Thursday, December 1, 2022

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  • Thank you for sharing your experiences. The drugs are neurotoxins which disrupt so many bodily systems and side effects are ignored and withdrawal is hell. I commend you for your determination. I find it disturbing that “care providers” will not acknowledge the side effects/withdrawal effects of these drugs. Of course, if they did, they would have nothing left in their tool box except to actually listen to their patients. In psychiatric hospitals, this is almost impossible when someone is going through extreme withdrawal and so, once again, they are poly drugged until they no longer cause disruptions on the ward.

  • Just a note on Ronald Pies logic that the patient can’t be believed when they say the care provider used the “chemical imbalance” theory. This theory was recently used during a care provider’s testimony during a Jarvis Hearing and can be substantiated by reading the court transcript. Everyone in the courtroom heard it. So much for Pies’ argument.

  • Yulia, I want to thank you for your article. You briefly mentioned your daughter, so I am assuming that you, like myself, are mothers/family members who have witnessed the abuse of power by psychiatry, the court system and pharmaceutical companies. I have been frustrated by the same issue; the failure to organize a coalition for monumental change to the psychiatric system. Each group, of which I follow many, has their own platform with most of the same followers. “Preaching to the choir” is not pulling us together to create change that is so desperately needed.
    The biggest hurdles are funding, Pharma-backed media, changing the commitment and forced medication legal system, the sham courts, and the power of psychiatrists, to name just a few. It would be an uphill battle. These systems tend to make us feel powerless because I have learned that we can’t fight them alone. However, I believe we have plenty of professionals, psychiatric survivors, individuals still caught in the system, and family members, who could help if we unite. I will be emailing you.