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  • What a powerful story, Ms Beatrix. Thank you for sharing it with us. I think stories like this help break the stigmas and taboos surrounding suicide. Like you said, I hope one day it becomes more commonplace to talk about suicidal feelings so that people are not so alone in this. It seems mainstream society has started talking about mental health a little, but in more of a ‘stress management’ and ‘self-care’ way, still at a very superficial level imo. And I related so much about having to give the “right answers” when talking with the therapist/psychiatrist, rather than it being socially acceptable to give honest, real answers. There’s a long way to go and I wonder how fast these changes will take place in society. I also want you to know that there was nothing shameful about your suicide attempt. You were obviously in a great deal of pain and worry for the future. Wishing you some peaceful and beautiful years ahead.