Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • David,
    Enjoyed reading your story and it was very encouraging and gives many of us hope that it is possible to come off of antidepressants. I came across your site because I have an 82 year old father who fell in December due to (I think) antidepressants that he has been on for years. He didn’t break anything but injured his eye and has had to be in rehab. Now he is with me for awhile. I have watched my dad spiral in and out for years with his depression but never feeling good for long.After much research, I was shocked when I read that antidepressants can actually produce more depression. I have a goal to help him get off these drugs and am working with some supplements geared specifically for tapering. I am just starting and hoping it will go well. Have you ever heard of and elderly person coming off of these . He is on Celexa and Lamectal. Thanks