Saturday, November 27, 2021

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  • Too bad that is still happening. Patient boyfriend or girlfriend relationships are very natural. Staff working to stop them can be harmful, as James Taylor describes his experience of it in his song “Fire and Rain.” I guess the staff maybe worries about jealosy, breakup pain, etc., but wouldn’t a setting with therapists on site be one of the best places to deal with those difficult emotions?
    Add.: Perhaps “zonbie” is too strong of a term; “eunuch” might be better for what psychmeds that kill sex drive turn people into.

  • Viewed from the perspective of Freudian psychoanalytic theory, destroying one’s sex-drive (libido) is destroying their very essence as humans, their life-drive; it forces those subjected to such treatment to become a sort of living dead, i.e., zombies. One may or may not like or agree with Freud and his theory, but certainly neutering people with psych drugs is a devastating violation of a fundamental human right and a crime against humanity, even perhaps moreso than involuntary sterilization. Those who support institutional psychiatry might say that loss of libido is just an unfortunate side-effect of the drug “therapy,” but so is death just an unfortunate side-effect of too much heroin. The fact that the drug is not prescribed to destroy libido makes it no less wrong to destroy or damage a patient’s libido.

  • I’m there in spirit with you and everyone else fighting against the systematic and chemical dehumanization of people that is modern medical psychiatry. Thank you for your actions in this regard; someday reason and justice will prevail.

  • Unfortunately but of course, this is to be expected, that CBTp is to be ignored while drugs are pushed on people. There are several reasons for this, but the major ones are that 1) Big Pharma can’t cash in on CBTp, 2) the authorities are more interested in controlling the “patient” than in helping the “patient” live a better life, and 3) drugging people is cheaper in the short run than helping them work out their problems through CBTp.

    This is an appalling and criminal way to treat people, as objects of social control policy rather than as full human beings worthy of the best help available for them. As Kant said of the universal moral law, the “Summum Bonum,” “Always treat humanity as an end in itself, and never as a means only.” Drugging people to control them, especially when there are better and more humane means available, is a violation of that fundamental moral law.