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  • Thank you sam, I have just had a quick look at the link and it looks very interesting, I will read it. Having studied history I know quite a bit about psychiatry in Germany, Kraepelin, Bleuler etc… – horror! – and what happened to so-called mentally ill people in the Third Reich… – horror!.
    But I haven´t heard of this author, I will read the site later.
    Have a good day.

  • Thank you sam.
    I only found out what psychiatrists did to me for more than 25 years about 4 years ago. I am still struggling with that – it almost overwhelmed me, but my now counsellor is trying to help me come to terms with that horrible truth. And the illnesses I now have, thanks to the “helpful meds”, lithium almost killed me…
    I´ve read a lot about the history of pyschiatry, have you heard of Mary Boyle? And others…It´s a shame. It´s a crime.
    But as Dr Timimi explains in the chapter on neoliberalism we cannot expect help…the complete system relies on people like me being called “mad” or “schizophrenic” to go on functioning the way it is functioning atm. I am just glad that people like Dr Timimi have the courage to speak up, such as the voice hearing movement. I hope people like Dr Timimi will get more…
    The psychiatric system must and will collaps, because it´s just a shameful lie and eugenics live, but it might take too long for me to raise a toast on the very day they all get dumped….

  • Than you Linda VZ, I will check on Abram Hoffer MD, I haven´t heard of him.
    I am no longer under the care of psychiatrists and they will never ever see me again.
    I have a counsellor, a good MD and an online support group in the UK.
    Trying to cope, the hurt and pains after having found out what they did to me is the hardest part, I need support for that but I´ve got support.
    I only found out 4 years ago after having been sectioned 8 times.
    My now counsellor says that even if schizophrenia existed I surely did not have it. He is the second expert to says that. We are trying to find out what happened really, something like in the film “gaslighting” happened to me, a psychiatrist answered one of my love advert and sent me such weird letters that I tried to phonehim at work. They didn´t know a man with that name…and I collapsed, started to hear voices…My voices tell me someone was getting at me…
    Anyway, don´t know if that´s right ot not. I have to try and survive all this, nutrients checked, allergies and histamines checked…all I can do atm.
    And read on here and find I am not alone. THAT !!! means such a lot.

  • Thank you Dr Timimi, I´ve read the chapter on scientiscism and I knew right away – you are right. You describe what happened to me in the hands of German psychiatrists.
    Now this chapter is spot on, too.
    I live in the European Union. In my eyes the EU is as neoliberal as neoliberal can be. But they tell us it´s the most modern project, it is evolutionary and soooooo good…and if you say I do NOT want a European Republic – that will never work for one main reason: we speak different languages and I can´t read the newspapers of my fellow Republicans! I can´t even have a discussion with someone who speaks e.g. Portuguese but doesn´t speak English or German! – they call you a Nazi. These days everybody who is not in favour of these politics is just a Nazi. I have the strange feeling the nazis are somewhere else to be found….(sarcasm)
    I am always and will always be pro co-operation, especially with close neighbours, but world-wide, too. But not in a neoliberal way! I do not want a European superstate and the Green Party over here says the EU superstate would abolish borders and wouldn´t that be fantastic…Are they mad? There will be a massive border around that superstate. A good border…I understand…(sarcasm again!)
    Neoliberalism must come to an end, for the sake of humanity. I just can´t see who can stop it and how.
    Thank you for this and the other chapters. They are ever so enlightening.
    I have always been a German social democrat at heart, the problem is the Social Democrats aren´t social democrats any more, thank you for explaining me that they, too, are favouting neoliberalism, too. I wasn´t aware of that, but again I think you are right! Explains a lot…

  • Thank you sam for your ever so kind words. They mean such a lot to me. I am a member of a very supportive online community in the UK, I´ve read many books, the best one by Paris Williams, “Rethinking Madness”, and am trying to do as suggested. A bit hard for me, I studied English, worked as a teacher, was loved by the stuidents, but “they” took my job, because you can´t be a teacher when you are a so-called schizophrenic, can you?!….but it´s not my mother tongue. I´m maKing progress though.
    I can´t move atm, I´m too ill and it´s covid times. If I could I´d leave Germany for good and move to the UK…must remain a dream in the near future…
    Take care, have a good day.

  • Thank you Dr Timimi for this your work.
    I agree with all that´s been said about psychiatry.
    I am German, writing from Germany.
    Over here they still treat people with drugs only, the “new psychiatry” has not been heard of. Why should they change anything? It was Germany and Emil Kraepelin and his people who “invented” the so-called illness “schizophrenia”. Those people were politically far right, so there is nothing to be proud of. And my mother country is still proud of that…hard to believe but true.
    I was sectioned many times because I hear voices.
    They almost killed me with drugs. Today I am severely ill as a result of that “medication” and don´t know if I can survive yet. I might die from it.
    I have found a counsellor who supports the “Hearing Voices Movement” – found him in England!!!!! I am grateful for his support.
    Psychiatry and the so-called bio-medical model is eugenics just in a form that people cannot recognize. They are told it´s “medical help”.
    These psychiatrists must be taken to the Human Rights Court and then be sent to prison for the rest of their lives.
    For the sake of humanity on this planet.
    Thank you for reading.
    Excuse language mistakes please.

  • I am so grateful for this work. I am German, I´m writing from and about Germany, where psychiatry still lives in times Germany should forget, and yes: that IS eugenics in just another form. Modern American or British ideas have not come to this my mother country. Will they ever? I doubt it…
    They almost killed me on closed wards because I am a voice hearer.
    They gave me so many pills that today I am severely physically ill. I have found a counsellor who helps me using modern aspects of voice hearing and who supports the voice hearing movement.
    But we both don´t know yet if I can survive my psychiatric treatments. Lots of illnesses from the pills…
    I want psychiatrists before the highest human rights courts. I want them to be locked in in prisons for the rest of their lives. They get money from Big Pharma and kill their patients with their drugs.
    This MUST come to an end for the sake of humanity!