Friday, July 1, 2022

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  • And to add insult to injury, The DSM committee amended personality disorders assessment to include both specific diagnoses and Personality Profiles. That looks like they are reinforcing their belief in personality disorders by clarifying them, not invalidating them. It looks the fox got into the hen house!

  • Liebermann’s argument against Bandy Lee and the WMHC was lame and even paradoxical. In an attempt to discredit their research, he fell into the trap of ruling out specific DSM diagnoses. Most clinicians know that rule outs involve the assessment and diagnosis process to the extent that a rule out is just as much of a diagnosis as a rule in. I think Liebermann is probably retired and has too much time on his hands. The APA needs new leadership with fresh ideas and a vision for what the profession and society need in the 21st Century. Out with the old which has become obsolete and in with the new.

  • I would not rule out the theory that Liebermann and the APA are protecting their money stream in the form of government funding for research. This is big bucks and Trump had the power to withhold funds and indeed did so from the WHO, which was a terrible mistake and crippled their response to the coronavirus. Trump has no ability to consider the consequences of his actions, which by itself makes him a dangerous man.

  • The Goldwater Rule is the problem. It was created out of political expediency and one case should not be sufficient to create a precedent. Don’t obfuscate the issue with other political rhetoric. The APA is clearly bowing to political pressure and practicing CYA by maintaining an archaic rule that is irrelevant in the 21st Century. Consider who owns the media outlets that aligned themselves with the APA. There are media moguls who are more than happy to do the bidding of special interests. Someone needs to research this aspect to uncover the real reason why Liebermann and the APA are censoring psychiatrists who have an ethical and moral duty to serve the public good. Everyone seems to ignore the fact that Bandy Lee and the World Mental Health Organization successfully predicted Trump’s behavior and two weeks ago, his followers committed armed insurrection against the nation’s capitol. Shame on the APA for turning a blind eye and shame on the media outlets for censoring information that could have saved lives and prevented the capitol riots. It is time to overturn the Goldwater Rule. It is surrounded in controversy, which is another reason to scrutinize it and either amend it or replace it with ethical guidelines that support the duty to warn the public over the duty to protect corrupt political leaders.