Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • These comments are super old, but most come back around to the same thing. A lack of personal accountability. You got exactly what you asked for or implied you needed and then put it into your body. The same would go for being given a box of Fentanyl patches and no dialogue from the doctor. All the information you need is on the medication or in a pamphlet in the pharmacy bag. The internet is also a great way to look up medications.
    There is not one once of accountability in here and that is never going to help you or anyone else work their personal problems out. The blame is on everyone else, but surely there is nothing you could have done differently. Everyone else is going to continue to be the problem until you gain some self-awareness and do the work necessary to grow. It’s a simple solution, but no one ever wants to accept that their lives are their own to clean up.
    Lucinda was right.
    The only people who think it’s a con are those who were not able to use it in the way they had hoped. It’s the manipulative, narcissistic, abusers who condemn psychiatry because they know it will not benefit the games they play or are too mentally ill to see they need help. There is a reason you are being given psychiatric drugs. That isn’t something that happens to the average person.
    It is offensive that people who claim to be adult human beings are so incapable of accepting responsibility for anything. This a textbook example of what is with the “civilized” world. Grown-ups with no capacity to take responsibility for themselves, having children, and passing learned helplessness down onto their offspring… When it suits.