Friday, December 2, 2022

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  • I am deeply moved by this, even more so now that I have met you personally, Julie. Your motto is spot on..Never, EVER shut up.

    You are brave and courageous. You, Julie, are what I and ever survivor should aspire to be. I am a young man of 33 years of age, and I look up to women and men like yourself for guidance and motivation. I look forward to working with you and others in the next few weeks, months, and years. I’m glad to call you friend now.

  • As a young man of 33 years old as of April 17th, AND a psychiatric survivor, I have answered the call, Ted. I will be working with Lauren Tenney and Ceclia Brown in planning and organizing the NYC Protest. I am volunteering to lead the charge as Lauren has to work that day, and I’m not yet sure what Ceclia’s availability is. I am but the learner, but I am eager and highly motivated. I bring to the table energy and passion, as well as innate intelligence. I also hope more youth get involved in protests like this in the future. And even new comers in general. We need good people to do the good work of getting information out to the world.

    I am looking forward to putting out a 110 percent effort on this one. Let’s show the world what ECT really is all about, as well as exposing what psychiatry really is all about In Solidarity!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thank you for sharing your story. When reading your story the idea of “anosognosia” came to my mind. Because God forbid we be autonomous adults with our own minds and feelings about something. And if you are a child or adolescent who has been condemned to a certain psychiatric label and voice your feelings about the drugs, to me it would seem like you’d be absolutely powerless.

  • I would love to become involved with such a new conference hosted by other psychiatric survivors. I would also love to attend it. Maybe it could be held more then once a year, in different locations so that people from different regions can attend. Also, there should be more demonstrations outside of the institutions that hold so many against their will.

    Another idea I got, which is very radical but could bring attention to our movement, is to infiltrate the psychiatric wards with willing participants. In a way, re-due the Rosenhan experiment. Have willing participants all check into a ward, all record their observations and treatments, then get released and report those to society, showing how much psychiatry is a fraud. But you’d have to have people willing to do this. Then things like this, and other demonstrations, could be recounted at the Psychiatric survivor’s conference. Would I be willing to do this, maybe. But not at the current moment.

  • You nailed this one right on the head Daniel! I too have a background in science, a BS in Biology like you. Psychiatry ABSOLUTELY is not rooted in any sort of science AT ALL. Those in the field of psychiatry do not know what the Scientific Method is. I asked several psychiatrists what it was (Scientific Method) and the steps executed in such a process and I received nothing but blank stares and in one instance a very angry response. There are no blood tests, no brain scans of any kind, no DNA studies, NOTHING that can detect so called “mental illness”. Psychiatry in its present incarnation is nothing short of pseudo-science. Involuntary Outpatient Commitment otherwise known as AOT (Assisted Outpatient Treatment) in NY state is a totalitarian swipe at those is severe emotional crisis. It takes advantage of those who MAY have made rash decisions in times of extreme emotional distress., sometimes not even Those same individuals, if treated like people and spoken too as adults about their situations, would not repeat the same actions. Psychiatry could be a legit field of study if it acknowledged that there are many factors in a persons life that may contribute to a crisis; economic factors, childhood trauma, racial disparities, and I even dare say spiritual and mystical factors as well.

    I use to post on this site as “AC400KICK” but I choose to no longer do so. I want the world to know who I am. I am “mentally ill” as the psychiatrists tell me I am. I am proud of who I am and what I come from. I have “Mad Pride”. And even if I ever get off the medication I’m on, I will never forget those souls I met in 5 different psych wards in New York where I live. I will never forget those in group homes who can not escape their situation. I will never forget those on AOT, like myself, who are subject to monthly injections and weekly or bi-weekly interrogations of a court ordered “therapist”. I may have revealed a lot about myself i this post, but I don’t care. I’m “Mad”, and I’m proud. Thank you for listening to these words! Rock on, Daniel!

  • Nice work. I was there at the protest. I never knew there were others out there organizing against forced medication before I found this web site. I’m very grateful for your work and the work of others who continue to stand up for freedom, both physical and psychological. Thank you for making this film.

  • Dr. Cornwall,

    Thanks for telling us about the Icarus Project. I never knew of its existence before and wrote them an e-mail expressing my interest in getting involved. I’d like to meet others where I live who have had similar experiences with psychiatry and how it has effected their lives. I’d also like to support these people who choose to rid themselves of this system and the medication regimens that come with being unfortunately labeled as mentally ill. Thanks for the info!

  • Dr. Cornwall

    I’m currently on 15 mg of Abilify oral and an injectable of Abilify Maintaina. The only reason why I’m on the injectable is because I’m on AOT right now ( I’m from NY state). Once the AOT order is expired in June I’ll only be on the oral Abilify. I plan on tapering off the Abilify over the course of a year but to tell you the truth I am terrified to do this. I know my psychiatrist will not allow me to do this so I may have to do this on my own via a pill splitter. I’ve tried tapering myself off the meds in the past but all too fast ( only 6 weeks). The result was acute psychosis and hospitalization followed. The only good thing is I now know the signs that things are slipping downhill.

    When I’m off my meds (and before the psychosis set in) I feel free. When I’m on meds I feel no emotion, I’m very numb to things. I have a lot of phobias that keep me from living life ( I.e. Driving). But when I’m off the meds this things that hold me back go away. I finally feel emotion again.

    Is it so bad to want to get off these meds Doctor Cornwall? Psychiatrists out there should know that the body has a natural healing process. Drugs like Abilify and other anti psychotics just suppress this and makes it worse in the long run. I believe all of us that have experienced ” mental illness” can conquer it on our own and don’t need to be indentured servants to this horrible drugs.

    I plan on getting off Abilify soon. Within 2 years of my AOT order expiring I hope to be off this drug and living life to the fullest, psychosis free, drug free. Thank you for hearing me out 🙂