Saturday, September 18, 2021

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  • aw David, this article brought tears to my eyes. Never have I had more respect for an Psychologist than you..You coming out with the truth that many deny even exist. Im a girl from sweden, was on psyk drugs for 6 years.. the first 2 years was fine, then my hell started, it took me 4 years to be free from it and in the end it was only me who made my own tapering schedule and was fighting alone because what i was experience, no one could tell me what it was if it wasn´t rebound depression. Im free now 9 months, the way here have been so rough, ive lost my boyfriend, friends, jobs, ye you name it.. am I better? YES! My memory is back, i have no longer athasia which was the worst, i remember i went into emergancy named up around 30 different symtoms, i ve been to hell and came out on the other side! This was the craziest experience i ever been thru, and today no one can ever put me on any psykmedicine again . Im still on revocery, wow my ssri really mixed up my fully brain..

    ALL my respect for you David. I admire you really much.
    I am absolutelly also sure this matter will be more clear in the future when hopefully more Psychologist trying to get rid of it and will see that what we all are talking about is nothing we imaging.

    Love from sweden!