Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • Also to add to the above, the article below is a case study of a patient who suffered what appeared to be a psychiatric breakdown but was found to be caused by B12 and iron deficiency.

    The interesting thing is that doctors tell us we can get all of our nutrients from a balanced diet but what constitutes a balanced diet?
    And other factors have to be taken into consideration. People can have parasitical infections, Croehns disease, IBS, low stomach acidity which will all contribute to decreased nutrient absorption from their diets (particuarly a problem with B12). Throw in genetic polymorphisms and allergies etc and it gets even more tricky to understand. Then there is also the possibility that much of the food we eat is low in nutrients because of depleted soils, high productivity/fast turnover of crops & livestock so their is less time for essential nutrients to be absorbed etc….
    Also modern humans are now exposed to 10,000s of industrial chemicals that we have no idea of how they interact biologically. Don’t expect the FDA or EPA to protect you. How long did it take for them to ban asbestos, lead additives in fuel and paint, DDT, dioxins, mercury fillings etc….
    In the meantime our plastic food storage containers contain BPA, aerosol cans have aluminium, our crops are exposed to pesticides, we insist on building residential homes in areas exposed to diesel fumes, restaurants add MSG to their food, we cook with non-stick pans etc. Now we also have low fat foods that are packed full of sugar or artificial sweeteners instead….aspartame which will breakdown in the blood to methanol and formaldehyde…..
    Do we really know what we are doing to our longterm health? Are these chemical exposures behind the rise in autoimmune disorders that we are now seeing?

  • Very interesting article. Australia has also had it’s problem with rogue psychiatrists – anyone interested in this look up Chelmsford Psychiatric Hospital. This facility operated in the 60s and 70s and used patients (often without their approval) as lab-rats where they were drugged into a deep coma and tortured with electroshock therapy. This practice resulted in many patients dying & others being permanently brain damaged, many of which soon committed suicide.
    None of the doctors or nurses were ever jailed and none of the victims ever received proper justice. It seems that someone can wear a white coat or a $10,000 suit and hide behind a profession and get away with crimes that anyone else would be jailed for life. There is very little accountability in pyschiatry and nothing in Australia was done to prevent such a thing happening again – it was all totally 100% legal….

    But I would also add that we should be careful not to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’. There are some biological anomalies that are associated with depression and there is no doubt that brain disorders exists i.e. Alzheimers, Parkinsons, neuropathies and these have physical causes.
    For instance certain nutrient and vitamin deficiencies have been shown to be associated with depression
    Vitamin B12
    Vitamin B6
    Folate B9
    Vitamin D

    Indeed it is now known that a genetic polymorphism in the MTHFR gene can cause problems with the methylation of
    cyanocobalamin – into the useable mitochondrial form of methylcobalamin
    pyridoxine into pyridoxal-5-phosphate
    folic acid into methyl-folate
    This is still a new area of research but it may be shown in future that MTHFR gene polymorphisms may produce deficiencies of these vitamins which cause problems downstream in the production and recycling of neurotrasmitters, myelin maintenance etc….
    Also it appears that people suffering depression have reduced Glutathione in brain tissue
    Perhaps a depletion of antioxidants in neurons is associated with increased oxidative stress that degrades the health and function of these cells….
    Problems with Glutathione synthesis seem to be linked with a number of diseases which is not surprising seeing as it plays a critical role in neutralising free radicals, toxins which is essential for protection mitochondria and cells from oxidative damage.
    Glutathione may yet be one of the key pieces to understanding neurological health…