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  • Dr. Steingard,
    I really enjoyed the opportunity to see and hear you. I also continue to agree with you to an incredible degree. It is rare to find such agreement with another psychiatrist. I know you wrote me a while back about these things. I’m just writing here to let you know that I continue to admire your courage and your ethical reflection on your practice, and especially your persistence and energy in putting the message out.

    Please keep me in the loop, and let me know of any ways that a person such as myself can help.

    Gene Combs

  • This is excellent analysis, as far as it goes, and I completely agree with it. But the situation is even more ingrained, complex, and difficult to change rapidly. It’s not just the money, it’s that the whole cultural apparatus for dealing with what we in this culture have come call “mental illness” has become a rather fixed reality. The DSM, the very architecture of hospitals, the gradual erosion of community mental health clinics, what insurance will and won’t pay for, the language available for discussing and trying to understand a life crisis, the phone numbers you can find listed, the set protocols for responding to a 911 call, and many, many more interlocking details, all these things work together to make it very possible to respond to a person in crisis in some ways and nearly impossible to respond in other ways. There are no Soteria houses in Chicago (for example). Not trying to be a pessimist here, I subscribe to Mad in America for the community, hope, and solidarity in working for change, I’m just trying to help name the many things we have to work at changing.