Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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  • MAD and it’s website have come a long way since I discovered it back in 2014 while researching the Internet for information about my vast array of physical and mental problems that were added to my life, problems VA psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, therapists and M.D.’s were failing to address and accept as resultant of prescribed medications.

    This year, I will give a donation in appreciation for everything Mad in America and Robert Whitaker have contributed to my greater understanding, and to others, of human behaviors and conflicts that produce mental and emotional dis-ease with themselves and towards others.

    Thank you all, for everything you’ve done to inform the public about the myths that were held too long in psychiatry, and for introducing new treatment approaches and humanistic paradigms. Kudos to the writers for their well-written articles which Mad in America has published over the years.

    Jane Reoch

  • Yes, a civil movement for a long-term change is required if laws are to change, but only if enough citizens will understand and know the truth that medications have few or any identifiable biological targets. The mythology has to be exposed. The medications are big business and make a lot of money for shareholders. In my case, whistleblowers are punished and become “outliers.” Alas, too many are suffering now from medications and their side-effects which become permanent and more disabling than reasons the medications were prescribed, rightly or wrongly, in the first place. Jane Reoch

  • If it wasn’t for Mad in America’s information I read in 2013 and and Dr. Heather C. Ashton, I would probably be in a long-term nursing facility now, because my VA doctors did not know that the benzodiazepine drugs they gave me since 1994 were causing all sorts of problems. Those problems (tolerance and dependence symptoms) they managed with antipsychotics, antidepressants and anticonvulsants of all different names, but with the same lack of efficacy. I told the doctor, when the benzodiazepine withdrawals were finally recognized by me, thanks to you, Robert, that I needed to discontinue them. The VA doctors had already discontinued the antipsychotics and antidepressants because of severe movement disorders, including stuttering and stammering. The VA falsified the pharmacy records to include them (antipsychotics & antidepressants) to reflect that the benzodiazepine withdrawals had been managed, when if fact they were not. I was in a “black hole” the summer and fall of 2013 and continued to suffer withdrawals in 2014. I’m in the process of reclaiming what I can, despite the physical problems which seem to be getting worse. Tardive?? I welcome all to view my Facebook posts which I have made public – Jane Reoch. I want to be a voice to prevent chemical abuse and torture that is inflicted on innocent and believing consumers who think there is a pill to fix the mental and emotional consequences of life stresses that can be healed with other methods more safely than toxic medications. Yes, you’re getting the backlash Robert that Big Pharma and money will do. Money is talking right now, but the truth should walk and prevail. I’m One Voice against the unsafe medicating of children and young adults who will have their lives ruined by these poorly studied toxic psychiatric medications. Your website serves the public well, and I am proof, but would not know that years ago. The damages had to occur before I knew the medications were horribly harmful and not needed at all in the first place. I’m alive to tell my story over and over again. Thanks for your book Robert and Mad In America! Jane Reoch

  • Lisa, your letter to your doctor is an inspiration for me to do the same. I’m currently tapering off of Valium using the Ashton method. I discovered it and convinced my doctor to use the Ashton method. 15 + years of 6 mg of Clonazepam or 4 mg of Lorazepam or 2 mg of Xanax all switched around has put me here at 59 years old more dysfunctional than my 92 year old mother who still lives on her own. Each night and day is a struggle. I became very educated about benzos and I’m beginning to educate the system that has chemically tortured me and still will, due to the protacted withdrawals that I’m in, and may remain in for a long time, after I take the last pill in January 2015. Thank you for your voice and your courage.