Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • Clearly the author misuses the term “conspiracy theory.” Perhaps he does not understand what it means? Or does he use that term to make the article seem more timely and sensational?

    The author asserts that the processes of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment are faulty, which is a point worthy of argument. But then he states that “psychiatry functions as a conspiracy theory-based cult.” That would mean that psychiatrists base what they do on an idea that _others_ are conspiring. He offers no support for such an assertion.

    Or does he mean that the psychiatric profession is itself a conspiracy? (Which would be completely different from being based on conspiracy theory.) That would imply that there is some secret, nefarious agenda. He offers no support for that notion either.

    Or does he just mean that psychiatry is based on theory that is sometimes the product of cultish thinking? And that such theory is flawed? And that applications of such theory are sometimes inappropriate? Well, yeah. A lot of psychiatrists would agree. But that has nothing to do with conspiracy, or with conspiracy theory.