Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • I’m shocked I found this article and intrigued to say the least. I have been married to my husband 13 years, he has had social issues and relational issues the whole time, specifically with me. 2 days ago he took asperger quizzes upon my prompting– after him poopooing and angry about the suggestion. He scored off the charts as aspie. It explains alot. Coincidentally he also had an appointment for TMS pre scheduled due to PTSD from his military service. He has depression, anxiety, etc. Well now that it is something that is becoming “real” I slammed on the breaks in my mind. WAIT a second, they are doing WHAT to you. Let’s think this through. What if it makes you WORSE!?? We need to research this a bit more. I am overly practical and well researched when it comes to any life altering decision especially in the area of medical treatments. He on the other hand is more a follower, fiercely so. I don’t want my husband to be further damaged. Most things I have found gives glowing reviews. This causes me to pause. I don’t know if I can convince him to hold off. He is so desperate for relief.