Thursday, December 1, 2022

Comments by Robert Llamas

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  • A couple of comments. I think it’s important to understand that although psychoanalytic theory has certainly influenced Western thought, it should be recognized that it is a theory of psychopathology and not a theory of how to change people.

    And while Open Dialogue may have been “first developed” in Finland in the early 1980s it should be noted that Ross Speck and Carolyn Attneave developed a similar approach in the 1970s they termed Social Network Intervention (see Changing Families, ed by Jay Haley, Grune & Stratton, 1971). This approach grew out of Attneave’s experiences working with Native Americans (see Attneave, C.L., “Therapy in Tribal Settings and the Urban Network Intervention,” Family Process 8:192-210, 1969).

    In a real sense, the change in the approach of Western psychotherapy over the last century–from treating individuals, couples, families to intervening and using social support systems in efforts to bring about change–has come full circle. It is now commensurate with what anthropologists have described so-called “primitive people” doing when the shaman called upon the whole kin group to gather to intervene to solve a problem.