me when he visited us at home. Took me to lunch. Gave me a gold locket. Insisted on taking me to kindergarten. This gets into a family back story: father’s mother Russian side of the family riven with pedophiles sister & father’s cousins all molested. The coverup was vast – that and violence. I’m glad you got help at a young age and you accessed MDMA in a safe and healing way. You’re very fortunate. Took me decades to find therapists who believed me/my childhood story. Never occurred to me to seek out mind-altering substances in my 20s or even 30s – even though they were sure always there. Thanks.

  • A general comment: those who seek treatment with psychedelics, there are government approved/sponsored clinical trials all over the world. Google them, you’ll find them. Ask any major medical research university in your town/city/country to direct you if that doesn’t work. For other information about non-medically sanctioned psychedelic drug access: Do NOT contact me. I am neither advocat nor clearing house, nor is this thread an advertising venue for underground psychedelic resources.

  • Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I am still in favour of psychedelic therapy – I benefited from it in a clinical trial; and I’ve had a few more sessions now using a classic psychedelic with someone who ISN’T a therapist and is a very sensitive skilled, compassionate member of the underground. I am doing much better than I was a year ago.

    I agree with you about the self-identified gurus who become therapists. What to do? Don’t know. Thank you again.

  • Hello, thank you for pointing this out regarding men who have been traumatized sexually; and regarding therapists with poor boundaries. It occurred to me after the fact I appear to be making a gender generalization about experiences; and drawing an artificial boundary where there isn’t one.

    I didn’t clarify adequately: I am concerned about dangers of MDMA in particular. The drug was declared by the advocacy company, MAPS, to be the de facto treatment for PTSD. It was so chosen because the founde calculated male veterans in particular were low-hanging fruit who evoked a lot of sympathy; and MDMA was an easier drug to gain FDA approval because it did not have the same dark history as the classic halucinogens. He calculated correctly he was most likely to get FDA approval to run clinical trials with MDMA with military service veterans, who are predominantly male. Meanwhile, a cohort of women and vulnerable men have now been victimized in MAPS trials by the the study staff. The government of Canada has halted further clinical trials, and is reviewing all of the data. Here is a link to some reporting on what happened there.

    There are other reports of underground therapists caught out in the same way. The field has a lot of reckoning to do already.

  • Thanks very much for your thoughtful comment. The psychedelic world is one where nuance is an endangered species getting trampled beneath the hype promoted especially by corporate psychedelic pharma investors. An informal honor system in the underground is not enough to protect vulnerable people. Above ground legalization/regulation is mandatory.