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  • My co-founder and I named Ablechild after President Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower’s description of the ABLE CHILD in the National Defense Education Act. We are a national non-profit parent organization and, as such, we refuse to denounce any organization or group that is willing to work with us to obtain “parent informed consent”. I, as the Co-founder of Ablechild, Sheila Matthews, am the cousin to the FBI Director James Comey but that does not make me an FBI agent.
    In regard to CCHR, after being presented a Human Rights award by CCHR, I was invited to, and participated in their Commissioner’s meetings in order to provide input from parents on the frontline. This was a policy meeting, not a religious meeting.
    Ablechild will continue to work with any group to further our goals for parental rights – to live label and drug free. We do not judge nor condemn others who are fighting for the same issues.

    As a side note, when Ablechild went to the State Capitol in Hartford Connecticut to support legislation to include MEDWATCH language, we were asked, quite directly, by a staffer of Governor Malloy’s office, “Is this a Scientology bill”. We found this questioning appalling and frightening. Not too long ago in history similar questions were asked of certain ethnic groups and we all know how badly that ended.

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  • Thanks for your feedback. It is very much appreciated.

    If your psychiatric patient was involved in a mass shooting would you prefer to have the Nation discussing poor quality mental health services (lack of informed consent) and dangerous psychiatric drugs that hold Blackbox warnings or guns?

    Connecticut legislation is focused on guns. The model legislation for the Country is coming from Sandy Hook mass murder/suicide. The legislation is called “An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and Children’s Safety”. It would be hard to discuss the legislation without mentioning guns.

    Critical facts are being withheld, to be exact, 5 years of Adam Lanza’s mental health records. It is my understanding having testified in all relating hearings, the “gun label” on legislation regarding the growing number of mass murders ending in suicide does not get into a solution to protect public safety.

    It is more important to have reports of certain crime and suicides committed by persons treated with psychotropic drugs gathered. A good example, legislation introduced in New York in 2001-2002 Bill 1784, An Act to amend the executive law, in relations to the reporting of certain crimes and suicides committed by persons using psychotropic drugs.

    I hope this helps.

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