Friday, October 7, 2022

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  • The metaphor or treating a labeled medical problem with the scientific appropriate methods vs. experimental fruits and veggies or positive hymes will prove that by not following the methods of PROVEN, one is negligent in harming the patient.

    Science and data are all there. It’s a face that science often takes time to catch up to the education world and unforntuately they are choosing to take the Ostrich road …perhaps due to $$$ although in the end it costs our society far more. DSM cite to have dyslexia removed from the medical books is insane. The Dyslexia Training Institute put out an excellent Teacher simulation which in 2 minutes will explain the importance. Seeing these 6 teachers and 3 are treated very differently ….speaks for itself. They have one for writing too. I call my son’s writing “monster” writing which is Dysgraphia and is connected to many with dyslexia.