Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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  • Great read, good argument. I wonder whether with the medical approach drugs could be done away with and placebos be prescribed instead? After all, if placebos are effective (as effective as drugs laden with harmful effects) wouldn’t it be beneficial to take them? The bind here of course is that you’d have to believe you’re taking ‘medication’, which means that somebody has to lie about what they’re giving you and at the same time they’d presumably profit from the lie! Also, I’ve found in my case an ‘extended’ or ‘extra’ placebo effect occurs, whereby particular people buy the ‘chemical imbalance’ line, I’m guessing because it invariably comes from a doctor, and somehow, miraculously, when I’ve taken prescribed medication it’s had an instantaneous effect. They believe they’ve done something positive when I take the drug, their behaviour changes instantaneously to a state of relaxation and, in this now non-confrontational environment, I’m able to relax myself. To the other party, this easing of tension in the room is evidence of the efficacy of the medication! Pointing out that nobody in the medical world claims so-called medications act instantaneously never helps. So, love the letter posted above, it highlights some of the arguments which one would hope might persuade more people to question medicine’s ‘biological fix’ approach.