Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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  • I very much appreciate your writing and look forward to future chapters.

    It has been very interesting witnessing the rise of “alternative” models of healing within the US, many of which are appropriations of Indigenous healing practices. (Shamanism, ancestral healing, yogic philosophy, etc.) I am disturbed witnessing white practitioners who have Colonized such models of healing from other cultures, claiming as their own, and labeling models as “offerings”. I wonder if this behavior is the next wave of Westernized psychology – akin to the histories of CBT and Mindfulness “branding” – tied to Capitalistic White Supremacy in the Mental Health Industrial Complex.

    As a white practitioner I am constantly seeking to Decolonize my practice and appreciate your posit that helpful models of psychology are rooted in Philosophy. I am curious if future chapters will suggest how Western practitioners like myself can help safeguard within the field. Perhaps I am exploring the balance of conversation and calling out destructive practices. But I know a revolution isn’t based on calling out individuals, but rather about seeking systemic change.
    Thank you for your words!