Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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  • Your story (and countless other similar ´horror’ stories) touches my heart.
    Thank you for sharing it!

    I long retired from work as a Family Physician- little work since 1997, fully retired from allopathic medicine in 2002.

    I also had misadventures if being epically misunderstood by the Field of Psychiatry.
    We have an ´unsustainable System of systems’ creating many roadblocks for proper care of health issues, especially when they touch into Psychiatry.
    I formally divorced Psychiatry in early 2016, four years of attempting to collaborate. I got curious and found many solutions. Yet, the system is delusional.
    I wrote an article with links to other articles on the subject:

    This year I have further crystallized my offer towards a solution.
    Two questions that require contemplation and vigorous multidimensional, multidisciplinary exploration:
    1. What is a human being? Truly in an optimized state. The ‘physics’ of human anatomy are dangerously missing within allopathic medicine as a whole. Disastrously so in Psychiatry.
    2. What is Reality?

    We got off track decades ago.
    Science does not follow its own dictums. There is no place for multidisciplinary exploration and questioning the multitude of assumptions made on a daily routine basis.
    When you ask the optimal question, you allow for optimal answers to come forward.
    The Hippocratic Oath also broken daily.
    The system even ridiculed and undermines those that question assumptions.
    Sadly, corruption and profit-drive are barriers to discovery of what optimal human health looks like.

    Iatrogenic harm. This is routine in our current health system.

    Self-led healthcare is the wave of the future!

    I do see Medical Science, as it functionally plays out in our world, like a dogmatic religion. « Unscientific »