Monday, September 20, 2021

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  • Hey there,
    Developing depression while taking antidepressants does not necessarily mean you have ‘treatment-resistant depression”. Treating depression involves much more than taking medication – and what is involved in treating it varies from person to person. Psychotherapy, doing some sort of exercise you love, a strong social network, meditation, nutrition and many other activities could all play a role. Much like diabetes and high blood pressure, medication is only one potential aspect of treatment. You might still get depressed while taking meds, but in some cases the depression is less severe, and the medication makes it easier to learn about oneself when going through the depression, because the meds may help you maintain the ability to concentrate and sleep, allowing you to make progress in therapy and to continue all the other anti-depressant activities you pursue. While the questions you ask are important, I don’t see much evidence for your theory. It is trendy these days to say that antidepressants are nothing but placebos, or that they are harmful. But the reality is that a great many people are helped by them, and over the long term, not just for 6 months.