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  • Peter should focus his attention to the so-called Psychiatric textbooks used in the USA.
    Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology: Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Applications 5th Edition by Stephen M. Stahl
    Stahl’s Essential Psychopharmacology: Neuroscientific Basis and Practical Applications and many other Stephen M. Stahl productions which are widely required in schools today. Stephen M. Stahl MD takes money from the Pharma companies and promotes this non-sense with childish stick figure pictures.

    Psychiatry is predicated on how the psychiatrist “feels” about the patient and not how the patient really feels. It is called OPINION BASED “Medicine”. Please don’t hurt my ego and feelings if you contradict me!

  • Psychiatry takes people who may have disturbances and difficulties label and apply complex psychopharmacology in order to “stabilize” the patient only to cause further erosion and destabilization. Package inserts by the Pharma companies absolve them of any liability and the psychiatrist can always blame the patient when there are “negative outcomes” and deterioration by claiming that it is due to ” the natural course of the illness”. There is no regard of outcomes- just endless treatment- after all it is just a business.

  • Nearly all “science articles” that cover mental illness and endless “treatment” arise from PR and branding firms, non-profits supported by Pharma and think tanks as well as interest groups. Editors are contacted and assignments are handed out to free lancers looking to make a buck.

    Journalists know little about science or the industry called Psychiatry. Journalists these days are stenographers.

  • Psychiatry is not a branch of “medicine” it is opinion based “medicine” if you can say that. If it was a business it would long out of business, exposed in the media, tons of lawsuits, bankruptcy etc. Since its inception it puts the cart before the horse and proposes theories and pushes services and “treatment” only to find out every sayy 40 years that opps we were “misguided”.

  • I bought this book on Amazon and paid nearly $35 to find that this really covers no new ground at all. Everything in here is old news and like 95% of his book deals with the distant past that he and others have covered over and over again.

    Prior to the biological revolution of widespread use and promotion of psychiatric drugs in the 70’s the population in the USA that was impacted was rather tiny. These days a large segment of the population is negatively impacted by these toxic drugs. The elderly in nursing homes, those deemed developmentally impeded, children, teens, prisoners are prime targets of this complex psychopharmacology that lead misery and premature death.

  • Megan Ophir leaves out Big Pharma and the sad history of how psychoanalysts failed their patients labeled with Schizophrenia since the early 1940’s in the US. Bizarre theories and false claims of treatment success. The author is a transplant from Israel where she was a licensed psychologist and her exposure to these types of people with that label was only during her training.
    In NYS the guidelines call for a TEAM to treat certain people labeled with these “disorders” through a hospital outpatient and ACT team. Sole practitioners are not supposed to treat these people in private practice. Psychoanalysts and psychologists in NYC & L.I. charge $350 and hour and rarely take any insurance. Also non-medical practitioners in the mental health field are not allowed to comment or advise a patient regarding drugs. So they are silent bystanders who know that these drugs often are the cause of their patient’s demise and cannot comment or advise.

    She and others like to focus on the distant past and not the current situation that people labeled Schizophrenics have to endure because it is a hellish existence and quite depressing. Chemically lobotomize them and warehouse them. So lets go back to the Bible and Joan of Arc. It is safe and supposedly scholarly with a University press publisher able to charge $35 instead of $27 for a book for lay people.

  • Sadly everyone profits for the misery of others. Not just psychiatrists and big Pharma are at fault, but it is the main stream media, PR firms, Internists that prescribe like 90% of psych meds, NP’s, Psych RN’s, Hospital staff, Unions, Administrators, Advertising firms, drug salesmen, Nursing homes, Jails, Generic Drug companies, Lawyer who sue Drug Companies, Patent lawyers, Psychotherapists, psychologists who can prescribe in some states, shareholders in drug companies, Private Mental Health hospitals, politicians, historians, book publishers, non-profits, lawyers who specialize in Mental Health Hygiene law, Judges, social workers, psychologists, researchers, counselors, Medical device companies, ECT & Brain stimulation practitioners and manufacturers etc.

    There is a large segment of the US population that sadly believe a that a cure or salvation comes in pills that you pop each day. Poor outcomes and endless “treatment” is the business plan as it keeps lots of people employed and brings in tens of billions a year.

  • This “new book” by Andrew Scull has nothing new in it! He and other authors critical of psychiatry have exposed the past and few want to focus on the horrific damaging effects that psychiatry and those who are involved in dispensing these toxic drugs. The population in the USA that is being exposed to these drugs is exponentially greater than the relatively small group the was victimized forty years ago.

    Like 25 pages toward the end deal with the current situation. This is a $35 money grab. Sad.

  • Hopefully when Scull gets old and foggy in the mind he will experience first hand how the most vulnerable are treated like in out prisons and nursing homes plied with “complex psycho-pharmacology” to manage and control their symptoms. I guess Scull will have to wait another 20 years so he can write a critical book about the period from 1995-2022. It is always safe to be critical of the distance past. This book is a money grab and about 95% of it is based in the distant past.

  • Scull’s book is largely a retread of old information that has in well known. The first 19 chapters go over history and ground he and others critical of psychiatry have gone over. Pages 321 to 379 cover newer ground but nothing worth forking over $35.

    Scull is critical and yet somewhat supportive of psychiatry and its overreliance on toxic drugs and destabilizing patients- making them forever patients. The real horror is that even after a long well documented history of harm, abuse and poor outcomes psychiatry still continues to exist!

  • Dismissing the patient and diminishing the patient is the key strategy of practitioners of psychiatry. The goal is to standardize “medicine” and streamline it like say ordering fries and a hamburger and coke in McDonalds. Same cookie cutter cost saving approach. One size fits all approach and no regard for history and circumstances regarding the patient’s presentation.

    It is an example of the cost effective delivery of psychiatry which is “opinion based” dare I should say “medicine”. It is a business where the patient who already is unstable guaranteed a lifetime of instability- a perfect business model for perpetuating profits and demand.

  • Psychiatry is highly successful in DESTABILIZING patients and with their endless complex polypharmacy patients become patients for LIFE! That is the business model and it is very lucrative for the industry.

    Many of us at times look up out high school classmates to see what has become of them after a few decades. Psychiatrists would never want to check and see where their former patients are after decades in the endless psychiatric “treatment” because they all know that it nearly always means POOR OUTCOMES.

  • The writer states ” To be fair, my psychiatrists were good, hard-working people who wanted to help.”

    If the writer wanted to really know the truth about how sincere and well meaning his psychiatrists were then he should get his patient files and see for himself. Any psychiatrist practicing for more than 20 years knows that these powerful drugs are just suppressing symptoms and not targeting anything. Psychiatry is a long con and after the patient gets on the endless rollercoaster, merry-go-round and finally musical chair the patient is left destabilized and worse off than before.

  • Psychiatrists are Con artists who play the long con rather than the short con. Once the patient gets on the merry go round and rollercoaster ride then they finally enter the musical chairs phase and the patient is left on the floor with no savings and more likely worse off than before they started off in “treatment”.
    Unlike Bernie Madoff who always knew he was conning people, Psychiatrists delude themselves into believing that they are not.

  • Psychiatry (and Psychology) is what’s known as a long Con. Once you engage with it at the beginning all his well, then comes the merrry go round and finally rollercoaster rides and then the musical chairs. At the end the target is left on the floor penniless as the con-artist “mental health care expert” moves on to the next victim and this goes over and over again.

    Opinion Based “medicine” is not medicine but just opinion.

  • Marian Kornicki is a kind, loving and dedicated person and this tragedy could not have happened unless her parents had money and assets to steal. That is Marian Kornicki’s “crime” that her family had assets and property that was built from hard work and sacrifice over four decades in the USA. Marian Kornicki is a victim of an organized criminal enterprise masquerading as Conservatorship/Guardianship which provides for a legal framework designed to rob innocent people of their humanity, rights and property all in the name of “benefitting the AIP”.

    Anyone can file a Guardianship claim against any person at any time no matter if it truthful of accurate in order for a judge to set aside all wills and estate planning. Once the process starts and there is conflict in the family then a lawyer is appointed from a list to isolate, overmedicate and liquidate all the assets and money. All of the fees are paid out from the AIP– the Alleged Incapacitated Person. Fees per hour are typically $400 an hour.
    Lawyers assigned to Marian Kornicki’s mother’s Guardianship have stolen nearly all of her parent’s money and are trying to steal her mother’s home! Even after her mother died over six years ago!

  • Lumateperone was a guaranteed money maker due to the psychiatric guidelines that are laid down by the APA which is that the newest drug gets used first in practice even though practitioners have much more experience with older drugs and the fact that anti-psychotics are largely funded by medicaid dollars which are tax payer money whether it is $900/ month or $1,200/month. The guideline itself guarantees instant market share to any new drug “discovered” and approved in the effort to “treat” the severely mentally ill.

    This was a win for everyone except the patients and the public. The patient does NOT matter anymore and outcomes don’t matter either.

  • So now I am even more confused. So what about all these patients who have been “treatment resistant” and are paying as much as $500 a session for a drug that is not patentable and costs the practitioner just $20 in drug costs per session? These patients are claiming that they got their lives back and are no longer depressed and are working. Are they delusional? What about all those hundreds and hundreds of studies worldwide that claim a 70% + response rate for varies afflictions? None of the studies using IV ketamine are drug company funded, so what is their incentive to exaggerate and lie? The scans do show greater connectivity after Ketamine sessions. The patients and the studies are lying for what purpose?

  • I am really confused. There are tons of studies on pubmed that show that IV Ketamine is highly effective for various impairments such as PTSD, people attempting suicide, depression and mood instability (bipolar) and in the USA there are tons of clinics owned by private psychiatrists that charge between $250 to $600 a session. The claims are that it is close to 90% effective for these maladies. IV ketamine is non patented and cheap at around $90 a vial that will last for 20 sessions. So am I wrong about Ketamine’s effectiveness and all the discussion of its ability to “reconnect” the brain wiring etc. as well as provide miracle relief for thousands for people?