Monday, September 26, 2022

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  • Kelly asks ‘I wonder how the affronted community discusses their perspective with mothers of autistic children with impairments severe enough that they *cannot* communicate or function to an extent that would be considered a mental health variant, but rather definitively a struggle.’

    They don’t. They pretend these children — the ones who’ll never be toilet trained or learn to speak or communicate at all other than with screams– don’t exist. All that matters is that their self esteem is not damaged, and pharma plays into that and has found a huge army of useful fools to do their bidding, ie, tell Americans “nothing to see here, move along now.”

    They are offered titles and positions and paychecks, but only if they’re willing to say what they’re told to say and shut up when they’re told to shut up. Many of them operate anonymously. Please don’t talk to me about acceptance. I consider myself a person high on the spectrum, but when I’ve attempted to speak about vaccine injury I’ve found that damn near anything and everything can be accepted in the US, everything except for that one sin that I’ve committed– I’ve said “oh look, there are really high levels of mercury and aluminum in vaccines and maybe that’s not such a good idea..” I’ve been told in so many words “shut up or we’ll make you wish you had” more times than I care to count. I’ve been censored, told I’m not welcome in my ‘family’ member’s home (she calls herself a Christian minister, btw), threatened with arrest, lied to and lied about. Acceptance?? Lol. I’ll talk about acceptance of autism. AFTER the special vaccine court has been abolished, and after the vaccine makers are no longer given indemnity from prosecution for their crimes. When those responsible for the destruction of a huge chunk of an entire generation are in prison cells, then I’ll be happy to try to accept that which can’t be changed. In the mean time I’ll thank God my children are as healthy as they are. Those in the neurodiverse community should be thankful they are able to communicate. It’s no thanks to our public health officials and regulators, and pharma and the media and Congress.

    My firstborn screamed as if someone had stuck a fork into her for every waking moment of the first two months of her life. I’m expected to just accept that this is no big deal. No, this is NOT just a ‘different way of being’. When she was four and lost all of the language she’d developed and had bowel movements every ten days, again I was expected to just shut up. And when I learned what caused her health problems, I was expected to not only shut up about it but to smile. It is not sane for a mother to do as she’s expected when what is expected is that she just forget the fact that her child was harmed deliberately and for profit. My children were chemically assaulted. Luckily they escaped the worst of it. Some children were assaulted so severely their lives were devastated and their lives and the lives of their families will never be able to be put back together.

    I’m sorry if there are those on the spectrum who find my words offensive. Nobody has ever guaranteed you the right to go thru life unoffended. There IS however supposed to be a Constitutional right to sue for redress. I guess that’s only for the privileged, now.

    Thank you for this article Kelly. I’ve grown so weary of the excuses and the denial. Over a year after Dr. William Thompson of the CDC released his whistle blower statement to the public exactly nothing has been done by our public health officials or by Congress. The inane ‘debates’ by the anonymous continue to tell Americans “nothing to see here, and btw shut up or else we’ll make you wish you had.” This insanity has to stop or there is NO future in the US for any of our children.

  • Many have asked why BCH would do this. It’s very simple.

    Hannah Poling also has mitochondrial disorder. Her parents (a neurosurgeon and a nurse/lawyer) received a multimillion dollar vaccine injury settlement in 2010, after Hannah had nine vaccines in one day and then immediately developed symptoms of severe autism. Public health officials said at that time that Hannah’s problems were the result not merely of her vaccines, but of a ‘rare underlying mitochondrial disorder’, although it is unclear if she was diagnosed with her mitochondrial disorder prior to receiving the vaccines. Many in the autism community at the time believed that mitochondrial disorders might not be all that rare.

    Evidence over the last decade and a half is clear — autism is iatrogenic (mercury), and so is mitochondrial damage (aluminum).

    What we are seeing is medical terrorism. Doctors and parents are being sent a chilling message, and if no price is paid by the people responsible for what has happened to Justina the message will get through loud and clear to doctors and patients and parents of patients. The message is this – ‘If you know what’s good for you and your children, you’ll shut up when you’re told to shut up.’