Friday, May 14, 2021

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  • Wow. Donna’s quotes from Thoreau (I live only a few miles from Walden Pond), and from Tom Eliot (how about “putting on faces for the faces that we meet”?) meshes perfectly with Eugene Epstein’s remark:

    The training of therapists would come to resemble more a comprehensive liberal arts education than training in a professional craft.

    I was an English major (only made PFC in the American draft, where there are different ranking standards) but had chemistry, Greek history, music, four years of Public Speaking (an hour per week, mandatory). And even took Rats 11/12, a sobriquet we bestowed upon our illustrious fellow Alum, Burrhus F. Skinner. Those of us in the course were of the general opinion, affirmed later in life, that “psych” was a literary, words thing, having little or nothing to do with science BUT “desperately seeking science” cred by “quantifying” (as in “counting”) everything in the gestalt the science wannabes inhabited, wanting to free psych from “the ineluctable modality of the obscure,” if I remember the phrase correctly.
    This may be somewhat unfair, but given our People’s History of the United States: 1492 to the Present (Zinn, final ed, 2010 or so, which we’ll be forced to repeat if we fail to learn from it (learn about Invisible Gorillas in our midst, learn about The Creature From Jekyll Island, learn from the history of such fine scientific efforts as MK-Ultra, created/facilitated by a powerful Paperclip, we will have to eat it. Or repeat it, if GMOs are not your cup of genes.
    Our kinokunst appreciator, Dr Epstein, picked the perfect quote from Woody Allen, indeed–unending despair or extinction.
    I’m thinking that things like the “flyers” passed around by our “See Something/Say Something” gummint officials requires an immediate amelioration of DSM V–revision, more like, to DSM 0.0, written, like Zinn’s History, from the perspective of the 99% minority. (How can 99% be a minority? Turn to Liberal Arts and Animal Farm: All Animals Are Equal. But Some Animals (1% of ’em) Are More Equal Than Others.)
    We would have “Tourette’s ‘I’m Mad As Hell, And I’m Not Taking It Any More’ Extra-Fenestral Declamation Disorder.” (238.05). We could have “Lying Politician-Induced Reverse Peristalsis Syndrome.” (833.22?) (Surely someone has written a contrarian take-off on DSM, highlighting the”population control,” “Squelch All Dissenters Pathology,” the “Neutralize and Beat Petitioners for Redress of Grievances Reflex,” and concomitant “Restore Order Disorder,” (124.02, 3). You get the idea. (hafta come up with a bumper-sticker disorder, too. Esp. for things like “Question Authority,” and “Re-think 9/11” and “What WMDs?” Seems to me that people can “quantify” and “systematize” and “standardize descriptions” of human (and canine, and feline, for good measure–leave out the parrots, as they’re too lippy) conduct/behavior all they want, and they will not a science make. Unless they like weighing Fatty Zucker rats their whole life long. But the effect of nano-particulate aluminum accretion on the human brain, now maybe we have something worth studying.