Saturday, February 27, 2021

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  • If any of that stuff worked on enough people, Pharma would be extracting the responsible chemicals and marketing them faster than you could blink. How do you think they come up with new drugs to begin with? One method is to see if any folk remedies have any real effect and if so, figure out why and profit off it if it works. If your stuff works on some people, fine, good for them.

    There is the possibility that research is often denied on those plants if they can produce a high that gets black market value, but lots of controlled substances are still used for medicine, so it’s a bit of a wobbly possibility.

    I’m not saying it doesn’t work AT ALL, mind you. Just not often enough to look profitable.

  • I used to be against anything that could alter the brain until I discovered just how much the right one can help.

    I have the trifecta of OCD, depression, and anxiety, mostly in a bit of a cycle. OCD triggers anxiety, anxiety triggers depression, depression triggers stronger OCD, over and over and over again. Therapy feels like I’m missing a rung on a ladder to success no matter what I do. Went through a bunch of trial and error with different kinds of psych meds with various bad side effects or basically no noticeable effect at all. Tried the SSRI Cipralex. Ho-ley socks, MAJOR difference! I mean, could be better, but at least with Cipralex, it was like I had a stepstool for therapy! Stuff stuck! I finally gained the ability to do my own therapy based on what worked there (because communication of what’s going on with therapists is not always easy on either side, but I got some new techniques that helped enough to adapt, so better than nothing)! So screw anyone who says they’re blanket no good.

    I do realize that not everyone reacts the same way with every med and that it’s pretty much hit and miss finding something that does, and without trying to kill you, but if it works, it works. If you feel you aren’t getting the same effect you used to, change meds or try going off them, but under no circumstances go cold turkey without a hospitalization-worthy emergency IN an actual hospital! Not ideal nowadays, but better than rapid withdrawal…

    I tried Abilify in concert with my Cipralex to see if I could improve further, and dang, what a difference! Definitely not sedating for me. I’ve never felt that awesome (though it IS a mood booster, so)! I literally cried in relief. Then I literally cried when I had to stop due to a pseudo-allergy that froze my bladder and bowel muscles. I actually considered going on permanent assistance for excretion, but I’m too lazy for the upkeep and they wouldn’t let me anyway, so… yeah I know it’s extreme, but when you have hope for the first time in your life and it gets ripped out from under you, you tend to be a bit desperate to get it back. Ah well, you can’t win ’em all…

    Cipralex was great for over a decade, but then my weight refused to go down, even with all the stuff that worked before, and I was ready for a new round of hit and miss for a new med. So I got a referral to an adult psychiatrist (I wasn’t an adult the first time around at 17 and some months), gave her all my relevant documents, managed to explain to her what exactly I wanted from her, and made an appointment for two weeks later to give her time to look through my documentation and make a decision. Got prescribed Effexor XR, but you can’t start that right away, and not at the effective dose, so we discussed the type of weaning I wanted from Cipralex. I decided I wanted a window of time when I was not being affected by meds to see how I was normally (minus some rebound anxiety). She didn’t like that, but we went with it. Yeah… I quickly remembered why I was on the meds in the first place… I had forgotten all the old habits and neuroses I used to have that were a pain in the butt. And it turns out the Cipralex was killing my sex drive, which was perfectly fine by me tyvm, and now it was driving me up the wall. Such relief when I got the first effective dose… too bad the max dose, which is the most effective for me, makes my heart rate go too high. But the next dose down is good enough. Now it’s actually possible for me to ignore my compulsions entirely instead of just trying to pull away from them or distract myself or do workarounds. I’d gotten rid of most of them on Cipralex, but this last one is really stuck in there, and now I have hope it can finally go away! Once I manage to kick this one, I’ll ask for a milder med so I can start the process of getting off completely, if possible. I still have focus issues that none of the focus meds do anything for, or the therapy techniques, but this one does, sorta, so I might need to play around with some things if that doesn’t resolve after. Maybe CBD oil will be worth a shot (it’s legal now).

    Point is, you can use meds as a last resort if you want, but don’t knock them entirely.

    They do work. Just not the same for everyone.