Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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  • Simply put, Pies is doing damage control. Again. And he’s bad at it. How any psychiatrist could actually try to sell the story that Psychiatry has never pushed the chemical imbalance idea is ridiculous. And then actually blame it on the public as a generality of some urban myth! How’s that for not taking any responsibility. And as Robert W. says he continues to blame anti-psychiatry and ‘celebrity psychiatrists’. Tell you what. Why would anyone take Pies’ view over any ‘celebrity psychiatrist’s’? It’s the old tactic of rendering an opponent impotent by completely nullifying what they are basing their argument on. Chemical imbalance? What chemical imbalance? We never said any such thing? I can almost see it, years from now Psychiatry will be saying ‘We never said we understood human beings! We just drugged them and pretended we understood them!’

  • ‘Science-based’ and psychiatry are oxymorons. Dr. Niall McLaren, scottish psychiatrist states that psychiatry doesn’t even have a formal medical model for ‘mental disorder’. So how can they list almost 400 of them in the dsm? AND prescribe drugs to ‘treat’ them? Illogical all around and from the ground up.
    Other psychiatrists state psychiatry is not a science. It is pseudo-science only.
    Dr. Allen Frances, professor emeritus of psychiatry, says there are no objective clinical tests that definitively show anyone has or doesn’t have any ‘mental disorder’.
    Because some people like drugs, and drugs work sometimes in some ways (like drugging a frantic deer caught in a city backyard for example in order to make it docile and calmer), no one should have the mistaken idea that psychiatry is a science that knows what it is doing regarding human mentality, emotions, and feelings.