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  • They simply cannot have ‘robots/slaves/consumers’ having free will, and this is WHY they have created a toxic myth of us all being machines, and animals being machines, and nature being a machine and the universe being a machine. BEcause they depend on slaves to keep a certain small percent mindbogglingly rich from all the robbed wealth they accrue.

    Freud and even so-called ‘depth’ psychologist Jung are not part of a solution, but offer false alternatives. This is what the patriarchy does. Creates different ‘alternatives’ which really just add to the sense of feeling dis-connected from our selves, bodies, others, and the natural world.

    In my experience it is women authors and speakers who mostly expose the long trajectory of patriarchal thinking, because they have mostly been its victims! So it has been in their deep interest to study and expose what has gone and continues to go on to enslave us.

    Anciently ‘the unconscious’ was a deeper dimensional part of the natural world and our being known as the ‘underworld’, or ‘otherworld’ or ‘dreamtime’ or ‘land of faerie” etc. A way of relating to nature in a way that experiences it as unimaginably alive and we are wholly interconnected because we ARE nature. THAT is what the toxic patriarchal myths try and disconnect us from, and this is why their is such irrational fear and prohibition against the ‘slaves’ having rightful freedom to take psychedelics, because they dramatically dis-solve the propaganda which intends to disconnects us from nature.

  • Hi Diana, I love the way you write. It is very unpretentious, honest, to the point! REAL.

    It is so strange how Holland, which has seemed to be so liberated–in contrast the the rest of Europe, and world even–regarding the allowing of cannabis and psychedelics, and YET conforms, as you expose, to the same brutal ‘mental health treatment’ of people!!
    This shows me just how prevalent this toxic reductive myth is, which has us all reduced to chemicals and genes, and treated like robots/machines.
    The underlying myth which fuels this culture and its institutions like the ‘mental health movement’— has it that we are machines, other species are machines, nature is a machine and even the universe is a machine. HOW the hell could the sensitive, and intelligent and aware person NOT go mad in such an oppressive scenario? This reminds me the quote of Laing’s I was reminded of yesterday: ‘insanity can be a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world.’ In the spirit of the Mad pride Movement I’d paraphrase it as ‘Madness can be a perfectly rational adjustment to an insane world, because of course both terms do not connote the accepted myth that mental illness is biologically caused, but rather to differentiate the spontaneous feelngs people affected by oppression (which usually cannot even be acknowledged or ‘known about’) have, and behaviour deemed ‘disordered’ with a prevailing oppressive culture which irrationally will not acknowledge its OWN insanity as it willnilly loves and wants more and more war against others, and is exploiting millions of people, and causing mass extinctions of other species (even the Bees are threatened) and ecocide of the whole ecosphere all life, including the generations to come, depend on.

    Like their ‘gatekeeping experts’ are not interested in you and your story and feelings they are not interested in all of that also! And THAT is their insanity which is ignore-ance!

  • I have completed listening to the whole interview now. I wish I had noted down various points he addressed that I would have given feedback on, but one crucial one I recall is when he said how the medical establishment mindset, and people blindly following its authority, understand eg ‘indigestion’.

    That when suffering indigestion many will want to take drugs to get rid of it rather than understanding WHY they are having indigestion in the first place. This goes right through most of what is given us as ‘medicine’, and this of course is the pattern that bleeds into the psychiatric use of drugs. ‘Depression’? here take come ‘anti-depressants’! etc etc etc. This is the KEY to revealing the mechanistic mindset behind all of this.

    We are not machines/robots, though the overall state propaganda has tried to impose this self image on us and still does. We are rather deep creative mysterious beings, living in a deep creative mysterious nature and universe, whose ‘extreme states’ of experience both spontaneous, and inspired with other forms of various inspirational activities including psychedelic experience, may take on mythical dimensions.

    John Weir Perry, founder of the sanctuary DIABASIS, goes into this in his books and talks:

    “Schizophrenia is a condition in which the dream takes the place of reality.” This means that the
    unconscious overwhelms the ego consciousness, overwhelms the field of
    awareness with contents from the deepest unconscious, which take mythic,
    symbolic form. And the emotions, unless they’re hidden, are quite mythic too. ”

    Where I radically differ from Perry, however, is his Jungian influence which tends to see ‘the unconscious’ as a threat to the ego. I am with Goddess feminists who strongly critique Jung on this major point. because what his is doing is carrying on the patriarchal fear OF the ‘feminine unoconscious’ and being a threat to the ‘male ego/consciousness’

    In the book Myth and Sexuality, by Jamake Highwater, the author makes it clear that the prime mythical motif which reveals the patriarchal agenda over millennia is the battle between the ‘heroic ego’ versus the Serpent. This is depicted in art as an armoured male, sword raised, and usually on horseback, fighting and subduing and killing a dragon/serpent/monster. It is important with the eyes of the child -in the fairy tale who sees the emperor is naked-to directly see through this image to the truth. That it is revealing the self image of the male patriarch who imagines himself to be ‘light, consciousness, intelligence, reason’ forever fighting against what he sees as being chaos, darkness, disorder, namely women, femininity, nature, which he sees as being ‘monstrous’ and a deep threat to his ‘enlightened’ being, and how this myth bleeds into the so-called secular world we are living in today…

    How else do we explain that more and more NATURAL feelings are categorized by the state/pharmacracy as being ‘dis-order’ and even having to be suppressed, drugged back to ‘normalcy and order’?

    This shows that that toxic myth still permeates even those who consider themselves the most ‘rational and scientific’. And how even children younger and younger, including babies, are included victims of this toxic myth. A myth which is also extremely lucrative for the industry which pushes it bringing in BILLIONS in profit for them.

    If we can begin to understand the power of mythology, and how this natural depth of humans has been used by certain mindsets to manipulate us then this is an included deeper from of helping us to disentangle ourselves from the toxic propaganda. When we become aware we see through.

  • It is very late here in the UK, and so I have stopped this VERY interesting interview (from the video) just short of the last 10 mins. Some of the comments I have seen here seem to suggest they have ‘heard it all before’…? Well I have been looking into this for quite a few years, and I find him saying some extraordinarily deep important things and in a very flowing articulate way.
    WHY is it people, even those passionate about this, seem to think that there cannot be an ONGOING observation. get me?? For when those that try and impose toxic myths on us, what do they do? Their propaganda is relentless, and repetitive. Just think of adverts! YET when someone as articulate as this writes and talks. some react with the ‘it’s all been said’. Well GOOD!! –let us say it and say it and freakin say it again and again and again in the spirit of helping to sink this vitally important message into those hypnotized (including ourselves, who are constantly being ‘worked on’) by all the toxic myths!

    And talking of ‘lost connections’, I hope to also add some insights I have about the mythological aspects of what this means which I personally see as really important to understand.

    I have learnt so much from listening to one hour of his interview and wish to share it as much as possible tomorrow!

  • I might have shared this but for the fact that I am totally against breggin’s likening psychedelics and cannabis to psychiatric drugs and putting them all into a category of ‘neuro-toxic’ or poison. This is extremely dangerous and is I think old school ‘anti-psychiatry’, although R.D. Laing was very accepting of psychedelics. But the spokespeople for challenging the bio=medical psychiatric model have usually also accepted the total anti-drug stance of the insane cult of Scientology, who are also of course anti-psychedelics and cannabis, but have noting to say about their poisonous belief system. I would be interested to know if Breggin was of that club who embrace Scientology as being ‘friends’ against the monster which is big pharma & psychiatry. maybe people like Breggin whould look deeper and see just how neuro-toxic are the belief systems imposed on generations via various forms of propaganda. Then he may care to review the copious amounts of data which reveal how psychedelics can greatly heal people, psychologically, physically and spiritually. There is one thing I am about, and that is breaking down a wall between the understanding of socially-controlling psychiatry and its neurotoxic drugs and the potential; for healing that psychedelics offer. This who carry on this war of words and action against psychedelics I have no time for, because they themselves have not made the effort to look into this.

  • In this civilization with its oppressive laws, if you do anything against ‘The Law’ there is no excuse for being ignorant of the law. YET these shrinks who claim to be doing what they do for the good of ‘patients’ when in reality they are harming them, and contributing to a toxic oppressive system that gets deep down and personal, their ignore-ance of there being no medical scientific evidence to support their quackery is FAR worse ignorance than disobeying an oppressive law like picking psychoactive mushrooms for example!

  • I dont think many people realize just HOW oppressive this system -which is trying to impose itself all over the world– is. How deep this o-press-ion goes. So it is no wonder more and more people literally freak out!! These are the people who are human, and can FEEL the insanity of it all!!

    Many are just SO sad. I read that 40 million prescription drugs for SSRIs were writ out in the UK last year. Sad little island people ey?? Oh but wait we’re all supposed be what..? content. happy, with the ‘march of progress’ as nature itself is under attack. THAT is sanity is it? Oh-I-see’

  • ‘People die by choice, I don’t find it any different than alcohol addiction. I have no sympathy for addicts nor myself as I put myself in this boat. Not too sound to unscientific or not concerned, but people choose their own path in regard to what they do and don’t do in life.

    “People are always going to choose to take substances to change consciousness. ESPECIALLY in a culture which is extremely oppressive”! I would ask how you define oppressive, race, culture, family life etc. ‘

    Well it is is important to know of oppression, otherwise you are basically a victim of it who is blind as to the causes of your dis-ease.
    A good example is the institution of ‘school’. I found school absolutely traumatizing from first to last, but because I was ignore-ant of its history and purpose, I was led to believe it was my fault. However years later, looking into the ‘education’ system and the culture in general, I now see I was sensitive enough as a kid to understand there was something very wrong with it, and that makes me feel empowered.
    Same is so for young people who get sucked into the military, and terrible things may happen to them physically and psycholgocially. Many are now suffering PTSD, and many veterans kill themselves, so it is a very serious situation. However, when you begin looking at the ‘racket’ of the war industry, etc you then get to understand, and will not join up or let your kids join up, because you have got wise.
    Now let us move onto the advertising industry. They spend millions on secret research as to how to get people thinking they are thinking for themselves so they will buy stuff they don’t need and eat food that is not good for them, and liquids that are not good for them, and smoke and drink, and pollute the environment all life depends on. I say CHOOSE to know. Choose to look behind the scenes at what is going on, and then you will understand oppression over people. Oppression isn’t only overt, but covert too.

  • you seem to contradict yourself, and also to be quite rigid in your views, and not to have read people’s personal stories who HAVE undergone ‘full blown madness’ and yet HAVE been deeply helped by alternative help (as well as experienced therapists etc who have helped people too, such as John Weir Perry) and come off medication.

    I will therefore let you believe and do what you want otherwise this will just be a back and forth empty debate.

  • So what about nutrition then? Did you know that medical people (not sure now. Some are becoming more savvy) were not trained in nutrition, so AS an ‘ordinary person’ you would have to look into this yourself. And what else…? IE I fear it when we are classed as ‘ordinary’ and feel we have to cow tow to ‘experts’. In that there is great corruption, because then you fear defying their authority or EVEN daring to question it, and this is why people WILL find themselves in lifelong medication for a condition which is not really understood, and also on cocktails of drugs.

    Yes some ‘mad people’ do recover and some DO know why. because they looked to alternative ways of healing. That is their choice.

    ‘Making alternatives available that only work for a minority isn’t good medicine and will get people like me nowhere.’

    That doesn’t make any sense. For one, how you you KNOW these alternative ways would only work for a minority of people, and:
    a) if that were so why is that wrong?

    and b) like I say, IF others do not know of these ways or do not have access to them, how do you know they would only work for a ‘minority’ of people?

  • there is hardly any real knowledge what ‘schizophrenia’ is never mind ‘full blown madness’! What exactly is that supposed to be even meaning?

    IF people report finding they have had ‘schizophrenia’ (etc) and now do not have to take medication any more, because they discovered alternative help, what do you see this result as, NOT a cure?

    If no one has answers, how come you claim ‘there are no known cures’?

    Yes we know the drugs seem to ‘work’ for some people, but what does this mean? Are they, like allopathic drugs, just addressing symptoms of a dis-ease. Is this why many people diagnosed with ‘schizophrenia’ can find themselves having to take the drugs for the rest of their lives?

    At least we agree that the chemical imbalance myth theory is a myth!

    I am not, and I am sure others here aren’t advoctating a ban on these drugs or ANY drugs. Anyone intelligent knows what happens when a war is waged on drugs. The situation is driven underground and the problems get worse.
    No, like the people at Mindfreedom (who went on a hungerstrike to protest the biomedical psychiatric model of ‘mental illness’ encourage people to have FREEDOM to take these drugs if they want, but also to have ALL the information about them and the myth of mental illness.

    Fast for Freedom in Mental Health Information

  • I wish you would use a different metaphor for this reason. In patriarchal mythology, the Dragon slayer, often depicted as an armoured knight on horseback in actuality represents the patriarchal oppressing the Goddess and the serpentine energies of the Earth. In fact that is totally part and parcel with what psychiatry is all about. it is the violent suppressing of healing energies. So hows about then:

    ‘Slaying the Dragon Slaying Knight’?

  • Yes Bippyone, often people like you seem to appear out of the woodwork in places like this.

    One wonders why you would even bother with a space that is hardly shrink and ‘drug-treatment’ friendly…? Yet appear ‘you’ do almost more beaming about these toxic drugs (for those they are) than your gaudiest US drug ad.
    And I do live in the UK where docs will often write out prescriptions without looking up!

  • I came here, or found this article because the BBC TV in the UK is pushing the psychopathy theory in its latest Horizon documentary. Anything that is mechanistic this documentary team will push!
    but to me I see it is the argument that there are ‘normal’ people and in their midst are ‘THE PSYCHOPATHS’, and they are claiming–guess what??–that they are working on a ‘treatment’ for ‘them’ (HIDE!!!).

    But this to me is the classic scape-goat theory. Make out ‘normal’ civilization is good and pure, but some blessed genes just will create people who mess it all up and they have got to be dealt with by who…? The shrinks and big pharma/drugs.

    I have read an interesting book in the past, and is one of those books that has had big influence on me. It is called Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda:Birth of the Patriarchy and the Drug War, by Dan Russell.

    He says how the ancient term ‘Pharmakon’ originally was/is the psychedelic vegetation one actually eat, ingested and the experience inspired the communal ecstatic expression of emotions, and spiritual connectedness with others and the land.

    Another term he uses is ‘Pharmakos’. The Pharmakos is meaning ‘sacrifice’ and again originally was one and the same, mythically speaking with the pharmakon, because these magical plants would be often envisaged, and personified as ‘gods’.
    The ‘old gods’ who sacrificed THEMSELVES, and were ‘born again’ as the ecstatic -more than your ordinary self/ego–connected self you feel having psychedelic experience, also being described as ‘possession’ by the ‘god’. BUT what happens when this understanding and even memory, and of course freedom, is suppressed. We got lumped with the abstract literalist concept of the ‘blood sacrifice’ and the toxic myths of ‘gods’ and ‘Gods’ and ‘Kings’ and ‘saviours’ and their priests etc demanding sacrifice, be it blood, your sexuality, and even life, alive and dead!

    The pharmakon and the pharmakos.

  • I started smoking cigarettes when I was 10!!! When I observe 10 year olds now it can be haunting to think I was led to that by the culture I was born into, but in those days smoking was EVERYWHERE. If you didn’t smoke you were getting second-hand smoke. There were TV ads, and all the ‘cool people’..smoked. So the IMAGE was it is rebellious, hip, cool ..and ‘ohhh the taste’.

    So they haven’t banned it now, what have they done different than before? INFORMATION! There is a more concerted informational drive to encourage people to give up, in the West that is. In ‘developing’ countries the immoral tobacco industry are targeting mostly young people like they did here.

    With alcohol it is the reverse. They promote it, there are no warnings on bottled, and cans (like they are now on cig packets), and yet the drug alcohol can and does great harm to a lot of people. We know banning doesn’t work so why not INFORMATION like with the cigarettes, and more and more with sugar (another shtty toxic drug). Instead young people are encited to consume lots of cheap alcohol.

    What about illegal drugs like heroin? The BBC did a great documentary years ago. Typically they have only shown it once! basically this guy was showing that the problem with heroin is not so much heroin itself (though of course it is physically addictive) but the fact that with it being illegal the street heroin gets mixed will all kinds of impurities and it is this which causes a lot of the disease users get!

    Same is so for Extasy (MDMA) which is a controlled drug. There have been more and more young people dying from just taking so-called MDMA pills at festivals etc, and later it is found they took NOT MDMA but PMA a dangerous amphetamine. Doubly dangerous because the people who think they are taking Es, expect the tablet to work quicker, and then drop another tablet, and get a double doe of PMA (or whatever other toxic mix). So will the UK government allow drug regulating facilities at festivals? Will they hell, they bloodymindedly state that ‘MDMA is illegal and a criminal offense bla bla’ even though they know this is a common thing people will buy Es at festivals. So young people will continue to die!!
    This so-called ‘war on drugs’ is THE main cause of the increase of more and more refined and additive drugs. For example from the diversity of cannabis you could get decades ago to the mono choice of Skunk, and also driving people to dangerous ‘legal highs’ (now illegal and thus black market..sigggh) like Spice.
    People are always going to choose to take substances to change consciousness. ESPECIALLY in a culture which is extremely oppressive!

  • I am a bit late, but just to say that there seems to be a growing ‘science’ calling out ‘the psychopath’. Currently on BBC TV there is an ‘Horizon’ documentary pushing this theme with ‘experts’. But mentioning capitalism, it seems it is rather the scapegoating of a ‘certain percentage of the population’ rather than challenging the very system itself which is main causer of what this culture calls ‘mental illness’. As is so with ‘The Scapegoat’, it is used to hide/make blind/disappear the general problem, the ROOTS of dis~ease! Its equation is ‘normal versus ‘psychopathy’.

  • Actually MDMA would be a great help for people suffering from PTSD. What I hate is when the therapeutic community, and other scientists studying MDMA and psychedelics for ‘mental illness’ is how they CONTAIN these substances within the psychiatric terms which further the ongoing delusion OF the mental illness myth: Medicalization. IE they promote MDMA and psychedelics as glorified psychiatric drugs. One recent media artile asked the limiting question ‘Is LSD the new Prozac?’

    In stead there should be straightaway exposing the mental illness myth, and from there understanding that substances which inspire emotional expression, and ecstasy, can be very healing on a deep level. But this will mean them defying the establishment they are part of, and that will take courage and integrity, AND the stopping of funds. But it has to be done!

  • You sound pssed off, and I can feel your pain, but I don’t think you look deep enough. WHY are children more and more feeling ‘de-press-ed’? Could it be because the very ‘water’ they are swimming (or drowning) in is o-press-ive, do you think, but THAT is well-hidden behind this pernicious mental illness myth which now even targets more and more children?

    Yesterday on a science programme I heard that more and more children are now feeling disconnected from nature!

  • I think that in history this guilting and shaming has been deliberate trauma mindcontrol devised by patriarchal elites.

    How come?

    Because you see their strategy used everywhere, in all areas of their oppressive matrix. It is their strategy of DIVIDE and CONTROL.

    If you can divide and individual from their self, their very *being*, then you have this shuddering conflicted wreck you can control better!

    With organized religions it is your born in ‘sin’, and are being watched all the time by a ‘pure God’ and his FLOCK (of sheeple), and if you put a foot wrong ‘he’ll’ damn you for ever and ever and everrr. Nice!
    Don’t enjoy sex whatEVER you do, especially gay sex. oh no no no.

    Now that toxic myth bleeds into ‘the unconscious’ being replaced by the mechanistic paradigm/toxic myth that we are robots, and NEED to have correct ‘chemical balance’. So there is great shame being seen to not have such a ‘balance’ and ‘normalcy’, and thus be classed ‘mentally ill’. EVEN for the children, victims of this insanity they’re born into.

  • With respect, too many words. As well as what these control freaks are doing, there are countless books with words words and more words. heavy laden with words are we. We need FOOD OF INSPIRATION!

    ‘So beware of reinforcing the script of hate by thinking the hate of evil makes you good, innocent or righteous.’ To judge evil isn’t to make one feel pure and self righteous unless you are already judging from a dualistic premise from the start. I am simple calling out the emperor with no clothes, and deconstructing mythology BASED on the duality OF good and evil. This is what mainly women authors, speakers and artists have done, exposing the patriarchy. And this is because they have been one of its main victims for millennia. Ask the slave about the master.

    But yes it is ACTUAL food we need. The so-called war on drugs (how ironic hey?) very much includes war on the psychedelics, and MDMA and cannabis, and thus is a war on consciousness and nature.
    When I take psychedelics, I avoid books with words, and numbers, and writing, and rather an ecstatically attracted to the sensuous world. it is THIS world the control freaks try and divide us from! They do not want us having access to freely growing plants and fungi which can inspire joy, creativity, inspiration. They say these natural plants and fungi (and substances like LSD) have ‘no medicinal value’. Well after all they ARE the ‘experts’ you know!

  • Great great comment!!

    ‘The whole industry is sickening when you break it down, but to call these poisons medicines or even legitimate drugs really takes the cake and is sadly what keeps the whole carnival show running. The researchers, doctors, and treatment providers handing out the magic pills don’t want you to see what’s behind the curtain. Don’t be fooled by what is essentially modern day sorcery masquerading as medicine.’

    YES! And their flag is the Skull and Cross Bones!! It is the symbol of danger, piracy, POISON, secret society, death, genocide! THIS is the real enemy behind the curtain. We HAVE to connect the dots, and see the concerted danger all around. Over here it is attacking the young ones. Over there it is attacking the Soil, the Bees, the oceans, the very staple of life, Water. These are all interconnected problems, and the ones responsible for this are the ones who make sure to control others to be dulled down, and suppress freedom of ecstasy, and sense of interrelationship with nature, and others, including other species, and suppress critical thinking. The most pernicious part of their induced dis-ease of terrible loss, sadness, which they term ‘clinical depression/chemical imbalance’ is that many of the victims are not even allowed to KNOW the real reasons they feel like they do. UP springs the gatekeepers, the docs, shrinks, counselors etc. The ‘experts’. ‘They know’ and what chance does a child have up against this concerted evil when many adults are totally unaware of what is going on?

    This is why we MUST go deep. This crisis demands we go as deep as can be and un-cover this matrix of oppression. Once we become aware of it we are already undermining it!

  • ‘And so it becomes a means by which to enslave everyone, to the ‘natural’ order of things if you will, where the spirit becomes trapped in the flesh, and no one is set free. It doesn’t belie the fact that the phenomenon actually exists, however.’

    The Orphic-Gnostic belief was of spirit descending and becoming trapped in ‘matter’ /nature. But if I understand you, you mean that the toxic dualistic mythmakers are actually creating this IF you understand ‘spirit’ to not be a dualistic concept and part OF ‘matter’ and/or nature. So for example you could say that the spirit of a wild horse is broken when the cowboy ‘breaks’ it. Same is so with us. As children we are full of play, life, inquisitiveness, joy, and then we are all herded into the enforced ‘education’ system and for many of us this kills our spirit—our essential being. the prevailing mechaanistic myth is that we are electro-chemical robots living in a dead environment. That is the EPITOME of ‘trapping the spirit in matter/breaking the spirit!

  • But it is not really about wine. It is about a more powerful substance than wine, it is about psychedelics. Whether they mixed it with wine, and so it was a far stronger ‘wine’ than wine we know of (researchers like Michael Hoffman believe this to be the case). ALL alcohol is not the same as psychedelics, because it is a depressant.
    What you say next is more what happened to the original Dionysian mysteries with the Orphic reform–EXACTLY lol. ‘Do NOT over indulge, and have wild orgies’ And as researcher Susan Harrison claimed they ended up diluting the sacrament and eventually phasing it out altogether. AND most important to understand these ‘reformers’. set and setting was drastically different from the original Dionysian mythology and cosmogony. For the former they saw nature and the physical body to be traps of the Dionysian divine spark or spirit, and had the saying ‘soma sema’ meaning ‘the body a tomb. In other words their perspective was world denying and paranoid, and a wanting to escape to an idealistic spiritual home above. Whereas the latter did no come to the sacred experience with that mental set. being connected with the Goddess mythos, nature was not divided from cosmos as was/is sacred, and that would include the more orgiastic nature one may express when inspired with psychedelic and other consciousness-changing substances.
    For you even to state there is a ‘lustful being which resides within all of us’ is to reveal the influence of that ancient dualistic mindset which others what it considers is not an aspect of their own being. A being which is not an enduring substance, but more a plurality, a diversity which is utterly connected with others and the natural environment. However when you begin thinking of ideas of ‘spirits’ falling into fallen matter, and being trapped is when you create ‘monsters’ you other, and feel possessed by, and through various means want to defend yourself against, and ‘help’ others to do the same. You dualistically divide reality into conflicting opposites, eg ‘pure’ versus ‘impure’:

    “Where he says, ‘Hey, this is the part of your nature you need to overcome, before you can receive God’s blessings and, immortality.’”

    Yes, you create a ‘PROBLEM’—your nature is trapped, fallen, and death is bad.
    I have the ‘SOLUTION’! I will help you become pure and then you will gain spiritual immortality. This is a typical formula used by this mindset from corporate advertizing to tyrannical regimes, false flags, etc. Hold up a promise of a static patriarchal concept of ‘immortality’ and this secures you willing naive victims who, through fear, cling to your authoritarian power in hope…

  • I find Gabor Matte confusing. I listened to a talk he did with MAPS about ayahuasca. he claims he himself was ‘diagnosed’ with ‘ADHD’—-no mention it is fraud disorder as has been revealed by Dr Fred Baughman and others. he said that a ‘symptom’ –like he had–can be ‘absent-mindedness’. I would also see that as daydreaming–something I did a lot in school because I hated the goddamn place. He says that this ‘disorder’ is a ‘coping mechanism’ we use to escape extremely distressful situations. Well, yeah, school in my case. But at the end of the talk when a psychiatrist asks a question, Gabor says that he is not against psychiatric drugs, and how he was helped for his ‘ADHD’–once again sanctioning it as a bona fide disorder. I believe this is disinfo.
    IF the powers that be can argue that a child is ‘absent-minded/daydreaming because his brain is harmed by childhood abuse at home and thus he has ADHD and needs drugs, then people like Gabor Matte support such pseudoscience! This really helps the ‘education’ system (itself exposed by people like John Taylor Gatto, as an oppressive system enforced onto generations of children, and in itself VERY traumatic it helps because if it can blame the child’s brain this makes the problem of school disappear!

  • About 1980, I had an OBE. I will not give great detail because I want to speak about this article, but it included me seeing my sleeping body and on either side was a male and female. later in the experience I met close family members, but one went for me VERY VERY swiftly, and starting sucking my penis. I freaked out and began hitting ‘her’ on the back and screaming. When I thought I was going mad, ‘she’ and another ‘family friend’ who was sat impassively on a couch stood up, took of the human masks and underneath looked like Satyrs
    I don’t think at that time I knew about Dionysos, but I was later to find his entourage included Satyrs!
    Being gay, I became very attracted to this mythical god, and when I read J. M. Allegro’s The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, it was revealed that his mythical character was pointing to actual consciousness-changing psychedelic mushrooms—Looseners.
    Prior to 1980, I was no stranger to psychedelics. In fact I first was turned onto LSD when only 15, and 1980, only in 1979 had I discovered about magic mushrooms, so there we are. LIFE is mythical!

    I have never bought the tale that ancient Dionysian rituals involved eating raw flesh, and cannibalism, and mad women tearing about the country side attacking men and pulling them to bits. It is a literalism of myth. Even if it DID happen with some, then they missed the point! Real myth is not like that. When I take psychedelics now i KNOW what all the Dionysian metaphors mean–Loosener, god of Nature, of Theatre/Drama/Masks. It is the ecstasy you feel. THAT is ‘Dionysos’. THAT is being possessed by the ‘god of nature’, known anciently as ‘enthousiasmos’. It is superfluous to experience such ecstasy and feel the need to stuff your face with raw mean, or eat men–unless sexually (I am all for that lol). The Ecstasy IS IT. The rest is metaphor that has either been taken literally –like the Jesus myth–and/or it is negative propaganda against the originary Dionysian Mysteries by those who wanted to warn people off from Orgia. The pattern is of course the same in modern times with those absurd films like ‘Reefer Madness’ and showing people going ‘crazy’ after talking LSD.

    If you were eating other people you are doing it wrong. The set and setting is wrong. Psychedelic insight would show you it is wrong and absurd. The essence of psychedelic experience is empathy. That includes empathy for one’s own nature and its sensuality

    It was very typical that Jungians and even post-Jungians would not want to go near psychedelic experience. Of course not, because it is the REAL. it is not books, and ‘gods’, but actual direct experience. And this is BIG competition for those cults which seek to create dogma and literalization. Dionysos ‘eats’ that pretense 🙂

    I do however great respect John Weir Perry, and Diabasis. I have and have read his great book Trials of the Visionary Mind. The only problem is that because it is still so cutting edge, there is noone I can think to discuss his views about the mythical content of the visions he recorded which seem cognate with patriarchal his story. Implying that it is patriarchal civilization and its toxic myths which cause dis-ease…