Friday, February 28, 2020

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  • Thanks Steve.
    I have had those experiences. As a matter of fact I was hospitalized a few weeks ago after a thwarted attempt (someone found my gun– i don’t mess around), and my time there felt like prison (ms. harris is quite right about feeling punished). I had no agency over my medications and felt like an animal. Perhaps what I should really be saying is – that articles that address the negative affects of drugs and the poor treatment people ( like myself receive,) should ALSO say CLEARLY that they aren’t advocating for people stop taking medications carte blanche.

  • I wish there wasn’t so much vitriol against medication. I think it’s misguided. Not everyone needs it, and everyone has been on the wrong medication at some point and has suffered. For others- it’s a life saver. So stop acting like its the worst thing and make people feel bad about having to take meds. I wish I could be off them but it’s not in my cards.