Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • This is a very well written article that accurately conveys a portion of the frustration encountered while believing in the current mental health system to make one healthy.

    A system that is for many anything but “healthy”. A system quick to prescribe multiple drugs, that contrary to public belief, have little more effect than placebos for many people and can actually be the cause of mental health issues worsening.

    A system that doesn’t listen to the individual because they have been labeled with a diagnosis and discounts their voicing “something isn’t right”.

    A system that doesn’t hold mental health professionals fully accountable, rather places the blame on the client whose input is discounted because they have been non-compliant in their reluctance to continue down the path of least resistance.

    A system that rarely considers that perhaps medication isn’t the only answer and forces the brave to navigate the torment of withdrawal alone while being labelled “non-compliant” and refuses to acknowledge or investigate the successful outcomes of those who have navigated this particular pathway to health, most often alone.

    You are an inspiration Lisa! You are one example of meds making mental health worse. And I am another. And we aren’t all alone.