Saturday, October 16, 2021

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  • This is an amazing idea! Doing something as this would give me the purpose in life I so desperately need. I was a Family Nurse Practitioner before 18 1/2 years of poly drugging with psychiatric drugs cause me to become to mentally and physically ill I could no longer work. I have successfully come off all meds and am 20 months off at this writing. My educational background and personal war with psychiatry and the damage they did to me qualifies me as an expert as it does countless others.regarding how much to charge is somewhat of a conundrum. Maybe someone who is knowledgeable in Grant writing could advise on this. It would be nice if we could be paid a fair and equitable fee and a percentage of this returned to each of the victims who have been harmed, thinking out loud here. This is such a brilliant idea you have written about . I long for this idea to be realized and would so much like to be involved.